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This presentation contains details of the company Bisleri. …

This presentation contains details of the company Bisleri.
Its 4Ps, brand positioning, Future and Recommendations.

Presentation By:
Leanne Vas, Sampurna Chawdhary, Suchit Chauhan and Ayush Parekh.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. + Bisleri 4Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
  • 2. + The Beginning  Bisleri was originally an Italian company created by Signor Felice Bisleri.  He first brought the idea of selling bottled water in India.  Bisleri was originated in Italy in a place called Nocera Umbra from a spring called Angelica.
  • 3. + History  In 1965, it was introduced in Mumbai in glass bottles in two varieties: i. Bubbly ii. Still In 1969, it was bought over by Parle. Later Parle switched over to PVC non-returnable bottles & finally advanced to PET containers.
  • 4. + The Growth • 1993: Sells carbonated drink brands like Thumps Up, Gold Spot and Limca to Coca-Cola for Rs.400 Crore. • 1995: BISLERI launches a 500 ml bottle and sales shoot up by400 per cent. • 1998: Introduces a tamper-proof and tamper- evident seal. • 2000: Introduces the 20-litre container to bring prices down from Rs.10 a litre to Rs.2 a litre.
  • 5. + Today • 2000: BIS cancels BISLERIS license of water bottling in Delhi since some of the bottles did not carry ISI label; the license is restored one-and-a-half months later. •2002: KINLEY overtakes BISLERI.The national retail stores audit by ORG-MARG show Kinsley’s market share at 35.1 percent compared to BISLERI’S 34.4 per cent. • 2003: BISLERI says it plans to venture out into Europe and America to sell bottled water.
  • 6. + Plants  Bisleri has  18 plants  13 franchisees  58 contract packers all over India.
  • 7. + Major Competitors
  • 8. + Products
  • 9. +Bisleri Mineral water and Mountain water
  • 10. +Bisleri Soda
  • 11. + Vedica- natural spring water
  • 12. +  Quality  Innovation  Value  Added minerals  Multiple stages of purification
  • 13. + Bisleri future products  Flavoured drinking water  Energy drinks  Refreshment drinks
  • 14. + Purification Process
  • 15. + Ionization Sand filter Carbon filter Reverse Osmosis Mineral injection Ozonization
  • 16. + Price
  • 17. + Penetrative pricing  Affordable  Various sizes packaging to fit consumer desire and pockets  Introduced 500ml bottle@ Rs.5 in year 1995  1L bottle@ Rs.10 in year 2000  Currently–  Starts from Rs. 10 @ 500ml  1L @ Rs.17
  • 18. +
  • 19. + Place and Distribution
  • 20. + Place  Bisleri has around 80,000 retail outlets in India  12,000 each in the Delhi and Mumbai alone  Available in small kirana shops to restaurants to super markets etc.  Offices & Institutes  Target is to reach to 10,00,000 in order to expand brands reach.
  • 21. + Importance Of Distribution In FMCG  Fast Moving Consumer Good  High volume ball game  All possible efforts to boost sales and promote their distributors to earn more and more orders from the retailers and wholesalers.  These products are transported either via roadways or railways within the domestic markets and normally don’t take more than a week to reach the retailers.  A close check, problems, Rectification
  • 22. + Distribution Channel Of Bisleri
  • 23. + Distribution Channel Of Bisleri  The distributor employs their own salesmen  The salesmen are divided among the territories defined by the distributor  The company sales person makes a visit once every month  Interaction with Sales Executive  Bisleri people doing the job for distributors  The company will invest approximately Rs.200 cr. to procure 2000 trucks and hire same no. of sales people  Plans to increase its distribution network over the southern and eastern region, where it is behind popular brands likes Team in Tamil Nadu and in Andhra Pradesh.
  • 24. + Critical Analysis  Less margin to distributors  Unviability at small shops  Its market is PULL driven & no PUSH is required  Generic name for the product
  • 25. + Promotion
  • 26. Newspaper
  • 27. + Latest TVC: Kiss to Drink
  • 28. + Campaign in Rural India As rural India constitutes about 65-70% of its total population, promotion in rural areas proves to be very important.
  • 29. + Hoarding
  • 30. + Promotion for Bulk Orders. As Bisleri’s major profit comes from Bulk orders, it constantly keeps on looking out for new hotels, restaurants, companies, etc.
  • 31. + Social Media
  • 32. + Brand Positioning
  • 33. + Brand Positioning  Bisleri has the strongest brand positioning in the mineral water bottle sector.  We don’t ask for a mineral water bottle, we ask for Bisleri.  It comprises of more than 40% of the market share and hence, it is the market leader.
  • 34. + Future
  • 35. + Future  In Indian villages, even today there is shortage of safe drinking water sources and there is spread of water borne diseases due to contaminated water. The company should therefore focus on rural market penetration.  The company is a single product portfolio company.The company should try to introduce more product more beverage products in the market.
  • 36. + Conclusion
  • 37. + Conclusion and Recommendation  The brand recall of Bisleri is stronger as compared to its competitors. However, problem arises when the brand is not available and customer ends up buying the brand of competitor.The company can acquire smaller unorganized players to extend the reach or can tie up with major local players.  The company should form a joint venture with some companies who have greater rural distribution network to introduce products catering to rural market
  • 38. + Presentation By: Leanne Vas Sampurna Chawdhary Suchit Chauhan Ayush Parekh