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Allied Ayurvedic Medical research abstracts, volume-2, Issue-1&2, January- June 1998

Allied Ayurvedic Medical research abstracts, volume-2, Issue-1&2, January- June 1998

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  • 1. -{AIUARf-JUI{E, r ENGLISH UARTERLYThe First Abstract Jo urnal Ayurveda rBESr9 Tl SRI VEI{KATARATIA PUBLICATIONS TlnuPAT|, aP. tNDta Strltr tt : (M nA nono Fitot http://ffl sll. gg0cltGs,c0tn/C0ll0!GParvLab/5l 41
  • 2. II . AAMRA enters 2it. les of its irczinot fle frst ad second *s1ta of $trm. - 2 se -qU tog"6o fo, wsflt aJ j,r;r.ds snn fu{iti.s. It hop* tz sulsd$as mL nofurs will altnit it posinre?, We wprus pkaswe a actnowknge $e Do61r lntie Lti., DeIhi [q t!&1.t covetLl sttlpoft E cosponsotLng de AAMRA pbtia*ns. AAMRA i1.oryotut6 threz aswer co(umtLs iorn t6ir irsue. Ee atts k onz cotumn tkngk whnh erpe*s ant. esletizln?t in tU flcU .r<press th2it imytessions oni i^tllngs ftIotet a vemchhg in Atwdo, Dt. K.C. ChtneLeI, Glsu in DrE ydtul,lt v$onas, Intio has Ay fledL ftsearch. lfuy not or$ yrovi{e o ltecti.olt to dtr AALTRA altiliE fut ako mFarcts dE $ility scope oJ AAMRA. . "AAMRA Atlt, corsiJtr tie titlsr af dwzt stnirct at Pc irutilttioru. It oirns at fiifgiig 6. anong Ay|r,.elX iLstit tioflr, rfJelrcturl ont .aruJa!itrets. The "*it6og 9q .rlrdta/lirAriln gE is rconiry duptka;nn $ fts?aieh &,ML ift se,leryI Pc ir$riurtioru d AJlttrz&L TL cohnat oko irpx& to irlsdll i. tfi€ dorumefiatkn oJ rceatcfus contuttl at l.fi]otts A!1tfledn irutillti.ff, se1,em, ns6. ilsx sulmittel 4 d" yottg re:ettchtrs go a$o*d &. to tnsrftiEft doctLrri,er*atiofl fr.ititii, AAMRA is fod E introd.a ing tAe fist *- yttqftttt the csent tlses ti&s. n alryak to all the rost gtolllare ka&qs otd "!* "J sclohs to nait $e ti/,s att a6sfiaLts of {re d:esa< sulmiwt at &eir e:tentl ;:rs&tutions gtw lor ttls cohltrlll tn orls ta sqqft dE a.niE snd agrfli.et ftttanhing it AJ,ttr||.&. Eot txas cAnUt axalysx of Ayw,redX hsbs ts con&Et t .,igorou:ty in search urny moksth:. rle plrytocfienXal d **a aiuz offitsk ope&s ,esh vistas in &z {onoin of +wdt &!g staxdlddkatiafl, tPfrytaehetfltal Prerlelr" o&sts dE conbtus oJ Aluye& e qlarrn fon 6me to ttme. Tltzse chzmnats with o fuowt sfirf]trfle ftry yo1lide o quXE J hgi t 6$is 0* d1e e&leinafltal bt fot fs@idrE *u nodw oyerontl. oJ fu &bs AAMRA UAAMRA P&ron" schenL ant. tL{e tutrdcnptiotl foi ,tnoll]n{rs i#!i&!aG to nwsw a frorcral funlnt;nn, url en*re nsw:rl.ce fu df attl,iE kee yory. N.e). Altu W** to dr. ${ at.b a.lfl{f ?art[ieote ir its mirrion of organilet Fq6s E i.y,svefa for tirpensiig tt wa goo{s to eilhg a { hta{tIty in Mdving miqs11im, tu : 09-01-98 &. : -Tia{oli chi{ Elitat. ry4n-JALX 199t AAMM . II/II!2
  • 3. Ih. KC. CI{IEXAR Ih. PC_ CtloutltuRtcrll n u-a!r4us Ri,V (Delhi) Fc.ns Piqd Roaess.r o{ Menicine&aS- 8l.U- rcnBg Col€ge tEil y S.itrc€s rrupat oa 0r- PJ RAJt}- L SIJ{.EEVA RAO Addilional Di€cb ( y.rEda)ClEiiE! R€daliofl Commiltee CCIM Govt oftrP,lttid€r*adCtEftlla! nryuvedjc Ph.fi aco?eia Commitl€sNd D€! Dr. s.P. olxrth_ sJ( SHAR A T.T.DS- S.V Ayurvedic Collese, Tin$ati Dr. CHS. SASTRIRed GDs Blildings, New Delhi Natonal hstitute of Ayuveda, Jaipu.OT. A SNARAI,KRISHNA Dr tl R GOYALSrs€on lo Gov€.no. ofA.P Di.ecLr CCRA & sRaFha$an, HydeEbad J.N.lnsliMe oi lS.M.. N* Delhi0r. C. SURYAPMXASH RAo Dr PREiI KISHOREDarecto{, SVIMS Dir.clorIirupaf Cental lndthle ofAyu edic Researcn, Nelv DelhiDT G FANDYE Dr. K.V DAKSHINA MURTHYAsst Dneclor lndian lnsliMe ol Drus Research Head, Oept of Neph@logyccRAs, Ranikhel (U.P) NIMS - MerabadDr. Vs. PAIIL Dr- M. SIVAIIANDAMRinchal. Ayurvedic Medical College Ex€dive Member, CCIM, New DelhiBidar (Kamalata) P6ident, All lndia Aywedic collese, A.P,D.- VK. JOSHIH€€d Dept d Dalyaguna Dr. c.K. XIATIYARh$tub ol lvledical Scienc.s, B.H.U., VaEnasi Dabur lndia Lld., New DelhiDr. A" JAGAllAlHAilAsso. Plofesso., AgDnomy 0r. s.l.{. YOGANARSIi/IHANGoit Agricultral College, i,tahan€ndi (Kumool) sr R.O. & Head RRc (Ay.lDr. D. GUNASEXI|AR Uedicinal Planl oivision Bangalorq Dr. V.Y PRASAoDr. APPARSI, RAJENDER Rti.rd lHe64 H. d l]rdr€eA< fd€sr, Co eg€ o, PtEmacy sV AI,vdc C{arge, Tnp{Sdft Dato& Univ€.dtyF!.liEs (SD) U.Sl, AyinEdc REIE Aeb CcEita-rtNLuw - Jwz t99t -4a)tl^ - E/t&2
  • 4. IIe udds...... ,4A,a U it+!; g;n it: Thc nntn obVtnue r bcttg at- ^ ",o,,,/ 1",,.u1 ,,,p,,ut conplihed by proritling I to dak i f;rnat;an re&nling rcsearchet conducted all oter tbe p,ltituh,ly ,uorl.t u,it h rcktion to Indian nedicixe (Aturuetld) uhich is nostj based an herbal me,lutnc. l)te to adrttt rcactiott antl toticitl peapb are tffnin{ again tlanrd, onl fb me,llca I purposc butin ewry passiblrfeld conneaed ui th lfe. (Cosnetolugy, herbs not Agronontt. t, olng and Dt. et., et. ,t-4,4.{M jouna/ispra dingcanent iLJinnaaon bl which all bene/iciaries can utilisepropn$ the aseful pnperties ofherbs ttith utrnost carc. In our standard slttems ofmelictne, Le ger rcfrencet an/! t0 djiw hundtdphnx being utiliselfor medicines andfiods. Yheteas oar clunr! hat d Jlo,.a af uarious narute consisting of thausands of pknts uhlch can be utilisett afer ptoper scrutin1. Yefnd that thousand: ofphnx are s l being used fu tribalpeopb and ethnic graups dwellixg in the remotztt dre4s of oar country. Basetl on their ttaditional experince for htndteds of1earc, these phn* arc bei ng ,u fuccred ra t esent th. Thefa;tfil renk ILILA be utllted tu tElace thz clasial drugs and ued a; substinte drugs. Thb uill rcduce pressure on the tuell &noux cl.asical pknts. Alunerla Las recommelTdel toiJ. tubttitute if the oigixal it xot arailabb afer prcper tmdqt. Charalea sals that there rho trabtta?lcc tuhich l)dt fto medicinal oalue axd an1 plani subsmxce can be used aftet smtt1n1. A,4MM it prnidixg asefvl infamation uhich is quite eaE to tefer. h is agaix giumgenco*ngement for firther letealch and uouU dho preuent dupbcation af rcearch whichbas bcen a probbm for the difetent institations of aur coantrl. Na doubt, INSDOC iprouiding authenii ixfotmaior 6ut it it not easill accessibb for genenl worl<ers paticu-larly fot those aho are worlzing in post grad.aate depattment:t oflndian systems afmedianeanl Raearch irctitutes ofdiferext aancils urh asAymeda, Sidda, t-lnani and Honeopatlry.Thi joumal uould be utilied by thae ixstintions and unxecesnry repetiion in researchaouU be aooided. Research scholars wouldfnd it oery helpflfot sebcting *itabb probbmfor thcir thaes as disscrutions at difcrcnt leuels. Another uery important uil*aion of.4AMM In the Jear may be dt a eaching aid.1969, Ip blihed a booht t, VANAUSHADHI AIVLISANDHANA DANHIKA ndllixHindi,fotprwidingsuchrevarcltinformatiox.Nowlfeelthat,4.4.a.1RAisfl[ttingthe.IANUARY . JULY, 1991 AAMIA - I/1&2
  • 5. iit a nore cortprehetsiue and effectiue wal ltis dLo {dtifli gthat AAMM i pntid:ng1ab I am well aaare af the dfficubies and obswclzs acadctnic as wclJ as fnancial fot ondettahm as honoraryjob l am abo teminlcdpetforning stkh b&tiogtdphicat wo* being"n.ii ,*-pt Arc lo,g bak i thi l1 $te semi-garnzncnt bodl *t!fy" norori qa/ lihe AAMM swf Crun"it *rt no obuious resulx It is onfi tle daotcd pcoptz boli6 *ho ,o, prr1o,- -orh *otb ;fful$ *sistcd b7 fzaflciat anl hcb fo/1 ofrcial I oz utlzt thc Minioy of Health btt abo sch othet hapz that the Cottncik not al hclp so that permanatt futly paid saf ,"/otu,/ boko .oot ! p*uidc stftirt ftuE liheconyter INTERNETfatiIiE ctc i iasti*tcd an.d*ch asefil ai t modern ameniies )ork *ouh ronnr* fo, etr uidt beazr raub. Thcsc go* bodia nz1 ako help b7 subscibixg zt voninal ?rit" tu their conccmel )-i* r,,i-r, "f ,*,, of AAMMfor d;str;ht;ag I heartill congrznhtc the flitarizl antl other for doizgap cxatlznt saf of AAMM pctfoming tht iob for the b"ne,m)t of manhind" Mal Lord Balaji shouer hb bissirys for umnre sa thnr hi oun oeaion beaefrcd i Vaaanasi, 2t 4.98 K.C, CHLNEKAR) DR.K,C,CHU{EKA& GURU IN DRAWAGL]N. VARANASI, INDIA AAML4.IM&2 JA.IIUARY . ]UIY,1993
  • 6. 2-1&2-AC-O0r IN ITRO TESTING OF PLANTS USED IN TEE INI}IAN SUB-CONTINENT FOR TREATINC SNAKEBITE. Houglton, P.J Slari LP.; Tifese, S. (Pharnlcogoosy Rese{ch Irbonlories. Depanmeol of phamacv Lhp r olkee I oidon. [4bn.ee R@d L.ndor ss.n ot x ).updnkct ah.t poods. m? Ehlaphamncolosical Apploach. 2"d Europeablco a.tdrn on Ennophamacatog,, p. Aa,24-27 Marcb 1993. Heidelbere, cerhany Aqueous extncts of the roots of Rauv-oljia serpenttna (Saryogandha) and R.canesce t, Ophiatthiza nungas (Sarpaksi) Cassia tora (Chabandia) ,hjch alt hae a rcpularion of us€ ^nd against snalebite in the traditional medicine of India and Sii Lanka irere resred against carpel viper (Rajanaktha) (Echis carr?at s, and Najd species venomes. The e1ncts ofop hithizd mungos ad Carsia ldra both gale a decrease in cottncture and an incre3se in hme ro rwrrcl btockinduced by enom and so inhibitor] etrect on the cobra venom is srggested. The Ranouia enracts jnduced coltraction per se and so their ettect ill ihe prcscnce of venom could not be assessed. The test 1or proloryaaion of time to blood-cloting induced bt t.a/ttalrr shoFed that all foxr exUacis gave a dose related response. Cassja tora and Aphiarhiza n ngos exiacts gave the gr€atest efects when premixed $ith the e ou. The €fecr of the Rarla/t& exlracls was indcpendent of this taclor so lhey may inlefere with the blood-clotlirg cascade its€lt This indicate thar O . nungos and C.toru ext{acts counteracl thc enons of bolh trpcs of smkes inicstigated and the efect of the a1ro species of Ranafd an the blood clotting process i riatcd bt, Lchis carinarus rJnom indicate that compounds might bc prcsent in the erlract rrlich ha,e some neutratisirg cffect on the vcnom ofthjs snalc 2-1&2-BK-002 HERBAL REMEDIf, S THROUCH GMP/HACCP TECHrIQUf, S Nhvana D.BA: 8!hH B. dnJ Katitar (.K: lLhur Rcscrir t.unda on .ll ie V ahrb.bad. 2r I .t0ruP. hdib .|te trt.tu pt tn Thc need of classicnl rrcllrods and cood n,anutrciunng practrccs tCMCI rn AIrn€drc Hctatmedicincs .lle discussed ir)dci.]il The aurhors ha,e suggcstcd to ,dopr "Haard Analysis and Cntj;alConlrolPoir!" (HACCP) for AilJn edic dftgs n lso. HACCP has been madc a nundalory rEquircmenrfor thcproduction. handling. storage:rnd distribrtion ofproccsscd foods in their domesric as wcil asexporvjmpon markcts World srr ndnrd bodics such as Codcs Alimenhrius Comn ssion,WHOardintcmalional organisalions such :]s FAOruN. WTO ctc havc decicdcd lo use HACCP as ttrc.basiclool in quali4 assura cc,nd irspeclior ofproccsscd foods - The back grouod. principles. irplultillion ofHACCP arc discusscd in briel A ncwprcvcr-tie drug car bc dcvcloped b follorving F.rnn io consrnci .stralczv sugqcst€d to proccsscd foodsbeca s€ thc nnlo.ih ofllc Auncdjc dnrgs arc origincd in plrnrs ntikc foods 2-l&2-BK-003 ANALYSIS OF VOLATII,E COMPONANTS DERIVED FROM RT{W AND ROASTEI) FqRTH-ALVOND rC pentS rSCt LETt L.r. Cartakjo, ll.J.0)lRdnr Wild l.oundlllio. Iidcr re.1.69 8 hcidetbcE. cctuan) Ja na! .)f t,.,,,14,.,t ,,,. t.,.1 r.,,;r,r t,.. ftxi.r,y,., tr Voirl ilc aronrn conrponcnts ol ral} c.l fi h N h ond (rvrgdrar rsr., rnd those dcvctopcd rr aro?rsling p.occss 1 €rc :r nrlvT.d b gr s ch roIitogftrphrlnnss spccl ronrcl rr to dclenninc l he idenlitrJ.4 NL:,4R1 -.t Ut.y. I 9qt
  • 7. ln ali_ 1J3 {ca 90 p€rceni oiofcgm.pgunds thal rnulal indicate the degree ofroasting as earth almotrd lolatiles for reported omponents,i," arjr i.otur"t n rr" poruvell ialenufred of $-hich I 18 are,ir.i,*i..it.*"i"n"ro..ompoundsIdenuledrnrareanialmorrdserealcoho;strhereaqin thet""*J"*f. t.*4 u" fiajoritliof the Yolatiles ilenlifrel suggest the flalor fodlatiofl is Yia ."""i"., tt:trt o,ra;ines contribudng directlv to the roasted flaror of earth alflond"rJii;i 2l&2-BK-001 lN Ef,ARTWOOD A RAPID TIIETI{OD OF ESTIMATTNG ESSXNTTAL OIL CONTENT OF SANTATUM AI-BUM LINN.- A Ni rbeag!mj:":^11 soznra,anararana. KH : Ansdi vG t Rsjchrohtr" uror) 1"-li ll: o".-.*... tn- n"uiture ol lYood Science ed Tecbnolog Bdgalo( i6Lrour KamaraNa ?:t4r :rl_ll: Cuaa Sa?4" P 1e97 Sandal ood (Ci ardat4 br I rs generall] obtained bt h_lro or sleam distillatron ofpoal d€red rr"u^tJJa. eo;uti"n oi oil in a s;[ quanti! of hezrtivood po$d€r is difiicult bv the conl en- nlate- ffi;i;;;*;;ii;;;;"tl"il HoBever estimarion of oil in a small quantit-! of heafl$ood ;;;;;;;i;;..1 ;g of oil is rcnilereil sirnPler quicker and fairl**i: LlIq1* .".,^ninn."r"rmeasuringoplicaldensltlal2lgnJntmas)onheaneellacrols$dJlpo$oer usetulin ratid ;fi.;;;;;.;;,;;;iim? ahe ampr correton selectionthismedlod liould be difierent ptor_ Hence oiplus trees amoflg ."."..i"" t""A"f pfrti" for their oil conreot an! in "i 2-l&2-BK-005 ROXB): FABRICA- CUIIINC OF L.ARGE CARI}AMOI4 (AMOMUM SUBULATUM oF lrs PERToRMANcf, r"l6x ot .c, xEw nnvER AND A CoMPARATTVE sruDY WITE OXISTING DRYf,RS. -!c.€nlr. J. Rash{,ah, B; Nrnjundiah. G: shanLamDar!}atra U l Ctrnal rcJd lechrroec"l t tot )t- Resl"r.h l rure Vtrcrc t?u 0li. Kamaba |J|din |una! JSpis dtd ttohnt . P 105_110_ 1996 I .in,.le nrrf,l convection dn€r that could be easily and trarspoted qas de_ ."", ;;;HJ;;;;." i"ii.Ji.li,,e. *,au** er (i ;nun subutetun) (Bi.h.a(aita) ptanta @ li$Lantled ;iil;i;kk#. il;. il;tr".*"l efficie;c-v orthe do 2 perceno was.much hlgher compared saving substantial tue1 The dr)€r had a i" ir" ,1"a]ii"i,ri"*lrg r,ouse alrver (1 3 percenu thus cap$jes to a 11,".",^: r. cardamtm capsules and tle dme taken for dr.ving the fiesh "ii,j,i "rGr ro p".cenr *as .zr* tllicli was much Iess comparcd to co ertionrr ;;::;;*:#;?;;;;, vas also superiot ro ffiroj. il;;"itg;;f;e diied proauct uith respect ro flaiour and colour rlnt oblained flcm drc other tiro methods of dryhg 2-r & 2-BK-006 MENTIFICAIION Of SOME AYIJRTDIC I}RUGS USING IRSPECTROPEOTOMXTIR 12-Sarclri Nddt .ln,rehdr sinrhr R,m PFktsh I A}!Fedrc & UMi LsboEro U PGovemm€nl " "" i*l*::b00l LfP Lndia) lndlin Ddsr t J4r6:P ioO-rbr 160r "i,^ as Ch*-11 Various sa"mples of drfferent Avurveilic drugs such lh:th:g Churna etacted bv cruo- lll:::l lasfrnufarisi. ,q.fttiaganaha{ist. Abhavdris! Tifala churtra Shibpladi ,1/!ML1 - I7/l &2 .|ANUARy -.lu,l. l99e
  • 8. rofo.m - ether erlrac! were subjected to IR spectrophotometer. Its abso4tlon psks and finger pdalrcgion ivere compared to standard drugs and the same is aepoded. 2-t &2-8K407 SAIT.RON IN KASHMIR.II: A REVIEW OF DISTRIBUT]ON AND PRODUCTION.thar, A.Ki Mt, Gn4 Gegional Reseltch LtbostoDl CaDal Road, Jmmu l8A O01,IK,Indh) Jornal of Helbs, Spices & MedicihalPlmc v.4(4): p. 83-90, 1997. The proCuctior of safron (Craa$ sativu, (Kesatu, an impo(ant ingledient of Aprvedicand Utranj +slems ol medjcine. occurs prjmarily iD JaJnmu atrd Kashmjr Slale. The bolan]. disEi-butiotr and Eade ofrhis crop along lti eslrmales on production atd soooetonomjc impac,s inKasllmir are discr.lss€d. 2-l DETOXFICATON TECHNIQIJES OF TRADITIONA], TiFYSICIANS OF KERALA, INIIIA ON SOME TOXIC fiXRBAI, DRUGS. si. laskhr& A.E.i Btnu, S.; Umithan, C.M.; Santhoshkmr, E S.; PushPangd.n, P. (Irclical Boteic G€iden dd Rosearch Insutut€, Pscha-Pelode, Thiruvu4hapDrd 695 562, Kerala, India) Fitaterupia, !. 6A(1): p. 69-74, 1997 . ?echni$rcs used to detox8 ten herbal drugs vi., dliospernunt nantanun @anti) (tools,].a!es. seeds), Cdrrdrtr sa tiva (Bhanea) leaves, flo,$e..s, Conniphata iightii (Guggulu) (gam)Caton tieliun (talapaala) (toota slem. leaf, seed), ,arrla sftanoniltn (Datturu) (leaf, flowe!*Ei roatt), Gloriasa &tperba (Langav {tnbet), )uuana pruriehs (toos, (Kapiiaccir) seeds andtle baiis covering the pods, Plunbago ibdica (roots) (Chituka). Seneca/pus anacardiun (Seedk=il]F1s) (Bhaeataka) a1fl Strrchnos n x-,onicalKuprTr) (seeds) are described. Propefties oflhesefug are also en!meraled. 2-r&2-BK-009 EITTCT OT GRJNDING METHODS ON TIiE RETf,NTION OF BLACKPEPPER VOLATILf,S. tEtb]: c.t; Krishnahurthl, N.! Randsh, T.; Rao, PN.s. @(partncnl ol tood Fn8 ne*ri8, Cmtral :..r -chnological Resca.ch lnslitule. Mysore 570 013, Kdnalak^,Ind;^) Jattnal o.f Foad Sciesce md T.cl"tulos, . 3314): p.299-3o1 - 1996. Pipet nigrum (Ma cha) *as ground al four differenl feed temperatures viz. 40 degree C, (2J de$eec! 10 degre€ C and- 120 d€grce C. using hot or chi:led water circulation afuough-a:isr-= Srind€1jacketor direct injection oiliquid nilroge (l-N2) inlo the mill along rith the fccd. The::hi3 ail contert of dre pmducl indicaled thal chilled nater and IN2 cooled conditio retainedai=x s3me quaniry ofvoallil€s (e.56 rd/l{}0 g and 3.60 ml/1009, rcspectively) and powde. fine-!:s Fas grEaler in rhe case of tire latter The gas chromatogriphic analysis of the oils shoeediE:€: riefiion ofmonoteeenes under cryogenic (LN2) and tow tcmpe{ur9 (chilled valer) grind_ -rlirions rhan under ambient and high tenperrtue grinding colrditions.=l!!:tBf - JLL|-, 1998 AAMRA . II/I &2
  • 9. 2-1&2-BK-010 EF9ECT O} STORAGE AND DOMESTIC PROCESSING ON THE CONTENT ANI) COMPOSITION OF FL{VONOL GLUCOSIDES IN ONION (AILIUM CEPA). Price, KR.i BacoL J.Ri Rhod6, !{-r.C (Bidhemistry DeParmenl. lfttitule ol Food R.s4ch.No.ich RMch Pdli. colDey: Norich NR4 ,ntA, UD Jtu;ot oJAsidfu tul @d Food Anisttv, ! 45(3): p.93&942, 199?. The stabiliry ofthe majo. flavonol glucosides, quercelir 3,4Odiglucoside (QDG) &d qu€r-cetin,l]o-monoglucoside (QMG), s"s s$di€d ia t{-o naie[es ofoll,on (PaId da) that were curedard stored for 6 monlhs inder notrnal commedcal conalrtions and anallzed at regllat inteiwlsOnions $ere also cboked by bioling in water and by ftying in oil tnder nolmd domestlc conditionsApan ftom a 50 perceflt Ioss oi quercelin 4-O_morcglBcosidb dnring the initial &yrng process,titile change in contefl! and composition wis obsewed oier 6 months of storage. Neither boiling norfrying resulted in intercoNersion of the quercetin conjugates or prcduction of fr€e quercetin, al-though a 25 perceni loss overall was rccorded for each process. 2-1&2-BK-011 PHYSTOLOGICAL AND BIOCHEMICAI- CHANGES IN POSTflARVEST GARLIC BULBS AND THE TECIINIQUE OT STORAGf,. Shu an. L.r Yuebiao, L.: Frne, C i Donglin, Z; Yrcning J (Soulh Chitu Ifftitute otBotanv;Academi! .inica- GuangTnou 510 650. chi;a) "/o!n./ ,/ Iropical ah.l S bboPical Botanv v 4(3) pA549, 1996. The g.rrlic bulbs -4l/ilrr! ., atiun (Lasun4 aftet awest *ere stored at low lemperature (l_jC). aorbi€nr lemperature and high lenrperature (35C), and the subsequent efects of storage onphlsiotogical and biochemical changes rvere eriamined Respiralory rale, prctein ard vila{in Caont€nts gr:lduiu incr*lsed as lhe slorage period of garlic bultrs ptogressed at ambient tempefalurc. $hile sugar and dn tnaiiel contents decreas€d mark€dly affer 2 months of sto.age, and ihegemrs of gartii tulbs began to sprou!. Cout.olied atnrpsphere storage (02:2_5 pqcent, CO2:8-10ferceng ai lo11 temperarure (1-5C) obviously i ribited lhe germinalion of garlic bdbs whirh did;ot spro aJlcr 8 Norths of storage. and about 95 perccnl of garlic bolbs obser"ed ere itl go{dcondrions. The slorag€ al high lemperalure in cornbinalion i{r polyethylene packagitg also showcda siNilar effect. 2-l&z-Bl(-t:i12 STANDARDISATION OF ELATICCUR{NAM. Sar.sNatht, A.t Satrk,ri, R.i PrPtn, Vi V€luchrm): G- (Dn.g Slardardisalion Research Unil (Siddtl3) caphin Sd;iv0sr Mlrli D B Rese;th inslitute lor Ar d.dr. Arulnbdkkan. Nladtas 600 106- TN, hdia) .tda A-&eda drd Siddha 15(i4):p 178-181 1994 d! o.f Reseagh nt Elalicflftnam. fl Siddha conpound fonlrulation cotlaining eigil herbal drugs tiz futgentaannatica (Laa st) (flowetb ds,Piper nietun @uncha) (t its). CinMnrcuu €lri, (flow-c$).Taxus baccata (Talisa)(leaves). utitisinn (Sakfianl) (thizomei. Zin.qibet olcinate6uurht) Ghizoncr- Elettaiia car.laDloxtltnt (Etu) (seed) and cine sugar, was prepared and chemi ^Ianihotcally annlyseal to lay dowu slandards- Thin hyer chromatographic techdque was also e ployed toclraracterize the respectire cl€mic1rl conslituenls. The evolved pa.amete* along wilh the chemicalnurkers can bc used for prescribing dcpendable slandrtds to this medicirc. J/INLi.4RY - .IULy, 1998 aavR,t - n/l&2 i I l
  • 10. 2-l&2-BK-013 GOOB DIANUFACTURING FR{CTICNS (GMP) FOR AYURVEDIC, SIDDIIA .dD {-N-dI F{}aDICINES: TRAFT PROPOSALg: REG.NO,K 1102s/1/96-DOC(ISM) DATED ,,Ttr FEBRU.{RY, 1997Sha.Il::- ILL. (Depdtm€nr ofISM&H, Ministry of Heelth al1d lamilv Welfarc, Colrtun€nr otlidia, i.{.* DelhiI^ab) Phatua Tin.s. v 29{5):p 15-43. t99?. A coFI of Good Manufacturing Practiccs (Cl,,tP) for AJurveda, Siddha and Unari dl1lgs dull3pproyed by Chairnaq A. S.H D.A. B. has been presented- t-1&2-B t4 STANDARDISATION OF BR{IIMIGRITHAl1. Thankllm A.; Radhik!; L.G. (DruS Slabderdisli.n Unir. Ayu rdu ccll€se Urrr I.oj,ppura. Thirui?nanthrpunm. KeEla , lndia) Aryatuidra . . 1A(3) t.11 7 -1a2 1991 Brahmig.ilhaln is a campound consisting ofseveral medicinal pla s and is considded to b€= good brain tonic, according to Ajlrneda tct. GIle€ is used in this pr€paration. Tl,C nelhod is::s..ribcd for rhe detectior oturious ingrcdiems. The plants inglediet1ls include ihe following vr 7 .a.:-: tlis,unt (M.!ticha), tpanaea tutpeth (l htietit), Baliaspentnn nr tdnu (Drrtr, t:6,a -,:1 (Atagt6dha), Alsbnia s.holatls (Sqtapanrc) Enbelia ribe. (l4d niaa). Thc mellrod cm-:::r r.i .3n be used as ore of lhc clhods rbr slandardisation ofthe drug :-1&2-BK-0r5 ETTTCT OF Tf,LPERATUR]I AND pH ON THI EXTRACTION OF TOTAL ALKA- LOIDS FROM CATIIARANTHUS ROSEUS Lf,AVES. $ulh,l.N.i ArchaN Rari: Sushil Kuh$ (cenlral Inslilule ol Medicinsl and /lrcmaric Irlans.:-.i:r:r::6 015. Lr? rndia) Jo flnloIlledtcina! and Ar.ntdti. Pla t Sciencts. l9(2.r p 4-r!r,1ll i!9t The effecl of temperalurc on rhe isolation of lotal alkaloids frorr thc dricd lcacs oi ,-:-:..:hus rcse s (5tu1.!!r/.rrrd) using the mcllod olpartitioning ofalkaloid bascs and thcir s,rlLs:E-. cr:anlc ilnd aqueo spl ses has bcen shrdied Thc nudy rccalcdlhalas rhc tefipcratLrrc rl-::r =i.i.: isolation proc€ss was peforrned. rvas incrcased ihc vicld o[alkaloid also incrcilscd b : :E::.nt ro 0l8 percenr Isolaiion rvas also donc ai two difercnt pH 8.5 and 9.{) and a lnrlcf::-: i.:i obscned on the lield ofalkaloids: thc alkrloid yi€ld ras incr€ascd by 0.()7 pcrccnl ard r-Jnr r<.pe.ri(l JcrhcpH InJrcJ(cd Irorr d 5 lo /rr :-: $:-BPrl16-.f RPTS FRONl CHKITSAMANJARI-)XI TRATMENT OF II{ADATYAYA (ALCO- HOLISM). - Elihb!h. P {Pror Ps Vaier Arlrvedr Collcec. Kotlnlk.l. Ldrrikode 676 irll. Kdall lndia) t!,,rhx,.rI j,- f :":F.I r/-:-r::llr.nlolrhcdisenscscrtlscdduc10lheovcrrseolirloicrtingagentsisdcall ilh r! . nL: S:-r: re.ipi.s fornrad.r rnd moorcchn $ilh thcold lrdlrrcnl lcchniqucs againsl s:nnyrsa:ra Pl:rnt b:rscd ka$Da dtugs $hic[ cure nradaayr h,rs becn dealt xilh Solne oftlre::rj=r.:.: ::-:::n:l iirclndc: /*)/dJ/c,r,.r .l..korlien. l.riti/l.tti(t roylei, Lilliunt paltphrl/ n..,1.i-.]|j- jtll tte:r
  • 11. Palygonatun ciththli tll, P wftiilaholt, I igna pilosa.l: turliata, ,Ial6is nrdfeta, II ac inata and, Glycyrrhiza slabrc €snb,adhu) eIc. 2-1&2-BP-017 SAVE ET{IIRONMENT-SAVE MEDICINAL TRf, f, S.SEARCH HARMLESS FORMU- LAf. sh.h. D.c.: chudharL B.G.: vlchharljani. Y.R. rDrus sL"nod,di/dt,oo Re"*r.h Prqert. c!l{l Guj&al Aruneda UnircFit! lemnagd 16 108. Gujsqt, irdia) sd./ttta hr,.?d. v 1?(12)r p 9?5-9i9 . 1995. Fomulas of alrugs coftaining leaes and bark heartood root and slems ofptants and prescribed in 2-l diferenl ailme s hate been descdbed. Piamsaring and plant-damaging formulas haye been enlisted s€paratelJ: Djferent kirds of preparations usirg leales for l€rbs iral€ been ubulated. Use ofplanis in difierenl dlseises as menlioned in 1? Sanskrit tels hai€ been enumer ateal. Bolanical namcs of 52 pianls rhos€ ieares ale mainll used and tlrcse of 6 l plants $ ho:€ roots root-ba*. stembark and heatl*ood etc are used. arc enlisted separatell: 2-r & 2-DG-018 OEDEIIA SUPPRESS-1.NT ACTIIITY OT THX STEII BARK OF TyOft1]f6: PTERYGOSPEMLA GAERTN Rdo KS., Mishra S.H., Phamact Deln Fdcull ol Tech & Eneg. Lalabh{van. M s Univ"sit ol B{oda VadodaE:390 001. rdtat Dnss 1997 13(3) 1168. Ponedered drug and the difiercnt e{racts ofthe slernbaftofIla"lnga ptengosper vGaet l fsig.lr). UrloringaceaeJ rlere studred for (herr oedema s ppressa act$il in albino €ts All rhe ertiac. ,lo*ca peal oedenra supplessanl aculrl tithin l$o houts ofcarrageenan rniellion l ln mcrh.rnor. ertrait shosed signlicanl fP)oedema supPrersanl acu rD simrlar lo lhal ofrndsmelhacin at the first hour ofcarrageenan irjection. These sludies, th€rfore. ofier scope for funher ilwesliga_ rions lo (ubslainlicle rhe cldims on dris bark 2-l&2-DG-019 CHEMICAI- INVESTIGATION OF MEDICINAI PI,ANTS Ram€htar Dayrl, CIe,,tJtl DDnion, Forcst ReQar.h Instihtrc Deh/a Dun (hdia) Ildia F testo Idch 1997 Since his eistence on tbrs planel man has had to depend on Natule for sustennce nd sun i al. Medicinal plants hav€ been used by him !o keep hiInself healthy Accordi g to rhe studies on ethnonedicine a;d folk medicine about 2000 species are ne*lj identified as drug yielding planls and are $eil knolvn for their use in about {000 drug industnes of vanous Indian lvst€ms of medi_ cine. Phtlochemical ciamination of a mmber ofthem has been carri€d oul and activc in$edicnts, isolated, identfied are being corently used as altugs. Chemical examination o! hilllcno nnenplor€d nedicinal planis $ill help itr discovering netl drugs The paper also rrclud.s lhe lisl olso re purc acli,e priniiples isolated fron plani sources ird used as drugs and chemicxl consriluents of so e r]^cdtc druEs .IANAARY ..IULL 1998 ,4,111R 4 - II/1&2
  • 12. 2-l & 2-ItG-1,21)ANTIINFLA}I}IAIORY AND ANTIPYRETIC ACTIVITY OF MICHELTA CHAMPACA ,-.]V?V., (WIIITE VARIET,IXOM BNACHIATA ROXB. AND RHYNCHOSIA CANA (V]LLD.) D.C. TI,OWER EXTRACTR. Vimtla & s.Nag*rajun, DeBdtrrcrt ofchcmisttr: Ilhrtulhid.*n ltnrversil- Tiruch;.ppllli 5:0 014 India ard M- Al,n, T. Sustr & s. Jor! Cnft{h Stjriv sd M ni Drug R.s!rch lNtilltc fo. A}uFeda, Clinnai 500 106. irrdia /td; n J.tntal of tjxPeindlal BioL )gr. r1l 3 5 Decenbat 1997 PP. 13101 3 11 Merhanolrc c1racr. olrlrc floltcrs oll/ .ral/fa. a (l hutryIu), I brothnh(Bdrlh!jhabhedq) a1:d R. ,ard tcrc ftjund to possess antiinflsmNrlory activity aglri st cotlon pcllei grann_lofta ir rals at a dose levcl of 100 g^g bod] eiShl sc The larter tro drugs slored fighera.lriD (AlAl as conrpared lo lhal of.1/. .hatnDam The Iedrrccd lhe prolenl icid phoprlllcglutamate pynvate lransamilase anal glutamaie o:alo_aveiate transaminasd actilitics in iiYer andJer,rrn. A significant reduction in the ascorlric acid conlenl i adrenals lr"s also observcd in d.ug-treated ani;ls. R. cara lvas recorded to possess signficanl rntipyreic aalivi$ fiom lhe fitst lourofaalmidstration. These phlmucologicil properties may be lracetl lo the presenc€ offlaonoids rnthe flo}€n ofthesd planls. 2-t&2-DG-2r PHAR,IIACOLOCICAT ACTIONS OF AsIES PIDROW ROYL. LEAF sirgL a,Ki Gopal N3rt, GeL a-K & Bh.irschans, s.K Depanmenrs ol Phdmanlop h"c Mi;biolog!, Ilstitutc of Medidl Scienc.s, B{as Hiadu. UnireFiv. Vdesi 221 c05, Ihdia- Ildid Jdma! E p.,inatbl A@togt vol J6. Febdary I9q8 pP 187l9l PeEoleum ethet (PE), benzene (BE). Chloroform (CE), acetone (AE) and elhanolic (EE)e{racts (50-200 or 200 mg&g, ip or 200 mg/kg, po) oldnd4bies pindrc|1) (Ttlisa Lhed.l) learesgivetr 30-45 inin before showed lignifrc.anr anti-inflatuna1ory (both agai$t acute alld sub-acutemodels), analgesic, barbiturate h)lnosis potentiation and anti:ulcerogeric aclrvitres in rats All llee(racts except EE exhibit€d h]?otension in immobility in mice rndicating some deg.ee of arri-deFessant activit. Only PE extrinited hpolension ir dogs blocked by auoprne Chemicrlly,e;ractsshowedtheFese;ceofglycosiales,;teroids,terPenoidsandflavonoitls They h€s rc anti-bacte.ial efiect. Ho;eveq toxiciy snrdies indicatad tllat lh€ e1nicts had an er$€nded safery indeThe inveslgations are consonant wilh som€ oftl. e ses of0is plant in Ayrrveda 2-1&2-DG422 TASTE RNCEPTION Bo nd Lirdenanq Flculty of Phsiology, UnircFity of Sa.rmrdes, Homburslsd, Getmnv. Phlsiolasi Ml Raiews 6, No. j W 1996 ?P719766 Recent rcsearch ofl cellula. m€chaaiims o! peripheral last€ has Mmed tmnsiluclion path$a1s involviag inembrane rcceptors, Gprcieins, secold messelgBrs, ad irdn chamels Receptorsfor organic tasunts rc€eived much sttenlioD, b€cause they Fovide !h€ specificitJi of a lesponse.IANUARY . ]ULY, I99E ,44n481 Iv1&2
  • 13. / Therr fu$ft cionnE $ill conslitute a ajor ad*nce Taste trmsduction !pica11t utilizes two or to mole patlrna)x in p;rallel For jnslance, str€eFsensitive taste celts ofthe mt appcai to respotd (CAMP) sucro; with;drzion ofadenyl, qclase, follo$edbvadenosine 35rcyclic monoptospnat aleperdent membrane evanls anal Ca?L upiake Tte sanle cell respond difelen to some y artificial sw;ercners, i.e., $ith acli"tron of phospholipase C (PlC) folor€d by inosirol l45-tisphosphate (lP.) dependert Car rel€ase from inEacellular stores some bilter lastads block Klchamrels or i*iiot" th" t"""ptor Gr protei4 PLG, lPr and ca relense or the cascde receplor d-guslducin ""u*d" Pholphodiestense (PDE). cAiMP decrease and opening of cAMP-blocked channels Membrane- pe;eant bittertasonts may elicit a cellular tsponse b) intencting wi(h G protertr PLC or PDE of ile :rtove eascades. Salt taste is initiated q cunent flo nng into the taste cell tfuough cation .hannels located in ihe apical membrane EYen thougt basolateral channels may also contribute component of ioiron"lng .urr anrtio" tr,.ough parac€llular palhwlys) ln rodents, iheNa specific less specfic ard nol salt ta$;s lpicilty mediared by apical amiloride-sensitive Na channels, but uroifola"-."*iriu" u.t" exist in addiliotr sour taste may ilr part be medialed by "ompottents Na chamels conalucting protons Brt other meclnnisms certaidy conttibote amiloriale-sensitive. Thus dre traffaluctior of tasle cells generally compnses Parallel pathways Fulhermore The coune adoss tmNaluction path*ays ry ldtl the locadon of taste buds one the tongue aad of speci"" of a"i-ats o ia"ifJ these Path way to understard hoil ihey are controlled and why they elolved to this complexity ar€ majo. goals of prcseft rcseT ch 2-r & 2-DG-023 AI}APTOGENS IN HIGE MOIINTAINS srna:rlta KKt Derence ue ol Pnv ologv & Al|ed Scieaces Jimatu Lutkno$ Road Delhi br Il}Os.Indidh Jotrtdl ofNaturdl ptoduds VAl ll - !995 Spl Isfle fond Area ofinterest in se€nl oiental fiealical system including Aprveda is that ofusing $pple;enb, dietary elements, irerbs anrl minerals for incrcasing phlsical endurance and mental p"riouo"n"". n"t" Itu* teer described as Adaptogens Easayarg & eji Karam of A)u€da) efiect of One e)Qermertal moalel is developed sith albim rats to study the adaptogenic herbal compo;nd. and Ashva gandha After observitrg encounsilg rc$its in r{l ftejyrcs arc gio"o to ZOb tolto had spent one year at higher altitudes (3000 - 6000 M hr) The studv ir. "otidi"t", rfro*" rftur pty"lto-phyiiological performance, physicd perfoflnance ard sensitive indices of to a!€dod oftliee o:,ygen availabiliry to die tissues werc inlrov€d by the h tate of adaPtogensxp .iitn. *uy in ttiift .o*tui"s (4800 - 6000 mtrs). As llese adaPtogens intate Fovided protection stuihes arc aom nigh attituie stress thqv have been suggested as he€lih food supPlemenls These also indicated that Alurvedic herbal Feparations iz. Rasapna ad rrajikarafl drugs as the prepa- rrtion of rca1 value. 2-l&2-DG424 REVIEW ON PH-{TOCSEMICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAI" ASPECTS TRIBUU TERRESTNS L. ctrora S.K. Ztts R- & Ptb.* D. Deg of Phtinaoglow & Ph!4ochmis^ racul^ Phmtc) Jami Hi6d tl Handed t Divernrv New Delb ll0062 /,dian Dtu+s 3a dt AuEust 97 pP126 The Phtto chemical and pbaroacologic,l studies conduced onTribltles tetristrus (Goksura) 14 to 1986 have be€a reriew€d. IANUARY - laLv, 199E AAMRA - IM&2
  • 14. 2-t & z-DG-025 SELECTIIE GROWTH INEIBITION OF A EIMAN MALIGNANT MELANOMA CELL LTNN DY SESAME OIL TN ,ITRO. Snith D,E. Salemo J.W., Dep{4ndi ofPhysjotosicai and Biologicd Sciences, Mahanshi rnteDariooal Univa6ity, Fdrfeld, Iowa 52556, Ptustaglan.lins L.tkottenes & Esennal Fdft! Acids. 46(2) : 145 - 50, 1992 Jua. Ayuveda, an ancient and comprchensive system of natural medicinq rccofimelds iegulaltopical application to the skin of sesame oi1 (fild dar), above all other oilE as a health+romotingproc€dure. We eMmined the efrect of sesame oil and sercral o €rvegetable oils and thefu najorcomponent fattyacis of,tlle proliferationrale ofhuman nor;ul and malignant melanocFes gr$oitrgal iimilar mtes in serum-free media. We fol]nd that sesame ard safilower oi!s, both of whichcofiain large amormis of linoleate ili triglycedde form, selecdvely inhinited malignalt melanomagrwoth o,Er lrormal melanoc]tes whercas coconu! olive alrd mineral oils, which conlain litile or nolinoleale as triglycerid€, didnot. These oils t{ere tested at a range of 10-300 micmgams/ml. W€found that of the fatty acids tesr:d, or[y liaoleic acid was selectively itrlinitory while palmitic adoleic wer€ not. These faltyacids n€re tested in the range ol3 -100 microgtamvml Thesercsultssugges! lhat cstaia vegetable oils ri.h in linoleic acid, such as the sesame oil, recoinmended fortopicrl us€ by Allnved4 may conlain selecti!€ antineoplastic properties which are similar to thosedemonstrated for €ss€ntial pollunsrturated fatt-v acids and tlet metaboliles. This suegests tharwbole vegetable oils fiay have poftntial elinical usefuhess. 2-t&2-DH26 ANTIALLERGIC ACTIIITY OF PICROREIZA KIJRROA Bd.b, c.c; c{pra, P.P: Amr Nlfh;?allaib G.K & Dhlean, B.N. Division of Phmacoloey, Cdt al Drue R6deh Irstitule, LDckno*.- 226 001,1rd. Jouftrl of Phnna.olos/ v 29n feb 1997. Picrothiza hlftta (Katuki) is used for dEtreatned lrcpati€ disorders anai allergic condi-dons itr A}]rryeda- PicrolivJ a srandardised fraction isolated fiom rcot and rhlzome of Picrorhizakurro4 consisting mainly ofiridiod glycosides. picroside I and ku&oside sas shown to be respon-sible lor its hepatoprolective and innunomodularcq act$itres Its arltl-pasvve flltaneous araphy-laxis and rnasl cefl stablising aclivities were invesligated in present srudy In order to filrtlrcrestablsh its antiallergic activilv, its efiect i{as sfudred in eryerimenE Lly induc€d a naph} lacijc reac-tion (Schultz-Dalle phenomenol) and on Konzett-Roessler preparation. At 12.5 mglkg p.o., itprolected mast cell fiom degra$iation by 5-85%, when i uced by comp. 48/80 and antigeh rc-spectively, cwparable to the standard drug sodium cromoglycate. Howele! picroliv (10 mg,&gp-o. x 5) could not inhibit Schultz-ale phenomenon n anlgen presensiused guin$ pig i leum. bur in rvitro studies with picroliv (1-5 pglnrl) showed inhibition (10.7070) ofantigetr irduced contracio.dose dependendy. The cont aclon induced by hislamine in lhe nonnal guirca pig ileuln remain€duryfected o]- Picroliv Similar!, in tlle Konzett-Roesseler preparation in normal gunea pig, itfailed to afec! the bronchocofftriction iflduced by histamine or acetylcholine indicating the lack ofetrect ofpicroliv al the posl-synaptic level. In the sensilised guinea pig the b.onchoco$trictionindua€dby egg albumi:n, rvas efi€ctivelybloakedbyPicroliy Tlns it carbe concluded lhat PicrolivShowed a promilrent anti-allergic activiry alrd dral tlle activiry could be due to jnlibifion of phe-nomenon of sensrtisation by irrmunomodulalionJ.4.^!UARY- JULY,l98
  • 15. 2-l PICROLIV R,OGULATES LIPID METABOLISM IN PLASMODIUM BEBGEEI IN DUCED LItsR IAMAGE IN MASTOMYS CAUCSA chm.ler Rmesb Khama AK & Dha{a!, B.N. Bi@L4}islrv Division md ICMR centre for Ad_r-".a prt"-"cof.ei""l R"*arch on Tradiiional Remedies, cedisl Drug RestNh Instituie Lucktrow_ 225 00L, Ihd Jomdl .f Phatua@los) e 29/1 leb t997 Picrolii the st nalardied preparation ofiridold glycosidesl plcroside-l and kutkoside. fro$Pioorhiza kuftoa (trat ra) protects liler tom damage ca sed by urious hq)atoto$ns rnlndngir"pJ. a"*"g" f"ffo"ln! llasnoaium berghei (P berghei) infection in Mastomys Cauchanr,i cr,rctrar. ihe arrtiondant effects and membrane srablishing aoion of ptcmliv are rePo ed to.,;*t"t"i" ,o,o f.p",optolectire actrvity Picroliv sdmirlates hepatic cholest€rol_7A_hydroTlase -ih. ,"tioity by increasiry the bioslntiesis and secretion ofbite acids in infected"nJr".tor., ri-- -J"t:t is also acconpaiied bv abnormalides of tipid bioslathesis and me€bo-;;;;. "ttot".ai"fir* itf.i"ft tuy t" tiaicted i4 rhe plasrna lipoprolein specuum PrETr]lBork^rcports.tlAt Pil.grrlii.i""il* It u. Carrclta at to"/" parasitae*ia suppressed plasnu PHLA (30%) and LCAT l"dJJ its"A **"i"t d wilh the inc.;s€ in ile levels of lipid and apoprot€in corqo. nelrts of."** oity a"n.ltl t:6-980/d) and iowdensityliPoproleinsl ]0-88%)the liver showed increased forui*J. lipia ,t a pt*i. inhibition of Tc-lipase acliviry and suPFessron of teceptor mediated "icalabolisrioflow iensity llpoprotein Treatmenr with prroliv (6mg/kg p-o) simuitan€ouslyrf,itht"f"af"" i", *" .*l.. irenidcdnl reacuvated the plasma and liver lipol]tic enlnres sEriulaled l]_,rt.i ri:s 1"" d;si$ lipoPtole rn $ irh livei recepror and enhanced ue faecal excretion oliii"l"ia.. "rrr"." t "Jiru "l .ort"a in a return of circulatory lipoproteins towards rhe nolmal le!€l 2-1&2-DG-028 EITECTI!E RAT MODEL FOR TIIE EVAI-UATION OF ADAPTOGENIC . SUBSTANCES Shukla, V; Am!.|, R!Patbaih G-K & Dhawaa B N- ICMR Advarced Cedre Dilision & ?Ej!p!ti, Phsm&;bsy, c;nfal Dss Resch lnsritute, Lckno|.Ind Jumot of Phomacotos) | 29/1 feb 19e7"r I mod;fication cold-hlpoxia-reslraint rat model was de!€loped for ealuating improvement is an €ssen- work performanci_and enilurance iII adverse sLesSll environment which in Physical alti"i of aq adptongens educrance to a stress 1il conditior A nunber ofmedici "ir".r",*tti"i*"4 i" India;yslem of Medicine as adaptogens but due to pi"r" h""" t"* lack of sciontific iuut*rioq tottt clinical, these dflgs trave not achiv€ddue recogniJion ln pteseni anil ;;;$g;ti* 6,;s," ra cenosus iSaavari) toot rerninatia chebuta (Eafitdki) ad Enbtica "rye.ito""td pro_ ,rto^to*ii t*tts extrscts and their liacllon itelE €valuated fo positiie endulrarce "rn"-in" i"t;ne pt"p.ru.. in ,Li. *odel. where restrain€d rats tere er?osed lo iC al 480 trrn$8 atno_ lhemlonic .pr*.i? it.J*"," r" - i*31 deco mpresrure chanber Io such a $Jesstul en ironmml ii.p"*i,*" tl" *t beins to fall Attainmelrt of a oolonic temperatu{e of 23"C was take; "i """niually as the terrnination point ofihe ex?osure. At this point adrenal weigh! ascorbic acid, choles- for its rccovery at rcom terol and brain laclic acid was eshmated Yiah time 10 attain 23C and time i.;;;"i-;. Paaaxei sery(t) nEA<E Po x s d?)s tzs used as sundard lorcomparison- Cmde exrrrcr ol dl for < days shou€d signtlionl rne rhree planls stu.lied in a dos€ of 200 mg/kg p o iJo.oott itv tl5-80%) in all the Paramercrs Further work is in Fogress to l;crlize rhe"uptoe"*. ".ti in th€se plants actr e constituent IO AAMR4 - II/t&2 ]/NUARy. JALY, I9C3
  • 16. t4e2sa2J CARDIOVASCI]LAR EFFECTS INDUCED BY VENOM OF SCORPION (BUTEI]S TAMULUS) TN DOG Patel BG; Bhr1&, I4l & DNe, Lc." Delt of Pnarnaeology, AR. Colega of Phamacy, Vailsbb Vrdl€{agai-388 l20.To!Mt Pharmaceulicsl ht Lfd.. dd Dept. of Pharmacolos/, Ssi N H L. Mur Med. colicsc dd VS. G€neral Hospital, Ahnedabad - 380 006 , Ind. Joumol of Phamocotost | 29/t feb 1997 The Caralqmscular ef€cts oflyophilized venom of Scoryion {Brl}rt lan r s, were itrves- ligated ir anaesthitized dogs. The Vercln (0-1-0.25 figJkgi.t.) produced$ark€d h]lertensive etrect withbradycardia. Bfadycardia caused by 1€mm was prevented by atropins bul not afiected bt hexarne{bonium or brlal€ral aqotomy. The pressor response c€used by lenort lvas nofatrected by hexamedroniurn. abolsbed in resemine kealed dogs or b) PhenoxybeMamin( Higherdose of venom (0.5- 1.5 rng,&g i.v) caused cardiac arrhlllmias, depressior of ST segmenl and inversion of T ll?ve. Th€ rcsulls suggest tilat tlrc hlpertelNive response folloiled by ir itjeciion of the 1enom in anaesthetized dogs Inay probably be due to release of catecholamifts irom the slmpathetic post ganglionic nefle erldr.Igs- The bradycardia produced qt the vercm which was prelefied in aEo- iia;breated dogs maybe as a consequence ofblocked ofmuscarinic recePtois in the hean Whlle ECG changes caused by vercm may probabl,v be due to direct myocardial injdies o{ due to srmul- taireous rclease of catecholamiaes fiom slmpalhelic and acetylcholine fiom patasympatl€tic nerye endings. .2-1&2-DG-030 PROTECTIW EFFECT OF PICROLIV AGAINST A]-COEOL INDUCEI) MPATOTXICITY IN RAT Slrsrq Bj YiseD P.KSi PatrsiL, G.K & Dh in, B N ICMR Cenh for Adqoc€d Pham@logical Res€eh bn Tmditional Remedies, Division of Phmacolosy, Central drug R€sqch Institute, Lucltow, Ind. JoMaI of Phanacolas/ | 29/l feb 1997. In order to d€!€lgp herba! heiatop protectiv€ agent fo( ueatment of irlcohol induced liver disorders. protective a€-tfldy ofpicroliv the acl "e cotlstituent isolaled form $eplarjJ PicrcthDa htrrca (Katuli) ]i..rase:."l]uated against ethanol jnducedhepadc injury Alcohol f€eding (l-75 g/kg x 45 da]s) produced 25 to 90% alteratiofl in selected bjochemical serum (GOl GPT and ALP) aid li.r€I markars @ipid, glyccgen and protein) Funher, il also rcsulted in 41 & 52% reductioa in viability (as assessed by trr?ar blue exclusion and rate of O! uptate) as well as in ADH aai ALDH levels of rat hepatocltes (€xvivor. Alcobal also induced c]rolgstasis (45-50yo) as indicated b,v rcn bile volome, biie selts and bile acids. Simultaneols teatment widr Picroliv (6m9,&g p.o x 45 dals) significardy rcstor€d (6?-94%) the altered biochemical parameters in senrm, liver end isolated hepatic cells. It also reslored the 14abitiry ofhepaloc-]tes. TheE was implo,ement itrbilialy secle- tion. Picroliv was found to be more poteddBn sil]:mariq a standard hepatoprctectlve agent. 2-1&2-DG.03r EEPATOPROTECTIVE IFIECT OF A PROTEIN DERIWD TROM O4"T,4,VUS .AIICUJ SPRNG ON CARBON Tf,TRACSLORJDE INDUCED HEPATOTOXICITY IN MICE Srmistha Datfa, Swati Sitrha & Printclt Bhtirach.rf,a, D€pt. of ChemtutrJ. Bose Institute. Calcutta- 7a0 oo9. Ind. Jarftal of Phaftacotas ! 29/1 leb 1997. Hepalotolticily by alifieftnl chcmicals is weli kno$rL Li€r has be.ome the primary larget as it is the major site for detoification. Treatmelrl widr carbol tetrachloride (CCl,) (0.1 nvl00i tzru,qnv - nlv, rggt 4,1MPG - Itt 42
  • 17. slns oI bodv $€isht tb.$,t)r rwice a weekJ rdrceal acute hepatic nec..sis in liuss albino icc 0nil.5.s,t. l0 ams + 21. CcI. itrdu.ed hepatotoxicit-v ald rcn l toxicity irl albino mice caused significanlalreratioiin Lhe actn-rois of glutamii o$loaceuc uansamind{e (coT): glulamic PtTLr Ic lrinslmi-nase rcPT): {kaline and A--cid phosphatase and serum biiirubrn AdministBtion o[ the pmlcinfractotr isoiated fronr lhe ledver df arJd s mdi:us Sprcng (Aada&r Concorulanl tnh CCI,countemc-led lhe action of CCl,on transafiunases, phospbztase m4 rne showing hep3loplolecllonDaily rreatment with apuriied-protein fraction .)c isolaled fromthe abo!€ plant (0.5 n ip conc22-25 pglnf) for a peiod of 7. 14 alr(t ?i days respecrively showed dedeascd activities of seirmtransarnirasis (p<o.of); s€rum acid and alkaline phosphatases (p<o.01) and decr€ased levels ofserum triglyceri-des (p<0.05); serum bilirubin (p<0.001). Histopathological obsenatrons fiL1hd tiit the proriilr ftaction "X produced significa hepatoprotection agaiist CCIa induced"onfirmhepatotoxicitv 2-t&2-DC-O32 INF.LI]ENCE OF AZAI}IRA.CHTA fiI}ICA (NEEITf) LEAF EXTRACT ON TEE IMMI]NOTOXICITY OF STRESS AND XENOBIOTICS IN EXPERIMNTAI, ANIMALS. R!y, At Baoerji, BD; KoDer, B.c 3 Sen, P. DePt. of PlrrmasLogv dd Bi@hemistry, UCMS and G.T.B Hospital. Shahda6, D.ki - I lO 095. hd Jounal of Phamacolog 29/l feb I 997 Avgriety olenvirc nentals stresso$ aie kno*n to inlluence immune fimction and the presenlstualy evaluated tlle efects of leaf er.lracts of -4za dirachta indica (Ninba) (AI Neem) on theirmlunomodujation irduced by rcstrairt slress (RS) and th€ insecticide, DDT, iq rats and mice. Inra$.inrmunizeil irith sheep RBC (SRBC), RC (llvdal:r5) exposure $pprcssed the ant-SRBC antr-body titres, and inl niEathe ilcreasg in footpad thickness after SRBC challenge in mice Boththe;e etrecis were attenuated aft€r oral Al (100mg/kg xsdays) itrlibited ihe antitrody response afldsuppressed the leucoqte igralion iirlibition, intetanus toxoidirffnr]nized mts Alpr€treatment (x6 Week also appreciably reverc€d the DDT induced chaages in the tests for humoral and cellmeAareOimmuniS. In the interac[on strdies, prior RS er?ostre clearly potentrated tlrc othenrieinsignitcant efiec! ofa subtlreshould DDT (200 pPm x 4 weeks) eQosure on the itrmuno rcsporse A]aaalihis was aiso relersedby.Alpreftatment. The r€sulls ilrdicate tllat both shon a4d lollg temrtreatments attefluate the immunoloxicilv of enitronmentavxenobiotic stressors and higt ight theimmunopolentiaiing and adaplogcnic eFect of this itrdigenous medicinal plant- 2-1&2-DCJ)33 ANTMYPERGLYCAXMIC ACTIVTTY OF IiEEM LEAF EXTRACT IN STREPTOZOTOCIN INDUCED NONINSUL1N DEPf,NIENT DTABETf, S Mf, LLTTUS Kaplr Arlor & Srinivasan, B P D.pl of Phma@lorit. Colleee of Phmacv. New Delhi t11 Jonoi oJ Phatuacolos) r 29/ I feb 1997 The prcsent study explor€s the efiect ofN€em (Nimr4 Leaf E{ract (NLE) in Non-lnsuliDilependcnt diabeles ellilus (NIDDM). NIDDM $as iduced by interperitolcal injeclionsteptozotocin (STZ) a! a dose level of90 ffg/lg to 2 d2y old neonakl rals Afler 6 eeks ofSTZinjectron, lats rvere gmuped as nondiabctic, diabelic. fle€m leaferiuact (1 g,4<9. p q ), glibcnclaatde(0.025 mg/kg. p.o.) and lncforlntu (200 ng^g. p-o) treut€d groups The abovc treatmenl wascontinucd for 6 wecks try daily oral dosing cver! moming Tlrcredicr blood glucosc estimalion done by "glucose oidasc method". Bodr NLE and glibetr clamide showed an etenel! signjfi" cantfal G=0.000I.] $hile nlelforn nsho$eda verv sigdficanl lall (p={} 0002) in blood glucose le}el. lt is thus suggested llrt NLE has a potenilal rolc in trear entofNIDDM JANUAIIY. IULY 1998 t2
  • 18. 2-1 & 2-DG-034 PHARMACOLOGICA]- PROrILE OT TENDER COCONUT 1VATER Hdju€t Singh Rahana & Motrpurkar, B.G. Dopl of Phma@logy PICHS, Dhdn NePal and LNJP Hospital. N€s Delhi, Id. Jouma! of Phanacalos | 29/t leb 1.997 Coca n(Nankela) ,!alet is cheap and easilt avarlable in coagal areas The high nT ttitiYevalue and streile nature suggests its valuable aherapeutic application. A tocievitrg increases the inshelf life withour affecting its nutritile value lnraleoous aallnir stration ofTCW (100 mL&g)<logs ilecreeseil senrm Na;levels and increased K atrd Ca ?* levels ECG l1o{ shoir anyei_deice of hlperkalemia. It diil noi shcw effecl on Psvchomotor And anal€esic alTily R?ealed hd etr€cli€administraGn also did not r€vbal ary allergr or anaph)1iNis. ll is nalurail,r available costhigl y nou.ish€d flui4 ideal for parenteral s bstilute flrid 2-1&2-DG-03s MODULTION OF SPACIFIC AND NON-SPECIFIC IMMUNE RESPONSE BY oe lrrrlu s-{tcTUM Kh.jurj,l, Ai Shanu, M. L & Shamra. O-P D.pt oi lharnacolo-s Res ionrl R$edh Laborulort lamlu aro6.pr. ot ejo*ielcei. Janor Lrivenitrr lan nx hld Jaunat al Phatbnalos v 29tt f b 1997 ac ru t sancfir (Tulai) a traalitionat medicinat plant hclps to creale conditidns favouiablefor the ho$ deferce nainll thtongll the augm€fia1ion of humoral as $eil as c€1l rnediared immrinit]: Besides th€se ellects, O..tdrclr,, (AEOS) slrenglheri the biological aclivities and is used as €alu3te the effectan adaptogen against stresseal conditions The present study $as underlaten 10of I O.ro,r-cr,n on immunc sr stem. It iras obsen ed that oral administation of aqueous etracl ofO .Sdrrt enhanced the anribodv production ifl strcssed rats. when compared 10 control lmmuno-logical d€fecls $1ich lre cannecled $ith the CNS strcss modei lras used in order lo sippress theheiper ceiis. lo increase lhe suppressor e.fect and to reduce fte an!jbo6titre The resulls oflhestudv lrave suggesred that lhe conlinued emploimenl clO rd,cn,t ihich dhetsely afect humoraland cellulaL immuniq {ill contribute to ameliorate lhe suppressiY€ etrect created by stressed condi_dons and qloloic drug. ln conclusion th€ findings otthis study impll thal oral administrauon of, rarcrun can cause tire resloradon ofthe humonl response in immtnosuppressi"e state therebl aLing then prolecti{e fro idections. 2-1&2-DG-036 LIVER REGINER{TiON IN R{TS AFTER PARTIAL HEPATDCTOIIY: INFLUENCL OF PICROLTV - Dh!$ar. B.N: Dntsion ollhamrcoloel and Biochemistn: Cenlnl Dlug Resarch lnstilule Luckno{ )26 001 . t,td JoMtul oJ Phanacolos, t 29 1 leb t997 Regencrnlion oflhe li€r afier panial hepatectom! is one of fie most popular and frequendvused mod;l for the studr ofcell. gNolh and cell diferentlaliofl. T$o stages ale inlporlant in theslud) ofregeneration. The inilial slage. Nhen the cell sritch to the proliferating pool and the endsrage rieithe cells return lo quiescent Go-phase The initral stage is charactenzed b) an rncr:a=in;umber ofceli diisions anal of all nlelabolic processes. The lasl slage dunng lhich mrrttE
  • 19. -!:€;j.: lllid?gTq t*dj ee.tiir de..€ases to norntl lc1cls. has not bccrr rlrro ghlY irrvesltsrledo:.1!€l rccm::a.]1o:-!e:at* ier,rur-*g componcnls rrcrc es6ruled durilts the cnd sl;seffto.Eo-,l-;09; r;noval of this orsarr rnd the!rul l:P"tf1i"-::]:-lg^:lj on llrosc "n*t:t Mrcrosorril JrLrlrnc lrdro1rr(c impr.:cth {6.6 mgl(gt rvas rn!e(iSalcd onrponLrs Declrre rn glutatn]ofleLtqtioe a"-etf5fase, aclivilics Nas maxinrllv dccrc scd on dr! 2lrt...r,la enutUonci transf€rde act ! ! r as cvidcnt luximall] on dt i 0 Declinc in Picroriv c- I cv1ochrome ro rtrat or hYdroxrase/r.riroplrine dcrnerhvrasc;;;-;f,;;;;i;iJ-,"*"d "ntrre ghr- i-o. tr ,,l; .Lou,eal iirnun protccrioir rn hcp.rric gturrtt,rone ccnlenr foilorved,bro*iono.-or*i"t rnitine hydrolllse. tinrnoprn ne dcrnelh lise Jnd cJ loil]rtrme fr:ll l.rcse "."- :rddrtionil e rdencc thal rt stimu-ti"nio .*n"t tr," t"il""idaoi ;olcndrl olpicroh rnd pio rde lales Lirer regenerrl.rr 7-t &2-Dc-l:t3,l EFFECT OF EUGENOL ON CASTRIC RUNCTION IN RATS Discdse Owisi Med€al- nd viiaral,tshni, Ri ttl. Quad.i, ss & Deoslhle, Gitcntre 1bt iivct 19e7 tl,J.i c.t-. i-o,,-u,eh. IllLletubac 5t)0 25a hrd Jou at ot ]hrntactos v 2e/t leh E (Luv n!a) ts^tr eilcctre ccretdgozuc-rr:::-t:::g g€nol. an actilc princip lc of cloe. at a*" O"p"ia"tr"rgt*"iion oigastric secrclion Eugcnol $Len rdminireredrntrrgssincallv ma{rmurn s€crclol of gastnc frce acid and serum pepsmogcn iu,i,n mat t".i*nt. "rtnulnlcd,t t:ts un ;:;::";:,, t"*;";:;";o,ion errcct on sastnc s€cretion Lons tcrm or31 nr"nrro1 H#i:ff;;il;;; a"." liroo uete t"a ierght per dar ror nree $ecks srg ficatl-v add secrerron ir"t".*tit" t"it^ p"p.inogcn le!.is. which posrti!clv orre-altcd with gaslnc frce exami- il;;;1.;i **" ;,;""proteic :rnd --sntitrpsin renuined unchanged Histopatbological *""-"""n "r""p"rlnt"nur nimaL a;a no1 shor anv damagc to mucosal cell . Thus ircight and ""]u"""i ,"r.r,",." ,""."tion u, o lorv conc€ntralion of eugenot. i.e. pgr(g body "i,*"r" belo$. hoL,rd ldcrhr.llcdrgcrron ?-l&2-IlG-038 INDUCOD TOXICITY PROTECTI7E EFFECT OF PTCRdLW AGAINST RIFAMPICTN vi.en, P.KSi snrt{rari. a P.tnail G K & Dha$an Bl: rMR({uetur Adunf,d P}am&uloeF .,io"--r.-|adi or.dR-.cdcs.rr,rs,ror PFmd!.loF (c_ra DhugRecdch ln:riture Lwknow.Ittd Jouma! of Phaflacolos | 29/l Ieb 1997 Theantibioticrifanpiciniswidel-vusedinlhetrealmentoftuberculosisandlepros}Pro. u""a,* .iFi"-rii* i"! been r€po(ed to cause hepatoloxicrtv Prcroliv th" ili::l:tl::" "ilii"*pi"* n *L f*rftt has earlier be€n reponed to posscss poient hepatoproicctil e.activitv ;;;#;;;;;;"t;i;"tl uv reersing rtre ctranged biochemicallaraneters "9"f1:l:!--ll: paramelers oi nldmprcrn i r rt.a ,o see the c$e-iot picrolil on addtio1al €lclred "?"r."i r,fi *g^s. p o 6) aione rc(utred in 26 r2ol0 reduc- ;epar;i;;-ir""^;;;";i.""r.c,*p.i" ,so gxtnea pig ttalso ii." i"tif" t"ft*" it. major constituents incons:rouirat and rnaesthetized (519") rn ihe Bolated ml hqp o- **"i iicl""" ;t ""a -"urfB (500/) and rate of ovgen uplake ,rt" inbile .,". p.,nl,r re.rmcn( showed dose depenoenr rr-i: mg,/kg po xTi prolectle acdvlq r-rre or andlheir :1;"1;;::;:;:;;;"a-,r." i"".*..ir r. uiriq or-heplto-vesqas less acrive e2285dor in r:-orq" il;:;;;ii;,#!"; mgkgt a standard drug comparison. r.-i" *2" . JULU AAMM - II/1&2 .IANUARv 1998
  • 20. 2-1&2-DG-039 STFTCT OF PICROLIV ON IMPAIRTD DRUG M{TABOLSM iN CARBON Ti]TRA- CHLORIDE TOXICATSD NATS Rarhui. R. & Dh,srh. B.. ICivtR Cenr,! lor sd,anced Phma@loscat Re*a,ch on T,adirionaj rcmed.er. B@chem sm D,qron. Central Drug R.rar} Lsdrie Llckn;q - :2o AOl. Ind. Jodmal of Phanocolos/ y 29/l feb 1997. Carbon reuachlonde (CClrr induced hepatolol--ity is a conmonl] used model for investFgating lipid-peroxidation related tissue injury In the preseft study, a alrastrc impairment in hepalicdrug metebolism $?s obse!!€d in rats 24 hr followiag admirisEarion di CCIa (1.0 rni^g, i.p..sirgte) as jndicrred b decre,rse tll rle adiviries ofvarious mic(osornal dnlg metabolisifg conpo-nents r iz . aminopyflne-N-demelhliase, ahiline hyd@r9ase, NADH-c!tochrome C-r€ductasc,NADPHqlochrofle C-reductase. cllmh.ome P10 and glutathione-S-transferase. Picroliv (aa iridoidgcoside fnction obtain€d from roots and {hizomes of Picrorhiza kwrca) (Kaluki) al a dose of 6-0Ing/(g G.o) for 7 dal s (6 days before and one day along wilh CCIr treatmeno, provides signitrcantprol€ction (25-8070) 10 nosl ofthgse altercdbiochemical paamet$s. No signilicafi pmtectiotr wajobsened in the activilv ofNADPH C]tochrome C-rcductase. 2-1&2-DG-0J0 EFFECT OT GNGERON CISPLATIN INDUCtrD DEIAY IN GASTRIC EMPTYING IN , RATS Shalm, S.si & Gupta" YK D€pt ofPhamacolost All India instiiuto ofM.dicsl Sciences, New Delhi- 110 t)29 - I)d. .lorht.! of Prdma..lost | 29/l leb 1997. Cisplarin causes nausea. onlitirg and sloFing in gasr.ic emptting. We have demonstratq,lanliemetic efiec.t of ginger ac€tone and ethanolic ent.acts against cislatin indoced emesis in dogs.ln the presenl sludy efect of gi..get (Atdnka) extracts and gingerjuice $usmvestigated in cisplatinrnduced delay in gastric empl_ying. Wistat rats of ei0ler sex Weighing 150-200 g were lsed Theanimals i€re depriKd of food 2+ hI prior to lhe experiment. Cisplatin 10 mg/kg, i.p. nasadministr€led l0 ndn before rhe lesl m€al. After 30 min of test meal adnunis!{ation. rals weresacrificed for determinatio! ofp€rce gastric cntptling Acerone and alcoholic extract ofginger itralitrerenl doses (100.200 and 500 ng/kg. p o.) and gingerjuice at rhe doses oI I and 2 flt&g, p.o_were dministered b€fore 60 nlin of cisplatin administralion. Cisplatin 10 ng/kg, i.p. producedsigrificant delay in gasdic enphing to 28 79% as compared to vehicle treted group 81.20% Ac-elone. 50o% ethanolic extra€t and ginger Juicc produced dos€ dependen! rclersa! nf cisplarin in-duced delay in gastric emptying in dose dependeit rnanne. The acetone artract and gingerjulceproduced better reversal, ho!ve!€r. bolh lvere less ef€ctiv€ lian to 5-I{T3 rec€ptors antagonist-ordanserron. The findings suggesl that ging€r may help in improving drc gasrraintesti&t slmp-toms ofcis!larin. 2-1&2-DC-041 - MUCUNA ?RURIENS DECRXASES SEXUAL ACTN,ITY IN Ff,MALE RATS. R&jendr.r Y J6cph q D.vid J., Dcpanm€nt ot Phhnna@locy. St. JohS Medi€l Colese Bosaloro - 560031. Indian Dtugs 1997, 4i(3) 136-9 Ilucwa pruriens (ltr) (Kap,.&rcra, seed ponder 3 g. cortaining 100 rng Ldopa G-D) shoireda more significant iniibitory efect than 100 rug LD on seual behaviour in ser.ralty rcceptiveIANVARY - JAL|. 1998 AAMRA . II/I&2
  • 21. femaleralsThelenaless!ro]e.Ircjecdonan.l€xhibiteil.lecfeasedloldoslswhenmalesattemPaedi":In"."i.n" itJ* "r teectiois ;digated as a signitrclnt decreasetoarme"t quotient awith a in lordoslsi".,iir."i.e i;;" -;ection quoreiru The irme animal" on -rlh v"1ter 1ek L*i te maie widout an) rejection Thc resrits Indicalc rhat tPt !: o -b:9 oflD"rii#* *iri t fr"i"* in fenales, llle inbrbnory effecl of MP $"s more dla thatffi i.ili; ".*p,"a ttris eff€ctir.dicariag the presence ofother constriutent in MP contdbutilg to 2-1&2-DG442 (CUMINUJTI EXTRACTS FROM TWO FREQUNNTLY CONSIMED SPICES-CUMIN 6niltruo;rlru runrunRrc (cuRcuMA roNcA)- INHrBrr PLATELET AcGRf,- -irir-riin-iiry -lr-ron ErcosANorD BrosYxrrisls N FUMAN BLooD PLArE- LETS. Unive6iry Dotrn{k P/ortasldtdt6 Srivtst.vs Kc., Departnent of Envircmeilir Medicine, Oden$ Ldkatid! & Es;ntial Fary Acils 37(I) : 5764 I9E9 Jxl- spices and |erts are claimed ln the tladilional lndian system ofmedicine Ayneila sevenl antiadEroscl€Iouc h)pohpldemlc to possess meahcinal properties, sllch as being antithombotic *tt *. Earlier we have reported tlat e{racts from. several slices behave as "nti-ionu*a *"agg"g"r"ty *A inhbit sifiilar studies with e$acts pftpared eicosanoid rynthesis t*iZ"a fc|"g*" ".rminmt) (titskd) aIldt$rrltnc Cltrcuna tnea) (Eaidta were under- ", platelst ag$e- uken- gdle.eal exfad of both cumifl and tumeric inifuited amchidonate_induced (l4c) rriino. iio- *"ie s?ices infu teil thromloxane 82 pmductron ftom exogenous "*ou* fie formation oftipoxygEnas.- i.Jtii"r* *u to,n, i" *ashed plaelets. a sitrnrlaaeous incr€ase in samples tteateg rt t:ftenc i"i*i p."a*o ** "t.erved i-ess TxB2 was protluceil in bloolincofporatioa of (14c) AA into *r"a irr* trr"y 1{"r" ulor"a to clol. fumerice$mct inhiailed on simulation wi$ calcium nlalelet rhosDhoiioids and d€?clatlon ol AAJabelled phospholipidr i";;;;;ft; i;; *as a*oo "xna ors. ct efiects E*racs rrom the two spices rcd!rced ged wrth A2 3 I 87 iie fimation of (laO TXBZ from AA-labelleil plateleis when thev were challen pt"perty of turmeric ma3, in Par! be ex?lained bv ils effect on ercosaoid ii" *,i-J""tJ","ty bioslnfiess. 2-1&2-DG-043 Ff,D RATS ANTIPEROXIDE EFFECT OF GARLIC PROTf,IN IN A]-COHOL R.isre- C R. & Rzimnhan T: KT Auglsti Depdnten ol Bio(hmir^ Untren:No Kerala d u€lon vu I lrebr cem Medicarcorrese r.i"1iir"i"* ;;;;;-;;;;t; , Lrdib and {choor oi redicsr I "1lii .tndtaLl^ roun-t ofEPeinentat Biotocv 36 ranuary tees p! 606r ttt o abo 45 davs exhibited high levels oftissue Rats fed ethaml (3.-/6g,4ag body xl/daj, ior *rtonA"U"rya", rya.op"ro*la" uoi ai""" "o4ugates Activity of tissue superoxide dismutase $rlcr.oluble proleins ol garli( .utJose. anO elulad.ion. conlenl dereJs€d Admrnislralrotr ol irclease in antipemxide Z^rrr., tj-ot-^t^t *ol 11./dav) to alcohol fed rats show€d significanl transfense as com_ *a a*.L.i n,ft" actiliry of gtutathione peioxidase and glulathione "",i"iry a stafflard ilrug gugulipid (50 mg&g pareal lo body rltdav) l6 IAMR/ - U/142 .IANUARY. JALY, 199E
  • 22. i{a- ABSORPTIONAN PERMEABtr-ITY CHARACTERISTICS OF PIPERINE ON ORAL lcine lrrelon FRo:{ PEPPERs AND A BroAvArLABrLrrY ENSANcER Re-giotral Resench,Lb"T1* Annu lftajoria. urha zutshi & BedL KL: lsolope SechonC"Jn*air*."-r""r lnCtra,Indian rottrnal oferyermental Biotag uol 16 January 1998 PP 46-50 Pioeflne. (i-t5-tl.]benzodioxol_5Jl)-l_oxo-2 4 pentadieny l) prperigm) ls a pung€Dl i*senr in P;perur iPru! (Maichd) arld P loaeun (Pippali) Li" II rs shorrn lo etnancerut;i rtif,o mi-io* st clurally aod tierapeuucally dietse drugs A cotrclse mecna $rrl-- ui"oiA;;;i;f;tG il""il"bilitv enhanong acoon isiitcsineundertood This smdv rs an efforl lo plpeflne in pobrlt on oral absorption lt eocomPass€strtrdersland tbe absomuon dyntmrcs ol qcble"imide teatment and exclusion of Na#;#;;;J;;;;-;;.p";*"dmoderliiiili-iii ii"*i:.ldium iere ttre vaiattes os;d Absorption haflfe !PlT," :::l-i-*" l""t-* ria "ppaJenl pcrm€abiliw co-€8ic-ienl moietvcompuled lrom il isdala tTen_ werc the a weal baseili",Ji.i"i# rr,"*"lJr,ernical characrensLics of rbrs medra lt e:Jribired passive-dttusnn ehibired thar ilhi ;;;;i;!;;r"* virh partial solubili[ in aqueous :-::i,:f"iil;;;hb,bsomrion kineucs. i.ropott otpip..io. *ot nor resrsed b1 [wL and i^i"r"*iJi" o. rG",*d du;gh Eanscelluiar palhwa) hdisplayed shon absorPuonrscleaJanceffiti;ffi;,;:;;;;iLv#il";i ll ma]oata as an apolar molecule and lorm apolar comPle_Fn f,ar rc..rs lhe lntesunal bamer act inus obiained suggesred fiar piperine absortiedJtir t^n. ,na solules. h m;y modulale m€rnbrane d)namics due to is eas- pa(rtlorung rnllshelprng i-n efiicient permeabilir] across the bamers 2-t &2-DG-045 EFTf,CT OF MORINGA OLf,IFf,RA LAlr-{ ON PARACETAMOLINDUCED UEPATOTOXICITYRucknlrl Li K.viman! S.i ADndm R & Jtyakaa E Pdvar Coilese of Ph maceulicsl Sc;enc6s 1-r ei,a", in"lrv zt . hai^ t pnatu Sci IggE 60(I) pP 33i5 AqoeousandalcoholicextractsoflootantlflowelofMolei|era(Siglu).weIes$eeet.fol on *,iL"prii"J -t"lt ; p- "etamol tr€ated albino (SGPT,Liver flmction was assessed based r:its phosphates€ (SALP) L"ti""t"ay t"d", *i.t" levels oftnnsaminase SGOT) alkaline "*n ertracts were found to have antihePatotoxic actrvity and bilirubin. .ilt 2-1&2-DG046 COMPLTX ANTIFERTILITY.ACTIVTIY OF NIOSOMAL MNCDPLI]MBAGIN KS. & Udupa, MDept ol Phmaceulics Collese olPhma€uliel ---- R.D.; sihgh, U.Yi Atth!|, l|9Kmatak^. hdian J Phamt Sci: 1998 60(l) pP i610 Soua i.i"r"".r, la*ipa 576 (HPICD I 1v119tee:Td lnclusion complex of alrug with hydro;,al propvl betacaciodexlrin lhe adl € consu tuent ot rt utnoago witl a vie! to increa;e the etEcacJ and soiubili ofplumbagin and evdualed tclahid!nt lChiDtk,t). The complex was enlrapped in the aqueous{a1er ofnjosomes Ttus intum u as cornpared $ith niosomes ofthe plaln drug YheE entrapment i"i *,ril^,if" *ri"...luf" in"l"lrty farer Grven I raperitoneally at a dose of 5 mg&g the triosomes of the tn" fio,a il;""*i;; ;i;; J;;;i;sog amrdtrrli a"tiuiry el lover entaPmertthe control and niosomes Ihen comparecl to eftciencv o"er dre plain il;;;-;;;;6*t. Alihough complex shoir increased otug ttre sta[itiq una attfertili! activilv $as ark€dly ] AAMXA - 1I/T&2 ttNUAFv - -tCtLv, 1998
  • 23. 2-t&2-DG-O47 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AND ANTIMPAIOTOXIC AbTNTTIES OF THE ROOTS OF MORINGA PTf RYGOSPERMA GAXRTN R.o. KS.r & Mishm. S.lt . Phmscv Depart6csl rauhy ol Technology & Engineenn& M.S Unierih ofBsrod! Vadodsr- 390 00l.GutML Indi;t J. Phan S.i.Iqs6.60tttpp l2-t6 The fiols of lIoinga pterygosperna Gnett t (Sigtu). (Moi^gaceae) in por*.der and e1l;}cll_orm were stlrdieal for ttreir artl-inllalnrnatory and antihepatotoxic activities. Among these. themer,hamlic extact ahowEd signiflcant (p<0.01) oedef,a supFessad acfiity against carageeninind[ced pav oedenu sirnilar to rai of indomcthacin, The aqueous exuact against carbgnteaachio{de, totrl aqueous er(ract against paracetamol and metbaiolic e).tact against rifampicinlrearmenls sho$ed signrficaJrl (p<0.0I) antiheparoroxic acti iiy. 2-r&2-DG-048 NEUROPSYCHOPSARMACOLOGICAT ETTTCTS OF TEE AYUR!EDIC NOOTROPIC MONNIERA LINN. (BRAETI0 .{COPI H-L singh, B.N. Dh.w!n, Celltal DruB Rcsdch iistitut , Lucknor - 225 001. India, Ihdiah Josrhol oI Phmtacolast 1997: 29: 53595365 Bacopa nontlierc Lin . (Brarrrrt has been usrd sirce 1imes ilnmemorial as nerve for rm- proveme{ of memory The authentiqttion oifle lraditiotral claims of bra}m i wrs in iCated by nvcs- rtigiting tlte etrect of an alcoholic e1ract oflhb plafi otr acquisirioq consolidation ald retentio! ofthree newly acquired behavioural rcsponses in ilbino rats, viz., a foct-shock moti?led brighbessdiscrimination response, active conditioned aioidarce response ard Sidman coninuous avoidanceresponse. The facilitatory etrecl ofthe brJ-bfti siract (40 mg/kg. p.o x 3d) was manifesl in all llleduee lea.ni g responses as il augm€nted both tlle cognitive function and mrntal retention capacity. The chemical coflstituent responsible for ihe facilitatory e{fec! ofbrai&i on leaming sched- ules vas identified as a nilure of $1o saponins designated as bacosi.les A and B. Thc bacosidcssignificai{ly i provcd the acquisition, consolidatjon and ietenlion in the shock,motiated bright-ness discriminatioil response. aclive conditioncd avoidance reslonse and produced a dose{ep€n-denl facilitation ofdiscrelion belweer rr aversive (ticl) and paiatable fluid (sucrose) in rhe condi-tioned Uste ave*ion (CTA) respoffe. Bacosides also atten ated dre retrograde amnenr prodircedb) imnrobilisalion induccd $ress. ECS and scopohrnine. Th€t al.o enh ced prole,,r kinase aflr!-ily and prcduced and increase in proi€ir in hippocampus. Bacosides n€re also fornd to be safe in regulatory phannacological ard loxicological strdiesand ere $ell lolerated b normal health nrale lunBn lolulccrs in single do.e U0.J0{r mg) andiNltipie doses (100 and 200 g) administercd for.l veeks in doubLe blr d pliLebo co rolled andnot-crossover regulalory Phasel clinical trial. 2-l&2-D{l-0{9 PI{ARI{ICODYNAMIC EFFf,CTS oF CEDRUS Df,oDARA wOoDISSENIAL oIL . . . TrndanS.K.chHrdrdS..Cuprrs.&LrlJ..Dsn.oilhdna.ul,.-d l,a.1,^ tnd;" LrJ:,dr) Rcsearch Irrstilrto. lzat,raBa 21l 122 (UP). htdidn Jo nrd! ol Illnee,ii. at Scien.es ],P JC :3 The Pharmacodrnanic cfects of Q.frus (ltnJnra (Der.r/d/r) iuodesenLnl orltvcre rn-csligated inrnice afld ffG. Thc oil Nas fo[nd 10 poss€ss sig illcr t iinl!,i {ln.rmirtory aclil,il! ]n.L,tNUA Rt -./Ut.t. t 99!l 1,|Mk4 - 0/1&2
  • 24. c!|cnrrageenin-ndrced oedems inrats. If $as devoid of analgesic, s€dative and tnotor incoordiMriryactivities in mice. Hoi!€vet il caused a significant increase in penloba$itone-induced bTnosisrrhich ma, be due lo inJubrrion ofdrug merabolising en-,]mes. 2-1&2-DG-050 CYCLO-OXYGENASE INEIBI1ORS FROM SPICES Vob.laboi., Venkatesh$trlu, Unive6iw Collcee of Phamaceulical Sciences. Kakatilb UnivFitl WrMgal - 506 009, AP- lldia, lndia DtuS. 34(3) Atgttst l99T The crude e{racts offresh rhizames of Zingiber a$cinale (Snteet) (Axdtuk4, dned thizo es of Ctrcund longa (tnm.Letic) (Httridry) and dry fruits of Piper njgtxkt Olack pepeer)(M.!ichan),slwwedpolentinhibiloryactiviS againstprostaglandinbio nth€siziry ename (cyclo-og€nase, PG s] nftetase) in an i,? vilt? bioassay test The extncts rverc fractionaled bJ monitoringthe ;crilitv to yield I l0l-gingerol 1, [6]-gincerol 2 from Singer 1.7-bis (4"h]dro].a-3me1ho$ phenyl)l-6-heptadiene- 3,s-dione (curcumin) 3, ph!dro-rcinnamoylferulovlmedane-l- 6-heptadiene- 3 5-dione j from turneric and piperine 5 ftom black pepeer Conpounds 1-5 raere charaderizf,d on thebasis oftheir IR. NMR speclroscopic da1a. The qclo-ogenase inhibitory aclii! ofthese com-pounds 1-5 rvas deiemlltred b] an ,, vl,o sssav method in ho6e b1ood. Fluniin mcglunine rvasused as a srardard for comparing the c,Yclo-orr_genease inhibitory activit]l Radioimmunoassay ofthromboxane B. (TB-) ras used to ass€ss tie crncentmlion oltfuomtroxare A, CI,/r) in seruft 2-t&2-DG-051 HIPATO PROTICTIIE ACTI!ITY OF ETHYL ACETATE f,XTRA.CT OF ACACL{ CATECHU Jard.thaiP, iudhsnan.Pi Rarhinad K, Pd)adasini lnslitule oi Paran.dical Scicnces Medical co ee. Thru.uarhupura _ 695011 & Sre€ chilra Tirunal Institute lbr Mcdral scicnes andTechno;!r Biomedical Technolog! win€. Poojapun, TJrnuvanlthaputan - 69i01?- K"ala lidia ldrd Janul 4;l Phanacolag 1997: 29: Pp 126128 Hepatoprorec$-e actiilv of eth]] acetale enracl of -1 cacia catechu (Khadba) Q"aIa) isstudied ilrrats. The acc te li€r damage in altlino rats is inducedb,r a single subculanious administration of i lnl,&g dose of 509o 7 carbon tetrachlonde in oli€ oil and the chronic lir€r damagetr lnt/kgrr.rceaireekforIld s Tlie hilatoprotectiYe actiliq ras moniiered biochemicallybl esrLnralrng serunr lrrnsmnc se. se rum alkahne phosphslase and seum bili bin -in bolh th€ casesaherinrraperitoneal iajeclior ofethJl acelare €trircl of katha (250ng&g). Thehistopathological.hanges oflit.r sa-pi." tt ere compared riith that of conlrolr The exuact of kalha inhibited thecarb; telrachloride induced hlel darAage in aibino rats at 20mg,&g b $: as assessed bl thebiochenical and hisropadological .aiues. 2-1&2-DG052 XTDf,NCE FOR FREE RADICA]- SCAVENGING ACTIVITY OT ASHWAGANDHA ROOT POWDER IN MICE Sllnlld Panda ,hd AMnd Ka School ol Lit Srciences. DA Uni!e6it. Ve]h Bhard KnandNa 11 (1): PP J21126 Road- lddoi. - .151001- hdia - IndiatLtounolo! Phsiolag, a d Phamo.alaL- 997; 1 The effects ofAslN?gandha rool ponder (0.7 and 1l g,&gbt1./dal) administered (SOD for 15dals and 30 davs $as inrestieilleal on lipid perioldation (LPO). superoide dism iase J4^UlRt - lALy, l9a8 19 1AyM - Iyl&2
  • 25. and calrhsc (Udf) rcltlilics in nricc. Whilc l5 drr lrcinn,eol iLh Asirugrndhi rool po$derdid llol produce aoyiigrifidlrt chrn8c.:10 drrls |rcrtt crl prod ccd:r significllnl dccr.rse nILPO.irnd rn increa$ in both SOD d CAL OuT lirdingas indicalc lhil Ash$agandha roolpo!der possesses frec r.rdic.rl sclvcngrrg irclilill. rvhich nrnl tc rcspo sible lbr il-r p|rnna-cological ec-ecll. ?-1&2-DC453 ANTIFILARIAL ACTIVIIY OF MALLOTUS PHTLLIPPINENSIS LAM. ON SETARL{ Cf,RVIE (Nf,M.ATOD-4.: FILAROTDEA) lN VITRO R{jcndcr Sinsh, sn,Ahal-Kc. & Nilam U. Klr.. l).p! al Phdn dJlog!. J N. Mcdi.ni collcst. Alisxrh 102002 & l)epr or Chcnrnk.r. AliSrlr lvirrslin UnicFi1t Al;errh _ 2tt2(lt)1 l11)i!, tr iM I,lt"dl Ll IhrsnlLs! und Ihanuun.g 1997: lllJ, : t)P lr7 t03 Thc clle.lol rq ucous r rrd alcoholicc c{ra€ls of{hc lcacsot^k lohts lhtiqPi,kntis (lu}tt r.l ell. ,1rE (Kanpitlaka!) was s{udicd on lhe spootaneous movcmclrls of thc $hole rornr ntdncnic-muscle (n.nl.) prcparalion ol.Vldlrd ccru r.d the suniil ofnicrofihriac in itro gothtc elracls caused infiibilion of sponl.rneous molility of rvhole 1|ann:indthen. t. prepanlidndf,tcer, cha.ecl€riscd by inlial slinruirlion follor€d by dcJrcssior ofampliirde. Thc lonc andrale olcontractions rcmajncd visibly uncltcclcd. Aqucous c)ilracl al highcr concentralion sho$edinnlediate reduction in lonc. Thc conccntratior requircd 10 inhjbil thc movemenls ofn.m.prcparalion il as i /51fi for aqucous and I / I 1 th for alcoholic elracl comp:rtcd to that for the $holen3r.r. suggesling a culicular pcr iabilit) barncr Theslimuhlory rcsponse of rcetllcholinews blocked by aqucous €rtracl on ]lholc worrn movemenls. Onlhe microfialriae the LC50 andLC90 !crc l8 and 20 nglnli ibr aqucous and 12 and 15 mg/ml tor alcoboiic crlracls respectirely. 2-l&?-oG-fl51 EFFf,CT OF PRUNUS AMYGDALUS SEEDS ON LIPD PROFILf, Sunlta T€oti,, M,r singb and P!I.M.C., CcnlF hr Bionedica Ensnreenng. Indiar LNslilule ol lrclinolog!: New Delhi 110016. India.l,i.liat Joumdl ofPlysoloet an.l Pliutu ac,b? t997: ;11(li, PP. 383 389 The efrecr af Prunus anyJdatus, (uutaia) which is .ich in uns,lturated fat, fibre diel andlon cholesrrol was studied i 36 normolipidemic male:tlbino rabbits for 60 days. ThrecdifI.rent doses i.e. lrhole sceds defattted and oil showed a decreas€ ir scrum tolal cholestrol.lrjgit ccndes, LDL ans HDL choleslrol. Thc maximum etrects were shown by.rvholc secds follo{ edb oil and defa(ed 2-i&2-DG-{r5s POTf,NTIAL ANTIDLABETIC AGENTS FROIIIPI-AI{T SOURCES : PHARMACO- LOGICALASPECTS Z.S.Hakim, &A-Bangdru, D.D.Santani md R.LGoya! Depannenl olPhrmacoloe)! L M collese ol PharMcy. Ahm€dabdd 38OOA9,India.l. Nat Ptud., lI Q),3 Diahetes nte llitts is z cofimon cfuonic endocrine disorder Sirce ancielt times a number ofhe6al medicines have been used in dre treatment of this disease. Many studies iave been canicdout in dre search of suitable plant drug that ould b e efrectre in Dtabetes meLlilrt l he pharmaco_Iogical actions of active principles obtained ftom variols plants have beeo strdied in lndia and . IUL, 1993 20INUARY
  • 26. abroaal. This.Ficle reiews so1rre ofthe betterplanned studies, wiict include hedts hk,EE eqPatandq Bi.jokai vna; A,tlhnntlra; Charrdraprabhaldt knari; &tnthi Pa ta*o; WHai&L An lahi: Methikn & Ralna chatuIa a etc. 2-1&2-DG-056 BIOCHEMIC.{L STUDIES ON COMBINED EITECTS OT GARLIC IALLIIMSATIVUI{ LINN] AND GINGI]R IZINGIBER OFFICINAI,E ROSEI IN ALBINO R{TSAhrn?J.RS & sharma .S.8, Biochomisi,a Deparheat, UniveNit College of M.dieat scieo.es ed CTRhospiE - Delhi- 1i0!95. hdia-htda johol of E Pdndtal Biolog Vol35,A s6t 1997 PP 894-897 Adult nule rals of slar strain $ere led diets contaig(wM 2o/o g,hc (eroap 2),0.5o/ogirgd (group 3) and a combination of gatlic(LASUNA) plus gingd (Ardreka) Grcup 4) fo! I$€eks lo study their e{Iccls on serum biochemical paraneters. A siglificat[ increase in bodyileiglrt 1ssobsefled in.11gFups ecept lhat fed ginger (&3)- A sigrdficant aleqease in blocdglucose. senrm totel cliolestrol 3nd serum aikaline phosphatas€ r€re found in all groups, whereas serum triglFendas lrcre decreased significantly only in grop 4. Setum llDl-.cholestrol xassignificantt; increjsed onit i[ goups 3 & ,1. Hor€vel tlDl-.chol€s:lrol, V]-Dl-cholesrol aIUiatherogenic iM€ri $€ie s€nificantly decreased in animals led wiih combination ol t}.e two,conpNred to ginger/gxriic alone. Hence a combinatjon of garlic and ginger is morc efrective inreducrng blood glu.o.e and serum lifrds. l&2-DG-057 PH-ARITTACOLOGICAL ACTIONS OF PONGAMLA. PINNATA ROOTS IN ALBI}{q; RATS sinUh.R.K Gipnln,th. Acharld.s.B & GoelR K. Defdmnt ol Ph6rrtucolo€r & ffctubiolog. lr"r;,co, Bin as hrndJ Uniresr). Va nnsi 2:tO05. l^d;s .7hAM J@mal oJ Vedrc.l ScFnces. Flpsr,e,tdl Bioto?.l ol 35"1tsrst l997.PP $1d36 t l Pongania pinnata (fuHni!) loot has beer a&ocatcd i:r A}[rveda lol treament bfrzrious inftamatofv and infectie €onditions including ulcers. Sequertiai pelmleum ether,benz ene.chlorofomr.acetone md ethnolic exiracts of Ppinnatd toot when adriqstered in thedose of50 ng/kg. p in rats was fo id 1o lave anli-jn{latnatory analSasic acliaty whi:epenl?barbilone inducedsleep tifte1tas reduced b] all tfie e1racls d:c€pt petroleu+ etherii hich- bowe.t€r enlunccd it. 1 l€v $ere also found to ?osscs anti-ulcer etrects when adminisler€dei{hcr by ip (.15 min. bcfore) or oral route (45 minutes before of for 4 dfis) against restrain!-$ressorpylorus-ligeled gastric ulcers in !"ts. the mrximum protection being atrorded by?etroleume1l; ard ethercl cxlrac1s. The mcchanism of aftiulce{ efrect couldgithff b€ due to de€rc?se inacid-pcpsin secretion and augmentraion olmDcin secrelion as otrsen€d with ethanol extrlctfiile pelolcum crher elriicl rrrrglrl be froducrng I he e ffecl b vilue of irs anl i-s1re"s actjvitJ 2-l&2-DG-l)58 RUBIADIN, A Nf,W ANTTOXIDANT FiOM RUBITI CORDIFOLIA Triprrhi).4. lqlt{ Shdrmn. Mdnitt{m M.. D.fr Jl McdrlndlCamisLrv. Iadture o, Medrcal Sciences, Banrus Hindu UnivcFi!. vllanasi - 221005, India. h1dia, journal of BiochenlistrJ an4 Rt.pl+.;.. lol.at tE laa- pP J02-J0t Rubiadrr a dihydrorl artluaquinone, isolaled from xlcoholic erlract ot Rubia ca tfol@(Mdrjrittal possesses polenl anlioident propcrtl: It prevents lipid penoxdatior induced byJANUARY - JULY, I98 2t ,44MM - rv1&2
  • 27. FeSO4, andt-butyl hydroxide (1-BHP) ina dose dependefi n0anaer. Theiercent iolribition wasmore in the case ofFe2+ ioduc€d lipidperioxidatiorr The aftioxialent prcperty ofthe prq)arationhas been foud 10 beben€rtharthat of EDTA Tris. maffflol, 4tsmiaE andp-benzoquinone. 2-7&Z- A COMPAXATI!E STUDY ON Tfl[ EYPOLIPII)EMIC ACTIIITY OF ELLE}NN I}fiFERENT PECTINS PrssaDnil:mrd Gi Sud[6ll S; Ushaklimri B; Va]ss.A. & VlaykumtrCi Sed}? & ,ijardasi.N.R: Deparhnent of Biochemistry, Uoivesit of Kerals, Ka.ivethm. lhiruvuatlapunm - . 6955a1,Indi^. Josndl o|Food Scidca ahd Techhoto4t, 1997 YDt.i4. No.2, t03-107 Inclusion of pecti!-rich ftuils and lEgeiables can be regard€d as one of the primar!prevention stategies of lrnerlipidemia- Bu! il has beetr fould that all pectins do nol show€trective hFolipidemic activity. Eleven pectins were screened among which pqctins fronCarica papaya, (F,randa kukdi) Coccinia indica (Bttflbi), Lycopersic m es&tentun (Tamat r) cunms satirlts (Ttapusa) showed hig y significart iD?olipidemic activity in albinp rats, while^id were less sigdfica4t or insigrificint in their ac-tioL Detailed studies on elucrdatiag tlleothbrsmechanisn ofaction ofthese iectins rcvealed ltrat h]?olipidemic aclivity was mainly due to lhelower late ofabsorptiotr and higher rate ofdegation and elimination of lipids. The incleasedsctigity plasma Lecithi-o Cholestercl Acyl Transferase activily ILCAr] in rats f€d Fectin canaccouft for the signitrcarit dedease in the concentntion of cholestercl. Tte higher activity oflipoprotein lipase in th€ adipose tis$e and heart miy be rcsponsible for tie d.creased conc€fl;-don oftngllcerides io senrm of rats fed pecrin 2-1&2-DG-060 EFFECT OF AICOSOL EXTRACT OF ANNONA MIIRICATA ON COLD TMJTIOBILI- ZATION STRESS INDUCED TISSUE LIPII} PfROXMATTON. Padh. Pr Cb.souri. J.P.N.: Khn.a, R.L. (D.partoeDr of Pbmeuticq. Bdds Llndu UuwaiD. Vdtuasi 221 005, UP, lndia) Phyto.hqapr Reealch, v 11,(4): p. 326-321, l99l . Admi sEation of ar ethanol erlract of the slem ba* of Annona nticata (Rdmaphal)sigriiticandy inlibited cotd inmobilization in sEess-induced lipid peroxidaiion rn the livff aIIdbrain of albino fats. 2-t&2-DG061 EYPOCflOLESTEROLAEMIC ACTION OF TEREE GUGGULIJ (COMMIPIIOR{ MUKUL) PREPARATIONS . A COMPARATIVf, STI]DY. Nair. RB.: Pillai. RP.i Pillai. B.KRi 4jafarai, S.i {air. C.P.R (Resional Research lnsti- tute @.R), Trivandnrm 695 012, Kerali, India) Ioumal of Resea.ch in Afuneda ond Stdd,t a, v. l5(3-4)r t. 155-166,199,1. A comparat]ve study of the h?ocholesterolaemic etrect of.lkee guggdu preparatiotrs, viz.Kaisora guggulu. Yogar4ia guggulu and Navaka guggulu on albino rats is given. Tlle minimrmefiective dose ofthe gugglllrl preparatio s is I g&g.b.[: ofrats b.rng:ng aboul significant rcductiooin setum and liver cholesterol leels. Among the three pr€paralidns, Kaisora guggnlu seems tohave greater h)?ocholest€rolaemic and antiobese actior compared with the other |lvo dnrg ptepiua-tions..IANU,4RY . ]ULY. 1998
  • 28. 2-1&?-DG-062 THE gypoTENSIl,.E f,FenCTS OX cnEEN BiaX lrUaSeOr,us Aunrusl, cou_ MON RUE {RUTA CRAItsOLENS) ,4fiD KELP (LAMNARJA JAPONICA) IN RATS. C}!iE, Kli; FEn& ,|"1.L @.!{tnenl ofBiotolt/, TIF Chinese Universiry of Hong *ong_ Hong kor8, ChiM) Phrtothetuw RMfth v 1l(3): p. 203,206, i997. Aqueor$ extiacts of grcen be3n (trdraJa) common rue fs@ddprJ and kelp.$€re found to be t_vpoter$ie, containeabioac1iveproteinaceous subslanesard stimuiacalurine florv Acombimtrorofts/o ofthree plaft exracts shon€d subtractirE or additivc efects, suggestiog importanl bearingotr t-hefu use $erapeuticall. 2-l &2-DG-063 EVALUAIION OF THE EYPOGLYCEMIC ACITVTIY,OF,A TRADITIONAL HERBAI, PREPARAT]ON .IN MALE DIABETIC RATS. Nrds,5.4-i B*handy, s.!"E.i Negm, SA- (Detartnenl of Plramacology, Natonat Reseatuh cenrrq EI Iah;r Sr. Dolli. cairc. f$prt ittoletapa. .6at; p 2a0-244. tg.r: The hFoglycaemic activity ofa daib oral dos€ (l g&g) ofa l0 percenr alecoclion ofan Egjpriar widely used folk antidiaberic herbal prepararion (psp) and gtibenclantde (ctib) ,.r,ere studi€d in alloxanized Inale lats for eighl {eeks: PSP isa mi$ure of equr I po nrons of the por dercd gf€nso lae lretu, (Kunafi) Lupinrs ternis, Ttiionelajb"nun-griin, lwani*a) Commipharanynhd, (Bola) Brcania critica ad Rheum.,fjcinale (*iksanta). psp decreased the semm gtu-cose level gradually while Clib exhibjted a sharp f.rll of seruin glucose le.i,ei after 2.,1 and 8 we€ks ofireatment fo diabetic male nts. PSP inudced a significant decrease ofthe semm levcls ofcholesterot,trigrycerides, cr€atinine and ASt Howevcl ir had no efiecr onlerum ALT level. pspalsoinduc€da singifrc l incr€ase in rhe level ofHB. PCV pcrcent, RBC count and a srgnific€nt decrease oflhclotal WBC counl after 4 We€ks of trearmcnl of diabclic male rars 2-1&2-D(;064DIUMTIC ACTIVITY oF AQUEoUS EXTRACT oF oRTIIosIPHoN TTTymiTIonus . IN RATS. Krrihuni Si flanEo. R: ThdrcrJuBi, J.c.i J)kr4 a.: Mrjundar U.K; cupr., M. (t)erarlmenr.f Pharurolop PeF,[ (o](rLut phJnnr({uli!11 (!r( (r.t..rCnt,. ln.h t,ait rdu/2r.,2t ltldit) hdian Jo hal 4 tthan&.e,ticat Scn .e! { 59(2} I 96-rt. 1997. N E{ncacy ofaqueous exlract of O hoiph.n thvniltoru, (Aiako) tcsted fot d^Lrclic acti!.ihrnratshasbeendiscosscd.Iheexl$ctgi.!.cnoratt!did;otactasrnrquarctic Thc valucs ofurincrol me were only slightly ele1€ted. The ion cxcrc{ion $as considerablv incrcascd. 2-t&2-DC-065 EFFECT OF ANETHOLE ON ACCOSSARY SEX TISSUE OF ALBINO RATS. FrnnL T.; yaDithakuh.ri;c.i Bhulan.svari, C.: Mrtnri, T rt)(Frrnrs,r ,,t lndh-nnotna. p,,lt Gadurte lnsrirur€ ol Basic MNdicnl sdrnccs. tntu,niD. M dins 601) l t.t. TN. Iidin).r,!rndt if Rctearch il trn.,t , ,Jrd, ,,t t., r-r, I tr.r t-ri tqt,t Ancl hole. a nujor const il rr€nt o{ 1be li).nicu l ,t vttt a/r (tti{.sra) asndi|linist€rcd aL 1r|odoses. i c.. l() u1g (lo$) ard 5{) rrg (higlr}/I0{) g bod ncigh{ irtrilrluscuhrll for 7 drrs. Whitcl4j-Li4RY - Jlil.f, 1q98
  • 29. boi doses caused a significanl decrease in donoldreral prosl,rre lerEhr. high doce alone as e$ec-tiv€ ir rcd cing th€ coagulating gland ii€igh1. Fructose concentntions $ere siglificantltdecreasedin both tissues after boih 1o1 and high dose anet]rcle lreatmenl. 2-1&2-DG-066 SPECTROSCOPIC ANAI,YSIS OF THE CYTOAGGLUTINATING ACTTITTY OFABRIN-B ISOLATf,D FROM ABRUS PRXCATORIOUS SEEDS ACAINST LEUKIMIC . cE!L. Ohb., H.j To,!r,kt$a, T.: Yasudr, S.i Hoshino, T.: ltoh, K; Yamasaki N. (KEshu National Induslrial a tl BiaclEnisbj.v. Research Institute. ShukuMschi. To$r. Saea 841. Japan) Eioscie ce. BioEcl"tolos, 6l(4): p. 7i7-7:19: I997 The qloagglutinaiing actilig of ab.in"b. e loric ledin isolated froll. )bnts Precatolttsseeds. (Gunja) against cultured cell strains deriled from accute ltrnphoblast leu&emie *asin€stigaled bI l isible specfoscop,. Upon addition of abrin-b- t}le lu$idiF at 600 n of cellsuspensiolr decreased and this change could be recorded as the qloaggiulination cun c. Fronthiscun€,1he qloagglutMtion leloci! (CV) gloaggluunatron Lnrensit (Cllofeach cell nrain $asmeasured. Each cell strain sholed the respectiie CV and CI ?lues ald dre cell strains deri{ddfrom the T cell line 1lerc stlongl-- agglutinaled bI abrin-b compared ith drose d€rit€d fion dle Bcell line. Furthe. it has beconie apparenl that the qloaggluliruting actil increased $ith arinffease in the order of the diferc.ltiation of cell slmitrs. 2-t &2-D(;067 ANTIFf,RTILITY EtrFECTS OF AQUEOUS AND STEROIDAI EXTRACT OF NEEM LEAF (AZADIRACHTA INDICA) IN MAIE WISTAR R{TS, PaNha.l, O.i Gardner M.T-i The, T.L; Williatu, L.AD.: Ftetche., C-K (Dep.doenl ofPh:sioloer. Univesity ot the l,bst lndies. Mona, Jami;a. W.sl Indie s) Plttoletup! Researh. l I (2): P 1681 70. 1997 lntraperitoneal injeclions ofthe stemidal e1rad of nee m d:adira.hta iica) (Ninba) leaEsin male Wistar rats at a dose of 100 m&&g bodr Ir€ighl. t$ice a [eek for 10 i€eks resulted inimpaired sperrdogenesis. increased the numb€r of headless spemutozoa a nd srgrufrcc ntl) de.reased(p less than 0.01) motiliry ofcauda spenutozoa. leading ro a decline ir the f€rtility index. Feedingofa 0.8 percent ($/v) aqu€ous neem l€afen.act in drinkiog ater for 7 €€k! decreased serumtesro$erone (p less Ihan 0.01) bur no etrecl sas obse^ed jn rhe lerlilih indcri. 2-1&2-DG-068 ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF TERMINALIA BELLER]CA TRJTENPENOIDS. Nlndt A.Li Chlkraborlv, A.i Poddei G- (DeF.tnent of Chmish.v. School of T.opical Mcdi.;ne cRAvenue c.lcnna 700 071. j!ts,India) &?araapd . 68(2)i p. 178180. Meihi ester of a4mgenin displated madied inhibitotr activity on both 8mm:positive ,ndgran)-negerive bccrcria. Merhtl eler of lomenlosic acrd sborved nuldacion on gram-negeliebacleda. rihile bellericagenin B and bellericaside B sholved slight antifungal activit againslTrv.hopb,tan rubrunr Aiungenin. belleric aci4 beilericagenin A. adunglucoside I, bellericoside, Ibellericaside A:nd belledc acid eritracted,tum bel/erica (l4bhitrki) e.-Jibitemoderale anliN-crobialacriin-ANUARY. JUIY, 1998 AAMK4 - II/1&2
  • 30. : r&2,Dt;-069 ,{NTIFfRI TLII I INYT]S TIGATIONS OF ALCOIIOLIC PAPAIA SDED EXTRACT IN NF.NIALE RAIS. (hinu.Li H (,h.h s ?-l1 JLr! l"J!1 1$ Irli(itIr )!F- <r nr /JUlofi .,.,", ,s .,-. .,,, ,..r r."" 1, .J.1". rj, l Crr rr hrr 11 t l/dt1nl tJ .hon.k Pl,rr..n r&a r l9{?) l 1tr-J:5 199/ The etTccts of oral &luinislriltion ofit{cololrc t nI nd ?nfo n (I:ttulu karAl ccd e-r,r,t. ( l" n,f l! bldr s(,sI" d,r/rrl, fol irrdrs$.rLrrrLsrUilcdl^rrrd!llcrrroubiocllenrFcrf.fr.ng"noin.n.lrlcru.ofrrlacll:NrlcfcrlrliliJle lhcdrlrrccilcdlI llltcocnrn.r"oaogJnes;s ."ir,aot.l ,t lccled Semm hofinoml profile of E2 FSH lnd ltl $as unrlleredHorrc;r. lhc trealnreor brorighl aborl aliertilions in rrlcine gl)coge prolein ird phosphorylaserhicbrendcredilsiffema]fiilie|lroslilelbrillrphnlalioll.Tllceshlsqcjevassljgitbirregular lcrtiliry rate i trear€driuh Drolonsed dur.ltron of.l(cslrus stase tlu.h in lufl selercly aliecled fte i. iti* *o;"-rt "f treatmc nt isLr ltcd in rccovery oi alithc i nduced etrcts ofthe ciact ard ,^,*l;ffiferd-l; ;;ilantl-r"rtlliry *"e rransieni rnd relcrsibie aad ftncdonll stedl- "rectsrr, could be inducedn rdrs 2-i&2-DG-070 EFfECT OF CEEMCA-L MODIFICATIONS OF PIIASEOLUS VI LCARIS LECTlNS ON TIIOIR BTOLOGICAL PROPf,RTIES, fisuem.M.O.R,Ljulo.Fi1.rDepJnmenrodcAlmelLoeNuracaofferrmelrlIaJdid.de sr o/u sd Padro de sao PEUr (6iu Pobrbori5 crP ni8; -Li"se*,dldect;.il;;;;;;;;..------_- - 639 643 1991 Srsill Jdmnl of Astidltutut dd F@d Chdisb, r 45(3): rt Two fractions wilh igglutirmting activirll F_l atrd FIl ltere isalaled from Jalo Bisns(Phaseatuf vutsaris) (Rajanasa) The effect of chemtcal mddification on biologrcal acb16 las*li"A i" 4"i". f-f. Polvacrylamide get elecaoploresis-slmted rhat ftaction F-l ryqlate9 moie-i".ft to ti" -ta" *a n"a hiift"t uggt"tinotioe ictilitv !oncii) Nhere.as fraction F-II migtaredmore oorcll losar.t the anode and h"d lower agglutinrijng aslrr| dnd loicjn tsour uaclran( proupi"o tiit and mainiained Iherr roxicrN a-Rer modi-fication olaffino ""eruu*,i"g ".,iuD nxtogenrc and to-rcT4prophaa oxidation 1rith N_bromosuccinimide eliminaled lhe agglutinalingactivities of &e two &actrbns. 2-r&?-DG-071 ANTIPLATELET F,LAVONOIDS FROM SrirOS Or rsonliea coRYLITOLTA No 155.1. Sec.2- Ta.i WJ.r Hsir, ric; chea C.c. (]Ialionat Res$rch lnslhr€ ol chiilose MedicineLs r 5eQ): p.671- i",r*"- ii*, p.*,, f";pel I aiqsn Republic or chin a Jormat af liatudt Prcdt 672- 1996 The MeOH exracl ofLe seeds of Psaralea coryliJoha (Bokuchi) was lould lo inhibil lhe plalelel adlt,abng lddor assreealion ofmbbit plalelels induced b) arachrdonic aod collagell and iii"ii""-a...,.a i*aiotratror l€d to lhe isolatior of iltee flavonoids isobavachaicone tavacfun- Isobavachalcone ad neobavaisnalonc iahibited plaielet ag_ "..n *i*nr*""- -a gregatiorl /AMF-4 - Itll&2 JANAARY " JULY. 1C98
  • 31. 2-1&2-rC-tt12 EFFECTS Of RHUBARB EXTRACT IN RATS WITIi DIABETIC NEPSROPATHY. Yokoz{va, T.i Hq LQ.; lluro, Yt Nrg$aki Rj Hatto . !{,i oura, H. Resqcli Iriurute for lvakd Ydku. Tovama Medical od Phamaceutic.l Uni€rsirv_ 2630 Sugihni. Tolana 930.{1. Japan) Phltothetupy Retea/ch, !.11(l): p 7:-75_ 1997. NtbAtb (Rheu t cJtrclnate) (Fitanatu) exLract gieroralty io rals wiih diabsric rcphropalhyinduced bi sublotai nephrecto{r} snd jnjection of streptozolocin showed a signficant decrease inblood and urinary glucose te€ls. Funhemlore, improien€nt of hwerlipidac;fd, and acceleralcdericretiofl ofuinary nitrogen and creatirirc $cle obs€n€d, potential ofrhubarl, e$ract as a ne].tthe peulic agent for inhibiting ]e progession of diabetic nephropaihy has beea demonstaied. 2-1&2-DG.073 ETFECT OI TULASI (OCIVIUM SANCTU}I) LEAF POWDER STJPPLEMENTATION ON BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS, SERUM LIPIDS AND TISSUT LIFIDS IN DIABXTIC RATs. Rei. V; l]e4.U.: Meni, U-l{. (Departrnent of Focds and Nxt.ition. MS Unive6irv oiBdoda, Barcda j90 002- Oujarar lndia) Plaftt Foadsht l{unanu|rh, r.5u,tr t9-j6. 1997. Acinun sancrxnt (TulasiJ leaf powder was fed a1 the I percent t6vel in rorinat aid diabeticrats for a period ofone monrh to expiore the efect on fasting blood sugar, uronic acid total amindacids- and the lipid profile itr serum and tissue lipids. The res,its indicdted a sisnficant {edactiotrin faslingtlood sugar, uronic acid. total amino afld!. Toul cholesrerol. rrigbceride phospholipidsand lotal.lipids. In liver lotal cholesterol. triglFgridg aIId lotal lipids were Sgnincintl:lorverea.Total lipids $erc sigfficanrbrcduced irl lddney. In heart, a sigDjficant fall in lotal cholest€rol adphospholipids lras obsen ed.. All these obs€flations indicate the hDogbr€mic and hlpolipidemiceffect of luldsr rn diabetr. r3ls 2-1&2-D(i071 IMMIJNOTIODI LATORY EFFECTS OF NIM.76 A VoLATILE FRACTIoN FRol NEEM OIL. Sei Rdn: sh,mr. S.K: ll.rzzb,glr c.: Orvrodm KMsr i sehmuiht $. (DetmLc tn.urure of Ph$ioloev and..Jlied Scie.ces. Tioarpllt Laclooov Road,D.tb; n0 AS4,Ia,AB) Ja mat of Enno?hanacotosr v.55(2): p. 133139, 1997. Prc-treatmett ofrais rrith a siDgle i.p. injecrion of NIM-?6 resulted in an inc.ease in pol,v-mo.phonuclear (PMN) Ieukoqtes with a coficomitant decrcase in lympboc]1e counts. Theimmunomodulatory activity ofNIM-76 was fornd !o be cancenrarron-dependent At tZO mg,&gbod! weigll, therc was an erftanced nacrophage activity aad lymphocni protiferatiol respoiue,while the humoral component otimmunity tvas unatrect€d. Al higher concentralions ofNM-76(300 ng4.g body $eight), there rr?s a stimulaion ofmitogen-induced bD4hocI.te pmliferatior!while macrophage activig rcinained unafected- Howwer, a fal inprinEy and secondary antrbodftites was obsen€d. NM-76 acls thro gh cell-mediared mecha sns by actvating macrophagesand lymphoctes.JANUARY - JALY, ]998 ,1,4"U1&4 - rm&2
  • 32. @t"*,^ ) HYPOCHOLESTEROLAXMIC f,FFECTS OT TERMINAIIA ARJINA TREE BARIC Rrm. A-r Lau.ia, P.; Gupla,; l(umar, Pi shaBla, vN @€p3nmed of Phma$ologv S ld_s Medical coileee. Jaiput, Rajislru, I diLa) Jo nal of Ethnbphonaaolo? ! 55(3) p 1651591997 Diel-induced b?edipidaemic rabbits $ere gi1€n 50 percent ethanolic extmct of feminaiid*i^" iiir"a ree ba* in doses of 100 mg,&g (groupB) and 500 mg&g (goup c) andEcornpired 4 Toral *"iii. icr"rp l, A.t o0 davs of inrininLion in Sroups AB. and c mean - S ras J9l.+-"ii,t t"tot *"* SZi- et, 3zO + 29 .- u mgldl. resPecti!€bi I-DL cholesterol"tr rrr,- lo,na lb2 r-44 nsdl. HDL cholesrctol nas59 - ?.3b r- 1and l5 -"t md/dlii ^ndZl-1 -- 20 mg/dl: cholesterol/HDl ratio ltai l0 l { I l 9 2" "---i. "r.s ruf". r:, 07 --; and l0l sas8 ? r-! 1.78+-I land45--l0 Theexttacl didL"ft,..O. i -i.o and LDL,/HDL ratio paramet€rsnot shorv any ath erse effect on liver and renal fufttiotr and haemalologlcal 2-t &2-DG-076 ETFDCT OIPEAS (PNUM SATIVUN4 n{ TEE TRAT]{ENT OF f,)PERIMENTAL NON-INSULIN-Df,PENDENT DIABEITS. (DPai1mnlo de rsrclocit Itrulud rnmo. M.I: RoD{m. f : Nieto, Nti Mttinea l: Compilo J E Msrhiu rrnivesdsd de erlrcrBdus A pm,do 108.06071 Badaid Spata) Ph)tokercpr Re*ath llrlr P3c4l loar daber rc Wi$ t-be admininodon o f lvoplnlird pea (Kotala) brsed dieL fte gl) -ae rua in dreoo aJ;:tieoin"*,1y F,om tle second day, ana suyed at level near normal for the re$ of tie in lhe ras |ea.nra". e ti*ulitf ,tftiUitorl acu i+ ofthe pMcteati. anyLase enf_me was dekcled.rJ"r e"oossibte mechani;m of lhe hlpogltcamic etrect of a diel of pea hrs been suPgesled loreside pani;ly in its inhibitory efrect on cariohydraie hgestion 2-1&2-Dc-071EFFECT OT OCIMUM SANCTUM LINN ON NOISE INDUCED CHANGTS IN PLASMA CORTICOSTERONE LEVEL. Sembultugtt K; Sdbtling?m, PA.; 1{am!rita}am. A l Depanbot ol P.bvsioiogv :t 31":h:1- M"dital i.fi;s. a Resdch Llstit,te, Poff Madras 600 l16 TN india) lndtaa Jutnr! f ttDsiutasr a d Phfuac.los v 4l(2): p l39l4l 1997 . pta$ra of iats subjected to ]0 Tlere was a signficant olevallor oflhe colticosteronc level in *rl" ffOOaaf.ti"". Ch.onic er?osure (4 fu darlyfor i0 daysr to troise uith sirme fitensil "0i." rcduc€d the hormonal level signifcantly. Tftalment of 3trmrls ith e ranol cract ol c/r!t -il-t". piJ*i"iit tr"".gei in plasrna Ievel of corticoslemne plad agai st noi se ind!ed tY €rTosure to bodr acute chro; stress, inchcaterl the altistressor noise pmBerty olthe anil 2-1&2-DG073 ANTIOXDAfi1T ACTWTfIES OF NATIIRAL COMPOINDS FOUND IN PLANTS lliy&ke, A.l Shib.moto, T (DeF tment ol Enlionnenlal Toxicoios/, UniveNiry of Calilbni( Dais iariiomia l:orr. usal to*,n)l cJ tsrinttur"t F@d Chenisbt 45(5): p 1819-1822 1997 ""l Tl}e antioxidati,e activiry oI natural plant prodDcls lac-inilene A ftrtingin g3langl& and e!hl mtin eere e.mined using lipid peroxidation s-vstefls consistrng of cither olh]l linoleate- JANUAiY .JULX 19C3 27 lAllL1 - L7&2
  • 33. linolerlale. or €thyl arachidonal€ plus Fentorrs rc*gent. Ir ribitory activity ofplallt producls 1or?rd malonaldehyde (MA) fo.mation from lipids wss measuled using gas chromatography. Lacinilen€- A, which sho*€d the strongest antioxidative activity a$otrg the chemicrls teste4 inhibited MA formalion ftom erb I linolenale and erlDl arcfudooak by 100 percenr ar Lhe leels of 3.0 and 0.5 miclomol, respecuvely. Natural flavoircid compounds nariryi& galangiq and rutin exhrAited ap- pEciable antioxidaiire activities at doses lower than 0.125 micromol. Rutin, thich enlibited {rc strongest activit! anong lhe tfuee llavonoiG, inhibited MA fonnation from edry] aracbldoiat€ by 70 perc€nt at ihe level ofo. 125 microgllol These flavonoids exhibited ordy slight irhibition of MA formation at ie-els higher than 0.5 micromol fiom lhe othyl esters ofthe thr€e fa{y a.ids. 2-r&2-DG-079 FURTHf,R INWSTIGATIONS INTO THE BIOACTI!ITY OT ROOT EXTRACT OF , PLUMBAGO ZEYLANICA" ofeihpo, o.o.i Arnos. s. (DeFsrrdesi dtBio-chedisw obatimi Asolo$o Unive6Dr ne.n.. Nrgeria) Phltothdapy Rekarch, vl1(1)i p.62-63, 1997. fhe ruerabol ic e fiect of crudc a nd clhanol elmfls of Plunbogo ze:t tani.a (Chihaha) rcot I rats is ripbned. I1rc c de Plunhdgo zeltori.a and rts etiunol e{ract resuiled in an increase in the aclirities of semm lactated deh:ydrogemse. acid phosphatas€ and li,€r *aline phosplratase. TIIe blood sugar concentralions incleas€d significantly vhile liler acid phosphaute aad total nucleic acids were drasticall,r reddc€d. 2-r&2-DC-080 CONTf,NTS OF IHiNOLICS,{IID AL(ALOIDS IN ARECA CATECITU LINN. DUR- . ING MATURATION. warg c.K: Lee, w,H.; P.ng c.H. (Grnduie Insnhtc of Nutidonal sciene, chnng Shd luedi@l 4d D€nAlcollege !ll, Scctior 2. Ta{hier Street. Taichurg. liriwm. Retnbl;. al ChiM) Jounal of Aqricaltutu drd F6o.l (:heh{6rr} y 45(J):p. ll851l88, 1997. The phenoiics in ,{..are.,tu (P,,ga) } ere marnl) dislributed irr roor fo llo$ed b} fresh un ripc fruil. Ieaf. spikc, ard vein.. While the conlents ol ,.l:x loids itt A.catechu were in tl}e order of roo! fresh urripc ftuit, spike, le3f, and vein. Total amounis ofphenotics in areca fruit lvere well conelated ivith the length and nralumtion, but lhose of alkaloids x€re only conelated vr/ilh the maturation. Upsidedo!.n areca fnril. arcca &uit growing upward (opposite io normal fruils, gtow- ing downlyard), contained a nuch higher arioun! of arecaidine (,1ng/g oflresh trt.) than normal fresh unripe areca lruil (1.5 nlg/g of fresh $t). Tendei shodl, the upper young stem ofihe tree, cooked as a delicious slrup. codlined a snall arnornt of total phenolics (0.58 ng of gallic acid equive/g of fresh 1lt), condensed tandn (0.85 mg of calechilt equi/g of fresh wt). and total alk4_ loids (2 I.tx mg g of lrcsh tl . LlNURf - JULv. 1998 23 AA]ITRA - II/I&2
  • 34. 2-l&2-DG-081 COMPARATIVE PHYTOCHEMICAL PHYSICOCHEMICAL STUDIES OF KARANJ . AND KAR{{JWA. Alao, S.H.i Waddd, A; Prreell. N (nepartnenl qf Snni Avia,IecDlry ot UtaniLIedicine Tlld.lini Alielrh Mudin Uoivers,t, Alig4h 20? 002, rry, India) HndtrJ v 40(1): p 7485 199? (Ens: 19 rer) vaj2lntx (Kubenksu) tcaesalp llo hunclue a) and,Ka.anj (Kuwia) lPo sa tta slabrc)are menlioned in Unani book as Aldnri;kit. PhamEcognoslical charactets of controrersial drugAtitmal<it useal in the Unani syslemofmedicine ha€been dicussed Botanically and che icali]borh the plants being diflalent. it has been reporled to show diflerent therapeutic action 2-l&2-DG-082 EFFOCTS OF PAPAYA SEED BENZtrNE EXTRACT ON STSTER CHROMATID EX CHANGES, CHROMOSOMAL ABERR{TIONS AND CELL CYCLE PROLIFERATryF INDEX IN HUNIAJ.{ LY]VIPHOCYTf,S. Chino), N.J.i Multrti, A.A i chabaur$ N. (Di! ision ol i l umnn Ccnedcs DcParrmcn t ol Zooloel Unrlsr* School orScienes Ciuraru! Unne^i!- Ahmedab& 380 t)t)9 Gnj^ttt tn ia) Jott"al oI l.dicrvl ah.l lrnrdti. Plal 5.E .er vl9(?):ll0l-105 199? Thc possiblc Senolorirc cflecls on lutnan Ilmphocltcs ofa prosp€€lic posl-lcsliculnr anr;fedilift prirciplc said Io b. prcscnt ttt Qh.:n pPata @randakarLati) sccd €lrlcl $as in€rt-galed Eposure ollire $ holcblood cultrrcs to prpala sccd bcnzcre crlrrcl ar doscs of3{)0 tlricrog( 0 nri.rog.900 nicrog and l.2l)1) fticrog pcr 7 ntl clthc cullurc rrcdiuln. did no1 causc iin!appreciable alleration in lhc mcidcrrcc o{ sj(cr chronulid cc}Hngcs ISCE). cell cclc proiifcrali einder (CCPI) and gross chro osonul irbctrNlion. suggcsting lbtrt lhis kird otsccd crtricl can beulilized 10 derelop safc cortr:r.cpllves 2-1&2-DG-08J TIE IF}LCI OF iIGIIT ON ITII PRODUCfION OF RISERPINg IN CI]LTURED RAUWOLIIA S gRPENTNA CELLS. 1,nr.nra,. O. lS.lrii l rrr (itnrrn l.rrrritrJ (inltui ltet.kh & l)cckrt reni l-rb{nlorl t,n! n.r,!Ch.. lcfr-sh, Nxtu (;l: .tt)ltttt ttlutd Itanlut! S.rr,ir. l(ll: f !rr-1)5 l!!6 rs cl.c rcl! cllh| ccd hcrr rcslrpinc_ prodrcing ccll s1r:lrns Tht: prodriclro| ol rcscrprnc ri iix|tDlij.1 tr.tna (Sqtupn.lht) $t: lr.lrrslcrrcd Ilom thc dirrk 10 thc liglrl irr:rdiaiion llcreri 1jr! !.li gnrolh ins srrpl)rcsscd. Lr lrr Irclrbrrlion pcirod of2{) dir}s lhc mon cIecltc Jrlluru condil:on lor rcicrpinc producirorl $rs lorrlld lo bc tlc corrrbirttrliarr olii dnls oldrrrk cullurc lodiollonlllgl:.1r)sollighlcullr,.c. Thc aclis urllurcd trrrdcr r.d lighl irridialion produccd Icss rcj.rpnrc ihxn dnrk-groln cLlitttcs Bolh bluc trnd rrcitHrllrr iolct lig|1 inhibilcd lhe grorlh ol .rilLrcd c.lis. Th€ prodLrctior lrl rcscqrrr!. $r slrikrng! clrhioc.d b blLrc lighl brl trs sltongh .nl.r-jtco Dr fr."- r.t J iol.i iIIr ,J t.r.lRt -, l,l, 19ut :r 1 t.rllt.t , lL,l&)
  • 35. 2-1&2-DG,081 PIIAR]IIACOCNOSTICAL STTIDIiS ON INDIAN SAT,{SAR{PARILLA,HEMIDTS}IUS IIiDICUS (LINN.) RBR NambinrKiSebi€-!:P:Ja$nrhi.A:Ra.iendr.lum.nICLt?vtu:draotree.Xon?tdt CO Ednilode €76 j01. K.nh. ttrdja) .t_Rl:]l{1rljlt. r [(:): p t]_91. 1996. Ingian sansapailh fslrird, is an imponanr rn-Eredreni rn more lhan nr Axnedr! preplrra- Lon(. The drug i. ulien aaulle.,red $i,tr rl.e roots ot t ,..a. r.p.t.. ,,.,,,c,,.,,,... r^ir. irp,,, b,rch anani and Decalepsis ldr,r /t rij, The srudi aerls rrr th rLl rc roicopic ana n racros;opic chanc- rers ofth€ specjes $hicl i]1sene !o dctect iie cor-red n CruE frorl1 the a.lullerenis 2-1&:-DG-085 CHEI{ICAL AND nIf,DICt -AL El{LUATION OF LANSONIA It{ERIrrS @ENN^{). Ali. M. {l:aouln ol thamrc: Jarni. .llamdard. Hamdard Nacar. N.$ Dethi tt0,.16:. !iia) H,utddd -i1ddn 1i l9G): p..1jJs 1996 Lar tailn ,1en is (Madarrnrtkd is ridel,r used as cosnelic and lo rreal i merous bodrdisorders Various aliphitlic consiiruenis. leryenoids_ sl€rols. naphthoquinone deriati.cs. phe- olic constiuenls- coumarins. anlhones and flaronoids hale beel reported as the chemical ;on-stiluerls of Cre hcrb. Tle plant has been reported lo chibit tnrifungal. antibacierial. antiiral.r lnnnoinhib{ort: immrnoslinulston tanal morlatinl gerr nalion aclili$ .tnd toicotogicrl ef-fects. Lrenrrs is also llsed as one ofrhe importaiir contponents of ra fomrlidons in skincare. 2-1&2-DG-0rJ6 . HERBAL IIEDICINIS. SOME MORI RXPORTS.Chas,padhral: M.K {carrre tor C.llular md Molecutar Bloiog Hdenbad j00 0il? Ap rnLtir) Cn.en, s.,.,.,. qi:(l): F 6_ 199r. Seerrll problens associared njlh ihe use of Hcrbai Nfedlcines (liNt) ha€ been reponed.Preser,ce otloric niarerials in !{N{ quantiuri,€ arjalion ofrhe consttuenls fiom batch to batch ofihepla products ;rnd aileged rdmiing oiallopntt, rc medicines r nir thc herbal forlnutltions b theI,rnutdclurcrs hde ralJcJ seriou. -oncern. llrre ,s rea,on to bc,oiDed rbout tlc nrrcroUro-krgi€3l and pdrisitologicai quali$ ot rhe HM 11 musl"r,o €nphasizcd that flo$here in &e rvorld do bethc sci.ntists denv thc immense porendal oflhc Htrf ro conrplemeft the $est€m Inedlcines. bnt tlequcaion or aJet ol,he palienls cinnor be trgaled ro rtre b:r.kg,o nd. ?142-DC-087 HYPOLI?ID,{ET{IC trFFf,CT OF MYRTSTIC-{ FR{GRANS FRUIT EXTRACT IIi RrlpBrTs_ R.,h. 4: trurir. P. Gnpm. R. shrrmd. .1.. b Ho,irib, fio1d. J-,oJ, t0: J, I qdJsrh-r,. ,oj .lannt6l ajEdhaphamncaloee n t5(l): p .19,53. 1996 ql,c indu. rng h lip,d.renr., in l2 13ob,ls a dose oi 5L,U nrg/kg ofrhc etlanoh. e$mcr of pcrJ]ntjJJ.g AOristicatagrdrls) (.Iaaraphal) ^s ad]tr:tiflistered orallt dailt for a period of 60 dat s in 6rabbits (eperinrcntal group). When co pared $irh the control group. the levels of lipoproterrJ.1NLi4RY - JL;LY. IqIJ
  • 36. Epet were sign-Ecadly lo|cr in rhe e4erimenral gloup a.fier 60 days.The M .rrogranr e.rtrrcr sto€d prat.rel-aoi-ag8regaiory abiriry. iher€ were eg fcandy row€.levels ofroral cholesercr in hean (3.? +9 5 vs 2.2 .-o 5 msl100 s) and liver !r.e+t * i.s .- o.l .Jiod;. :ri":"".i.- sordis showed abserce of any advers€ effect on varioos ba"rnrblogr"al 4ets. ;; to";:fi ;;.l 2-t &2- DC-088 ROIE OT CANNAIIS EXTRACT (TETRABYDRoCANNAIINoL) FoR RxLI!F OF CA].ICER PAIN. Ge oq S.i R.stogi,-Vj Dubey, c.p. (DepartlE t otBasic pdocipls, IM.S., Blnas Hindu Udv6ity, Vamrari, Up,Ind;) Snchi,t, Ay,nzd, v.4s(, p.138-i40. i996_ .. - Analgesic activity of Cannabis Spp. (Bhan?a) ertacr conlai ning 2j mg teraiydmcan ab. inol (dos€ one lea spoonftl6-8 hourly) ras invesrigaled in cancer pain due to ad.lenced abdorcminal maiignanry tlbne +Z patrets ofUoth Jexe, ,"f"f.* fr_" oflhe +.2 parien" p"._ cedtrelief Itr5 ro pain.eli4 27 showed less dun 50 p..".n,,.lief "U"*"Jlb"o + ,mr"Jrno;dr_ ; ;** pain rctief. Tho palie$s developed naus€a and vomiring -d or" p"d*, d;;;;;J il;;;;rrrb ef€cts. Thus the edract is etrective ir curing cancer pail tut irc use ls ,rot iori;;;;" 2-r &2-DG-{t89 EFFECT OF GARI,IC AND GARLIC PRf,PAR.&IIoNs oN PEYsIoLoGIcAI ANI, PSYCEOLOGICA], STRXSS IN MICE. Ushljim. Dri Suniok. L: Krtimom- M.: vnknyama K: Uds, N.r r,tarsuuE, /ti,Kso€{, s- Erd flr3liruE tor OIC Res@ch. Wat um8s pbareudcat Co H.: Klc. E.: Suuto. Lld. rcz shjmokobchr, Kod!-chq TakAla-gu4 Hiioshi@ ?3911, JepaD) eny"t oopy n"n"*t ,".|12), ; ,;o.r., i;;; kinds ofearLc (rr&rd) preparario$ $&h as raw g,arlicjuice (RGJ),,^^. .1:,*:" "r-".l:ral neaFd-gartic Jtxc€ CmJ). processed garUc powder (pGpl a.nd aged garhc exrraict (4GE) on bolJlphysiological ard Pstchological stress were invesdgrt"a -.". u"g ro,i .t .oa.i, in ;.-". ft;;foond to b€ eff€ctirc ontyat.a low alose in the folred s*,irunlng test, whereas rtreala high doege. HcJ and pcp deinolstrated no alristress etrecrs. eCe "f* ""r.Jjr*U i,stress lests, "* "f".ri* "ii.ifi," EIFECT OF ESSEIYTIAL OIS 6N TEE LPIDS OF TEE RETINA Ni TEE AGEING RA} A POSSIBLE TEf,RAPEUTIC USE. Rec.4 Z; Prgtiuca, c,; piEni 1U.V; penles, LGi Voldin KA.t Obh, R c.; DerE, S.c. lznd clinic of gphrhatmorosy, se*..r-"i. u*uo"q .r ir"tu:.i"., e"d.p"o, oit Rdat A, !.9(1)t p. 53-s6, 1997. i*s; - j;;; ;;;_,", A study I,s be€n made on the efreds of O.. dl;2ry adsunisrration of a selecdor of volatileoils fiom medicinal piants on drc pollrnsatualed faft acid composiron in &e reuna of aged (28month old) I"ts_ polrrDsaturated fatty acids comprised by far rbe rujor proponir of Ur! totat,Ensatuiared cofllent within the retinal phospholipids wjth docosahexaenoic acid predominatrng.JaNUlAy - JL|LZ, t996 3t- A"Alltlrl , Iu!&z
  • 37. TLren&lrjrrislmtiolrdaihof3,gmgofllreesseniijlojiofclofe(Lu!a!rya)-null|cg(Jatiphql).pepper and thlrn€ (r/zndlavdrt oier a penod of i7 months result€d in thc ajnleDnce ofvery acid rvitldn Jhernu"l triehe. t"re;s otpoh1lnsaturaled fai! acids in panicular docosaheMcnoic ir lhe lelel of,",irrl pi,*pOip;d. Thi. inc,"use oc"otred oainlv at tire e$ense oI a rcduction Iolc,- J.id 2,1&2-DC-091 THE LEAVf,S O} AXIES CO]!TPAR,{TIE PHARMACOGNSOTIC STUDIES ON SPECTABILIS AND TAXUS WAI,LICIiLANA. Laborato4: Ndional Botanial Rsellch RrNai, A.K.s; M0hbtla, S ; Shnmc U (Phrmaco.enos] oJPhana*grto":- t34(5): p 178_183 r,rstiruic. Lucknor :16 0rrr. UP &nia) tne nhand io;ni 1996 Triispalra is an inpomnr crude drug of indigenous svstems of$edlcine and is variouslydtnbutable to level ol lbjes speclabitis ar TBns vdllichiana ln ihe Northern Indian markets as thei"rD",n. oehra Dun and Luckno$) I ea;es of Taxu s valhchund are matkeled);rltntbonra " tn tn West B€ng2l and Amritsar rnT kea tlrcse of,4,es spetlat,r andtaa"l "u-ott*n. are sold as]i"i.o",i, norplrologicallt llre leaves ar leaf fiagment of both Abies :pectlbilis rhereby maiing ir alifiicult ro aulhenricate tlrc dnig. Realizilg. n^" o*" ""ri,"i",. p.tnt. "*ilarries. ut ou.*pt ftas been made to lay some diagnostic characlers (viz epider$al ,fr" lonr aulhentlcation and stndardizadon cfthe microscopic characrers and che ical parameters) forihe drug. 2-1&1.-DG-t92 GINGER. Hailrham East Su$er BN Bone. K (School ol Fhtlberae: gscksteeps 4anor Bodle Stc$ Green Netr 214!:-trr) Ait^b Jdflnl oJ PltbttulaPv 4t1: P 110120 199? antiulcer anliplalelc! Traditional lls€s. chemical constit[enf and antienletic Mtil]useatic sniiin{ecti€ antioiilaft and oiher actiides ofgingeer -tiinRu;;rti.r. *tip--"iic. have b€er revie$€d caraliolascuiar, Ajflgiber Offcinatq (Su.rttl,t 2-1&2-DG-093 ANTTFERTILITY MIDICINAI TERATOCENIC EVAI-UATION OF A]{ INDIGENOUS PLANT GOSSYPIUIU HERBACETIM IN R-{T, Nath.D.:Sethi.N.iSriYasbvaS.;Jin,A-IC:SrilastaiaR(DrvisioaofToncobgvCliralDrug -* ;;;ilit* t crnN;t6 00i r. Indr4 FitoteraPia !6at2): P t37t3e 1ee1 Seeal suspension of G l,€/b acea t (Xaryasa) o:{rlly $rinnistered at the dose of 200 m€!&g , o**"r"i ."ti """t"a *cnion oI 5 7 1 t perceut io"to"i wh"t" pt"go*dy itas not inter:ruPled marked mrlforr.ifion in lhe ncqboms ucre seen AAMM . IY1&2 JINUARv - JaiLv, 1998
  • 38. 2-l&2-DC-O91 ZERUMBONE AN HIV.INEIBITORY AND CYTOTO) C SESQI]ITERPENE OF ZINGIBER AROMATICUM AND ZZERI]MBI T. D.i, J.; Cardetlira, J.lt i McMaho J.B; Bou4 M.n. (ljbomtcry ot Dog Resiarch ed Dcwlopme4 Dv;sion of cenc€. Trcahen! Diagnosis d Cencs. Naronalc cd Inst tu;, Butdins t052, Roob t2l, Frcddict, Mafy,ad 21702,1201,US,A) Natutut ptodrct lzue6, r.1O(2): p. I15_118, 1997. Z€runbone and 3",4" -O-diacetylafzelin were bolated from organic elirracts ofrhizomes of Zingiher aronati.un,arril zeiumbone and 4,{-acetylafzelin werc obtained from organic exlxacts ofentire planls of Zingiber zemnbet (Maho Bha tacha). Zeliumbone exhibired I V-inhibitory ind Cltoloxic acrivities, yhile the afzelins ir€re i.active in both assays. 2-1&2-DG-1r95 INHIBITORY EFFECT OF MITRAGYNINE, AN ALIGIOID !}I1T ANAIGESIC EFFECT TROM THAI MEI}ICINAI, PLANT MITRAGYNA SPECIOSA, ON ELECTRI- CAILY STIMULATND CONTRACTION OF ISOLATf,D GI]INEA-PIG ILEUM TEROUCE TEE OPIOID RECEPTOR.Watarrble, K; Ytoo, S.; Horiq S.; Yammoto, LT. (D€lartmonr of Drus Ewtustion dnd Tci@logi.al Scimces, faculy ofPharDaceutical Sden6. Chiba Urivosrt, l-33 yayoiaho, Inago-ku. Chiba ?63, . Japm) LiIe Sciehces, y.6q(t2): p 933-942,1997. MiragJdine (InM-3 miooNf) isolarcdftoroM.speiosa (Kadanireda, inhibired the ilaimcontraction elicit€d by electdcal stimulation. Mitraglnine was found to be 10 fold less polent tharmorphine. MitragJniae (3-10 microl,D did nor sho; any efect on ihe smoorh muscle iontraaioninduc€d by acetylcholine or hi$amine Mitagynine (3"t0 MicroM) also inhibited the nzloxone-precipitated witldrawl contraction follolving a bief (5 min) ex?osure of the iteum to morphine. 2-r&2-D PROTECTI!E ROLE OF ASFWAGANDS4 IN CATMIUM.IN.DUCED HiPATOTOXICITY AND Nf,PHROMXICITY IN MALE MOUSE.Panda, S.i cupta. P.i Kd, A. (School of Life Sc,cne, Devi Alily! Univqsrly, Indorc 452 001, Mp, I ia) a,mkL 5.;eu.e. r r4r,-5!?. ,cc? - The-prolective actiol of Ashr,ltgandha ( /ithania sonnikra) ot ca& um-induced toxicityin liver and kidney tissues ofmice, has been studied. Aqueous exFact of40 mglo.I ml concentla-tion was prepared fmm dried rools ofAshwagandha. Uiie were tea with Ca Cl2 + Ashlvagafldhaefract_and Ashwagandha ertact alone (l.l4g&g body wt.), for 20 days. Results based on lipidperoxialation indicate that Ashwagandha is capable ofrcducing &xicity causeal by cadmium. So iif,,no plant product has been reported to regxlale cadmium-induced toxicity in anirnals. ThusAeh$agandha erad ma) proe r6eful rn rcgulallon of metal-rnduced cliJUcaJ tojci$. 2-7&2-D0-4t9,7 EXPf,RIMINTAI, STUI}IES ON ARTEMISIA, A HERBAL RXMNDY TO MALARIA" Glhri, A.i Bhrht, S.i Srivstrya, p.S.; Aldin, M.Z; Jain, s.L (Deparrnoat ofBiochemistri ed _ Entrondenbt Borany, lludard Unnesibr New Delhi 1$ A62,InCa{) Fibrdapia. v67(5): p 403410. 1996.JNAARY - JULY. 1993 A"4MRA - II/1&2
  • 39. To rlerelop alrugs against multidng resist@t P/a/.?a/{r. stralfis, attentron h !:"i6-cused or the herb,4. @;, a @arnmakabheda) TLe a.tve aatimaladal compol]nd (artemisinin) ispresent in tnce amounts in&€ herb. In ar atlempt to increase artemisininqtoduction and for be$erundehlandrng ollh€ proc€sses intoh,€d in ils bioslnthesis rbsue culrute is teinc used Te $trdiesconcerninj: iti producrion unaler contmlled conditions cell free systers transfomution.,s well asgenelic and physiological studieson tlis h?rt have tteen relrewed 2-l&2-DC-098 CLINICAL FEATURES OF PNEUMOMTIS INDUCf,D BY UERBAL DRUdS. Irizusbin.. Yt Oosdli, R i Kobayashi M (Tirst Deparknenl of lntemal Medicine-TqM! Medical and Phoniaceurical Unive6it- Tor?na 930-01. kpan) PhtT.dtdory Reeatch vll(4): p-295"29E, 1997 The aim oflhis stuaiy $as to call attention to interstrtial prcumolritis arl aa a(kerse efect of (24 pati€nls) $ith herbal druS-induced pneumonitrs were relre{edhcrbal drugs. TNengfour ":ascsbrsed on tie Japanese rnedicai literatue Eight 9?es ofherbal dn]gs 1cr€ rcported as causatileagents. and t 5 ;f the 2J cases lvei€ due to Shosaiko-to. on chest X_ray filfls, one Patient.withbionchial asthma sho$ed a pattcm ofpulmonary hfiltntion $ith eosinophilia (PIE syndrcme) andihe others a ditruse inlerstrtial pneumonitis- The duratiotr of he$al dntg intake was vaJiabl€ ftoma period of one da)_ to scleral n}ontls. Major clinical sym oms werc djtspnoea cough and feve!ond ,h" lobo.rtoryl duru h?oxaemia anal positive inJlaiunalory reactions with increased "ho$ed.YtsC and nised ESR and CRP. 2-1&2-DC-099 TINOSPORA CORDIFOLTA INDUCE COLONY STIMULATING ACTryITY IN SE RIJM. Th{ttc, U-M.i Roo, S."; Dah"nrklr, s-.l- (Divisios ofcellBioloe}- Cancd R€Mh ll:tl*1":..1TJ lrnnbav;00 0I:. MdhdNhta-I;dta) Jatndl of Postga.lMte ; {.di.,t r 4g(4): p 202203 i994 @tg: (Rsd 1997) Studrrv.rs conducicd to elucidAle lhe possible mechanism ofstimulatorya(Ion of Ti aspara Mrlili)lia (euduchi) OC) by m€"suring colonv lonning uni13 of granulocfe-macro-phage serjes (Cnl-GVj ilr serum of lrice treated wilh TC- Afier l0 Davs treatment 1vidr TC (100 mg&g/d) induced a sigriftcalt increase in a[€ number ofCFU-GM (225+49 ]2 vs l8 5l +q 981 This sug- g€st Iha! acrivation ofmacmphag€ by TC lerds 10 increas€Jlfcolonv forming Imits wfuchleadsto IFucoq rosrs and,nrp.ovenrcnl in ncutrophiI fu ncuoL.C 2-1&2-DG-100 PTIARMACOCNOSTICAL STUDIOS ON INDIAN MADDER-RUBIA CORDIIOLIA LINN. l,mhi.r, K.VP: S.lu. TK.: J,lrhrhi. A.i Rdjcndra Kumt K {DRC Prolect Ana Vrd)ala Kotr.klial. Ketala- IDdi!) Art rai.tran !IO(31: p162)76. t991 Rubia coftlifolia (Maniind, isin nlore th3n 60 Aluwedic formulations- Tlrc propaga- sed pal i_ don {echnology tluough leniler bmnches and seeds has been rorked ort The stomatal indeN .TANIURY JIII,|. ]99E AAMIL4.I]/I&2
  • 40. sade ratio. and vein-rslel number ofLhis plant are rorked plalr out rtuctr $r be useful in idenriivine rhe I ne anatom] ol rool sterl leafrnd noral Errrs is also {ofked out. 2-l&2-Dc-r01 ANTI.INFLA}fMATORY AND ANTITUMOR ACTIT,ITIES OF SEED EXTRACTS OF WI ,UNGGAY, MOMNGA OLEIFERA L (MONNGACEAE). Gueurq A.Bt Vargas, C.i Uy,M. onsiilure of Chemish,. CoIeSe of Scien@, Univesity ofthe philip_ pins. Dilna! euez.n ci!v. phitippjnes) phitippn,e .taxma jS"ai" ,.tis1z;, p.l;5-18{ i9;l The Seeds of malunggay, .Vannga ale*ra (Sigru), ,vere extracled wilh alistilled etlunot ano ccncentrated under reduced press re at 40 degree C. The relulting e{ract partitioned rvas between hexane- ethyracetate, butanor and .""ter, The solvent rractions"*ere reduced pressure. The cmde ethanol eiract ofdried seeds inhibited th" "o*ani"a "na". flamrnation in fie hind lav of mice by 85 percenr at a dosage ""rrrg**r_irJ*Ji.- of _l mg/g boal *"gf,i ,rlui" ,n" maturc green seeds b) 77 percenr. The hexane fmcr:on of rtre cruae ertr"aiot e.i*a irr" i"r,iui iiJlarrunarion by ?7_percenr at rr€ same dosage while both Lmrammatron b! onrl l4 percenr. These results indicate butanol anar wate. r."t*. "o i"iiiuir"a the stong aLndinflarnmaton a€tiviries ol tle crude etlanol etract and rhe he)iane fiaction. The ethylaceraei increase in inllammation and exhibired toxicitl. ff,. fracrion;;;;; ,;;;;, *ti. di"a rn", fraction. The crude elhanol extracr atso intubited rh" ior*rrior, "rai"a,",,*""*i"i,t" oiepri"irr_iuri.ti;;;;i;;_.. f::::i].1i9"..:lgfl ?-o_terradecffollphorbor_r:-acetare. er a aosage oi roo e)ftacr rnnrbrted lBv-EA tbrmation b), 100 percenl suggesting ",l""iJ;.rr," its antitumour-promoiing adirtv 2-1&2-DG-102 NATURAL PRODUCTS IN DRUG DISCO,ERY AI{D DE,ELOPMENT- c.llli Ne,TT. D.J.: snader. KM. (arumtCancer tn.rirurc. t,ed(nLt C.n*r R$<.r,.t_ d urve,otrn.rr Lorcr pu. Bu ts. lrederick Marvtdnd 2t?021201. USA) ^cragg. J.,Dj"1t .,f tahtnt ptD.tut L v60(1): p 5:-60- 1997. Arallsis of the nunber and sources of anricancer and antiinfectir€ agcnrs. rL,ponld tn nhin Annual Rcporrs ofMedicinat Chemistry from l98,t lo 1995. indjcatcs tha;o, nio".._;;;;;;;ippror€d drugs and pre-ND-{ candidltes Cor rhc period 1989-t99j). ". erctoding bioiogics. a;.et_opcd in these disease areas are of Dalur l origin. Ttli rerie* highiighrs rh" r,ir"f"rti.-r"i.1r,,"natural^produc.s ha! e played. and conrinue ro plalt in the arug A;scorcn. pnrcess. prni"ufr rf. u, if,"areas of cancer and inJeclious diseases. 2-l&2-DG-l0J ANTIMICROBIAL ACTryITY OF VARIOIJS EXTR{CT OF STRICA SIiI,PHURI:A AND IIE]UIDtrSJIlUS INDICUS. Hircmith.5P:RuJre.h,ll:Brd.hr.S.,.rnrri4n.ln.,t.cnr..^ r,,r,.,r.r. Lr,,,.r.,, r,,r.,,,,!r,:r: 6. K rnrr-kd trdG. t,.J,d,,,t, ,rtt,trt,,Ln,o-tnntJ.,ett..,.,...J li Ir-:.,-:- . .,/z l,,o anrinicrobial acli,ii of diferent etnets of,rlin ,ai1t,r,tn rScroplul.rnrrecaer^lr^-a. ,*",,,d1 r/r (.S/iya, I Ctcpi ,dr:rc-ircr .,J,riI:r St4tt,,.1t, .nui r,,n,,., t,,.uu.rjeu-t.t4ta,o,tua;tt..,arnd.t,p,tetllI,rttr,,Lrc.Jfir.do,,l. ft.Jett,. rot t.,ipcrLr IlJ1,L:.1Ry tLl,f. 1993
  • 41. €xtract of ,s..t /prrlea showed high activity against all the bacteria tested. The chloroform atrdelfianol (95 percent, extracls of H. jrdicx.r sholEd mdnrngd acthtity againn,4. n lSer 1&2-DG-104 RELAXANT EFfECT OF ITIIANOL IXTRACT OF BACOPA MONNIERA ON TRA. CSEAB PULMOTARY ARTERY AND AORTA IROM RABBIT AND GTJINEA-PIGDer, A-i chantra, S. (Pharmology Sstio4 EIJR R@ch lllstitnte of cheobty, Ulivdity of K@li, K@tti 75270, Pa*iNtAn) Pttttothercp! Reeh, !- lI(4): p323i25,1991. The r€laxant actioa ofan ethanol exhact ofBacopd nonniera (Bruh i) *,asexlnined olrightsegmenlsofpulnoraiyartedes(Guine3-pig).1be_plaoteiraciiaducedrclLxationinandrctissues in a dosedsp€ndeit 1nanlrct Guinea-pig mai-o PElInoDary art€ry u"s foutrd lo be fie mostresponsive to ttrc plall enrac! however, complete rcla-ation was obtafued in ihe uach€al Prcpara-tion. The &suft! ofthe strdy suggest that rclaxatior irdrceri W Bacopa nonniera posslbly i^volvesprostacyclin coftpoun ls (in all the tissu€s) and beta-adlenoceptols (infacheal preFrattre tiss|res)ard b€la-adrcnoceptoG (in tnchezl preparations). ftrtbemore, fiis rela,ation is idq, dent ofendothelium and muscarinic rcceptors activation, 2- 105 GUGGqLSTERONE, A PbITNT EYbOLFDAEItrC, PRE/ENTS ONDATION OF LOW I}ENSTiY LPOPROTEIN, sinsh, I(.i Ranesh chrnd{; Ikpo;N.L (Division ofBiehdiqy, ccntrsl Dlue Relsrch lnstitute, LDcknow 226 00r, UP, hdia) PbtonsaIy Rwh v.11{4): p.291294, t997 The oxrdaEon of 1ow densii lipopmrein (LDL) ftdrc€d by CU+2 cauF€d rqark€d oxidatvech?nges ir the lipid and pmtein conslituents ofthis l4,ogsteir in vito. Guggulsterone preventedtle generahon oflipid pemxide ne3sured as thiobatiEic acid rEactile substrnc€s, lipid hydropeFoxides and conjugated drerc$ Cuggulsteron€ is m adiyE c@stitueft ofguggulipi4 from oleogurnrcsinot Commiphta vtghti (6|lsgdr). This coq)md protected LDL against depietion of lipidconstituents such as chol€stelol, cholesterol esteE triglyc€ride ad phospholipids as well as intrib_iting the conr€Eion oi choteselol irto orygenBl€d cholesferols. Oxidized LDL clntairiag lessapopro&in B $ith a high proteia caftorylralue, Fas mfie eleclrorcSalr€, as evidenc€d b,v &einfiease in rclat e eleckophor€tic mobility (REM) @ agaos€ gel. Gtggulsteroneprotected LDL apoprctein as m€asuredbyrcve$al ofREMa&er oxidalion- the proteciive actlon ofguggulsterone nxry b€ due to its ft€e ndical scavengitg prq)efty as this compound significardyinftibired the genecatron ol Mroxyl radicals in a Eon€azymic systes. 2-1&2-DG-106 DII]Rf,TIC ACTION OF SYDROALCOEOL $TRACTS OF FOENICUI-UM TLGARN VAR. I}IJLCE (D.c.) ROOTS IN RATS. Beaur, D; Fleumtia, J.; Monier,.F. 0-aboratqire de phamacogaosie, Celtre dqs Scierces ile IEnviromemen! I rrre des Recolects, 5?000 MeE, FfixE PhytothercW Research, v.ll(At: p.320422, lgYi . Hyatoalcohol erlracts of Foeniclll8n wtgat? ar (Misreyata, dulce root liere Ested fortheir diuretic activiq ill rals. Phamacological eealuatioa Iercled tlat tlrcy led to an inclease inurine flo{ and urinary soaLum exdetion in lats. Dose efecl rclations verc also assessed.JANUARY -.IULY, 1998 AAMRA..IAI&2
  • 42. !l2-1 &2-DG-r07 ,$OL,IITION O}AI,PEA.TOCOPEEROL OTTAMIN E) FROM GARLIC of PhalfircologtMalik lI.N.; Fenko, M.Ir.; Shiekh, A1(; Wisniewski E M @epartmedsin Deelopmental""?iJ"i"illltirr"tio1ogr Now ]otk state lnstitute for Baec Research 1o:3 14 usA) Jotnat of Asriclt}-olJtarTr"r. riio i"-J ilri {oaa saten toana ltw Yo* hlml abd Food Chenisb"J ! 45(3): p E17-819 1997 4taflinE(a1ph2-tocoFherol) wasisolaledftom garlic (-4luun sotNu (LasunalTbefi$od m thea*rl,ea iltog"iitl"tioo of9rlic in phosphate-bufiercd saline and elitaclion with heptaft An aliquor of &e e*rac! wh€o anallzed bv HPC-I- Cl8 iiOi"- a"a".r irfare :1a .The prs-"*"""" "i::::"#;;;].;A ti," i"-" ,"t",.dot ti*" us th€ alpha-to-copherol standard t utt. bv Gc,ltas. A total or e 4 micros of abia-toco-;:::1ifi;"-;.J;. "ooc"a oflowdersiry lipopoteinwas r€tarded b] sarlicil;"1#ff;i;te ois aihc o*idationalpha-lo<oPherol 2-r &2-DG-108 ON ANTIEEPATOTOXIC ETFECT OF TENDER LEAF EXTRACTS OF "- ---- STUDIES I celAlus cAJAN L.MlLlsP (NoLEGUMTNoSAE) (DePanmdt of Bidhmi:^ry:-Bnd*dt Mitv. C.R.r Bh{trachlr-ar, B.i ChnltfatErtv T; Biswan P ""- ;;;;;;. ildwr, wB. India).!dee dd cttture ! 62(ett): P257 ee6 leles exhibiled?rtibepalolorlc Aqrcous and alcohol exra ct ol C ca an (4adhaki) letrder rals The impro€mmt ?s more pronounced vih waGr eitmcl,.lnlt ,,il"l.ri.*ot ulbinb and alco-;;:#* ;;;;;;iil;; tv treatnent was rcversible both ."ith lvater "ttto-mpt*icor much reduced with that of the formern"^i" It*-a,"racitv las friund to be "t**iii 2-i &2-DG-109 OF ESSENIIAL ONS OT ANTIBACTERIAL AND ANTIIUNGA]- ACTIVITIES - -- oinr,ruu cnet$srMuM AND OBASILTCUM FRoM coNco les Rdsoui@s Vegalales (CERVE) B P 1219 Ndoungn, l{. i Ouamb!: J M. (Certr€ dEtrdes sur Bluvilie, Congo ) FitotetuPit 6A(2J p19OI9l 1997 sEonc gctivijv asTnsr Orl or o.sratissinwn (Rafta lalasi) enibrted ":!:d 1t:::-4:* presence ollhlmol as dre nain connituetrt orlofo i.r". in" tt*t*t attributel to the i^ii"r^ "iJ.il W*iil moderdte antibacteial and antifingal efrects "ttn*eal 2-1&2-rlG-110 CARDIOTONIC ACTION OF TIIE ROOT OF CIIRUS RETICULATA Eirai. N: Miura. Ti M.rijsu. M: tchinaru M: Nishilomt Y: Kro A rKobe Phaas(, rI rrnieAn r- 9 l Vol"tmrk,rs a;h Hituhioada I r kobe HvoSo 65u ra9ant dttto Medicnlerv51(1): P 6?68 1997 (Clv0 (0 5 mgnrl) Ametlanol e ract oftlrc :(lot of Citrus rctitlata (Rlttacee) fNca"Ad) of the isolated leff atia of rats 10 181+-mg !o shorv il cardrototic incre3sed the ileveloPea! lension BUOIT fi-ac- .ii"U" ."*it t,Obited the Na+,K+- AIPase actiritv dose depcndentil Th€ "i..a .AAlrM - 174&2 .IANUAFY - JULY, 1998
  • 43. tiofl of resid e of CM also increas€d the devel(Pcd rension of ral left atria. ilhich iidicated lheprlsc ce ofdclivil) in the BUOH fraclion 2-r&2-rlc-r1l GASTRIC ANTIULCERAND CYTOFROTECTWE EFFf,CT OF COMMIPHORA MOLMOL IN R{TS. Al-Hdtbi, Y.M.i Qutshi. S.: Rua. [1": Ahhed. V M: AtaL M : Sbah. a H ro Dcp"rrme ol Phenac,Y. Kine Saud UniveNilv- Po.Box ?45? Ri]adh 1 i 45 I - saudi Abia) PharneoloS!. college Jomnl oI Ethnophanncolosr, v55(2i: p 141-150. 1997 Prelrcatnrent rvilh tlle aqq€ous suspension ofCotrt,rphara ntol ol (Bola) (oleo-g!fi rcsin)at doses of 250.500 and 1000 m8,&g pro-ided dose-dependent protection agarnst the ulcerogenicetrects of differcnl necrolizing agenls usid. Pretrcalnent r ilh C ,,o1,xol otrered a dose-dep€fldenlprotection against all lhe hamful ;fects produced by 80 perccnt thanol in rals. C. nolnnl alsooffercd protection againit mucosal damage ca sed5y rnalondialdehyde, indomethacfu and ils com_bination with cthanol. The prolecliYe €fieclof C ,,or.ro1 is atlributed {o its cFect on mucus prcduc_tion. increrse in nucleic acid and non-Prolein sNfhldryl concenlration 2-t&2-D(;trz EFFECTS OF PROLONGf,D ADMINISTR{TION OF MUSA PARADISL{CA L. (}A- NANA,. A, ANTIULCEROCENIC SLBSTAICE. t] RATS. Costa, M.i Antonio, M.A.l Souza Biio, ARM (Research Centc. (CPQBA) of Universit of Canpidas GINICAMP) Sro Paulo. Btd;l) PhytathtaPt Research v ll(l): p 28_31 J997 Io Brazil- unripe brnana (tradalt as ir€ll as the lale obtained from the top of the inJlores-ccnce ar€ popularll used in the treatlnent of gasfoduodenal ulcer especiallJ in the poorcst regionsHoirever. lilierse efrect in f|sted subjects treated lvitliundPe banana ha€ b€cn described Ttusthe antiulc€rogenic efects of Brazilian banana samples and possible to)iic etrects of prolongedadninislration ofunripe banari4 ir rats r€re stualred. The analvsed samptes of llusa paradisiacdsho$ed anliulcer efiects in all models emploled. Moreoler folloring 5 11eeks of oral Eeatmentrith uffipe pordcreal ba na. snall afterations in some haematologrc and biochemical param€terslrrre obsen ed. No significr t diff€rences $ ere obsen-ed on el aluated ph) siological parameters 2-1&2-DG-ll3 Mf,CHANISM OF ACTION OF THE AQUEOUS SEED EXl RACT OF MUCUNA . PRURIf,NS ONTHE GIJINEA-PIG ILEUII. Uguru, M.o.; Aguili. J.c.i Ge$4 A.A. Q.Panment of Pharmacoiogl and clinical Phama: Univcrsii. ofjos-Fs- Ni-qeds) Plllal,€raP) Rerz,./t.* l1(4):p r:8-3:9. i997 The hol$ater estracl (HVE) of the seed ofl.flrcxna prurient (EaPi kacchu) dose-depen- denll,v co{octed the glinea-pig iieum. Ttr€ ED50 and pD2 lalues for the HwE r-as 101€r thanthose ofACh afld histamine. Clprohepladine and fects of histamine. 5-h! droEtrlptamine (s-HT).T4NAARY - tULy, 1998 AAMRI- L/l&2
  • 44. and IIWE. Alloploc l)hctcd Ile elTecl ol ACh arrd prltall! block€d lltc HWE The calciumchaNel blo(ke.s nfediprne alrd veraoamil both blocked the efrects oJall the agonists includingHWE. These results suggest thal the HWE contains potenl listamjnc .ecepior stimulants oi principles as il lras blocked b1 loiv doses of H] receptor blockers ll appears that stimulation of lne .|las also blocked by nifedipine and verapanrii. Ilreceprors lead to infllll otcilciun since rhe etrectis likelvthat it also stimulales muscannlc receprors 2-1&2-DG-11:t CITILAI,i A CYIOIOXIC PRINCIPLE ISOLATf,D rROM THA ESSf,NTL{L OIL Ol CYMBOPOGON CITRATUS AGAINST P388 LEUKAEMIA CELLS. Dubet N.Li laL€y*, Ki ltoi{a$a, H (Departnenr 6f Botdnv, Banaras Hindu Universitv Vumsi 2: I 00t.lndia) C!ftrr s.rx.€r q 73(l):p 22-24. 1997 Clnfio?ogon citrchts (tshst ia4 is descrjbcd a5 pufgcnt, bftter, sharp and hol in -Alxrvcdaft is sed in dvcr, lomiting and rheumatism. Th€ esse$ral oit obtiuned from C citrr&! and i1sisolated principle viz., citral luve be€n tesled for c!1otoicity against p388 telkaemia celis Tl€cFotoxi;iry of citral. IC50 against P388 mouse leukaemic cells was ? l micro g/ml This is the flrslr;port on ci4otoicitl of citnl and indicates its possible er?toitation as a pesticidal and chemotlera_peulic agenl. 2-1&2-DG-115 f,VAI-UATION OF SOME PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTION OF SYZYGIUM CU]VIINI SEODS EXTRA.CT Atmed, S.P.; Ahned, M.l Ahned. S.ti Najm, A; KbuFhi4 SJ {DePaftnedt of Phmacolosl racub o;-Phmrcr Univqsiry ol Karachi, Kdachi 75270.?atista) Pak;stan Jowat of ScEnlifc ot lhdtsbial Rewlch. q38(1112): P:U6-450, 1995 Stzygiun cufiini (Janbu) seeds as erch are conmonly used in diarrho€a and dysenterydried seed powder in diabetes adl sqed e$racts as CNS depreisant, while decodion ofba* is alsokno n to ae efectrve in alysetrtery Efect of.9. ctttiri seed extract on some stress induc€d bio-chemical parameters such as motilitt sleeping time, antrconrbant and analSesic actrvity and plasnucorticosterone level hale been irNestigated. A consitlerabl€ posidve respons€ in general beLraviouroftest animals was observed. Reductior in locomotion, decrtase in aggressileness ofbeha!iourdose dependml potentiation ofphenobarbitone induced sleeping time, significaflt analgesic actionagahst acetic acial induced rnrilhirg move ent and leduclion itrbod,v temperatures $€re mted As;nificant reductiorin drc stress induced elevat€d cottrcosterone level was oblelved lrhich is areliable inahcator of stless &2-DG-116qISTOLOGICA]- STUDIES ON GINGER REIZOME (ZINGIBER OFITCINALf, ROSE.) RemsshNe, A.B.; Sherlij., KKi Uurihishnsn, Ki Ratin.baL P.N. (Indian Ilstilute of S!€ces .esdch, PO.Box 1701. Calicut 673 012, Kemls,India) P,]tohotpholas !41(l): p 6775 1991 The nscular pattem of the ulrderground rhizome of gi nget (Ardtaka) al difrejenl slages oftter;eloprnent has bein discusseal. The idemal structure oflhizome showed an inner zone The perforalion Plates Librifotmrylem vessels were with scala.iform thiikenings and scalariformf;brcs orrarelyfibrctracheids lieremetwith. The Pliloem consisted of sieve tubes companion cellsIANqARV - JULY, 1998 AAMR)I . TI/] &2
  • 45. parencl u and fibres. Oil cells rnd c.r nals r ere rna ): Nu rcrous starch grains. ! rnnlg in theirshape. size and number. $€re present in both sides ofintennediatc z-onc. The rhizone edargenenlwas foulld lobe due to the acliviry of: (i) pnmaD {hickening merisren and p.ocanbial cells ur rhegroud parenchym4 (ii) the actively dividing ground parencli] ma and (iii) thc sccondary thickedlsmeristem in ilhich the fi$iforn and rav inilials arc discrdr Tl]e prcscnce ofca.nbion iike talerwas an impoflanl feature found in ginger 2-1&2-DG-ll7 ANTIDLA.BETIC AND ANTIHYPERLIPAEMIC EFTECTS OF NEEM SEED KERNtrL POWDf,R ON ALLOXAN DLABETIC RABBITS BopaDra, LN.i Krnnan, J.; cd.rgie, S.i Balnr.mnn, R.: Rlihod, sP. (Ph!rnra.! Dcpa,1inenl. l_rculn ol Tsh & Ene€.. M S Univesirr-- of B;roda. K!ldbh!vd.. Botula 190 001 culardt. trdi!) Iudrt .l.rtarl alpharnacotns. . ?9(t): F.l6: 167 1997 Administralion ol Ne€m (Iirrd, Kern€l po$der (NP) alonc i5ll0mgAg) as $ell as thecombination of NP (250 mC/kC) rith glibenclenide (0 25 mgn(g) significanth decreased the cor-centration ofserum lipids, bloodglucos€ andaclrrtres ofserur)r enznres like rLkaLrne pjrosphamse(alk P), acid phosphatase (acidP). lactalc dehldrogenase(LDH)- liver glucose phospharese (G6P)and HMG CoA reductase aciiviq in livcr and intestine ofallorian diabctic rubbils- Hoiever. all theheatnents Foduc€d an increas€d livcr hoiokinase actiin. Tle changcs obserted ryere signifi-cantly gr€ater when the treatment 1!as given in combitratrotr of NP and glibencl.tDdde than Nilh NPalbne. Our data suggesl a significant anlidiabetic and antihl perlipadcnic ellcct of NP in rlloandiabei ic rabbi15. 2-l&2-DG-118 INVOTITMENT OF CALCIUM IN THE CA.RDIAC Df,PRXSANT ACTIONS OF A GARLIC DIALYSATf,.Martir, N.; Bardisr,Ll Pr[toj4 c; Bans, E.; Dd.tyi4 Ci Vat€nzuet,, J.: B,fios. M.i S€puhcd!, M.J. (Deparlnedo de Ftr@colo8iay Dep&rtnento de Fisioloeia- faculred d€ Ciencias Biolosicds. Unrt.NideddeConcep$on.(asilkl{?-C.ConLeprcnCh;1e)Jonal.!rl,a.p|tu,,.o/,{Lrj5.:. P.l l3-11E, 1997. ln oraler to elucidate a possibte rcle for calciur otr the €gat e card,okopic effecls of agarlic (Alinm sativuO (Lrrwra, dial)sate in €t atria. the foqoiring $ere studied: (a): rhe effects oftheexract 15 min afte.preircubation withhigh and lorconce rations olesraccllularcalcium otleft and right activity of Iat atria. The negatie hotropism of garllc dralysitre increased ithcalcitm 0.75trIM: in contrast, high level of calcium (4.5mM) induced a signifrcant reduction of thisdepreisant etrect. Norc of these treatments modiEed ihe negative cluonotropisn of garlic; (b)nifedipine, verapamil and diltiazem induced a c@cetrEalion{eperalent synergism of the log con-centratiol etr€ct curve ofgarlic dialysate on left ahia lbrapamil ard diltiazem chronotropic efrcctsdemonstrated by nifedipine were antagodzed as e:p€cled bry prcincubation $ith Bay K-8644- De-pressant aelions olgarlic were no! modified with this prEtreatment. These resulls suggest thar ihenegative imtopic efect oflhe garlic diasate is relared to {Ca2+} aEilability. The negatiYechromlropic etrecl of garlic is scarc€l) afected by $ese modifications.JANUARv - .lULl, 199tt AAMRA - II/I&2
  • 46. 1t9 ANTI-ANAPEYI.ACfiC AND MAST CELL STABILISING ACTIVTTY OF NBIILZIA LEBBECK (BENTE.) SNISS. Amab. C.C.: G@t& ?.P.! Pitmik G.K: AmtrNtthi Kohbtshtbt O K: Dbsssn B N rDrqrm pUi"*r"*v, ci,r,,l OIr,g R"s€sh lnstitul.. L&know 226 Oolr]"lrdi!) Ihdias Yeliary Melial"r Jdfral, !21e): P 127 132 1997 Albtzzia tFbbeck (Shisa) Aactions inhbited tie passive cltaneous alapl!laxis nast cell guinea,plg ftot.ant]gendegra$rlation in lals dose alep€l1aledy artl could prctect the sensitized.iniuced anoxif convtlsioD ifl a aimilar mantrer comparable to th€ stardatd dlugs disodium ptotect gulnea- cromolilycarg !fi devoid of any brorchodilati4 activity as evidenced by failureto pig aoilUstamine lnOuc-ea anoxlc conluision. Results substantiates the tralrtional use ofplant in the tleetmmt of bronchial asdllxu. 2-l &2-DG-120 , ANTIMICRUBIAL ACTNTITY OF ESSENTTAL OILS FITOM SCEINUS TEREBINTIIIFOLIUS, CTIPRf, SSUS SPMPERITRONS, CITRUS LIMON, FERULA . AS${FOETODA PART L. si.ldioui RR: Zsrar, ll i Ch.udbry, s s i Anma4 H Labontodes complel ShabEh- rihote 54600 Pakisr"n) Pahean JMat of Sciekti]ic dl lndAtiol Reseadh PCSIR 3a """ii.h*-i (e-lo) P358-J6l l99t Cupressus AntibacteriSl activitj of essential oils obtained ftom Schinus terebinthifoliussenpa,virens, Cif s tinon(Ninluks) Fe ta as;tafoetida (Eingu) r?6 lrlldiedagalngE"schetichid zo$e inlubition method col;, thigella dysente/iae, Baci us stbtilis alld Staphvlococcus atbus byneteimiiation of tne apprcrimate idribition concetrtralions of the esserural oil demonstrakd rhe oil 1"!€r rnostantimicrobiaf acdviE oi€ach €ssential oi1 against sPecific microbes tested SchiruseFective against all the test bactena. The oraler of efectiveness ofoils was: Schinus oil Feater than grealei ttlall Fenrla gum nilt emolr oiig."ate. tt un Ureka Lemon oil greater than F€rula seed oil 2-1&2-D(;121 ANTIFUNGAL ACTI11TY OF TIIE FI-AVONOII}S FROM CLERODf,NDRON INFORTUNATUM ROOTS Rov. R-r Pandel,VA.i SinCh, U.Pi Prithivir.j, B (Depsrhne1 of Medicinal Chenstry bsftit€ of v.a""r s"**,- g*us ltbdu Unrve6r, Var"nas 221 005 irP PnokrcPia 61(5 P 473474. 1996- (0 01 3 percent) Fmm llre dried roots ol C/e rodendrcn inlortffiatun (Bhodid), cabruvin activity against tie and quercetitr (0.022 F€rcent) were isolateil Cabnvin exhibited antifrngal fr]Je1,4ltemaia iatiami and Hetninthospotiun oryzae at conc€trtralion of200 500 aad 1000 Fusanunt li t atthe rq"1nrl. Quercetin sho*ed antifungal aclivitv agrrns L A lte aflo dlcnataattd LonLmkatiaD of )00. r00 and l00U mglml AAMLA.IVI&2 JANUARY - JULY, 1998
  • 47. 2-1&2-DG-127 BIOAVAILABILITY STI]DY OF GLYCYRREETIC ACID AFTER ORAL A}MINIS- TRATION OF GLYCYRRHIZIN IN RATsi RELEVANCE To TEE TNTESTINAL BAc- TERIAL HYDROLYSIS. Td..da, S; Ishiharr, K; Wrhii, Y; Amegay3, S.: Marudo, llj Al<!o, T.r Kobashi Ii (Drug Safely ad Meiabolism D€pdm.nt, Tsumua Cotrsl Resarch Laboratories. Tsuftua & Co. 3586 Yoshir6o. A6i-machi InahlisDn, ila€h 300-11 . Ispan) JtumoI of Phamac, ah.l Phmecolas, ( 48(9)r p.902- 905,1996. Plasna conc€ntalion ofglyq.nl€lic acid rapidly dedeased after its intavelous adminisira-lion 5.? mg,&g, equimolar to glyc]rrhizin. Afrer oral adninistration of gbp]rrhizin, the parenlcompound was not detectabl€ ill plasma at any time, but gbclrhetic acid was dete.:ed al a consiGerable concentration, while glygrrhetic acid was mt detected in plas.na of germ-free rats at 12 haiter oral administration of glyg.rrhizif to gcynhetc acid by intestinal becteria and a compleleabsorytion oithe resultirg gllqrrheric acid fiom the inresdne has been obseried. Pla$la glycyntizinrapidly decreased and disappeared in 2 .h after intravenous administration. Plasma concenfation ofglyqnhetic acid showed nvo p€ats, a snall peak at 30 min and a la.g€ peak at ll.4 h, after intra-venous adninistration ofglyqrrhizin. The plasma concentration poiile ofthe latler large peak wassimilar to dlat of glyc/rrhelic acid after ordl administla&on of glygrhizin, trhich slowly appearedand declined. The difercnce 6f MRT values ( 19.9 and 9.3 h) for plasma glyqrrhetic acid after olala&ninistration of glyc:.rhizin and gbcrrhetic acid suggests the slow conversion of glyclrhizininto glyq{hetic acid inthe intestine. GbEerhizin is a consljtne tol Glturhiza globra (Yastinadhu). 2-1&2-DG-123 , AITI-INFI-AM1ATORY ACTIVITY OF LUPEOL Sibgh, s.! 8ani, s.! Sidgh, GB.i Guitta, B.D.i B.nerjee, SL; singh, B. (Depanm€rt oi $macoloetR.gional Reseaich Labo;tury Chai Ro.d, Jmmu 160 001,IK,Iidi^j Fitotqapia, v.68(1I p.9l6, 1997.Lupeol. a triterpenoid obtained fiolr. Crataeya religiosa (Aruna) ba* has been elduated forantiinflarumtolv. analgesrc and arlrplaetic efects on mls and mice. Ir exerted siitniicanr dos€dependent effect on acute and chrcnic inlialnmatory processes, it does not possess analgesic o{antiplretic propcrties. The oral LD50 was folmd to be geater [han 2 g&g in mts and mice. 2-1&2-DG-124 STT,DIES ON THE NEUROPIIARMACOLOCICAL EFFECTS OF PSIDITM GUYA]{ENSIS AND PSIDIUM POHLIANUM ESSENTL{L OILS. , Sadtos, r.A.; Rao,VS.Ni Silveira, E.R (Departnonl ofPhlsology &d Phad&ology FedeBiUruve^4 of Cd4 PO Box 3157. 60430-27t),lofalezr, CE,Bftzil) Phttothetupt Reedch, . IOG): p.655-658. 1996. The essential oils (400 mg,&g, p.b.) exraded ftom rhe I eaEs ol Pstdtum gujanensis arldPsidi n pahlianum (Peruka) ahsplayed potenliadon of pentobabital sleepirg time and an mcreaseof nllmobilitt time ia tlie bebavioural forced $vimming test. They also reduced the mortalit asso-ciated with a$phetamioe toxicit and pentylenetetrazol-irduced cotrldsiolls. The Psrdirn essen-tial oils demonslrated no inlluence on small htestiMl secretronbut caused significant mhrbrtron ofintesti[al Ea4sit. No overt to)qcity was obsened in mice dDt rece€ived esseDtial oils omlly up to 4g/kg. A prcbable depressanl action ofthe ess€alial oils ofPsjdtMr on cent al and peripheral nervoussfstems has been suggested..|ANU.ARI - JaLy, 1998 /AMk4 - rr/1 &2
  • 48. 2-1 125 f,TIINOBOTANY OF Gf,NUS CRATAEVA L..Upadhye, A.; Kumbhojkst, M.S. (Bolanl sout- Asharklr Rcscarch In$1itu1€- Pune rlll 001- MahatssJrtd, ladia) Jamtul rf li.o onic and tLtotun i. 6rt Y 20(3): !.663 664. I 996 l]: Gentls C,araeva is dist.ibuled througltou! (mpical region ot the rorld sidr six species. I1India rgpresented by Cla/cera ,rd-qrd, vemacularly krrovn as l/4r,rr4 and used in Alurvedic nndUnani medicine Parts of Cr?agxa have edible, medicinal. fodder values and is also used for mak-ing musical instrunent. This tree is allraclivc $;he fu fullbloom bccause olits beautiful flo$ers. itis occasional in occud€nce but distributed fron Himalala to Kanyal$mari. Prcsetrt communimtiond€als with comprcheffive account o its edmobotany. 2-1&?-DU-126 ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF THE GLYCOPROTEIN FRdCTIONwlTE A PROLIFERATION.PROMOTINC ACTIIITY ON EUMAN AND HAMSTf,R IN VITRO FROM AI-OE VARA GEL. Yagi, -d; Egusa. T.i Aisq M.i Tanabe, M.i Tsuji, E (Faculty of Phmacr and Phamc€utical Sciences, FllarM! Universin. Hiroshima 729 02, JaPaD) P/,nta Lle.lica ! 63(1): p1a21, 1997 Fractions of 1r,3f gel fiom .4loe barbadensis (Xu,natt were Preparcd and tested by in vitroassals for pmlifemlol ofhuman flormal d€rm31 :lIId body hamster kdn€y cells. Tle glycoproteilfiaclioft promoted cell gmstll, while the ne$ral pol]saccharide Faction did not slprY any glollthslimulation. Morcover, the polarcolored glycoproleitr ftaction sEotrgly inhibited tie fi vit? assaJsknmlnoblotting ailo. SDS-PAGE showed rhat the glycorprotein sas composed of two srillunits(l4kD). Deglycosylatiotr ofglycoFotein (Pg 2l-2b fraction) by ttjfluomme&anesulphoaic acid pro-vided protein band with a moleuclar Ielght of l3kD on SDS-PAGE Tlrc colored glycoptolein&aciion was sho1lr! on SDS-PACE to be a mi{ure r ith a moletular weigfu of 18kD-l5kD It rraslater hydrobzed wfth f0 perEent ll2SO4 to Foduce phenolic substarces. 2-l&2-DC-121 , INDIAN MEDICINAI, PLANTS III- A]-OE VERA L., Kha!, s.s.i Mrlhotrq D. (Dep{tn nt ofBotatry, sai6a Pc collcg. of Sciencc ahd Educatoq Bbopal 462 OO6.NIP,India) Acta Clinr:.z s.ia,ria No. (l&2)i p-5759, 1995_95 Atoe reru (Kumafi) is a rr€,dicinal plant dlh toniq aphmdisiaq antiinflannatol activitydd h€aling pro.perties $uch as themlal and radiation bums. lt is also used as an agent 10 lrnplor€erdlity. In this conulrrinicatio4 botani chemisty, pharinacognosy, pharmacolog., clinical trials,€saomedicine, and ecolo gy of Aloe ,era is desoaibed- rr&2.DC-128 INFLI]ENCE Of, W RADL{TION ON TEE CONTENT AND LOCALIZATION OT FUROCOUMARINS TT RUTA GRA}EOLONS L. EERB Cbtrri.L, K; Wiemhorrsk-Re*e, I(; Kotyry M.i Zoble, A-M. (Kltedmi Zaklad Famakognozji -rtde lnblilin€, uL Peowiakow 12, 2040? Lublin, Polsk!) td6 4 Pokni.a, v 42(4Jt p 30330E, 1996 S.€dlings of R/la graveo tens (Sadaia) werc rJliadld.^lef wilh Iw liglr (atpha-254nm add-.{t) for 24?2 hls fol 1 we€k The cotrtetrt oflhe ft[ocoumarins, viz; ianthotoxin, bergapten,d iqEdorin otr ih€ surface and in lie ide.ior ofRrla hert was determined by HPLC An"s6,tf -Jw t99E ,44MlU - al&2
  • 49. incr€ase in the concenlration of ftrccounarins on the sudace of tlle plant after 21 and 7i hrs iradiation with short UV (a1pha,254nm) and a decrease after 1 week wa; obselveal_ Iloweve! u,i!h UV inadiation at alplE=366nn! an incrmse ofcontent ofpsoralen affer 24 hI anal a decrease afier longer el,?osules to UV on the suface $as observe4 as well a.q aII increase ofthe concedration of Iiuocourllarills in the inlerior ofXrta heft (after 2,1.72 hr anil 1 .week) zaflthotoz,rin was prealomi- nant, vhile bergapten showed lowest concenEatiorl 2-t&2-DG-129 HPLC ANALYSIS OF,dSCORBIC ACID IN VISCUM ALBIM L. SAMPLtrS. ElguD, F.i Deliornan, D. (Depsnn€nt of phaEi!@gnosy. Facuh of phemay GM Uniersi, 06130 Ank?da-J!*e,yowal of Feub! of phanaq) of Gui Uni,etstr!, !. t3e): p.121-126. 1996. In lhis study ascorbic acid coirtenb ofvarious ,,trcum alLtm s$spe5ies Ldtbtn ssp. albrrn (Akesa lc i), Valbl.m ss{t. abietis Nd nsam atbtm ssp. arrrja. n knoim as .Okse Oru,, ln Turkey, collected ftom lwelve difiercnt llost plafis were analyzed by re,,Erse phase HpLC. Highest asclrbic acid contents were determined in rlle sample s of Uatbam sW. album hotu Ceran s iiun aad Lalbun ssp. ahietis collec,.ed ffi$t Abies mulle ana as 0.0360 and 0.0363 percent rcs?ec_ livel). 2-1&2-DG-130 IFFECT GLYCYRRSIZA GI-ABR{ ROOTS AND GLYCYRRIIIZIN ON TEE OT GLUCURONIDATION IN RATS. Moo A.; Kiiq SIt (Colcge of Pnaj]@y Duksung Women € UnEFity, Ssut tt2 7t4, Karq) ptdnta Medicd !. 62(2): p.r15-t19,1996. Te e$e.I of Glycryhiza glabra (yasti nadhu) orj the melabolism ofaceumjnopLen (AAp) was examiftd in male Sprague-Dawley rats. Tle prEtreatment ofthe methanol o,lract ofcicJr?r,ia g/dr,a rcots (Clyqarhizae Radlx, G& 1 gAg, p.o.) .for 6 das significafily incr€ased drc cumula. ti& biliary ( 156 perceft) and urinary (132 percent excrerions of AAp-glucuronide cotrjuSate within 120 min after tlosdmi stsation ofAA? (150 mg&g, i.v.) without afiecting thioether and suffare conjugalgst These fitrdiqgs sdggesa tlat GR might enlarca tle glucuroddation padwai ofAAp, in order to snrdy theefiect ofcR on the glucumdalation in rat liver, enz,nl,1tic activity ofp-tritophenol llDP-glucuronosyhmnsferase (UGT), which is also caled UGTLd and intracellular conce[tratioN qfhepatic ttDP-glucurotric acid lponlhe administr"alion ofcR I I g/kg. p.o) or Elyry*nzjn(23 ngl k& p.o) for 6 days was examined and glyclarlizitr causel i"".easi in specin"-activlties of ijCne by 111 p€rcent and 96 percent, reFpectivelt Concettr-dtion of UDp-glucul6nic acid was increased 257 percenr bi GR and 484 pe.cent by glycyrlhizin- This data hdicales lllai cR ad glyc].nhizitr- acti!?ted glucu.onidatiotr ad thus sugests the possfuility tllat GR lnay influenc€ detoxinc*ion of xenobiotic$ in mr livei 2-1&2-DC-t3t STUDIES ON BIOACITWTY OF TflE ROOT OXIRACT OF PLUMBAGO ZEYI-ANICA Oyedlpo, o.O. (DeporbDeot of BlochemisEy- ObafeBi Awol@o Univ6it, pM.B.0t3, Ielfe, Nigdi!) Ihremanonal Jounal afPhtua.osusy v 34(5): p.36{-J69. t996. The phosphale bufiorcd salfue odract of tie roots ofpi/ ntbago zeytanica (Chibako) was irn€stigated for adi-inflaomatory activity. The extract stabiliz€d rEd blood ce[s subjected ro botli tANtaRy - Ju, 1998 /AM&A - A/Ie2
  • 50. heatad hypotodic ind$d lrses The e(r.c1 exbibited lbip-Wftpl*:fr:1tr?Tl-t^f:l sctnrttG-Jtoti"rtari"e *a a.d Pho{hata!€s werc rcduced while adenosiqe tiphos?haiase atrrr-;";;;;;th" iir,er li-of"*tt orrottra"ryo" itrduced arthritiirats AposslaleiJ;--tory of tl, €!rac1 of Ptertalta is, therefore, qleculated "cioo 2-r&2-nc,L7 OF SIDA ANITNII,AMMATORY AJ{D MPATOPROTECTNts ACTWTIIES REOMBIFOIJA LINN Ls.i Mishr.i s rI (Ph.rn&v DePsrtad! F&ultv of Tecbmlos Md Eldnsiis 4! U- liY:l R!o. 2e(2): P 110-116 1es7 d t, <tit**tkio na;* t-mal of Ph^acotost ffi;;il;;;n (Mahahala on che cal-aad drug iDduc€d Efreds of difiercd part! of Sida rhonbilolian"*roroo.^saoo.aogeeMninducedpa$odenainratswereifvestigale.LHepaloto)oclr}wasi""frili t *r*;r wirh CCtt, ianceunol and rifampcin The ponedered roors and -rhe oe$noth .*-"ilffi# ;; d;;;; * sgolc""or l*patoprotectie activirv " t*"a ity rn Ia*."ttu"i"rtrt" *""r p"i. shoqed signilicant oedena suppres$ng achr or fiee radrcal TYI-1" :lT scavengng regmerationii",,ft" pi"ttt -.y J"ftiUi stimulatory etrec{s oa hepaticefects 2-1&2-DG.133 OTTERS PROTECTION TEf, LEAI ESSENIIAL OIL OF PSIDIUM GUYANENSTS "-- --. _.q.GAtriST PENTYTENNTETRAZOIE-INDUCED SEZURES. e Iaruolo8i& cedttJ de CFncias Ssstc. EA-i Rro, ViN/: SitveiIe E R {D€p€nMftlo de I i5;ologia iii""i.. u"]*,sora. r"o.ml do ceM. Rd cetNussdeMelo:l12 Po6n€abu$r cx Po$l ll(? * "- " -- . ?oajozio r.tt r*cE, Btsil) Ptanta Medica, !.63(2): F 133-135, 1997 was studiedagainst The €ssenrial oil obtaiftd tom the leaves ofPnd/ mI Szyaltel,fls fPetat" picroptoxic (6 l"tIr^l ,;;;.,1*; by intraperitoneal injection ofpentyienetetrazole GOrngltgl, ii?rti# a; loo iy;il;itrnglig1 i, mi"" et otz-t;;es ir roo zoo ofrered a org*g th€ esentjlt seizures and dose-relaM prglec_ oiiriienuatea ru severiw ofpeftylefttuaz ole-inilucel il;,"; inirective against coNulsions induced bv picrotocin and stvchniie The ;;;;;; p"for"**u-r" lethal seizures bv cafieine (10 aad 50 ftsag ;;;;;;;;il; "r.., o" adenosiel in trs m€chatims Fufihermore a i r ) srpce$s a oaobable pa$crpaEon or enoo8saous lo be invoived as a the essetrrial dil (5-20 micro sln ) was ade ":iilffi;;#rt"-;" ";p;; fiT"J;ilh.IG;;"ryi.h"line induced contactiof,s but abr those evoked bv high potassium (80 mM) or catreile on isolated rectus abdominis muscle 2.1&2"DC-134 LINN BERRIES ANTI-INIILAMMATORY ACTI!ITY OF SOLAXUM N]GRUM sdeen! l!1: RNarn. SJ (Dcpanmenr of Phmscohd Cennal Resb lnoture ld UnMi l/edrcse 50u 038, AP lndufiandat" Vedila J9(4: P2{-2? lqa6 I*odda HdeEbad acriviiy on al"omli" ot sot* un ni|tun (KakMachi) benies exhibiled signficani "*t*"t Ials The antrinflatnmatory activity i.litli* "i"J"." i* "v"timenlxl aldinoand steroidal genifl in lie plant has been attdbuted to thepreseoce of steroidal glycoalkaloids A4M8A - TI/I&2 IANUIIRY - JULY, 1998
  • 51. 135 ANTI.IM:IMMAIORY AND AIALGESIC ACTIIITIES OF IEE EESSENTIAI OIL OF PSIDIIM GUIANEENSE. S.rbn r.A.; R!o, VgN.; Silveira, E.R (Depltte.nto de Fisiologia e Fannscol%ia, Crdrro do Cieacis d! Saudq UdiveNidade i.d€rsl do Ce@, Caixa Poshl 3157.50430-270 Fod,eza-Ce, B@zit Fibtuapra, v 68(l)ip.65.68, 1997. TIre essential oil obtained ftom ttre leaves of P.r,dj un gaianense (peuha) was faftd to inhr_bit th€ paw edema irduced by carageenan inraa a d fho nociceptioninducedby acetic acid alld fCmElin ir mice. The esseffial oil is olally active and its effecrs arE more pronou.oced ar 400 trrg^g. TlEse observations sugg€st tlr€ prcsence of antiinllamnatory and analgesic coirtitnents ia the es- s€ntial oil of Psid,rn led oils in the conrol of locai ir latrlllnatory pail 2-l&LDG-136 ANTI.INFLAMMATORY AND AXTI-NOCICEPTIIT ACTTWTY OF DISODIUM GIYCYRREETINIC ACID HEMIPETSALATE. Khakea, G; Zolfrghnri, M.E.i Dehpour, A.R.i Samadiu, T. (pha!@eudcat RwiNh Cdtq Darou . Bo{ 13Iet-A77.Tehtss,b ) planta edico,!.62(4): p.326-328,1996. Pakhsh Co.. PO. ihe anti-inllammatory and anti-nocicepdve efieds of disodium glycyrrhetinic acid hemiphihatate Glyclrrherinic acid 3bela-O-h€miphtlulate sodium) after parcnteral ,dmi.i<trariom Ir€rc determined in sevenl aninal models. Disodio m glycyrherinic acid hemiphttralate (GAp) e"s prcpar€d ftom glyqarhtinrc acid i$lated from rootj of Gly.rwhizb glabft (yashtinadhu) signin- cantb inliibii€d the rat paw edema itrduced by carlageenin (ID50=3 r.3? mg&g) aid mice witing i€slonses caused by acetic acid (ID50=9.12 mg&g). the poteffy bf disodium glyclThetinic acid hemiph&alale was about 13.05 times higher than acetylsaticylic acid in inhr_biting rat paw ederna and l2.84limes higher in rnJubiting abdomiMl coDstriclons i! mice. 2-l&2-DG-131 INHIBITION OF IMMEDIATE ALLERGIC RIACTION BY EUGENOL Kin S.H.; Shin T.Y.; Kin, ItY; Ii., YM.i Lee, E.H.; Shi4 B.Ki Kin! Y.ci An, N.H.; Kin, E1l4 (coll€se of Phmacy, wo6suk Univfiity- waniu 565 701. Korct) Y.tdak Hoeji, !.40(6)j p.6?9{83, 1996. The cunent study evaluates the capacity of eugenol (fro Eulenia ianbulana fanbu) to regulate immediate allergic riaction by control of histanin€e rclease- Administradon of eugenol {IM,&g.i.p) at 60 min before and 5.10 min affer rhe compormd 48/80 tleafilent (8 ng/kgi.F.) showed the modalitty.ates as 0, 44.4 and ??.8 percent respectively- A 60 minbeforc atlministereil iaroup revealed a significant inhibition oi serum histam me release cbmpared with ihose of 5 aftl l0 min a.fler the compound 48/80 injection. Eugenol (6-48 nl}d) also showed a dosedependent activity on the compound 48/80 induced histamine rclease ftom the highly pudfied populatiol of Alcirn Blueposilive peeritoneeal rlust cells. These results indicate dut in vrtro Featneot wilh exogenoLs eugenol itrlibited the active respons€ of mast cell popriations anal nodulated its cha€cteristics. JA}|UARY - JUI.Y, 199E 46 A,1MRA - II/I&2
  • 52. 2-i&2-DG-138 STRTSS CORRf,CTION EFFECTS oF oclMtM SCANCTUM L: A of Kozro$Lrylt1M,; Brd or, Ytrd; Ctaht&Gd!.ca &i Kozlo$lrv, lI i Arerolov V_d Gndhneof?lmdls/R6imA@dqnyofMedicltSoi car Bdtittstrva 8. 1255315 Mos{, Rsia) It"6a Poiofa v 42(4): p 289t94 19e6 Asia Ocinum sanctan (O.t, comtrlollly kmwn as f,,fdti, is widely used in the Soudr-Eastemregion fof aalaptadon to alifferent lotuls of stess. Therefore er?eliflenlal study Yas condMtcd on given IP on the rat ooic Aecrs of tO.) e-{racts and ess€n[ai oil (0.2 g&g and 1 08/kg"J"ftot[.*Jori_uoa"r *o,i*ur sress siruao oD. on t]e spnu ncous mouse behat rou r on the $ er ghl ofbmphoid oryans and on noraalrenergic activi! aft€r iflnobrllzatron rn rals The tesults cotrtImri,"i(o.) l. ibt" to behal4oural as 1tel1 as sofilattc reac[ons to suess "ott""t 2-r&2-DG-139THE PROTECTIW EFFf,CT OF ALSTON]A SCITOLAXTS RBR ON IIXPATOTOXIN- INDUCED ACUTE LIVER DA]tr{GE.Lir, S.C.; Li4 C.c.i Li YH.! Swriystn!, S ; Pan S L o)epljtmol of Phmacoloey_ Ttupli Mdaal---- clrr"e", r"ipd, r;O A,t i Jtuftt aJ Chiaee Mediciae, v 24Q): p153164 1996 (Saptaparna) rcdtced the Tleament ivith the aqueous extmct ofbark of,4/slo ia scholdiiselelationofserumtrarrsaminasesandbistopathologicalchanges(cellnecrosjsandinflamfiratory (32 microl/c"itiJt ation; *liclt w"re casxedby the single adftinis[ation of (carbont€{rachloride the elevalior ofs€-t"ioi*"t"^io*n"n tro0 mg,&g) in mice The exract sigificandy lovered.,i- o"n**inut t."ut.Obv lie adminisralion ofbeia-D-ggalaclosamine (288 ng&g) in r3ts andt""al ro ."4*" n"""rcsis anal itflammatory c€il infiltation caused by beta_D-alaclo$IIrine ""ff 2-1&2-DG-110 ANTI-INILAIIMATORY ACITWIY Or ANIIROGRAPEOIDX M.ilav, s.r Tanda4 sL; t r J; Tripathi, ltc {Division ofPhatnacoloc} & Ton!-olog}! Iq!^id V";n"qt t"*".1t ro.rt"".Iatqgf 243W :lf,ladia) FitowaPia t 6T5j: p a52458 1996 Andrographolide. a drterPene ladone rsoLaled lrom theAfumvaPh$ panrcLlata (tolaneghalaftel oral ad;inistration at doses of 30,100 and 300 mglkg signficanlly iniibited carngeenintuofin- a"a nyst tn-ina""eal paw oealema Nloreove! an&ogapholide significantly innibited theweieht of gia;doma induced by coton peliet and decreased oederna in AdjoYaal-induc€d aflhntrrAn&os;olide. al 300 me,trg, als) mhbited dye leakage in acetic acid_induced Yascubr penne-ar,ihnir ua dcvord of ulcelogenic e$e-l on lhe stoma.h ol ral in acute and chronic tes6 2-!&?-IlG-141 A]{TI.IMLAMIIL{TORY ACTIVITY OF VOLATILE OTL OF PSIDIIM GUAJAVA Scicnces for Kavimani S.i troAo, R: Karplgin, S; Ja)kar, B. (Periva.College ofPlErmacoulical -ciio iiryrf , m, r"a*l niti toun.t .f rh"n"*e4ticat Sciacct ! 59(3): P 12744-t99i Oi ol Pstdiunl guaj(na Pa ta) leaves obtained by steam was grver omlly to .tuar it. o" O"-"*oaadve and proliferative ph-ases of tlle inllaruulory r€action using lhe Lstillation "f""s parr edeml and collon pell€l granulosa rn nule albrno rals lo .-iiii"" "r.r"r"".*"-induced i 8 nrin<g of the lolatile oil shoved antiinJlanmat-ory actil4v ."-"*i"*.--a".ia o"* edenu, i.iirr"rr. ro rrrar oikeelorotac uomelhamne The oil was atso found to be efecdve in cottotr pell;r grdnuloma srudies IANUARY . JALY, 1998 . AAMM.II/1&2
  • 53. 2-1&2-ltc-142 EEPATOPROTECTIVE STUIf,S ON SOLANUM NTGRIM LINN, AG"{INST COU}i. TRY II]4.D8 LIQUOR INDUCOD Ff,PATOTO)trCITY IN AIBINO RATS FEI ON CONTROLLED CALORIE DIDT.AeraFal, s.s.i Gurrq R (Departacnt ofPhamacotosy, Colese of Phamey, Plshp Vhir, Sector 3, Nw Delhi 110 0fi,Indja) Acta Ctisica.tc,at:a v s(t&il), 6(i&tr): p.18-21, 1996. Fift,v percent alcoholic ex-Lact ol Solanun nigryrn (Kakam4.*, at the doseof50 ng/100 gmPO. sigdficanrly lowered the lipid level and lre€nred development offatfy liver 2-1&2-DG-14J CLINICAI IMPORTANCE OF NIGILLA SATIVA LINN. - A REVIEW. Sidatiqui, A.A.; Shamo, P.IIR €aclll of Phal@.I Jmia Hamdard, Hamdard Nag&, Nev Delhi 110 062"iadia) Handdd Meditu, r 39(4):c 38{2, 1996. Afiimicrobial. aftifertiiity. galactagogue, afficancer and cfidio ascular aclivities ofyyrgel/dsatiya (kishnajeeruka) have beer revieived 2-1&2-DG-144INSIBITORY IFFECTS OT MALAYSIAN MEDICINAI, PLANTS ON TEE PIiATOLET- ACTryATlNG FACTOR EAN R-ECEPTOR BINDING. Jant n, lB.j Krng. Y.Il.r s!h, DYi Hlq B.H. (lorcst R€se*.lt Insiilule ofMalaysia, Malaysia) liatu/al Prarluct Scia.es. ! 2(2): p.86-89- 1996. Ofihe 25 speices ofMalatEian mediciMl pl ants scrce ed" mel haml ic eldracls of Cirraoronp,sintac, Irona thes iconsandra, Paedetiafoetida (Ltosarini), Piper aduncun, Prcmna intesrifohA(Ag"inantha).Ltdisia crispa zndAdiside ipti@ shoed sigdficantinfibitory etrect on theplateleFaculafing faclor (PAD rccepror brnding. 2-1&2-DG-1,15 AN;IISTEROIDOGENIC EFFECT OF TIIE SEED EXTRACT OF NELUMBO NUCIFERA IN TEE TESTIS AJTD THE OVERY OF TFE RAT Gupti, M.; M.zdmdei ii.Ki Muthopadbl.!: R; SzrLar, s (D,i6,un dn Phsmeeur,al CheftBrry dd Phdmasio8l Jadaryur Univesi: Calcutla-?o0 0l? - W- Indi^) Iutliun Jouhtal oI Phamace"li.al stra."q { t6(5): p 2lc2:r2. 1996) The pclroleum etlrer exfiacl ofthe seeds of,:e/rrrro ntrc(era (Kutttuda) and its ftadionsadminislercd onllv to sexuallv ilnmalffe fenale rzts and mature nale rats on alterfnte day for 15days caused remirkable delav in se$al maturarion in prepubertal fenulg rals as evid€nced fromageofvaginal opening and first esirus (cornified smer.) and a sig ificant rcduclion in fhe spenn countand motilifin nulrre male ts. ln boti lhe cases treatmenl resulled io accumulation of cholestetoland ascorbic acid and rcduciion rr della5,l bclahldro-!stcroid dehr_drogenase and glucose{-plrcs-phaie dehJdroenase activilv indre ova.! and lcstis offemale and nule I respeclirel): These resultsindicate suppression of steroidogenesis h bolh oarv and iesitsJA,UARf - JULI-. 1993 ,4AIIM - lI/1&2
  • 54. @3sl1j-) REGULATES LIPID TERIi4INALIA ARJUNA : AN AYItRIEDIC CARDIOTOMC METASOLISM IN HYPERLIPAEMIC RATS rDivison of Biochemi;q ctrlIal Drug R6elt^h Kh.nda. A-Ki Ramesh (t.nderi KapooG N K oofwuaa1nvott"raw Research I0(8) p66r{65 1ee6 "ffi[ e;;ii;ii.J** tobe loweledby admitrslialro zzi oIT-arj na (Aina) lipials were found Serum ^ofbatkpwder powder (100 mg^g000 ;.*l i" ttian itulucel lryperlipaemia chrodc feeding oftlds 30 dayE ca sed ^g/kg, (2J me/kg,b.*) fori.*_ n.iiill,"r#, .,*r"neously fed with cholesrerol lon ia high densrtylipo- ito* * *t"- levels ofbelalipoproteitrs folloiel by an increae"n"gi. groups /:"/"d?ltered lipott:jf-i": *or",i"{-**" *.or* tilh $e choleserol l€d hlperlipaemic rats lipid lowenng acritu ofJhis;;; l;"t hean anrl adipose lssues ofthougLinhibition ofThe cholesterol b:osyflhesis".i-l *it" *^ hepalic to be mediat€d ""+u acflualsferdse actts_i*r*."d f"""uf tif" ""ii "*o"ion aftl enlancel plasma lecithin: cholesteroln-" rtt*r*t"" "t*"epbr meliatel cataboiism of 10r{ densig lipopmteirl ""i 2-1&2-DC,l11 OF DAI-BERGIA SISSODCS ANTIINFI-AMMATORY ACTIVITY OF FTOWERS Krishtrmurth! G . Tnizhm"ghi. Id: Jalakd B i nerrrita N-i; il * c (P6tcoLer dI (rr*s I"aBJNNT d qed* t#,i-Ji,.iir"""* . Gtrr" 1ricb b:0 02r-TN- lnd; ) ori) o Ii-36 199? Brochanin A (5 ?-dihldro1 1 _metoxyiso0zlou€) l5obdAd&lbdO-tF r ,t"-,;A;;; ;* uen tested tor ia alriioo4ntr{5 adivtrt in FrnE#iH frlna prrr .f,.t"a 35 85 percent inhibitiotr ofinflimmttioE "4"-r- tr&2-DG-118 rx i . t.rr*rra*t atFEcrs oF ETEAI.L f,xrRAcr oF AxEcA cATEcsu RODENTS. of ch€dstr}: U erstt oi Kda s {Phdmacoloe secion HfJ R*erch Insdrure """ ^ Dar. A.i t(httootr. -.- r,tnl; r::ro PJ:istan Ptvtotte*pt RerPali/r Ilt2 l74t16 lc97 p calech (Pqa) E6 actiiq of ethanol e1rar of 4l€ ca catechu Hrcca [ail suspension lesls The edBn:t eY*1:m Adidepressant e alualed in mdenls using the forcea s$rmmrng and witltoul etrecting tbe spootan€cs rn",,f",-.r""4, sigrufic-ant reduction rn the immobilil time .i oir..i"n sugg;sdng its anudepressanl acti!iles t-1&2-DG1{9 cLovE SPice Indi* $l 8 ondm SPices Crops Rsnr-ch inslitul Calicut Kerala Indis) Kiishramurth}! p:-4. 199 methoils oil prodE- Historical aspecls. ecological r€quiiemenls cultMrion anl hari esting gi€n ,ton ,oi1*"oii".?.iou e lsilgitnartnaticunt) (Ldtga) have b€er AATIRA.IM&z .IANUAEY . JULY, ]99E
  • 55. 2-1 I50 QUAI-ITY STANDARDS FOR AJOWAN Strf,D AND ITS POWDSR John, M-D.; J,isral, P.K (aenbalAsmfk l-abou,rory. Naepur- Mahanshln_ Indi;) 1,jdtd Spic6. r 33(4): p. 5.17,18. 1996 Bas€d on qualilv pal:imeters, viz.. moisrurc contenl, total ash, acid insoluble nsh. nonvola-tile c&ei extract. ciude fibre ard ,olatile oil contcnl of ffu otrc sanples of Tra.hyspemun dnni(yavanr), a revised stsrdard conprising thrce qualiry Srades for ajowan seed whole and nclv qualitystandad for secd powder Jras been suggcsted. 2-l&2-D(:-151 ENZYMATTC CONDENSATTON OF DOPAMINf, ANI} StrCOLOGANIN BY CELL- FREE f,XTRACTS OF ALANGIUM LAMARCKIL Dc"f,knrhkul, w; Ounanon, A.; Tanahashi, T., Kurchan, T.tdi ZenB M.H. (Depadnenr of Pharmacogiosv- Facully olPhamac.ul,c l Sci€nces, Chulalongkor Univesity, Boekok 10330 Tlrailand) I,httochmistrr, y- 45(3): pA n4a4, t997. T1ro novel enzyme activities involved in the condensarion of dopamine and secologanrfl$erc discovered iir thc ccll-free extracts prepareal from the leaves of,4/ar& , tanarckii (Ankokt).The exaracls co.rdensed dopamine and secotoganin rapidtl at pH ?.5 ro form both (lR)-deacctylipecoside and (IS)-deaceiylisoipecoside which were converted sponta[eoxsly rodem€th_vlalangiside and demethylisoalangiside, rcspectively. The discovery of these two enzJrmeaclj.vildes ia A-lamarckii suggested that the naturatly occuning (f)-and (R)-forms of wriousietrahydroisoquinolne-monoterpenc alkaloids ,-nd nitrogenous gtucosides found rn dus ptan! are detemined by the first enzymatic step of dopamine and secologanin condensation which yields either the (fR) or the (Is)-condcnsation product_ The roor bark of this plant has Iong been used i.rfolk medicin€ in ihe treatment ofmanv diseases 2-t&2-DG-152 CLOVE - THE SPICE WITH ALL TEINGS NICE- Munt€e, s. N,r,rb,. y 31(t)r p.18-22, 197?. Cloves, ihe unexpanded flower bnds of Stzlgiun arcnatrcun (L@Mgo) arc r:adtoaallyused in Alurveda sjstem of medicirc, which d€scn:be it as .DevatusunD, @ivirie flo[€r). Thisanicle descdbes its morphology, uses, nutri€nlcomposition, medicinal and anri{xidant proknries,and areas under cullivation in India. 2-l&2-DG-153 MORPHOANATOMICAI- CEARACTERS OF TAXUS BACCATA BARKAND LEAWS. Di Sapio, O.A.; cattN, S.J.; crftllso, M.A (cat€drs de Botanica, Ar@ Biotogh Vegeial Dpio. Cs. Biolosicas. Ieulted de Cs Bioquidicas y llllmceutier, Univmidad NacioDal de Roseio, Suipacha 53i; (2000) Rdado, ,i8eniina) Fit tenpia, !.6A(3): p2S2-260,1997. The exomorphology and anatomical characlots of T.baccata (Talisa) bafu and leayes Neprcsented. T1Ie analysis included dre study ofleaf epidemris, stomata, leaf architeclue all(l intemalstructue of lear€s and bark. A tabl€ containhg diagnostic featutes that mighl cont ibute to thecorect botanical identilication of the species is inclualed..IANUARY. JULY, 1998 50 ,1,aMRt - rut&2
  • 56. L 154 ARmMISININ : CUnRENT STATUS lN MAL|nIA,Vslchi, Ni Trhcthi,. KD. (Irsltri! Rcesrah clnte, 22 s N M&s, Delhi l:10 o54,htdia) Indid J@at of Phonacobsr, v. 29Q). P.71-15, 1997 Tehdo Artenisia Mnua (Dsrnanafta) hasbee fot treatmelt of fever in China bt tdmore thall 1000 years. Cur€nt status of aiemisinio in malaria coltrol is disclrss€d 2-1&2-DC-155 INIIGENOUS DRUGS Al{D LIVER IIISEASE.Bh.6, A.Di Bh!4 N.s: (Hindustan cibaoeisy Limited R€grch Centre, Goresen(E) Munbai 220 063 Maha$sht4 lndi!) Irdrd la@ot of Gasro telotos, v 15Qt p 6347 996 nnospola cordifotia (Guduchi) artd. Picrorrhaa kxrma 6d ki) a& anwry* a fn &Wswhich haveb€en clinicallylried inviral hepatitis. Crref,l expefmstrtal approaches oo itrihgetr(nsdrugs iocus or tle allopalhic apFoach to jaunidice and olher l €I dis$ses Th€ftftre n€ed todevelop and discuss clinical nodels of live. diseases bas€d otr Ayurvedic rheory is iDdi(*d roprovide new insights ittto hepatoprotection. 2-l&t-DG-156 STIJDIES ON TflE ANTIIiLCER ACTIWfY OF TEE CffII)ROFOT.X ITACTXDi ()f CAIOTROPIS PROCER^ id)T ETTTACI. n" SeD. T.: PaL s.i Mscolq N.; Capt$o. F.i N.g Ch.df Ei a-f,- Gf*h d HL D€psnrnent ol PbarlDesbcd Tehnologi. Jad,vpur Uddity, ctb6 TtIt G2 rA El Pbtoqrdapt R.wch, tt(2): p- 153-165, l9v,- . Calotmpis prccera (A*a) has beer widely used in {te Indiatr ltadii@f l# g_for the tleattrlen:t of a variety of drs€ase conditiors. The chlorofom ftad@ cf CF@t desact has been repofed to possess srglificanl analgEsic, aniiplteric aod antiidamy acrirlSC-Wocera (chlotofotfrt toot e$ract) signific€ntly inhibited aspiria rcserPhe absohe atodd ds€mtonia-induceal gastric ulcentions in mls. The sam€ also prot€a!€d lhe gaSric m@ frEaspiritr-induc€dDlceratidilpylodc-ligatedatsandsig ficaft Fot€ctiorwas obs€w€d in hi+rEaFinduced duod€nal ulcen in guinea_pigs. 2-1&2-ttc-157 HI?OGLYCEMIC ACTTVTIY OF FICUS RACEMOSA L. {MORACOAE) LEAVEES IN STREPTOZOMCIN.INDUCED DIABETIC nATS MandaL S.C.: Mulheri€e, P.Ki s!ht, Li Das, J.; PiL M ; Sahq B.P. (Departndt of Phatma€niel Tahnolosr,, Faculr) ol tnginmog od Technolo$. Jadawut UnrcF4 calcutta ?00 0l2 wB lndia)Natural Prc.luct Sci^..t t 3(1): p 3841, 1997. The h)?oglycemic efiect ofthe extmct ofFtds /acen oso (U&tmbt@ leaves etas surdted mstreptozotocin-induceal aliabelic.ats. Petroleum ether (60-80 degeec) er:t act ofthe plzat dlain€dby soxl et eltaction fmfl coanely p[lverised ldares was used rhe LD50 determination of the .lnl,tllUARY - JLtLv, t998 aiLtEA - n4&2
  • 57. exfact no abnorlnalllres werc obse(rd at the alose range of3 g&g (p.o.) ofthe exraq. The elract (2b0 ng&g and 400 mgikg ora{y) caused a rcductiotr ofblood glucose le!,Els in streptozotocin- induced diabetic rals by 28.9 perce and 34.6 perc.enl rcsp€ctivelyatth6 endof9 alays. The renrtls ofthis study irdicate thar the patlol€um ether (60-80 dege€C) extract ofthe lea,€s poss€sjEs sig. nificant hlpoglycemic acti,jry comparable with g!,bficlamid€, a stardard dlug. 2-r&2-DG-1s8 ANTI1NFLAMMATORY ACTIVTIY OTFRACTIONS OF LATIX OF CALOTROPIS PROCERA IN CARRAGEENAN TNDUCED NAI PAW OEDEM,A. Majmder P.Kt Kumrr VL. @eparteent of Phalr@otosy, All India Instilur€ of Medical Scioc6. Ansri Nagat New Derhi 110 lis.tndia> pt /@th{apy1"""^t, , titili p. irriii. rG. -- The cnde dw latex of Ca lotropis proceru (Arka) possesses a pote antiinflammatory activ_ a itl. The iinllarffnatory activilv of petroleum ether, acetong methanol and aqueous e*racts of dry latgof Calotrapis pro.?ra was tesled in the carrageena[ induced rat paw o€derna model All the F$ctions exlibired antiinllammalory activity but inhibition of oedema rvas foutrd to be signili- cant rvith the acetone and aqueous exlracts. 2-1&2rDG-1s9 ANAIGESIC AND ANTI.INFLAMMATORY f,T,FECTS OF HE YCEIUM SFICAII,M.Tlndzr! s-Iii Ch2ndrt, 9i clpti, S.i Lrt, J. (Divisior oiphM@togy & ToEcoloey, Indiu Vdmnary Rewh lnsliture. rztnags 24r 122. UP Ind;a, In liot Jouhtu! olphamerticat scieke, ,. 5s(3): p_ t4a-t50. tg97 . etracl oflle u,ch iun spicatun (Sa!ii) rhiome was founal to possess significaat _Alchoholicantiinllammatory activity in ca.{agee n-induced hind paw oealena. It also produced ;alg€sicactivity in acetic acid-induced rlrithirg movemenls in mice ard Randall_Selifto assav in mtl. t60 GASTRIC AC[) SECRETION INHIBITORY AND GASTRIC LESION PROITCTII,E EFFf,CTS OF ALOE PREPARATION, Suvitayavaa, W.i Brly.pnpharsar!, N.; Thinr!.apa& s.; Waratr.be, K @€panmen, ofphysiology, Fdcult of Phamacy. Mahidol Univesity. 44? Sri-a}tdh.va Road- Bdngkok 10400, Ttr utnd)Tho; Jott at .IPhrtvphamad. 4rt). p. r-ll, I9a? Alo€ frrzmrt prepairtion sig ficantly inhibired gasrric acid secrerjon in high dose (tO0mi$oM) There werc no clifference in histamine-r nduc€d gastdc acid sec.ehon among three groupswhen adding lest solutions in the mucosal solution_ The.e was no significant diference betweeri iheeffect of aloe pftparation anal placebo in this fi vifo model_ lntraduodenally injecting aloe prepara_tior (7.5 mykg) in plTolus-ligated rats sigifica tty inlu_biteal spontarcous gastric acid secretion.The gastric lesion prctective effect of aloe preparation was determircd by orally administrating testsolution 30 minutes prior feeding HCI to .ats. Atoe preparation had a significantly higher gastricprotective effect than placebo_ Ttese dau indicates that sloe preparation can protect gastric mucosaftom Hcl-induced gastric lesion and inhibit both spontanoeus anal secretagogue_induced iaasr.icacid secretion../ANA,4RY - JULy, t998 52 A,IMRA: II/1&2 . . I
  • 58. 2-r&2-DG-r6r STUDIES ON THE ANTI-INFI-AMMATORY ACTI!ITY OF RIIIZOMf,S OF NELUMBO NUCITERA Mukherje, Pi Srhr, K; D.!, J.; Pal, M.; Sahs, B.P. @epartnoDt ol Plmaceutical Technoloel:F&ult of EnSindirg & Tdhnotogy, JadarTur Univerrity, Calcuth 700 032, wB,India) PIdh, Medica, v. 63(4): p.367 -369, 1997. The aaliinflatunalory activity ofthe methanol earact of Netunbo nucifera (Kumuda) thi-zome as well as ofbettiniq acid, a steroidal triter?enoid isolated ftom i! perc evaluated on ca[a-geenin and serotonin and serotinin induced iat paw €del:ra. Methanol extract at doses of 200 and400 mg^{g and betulinic acid at doses of 50 rng^g add 100 ng/kg p.o., shoeed significantantiinflammatory activity in both ihe models of inflatEmalion in lats. The effects produc€d ver€compamble to tha! ofphsnylbuazone afld alexamethasone, two prototFe anliinllammatory dnrgs. 2-1&2-DG.162 ANTIPI-ATf,LIT AGCREGATION POTENCIES OT THf, D,XTRACTS OF VISCUM ALBUM.seDer, B.; Deliom.n, D.i Ergutr, f. Deplrlmear ol Phmacognos). lacLlb .l Phamad ct Un^ehrF 06330, ArkaE, Turkey) Jam at of Facthy o! Phatuacy of G@i UkiveBity. 13(2): p.143 146. t991 TIreextracls ot Ilscrm alb n (Vatula) collecledftom twelve hostplants grolving in TurkeywerE screercd for their in vifio antiplatelet aggFgation activities. Antiplatelet aggregation potencirlsofthe extracts of tr4rcrm d/rzl, urielies among the host planll stxdied. E(lracts prepared fromLscum albtm nlTected frcm the host planls, wild apricot pinus, apricol and wild cherry shorved thegreatest ability to inftibit platelet ag$egalion. 2-1 163 SUR}EY ON INDIGENOUS Mf,DICINAL PI,ANTS USED FORABORTION IN SOME DISTRICTS OF UTTAR PRADESH. Nrlh, D.i S.ti, N.: srivlsl.va. 5.i Jart. A.lr: sriva.l,t,. R. fDtrr{oi . lorcul.!. centbl l)ru! Reseech ltrstitule, Lucknow 226 001: uP,lndja) )litotenpia, .64O): P.223 225.1997 Fou(een planb wcrc fo!-rrd to be in common usc by womcn for inducing abortions. ,4./ralo.la|asica (r/asa), Morinsa oteikra, (Ststu) Cannabis sativa (Bhans4, ibiscut ro:a-ri ensis (tuPa)andlru.hvspemun annti (vrvlrt were lound Io bc uscd bJ 7r pcrccnl populalion 2-t &2-KA-164 EFFECT OF WITHANIA SOMNIFERA, (,{,SI2,46,4NIl,{) ASPARAGUS RACEMOSUS (SATAZARI) A.lD LA.KSSADI TH4ILM lN l1IPROVING THE PHYSICAL AND MEN- TAI, Hf,ALTH OF PRf,-SCHOOL CHILDRf,N. Chrtur Prabhnk.rj Kosh-ri v: Menon, s; Vaidhr_{n{lhtq B. olala Mardir Resrch foutdation. GN Ch.$y Road- lNd.!d. Mddrus 600 017. lN Indin) I/c.hngl atd Nlltitiohal Research Conntuli.atu* :f r( lx l!r4 The elficacy of It;/, ani,l sonnlara (AsanEtrdlir. hblcls (r 53. l-2 rsp bd l rnd .4 rparogr.s/a.eDosrr (Shala{ari G}nthaN l-2 1ab bd) as inlcrnrl medicrlion td Lakshadi tluihtn as e1et-JANLIARY -,IULY, ]98
  • 59. nal massaglj to enhance the non specilic general immuniq of 50 pre school children. The studyindicated tllat the non-specific inlmlmiry of child.en is gEaib enhanced as refl€cied in increas€dhaemoglobin conlent- and dedeased episodes ofpFexia ofur*nown origifl, infectious drsease ardeJe infecuoru. The everimental group chil&en $€re ahead of &e control group in vanous stagesofde!,elopmenlal schedule at lhe end oftrealmenl 2-1&2-KB-165 ACTION OF THE AQUIOUS EXTRACT OF ALOE BARBANENSIS - MILLER IN IN VITRO CULTURES OF TRICEOMONAS VAGINALIS. Roj.s, Li Matlmotns, M.; Garrido, N.i rindt C, (Instituto de Mediclna TloPical Kouri,Aparatado 601, Marianao 13. Ciudad de L! Habana. Cubd) Retista Qband de ledi.nn Topi.al, !. "edro a7G): p. 16118,1. 1995 The antiparasitic aclion of an aqueous er(racl ofl/ae (Kutfla ) against andin barbadensisto cnl0ne of Ttichonnn r ragil?dlr has been s[ud]eal for the fiIst time. Taking an initial concen-tration of400 mglm1afetacl. doublb sedal drlulions $ere performed. and fin l concenlratiorsbased on the dried leight ofthe extract $erc 10..1, 20.8, 11, 83 a 160 ngr4. Withh 2l houG-peicentages ofinhibltion $eater than 50 percent $ere obtained froi[ concentalions of20.I micog/nLL. Similar re$lts $ere obtained at -18. and 72 hours !idl lo$€r concent ation, the inlibilion ofgro$lh $ss gr€aler than 50 percent against three stmins ofthe Parasite. 2-r&2-KB-166 I-ACTATION AXD WEIGHT R.EIENTION Clml A JoDneI Daolen Zhang, Dd Mary rrer So$eN., Dept. of EpidemioloCy .and Biost tislics. Schoolof Public Hetlth. Unndsily ofMichigan. I09 obwatot, Arn Albor- MI48109:2029. E-mail: mfsowe$@unich.edu.. -4r4i.ah JoMol of Clnical Nxtrition. 1997:66: PP I 1l 6-l I2l The etrect of laclation on s€ight rctention ilas iivestigaied longitudinally, with ilata col-lected at 0.5,2,4,6,12, and 18 months after padurilion in ll0 women aged 20-40 )rs. $ho hadb€en multiparous or prirniparous. At each evaluation women were categodzed as fully brcastfeeding, panly breast feeding, or botde feedirg including infants iv€arcd to a botde (bottlefeedinglrened. Postparlum {eight retention 11?s caluculated by substmcting reight beforepregnency from *€ightl a1 each evaluation. Lactatiofi pnctices werc fourd to be significandyassociatqd e<0.05) with posFartum $eighl retention b)longitudinal regession analysis.Women ivho bottle-fed their infanli retained more seight ove trme than aomen who breast-fedtheir infants. Sigrifica4lky slower rale ofweight loss werc observed when wonlen ceased brcast-feeding or $rtched from ftlly to panly brest-feeding. Weight retention over time tras grcater invomen rl-ho rwre older- unma.ried or hld greater $eight gair durng pregnency (P<0.05) Apattemof weight gaifi raher than veight loss l€s obsered in unmarned women. Our fmdrngssuggest that lactation inlluences ihe paltem ofpostpatum *€ight rctention; however lhe efieclof laciation on weight relenlior was sufficiently limited to warrant mini{nal emphasis oniactation as a nrearu of rninimizing postpartum weight retention.JANUARY. JULY, 1998 AMRA.IIN&2
  • 60. lt 2-l&2-KC-r67 Av,,AiSt"{lf{,f."s4. A CLINICAL STUDY 0N "II{UNBERG,LA FRACRANS ROXB IN HEPATIC DISf,ASES. Mand, GG. onslitulo Dl M.d,c!l Scicn..s- IlirarJs I Inrdtr Unnctsin. varanxsi ?:l 005. tJP- lndir) Lledi.kes dhd ltoods: TIE Lthr.tlwndotosnal Alptus4t. znd liaqunt ( rt)q ilu on Eth,oFhuha.olq,,. .87.24 27 Marcl, l99i- Flcid.lbcrS. Ceandll, lhe planL Th nberyla Irdgons (Kakun( bhc.l ) ,s found 1o be *idch uscd bi llrc lrihrlpeople of bnad dislricl of Renla for lrcaliog hepaiic disordcru. To find or{ thc clncacv of lhjsplant an erpenmenlal studt has been conducled on albiilo lats rnd rabbiF by carbon-1clra€l{oridcinduced liver alamage. By fie ctcquraging resulls on eperinrcntal anirnrls r cljricdl 9ud! las beencondrctcd or the palicnls sufering fronl infecdve hcpalilis, serum hepalitis (Hep_B) and uriousoiher liver disorilers, at Departm€nl of Gastroenterolog]- Medical Collcge Hospital and GolAlurveda College Hospilal. Tri?ndrun. The successirl rcsults and clinical d.lla oftlis sludv have been disctlssed. 2- I OBSERVAIIONS ON CLINICAL f,VALUATION OF INDIGENOUS HERBAL DRUGS IN TIIE TBTATMf,NT OF Mf,NTAL ILLNESSf,S ?Reersltur BhJbha LP. shah!. Smit, P.ndil Patif. J.$ahtr Pttif. consulhot Psychiaiis{, Bomba) Hospiirl, Bombat rconsultad Psychia&is! BombaY./rdid, Jdntdl af Phan dcolog, 1997: 29: 53 t7S3rq A),urvedic litemture describes psychotropic propcrtr€s ofmaD hcrbs lrr recenl )ears lhel have been evaluateil for efiicasJ and safely by usingmodem methods of hunun bharmacologicrl irwestigation. The article decribes the obseivations related to dose mnge. duratior- selection of pararnatres, source drug, *c. of the authors while conducting clinical triarls of some of drc collr_ pounds clained Io ha€ psycbotroprc Prop€nies 2-l 169 THE ETFECT OF I}trTERf,NT PULSES AXD BANANA ON THE GLYCEMIC RT SPONSE AND LIPEMIC TNDEX IN EEAI]TSY HUMANS. Kurup. P.V.: Krisbrmunby. S. (Medical ResQrch CenEe Kunerh lnrbture o Ved(al scier cs Madiehd 629 163,India) 7t dian Jortual of Ntbind osd Dietenet v- 30 G): p?06-?1t 1993 Five goups oflolunteers consisting of 39 (2 I males (IO 18 fenu les (F) for the bbck gram ercxp. 22 (loM & 12F)) fol the Bengal gram giup. 4l (25M & l6F) for the green Sram go P 22 ( 12M & 10F) for fte horse gram group and l? (10M & 7D for the ba@na group $€re adniitted and fed a background basal diet for 15 alas and obs€rvation w€re nade Ondrebasis ofresults obtained it t concludei thal in the general populatron a lavourable lipid p?ofile cin be obtained by dietary interv€nuon, especrally inclusion oflegilmes in aitproximately l/sth oftire calone requiremed €an resuit in pEventing lllgcholestercIaemia, hlPertriglyceredemia a d hlper LDL cholesterolaemia, $hil; incriirsing HDL choleslerol ilr the setum lt is suggested that lip€mix r{:x tcoimonlv eaaen fo;d articles wifl provial€ usefif information rega.ding tlEii lipiemic or adilipemic effecls in J,ANVAFY - JWL 1998 J5 II/1&2 AMM.-
  • 61. 1&2-KC-170 A COMPARATI!E STUDY OF EICAI{CAVEERARASA AND MAEAMASA TAILA . WITS SODflANA THERAPY IN KHA]{JAAND PANGU. N.ir P.R: Vijtyan, N P.j M.dhlnikutti, P. Otdim InslitDte of Panchkma Chruihxuthv Kdala lndlai Joxnal oJ Reseuch in Alutueda ah.! Siditha - ls(34): p 98114 1994 T €nq patients sutrering from Khanjt ard Pangu (paraplegia) were rlected fiom the outpatients oflnilian lnstitute ofPanchkarn4 Chenrtururly and grouped into two at random G-roup gmup II wi& sodhanai was treated rvith Ekangaveerarasa intemal and Malnmasa taila exlemal andtrerap-v. The <luntion of featment was fixed as 60 days The result of the treame war highlyencouragin€ and $alisucail) significanl Tte thenpy isetractie in de trealment olPataplegia 2-t&2-KC-171 EVALUATION OF TIIE EFFECT OF KUTAJA CHANAVATI WITH SHANKHA iRAVA IN TEN MANAGEMf,NT OF CRAEANI ROG.d Jou"at Nsrsh Kumari Aril Kumr (Regional Resedch centre fot Avutreda JMmu Tas J &YIncn ofReearch ,1Ayrcda atal SiilAhd !. 15Q4): P 122-12A,1994 The analy_ The shraly was bas€d on the chssically mentioned slmptomatology ofthe hs€ase- of on set ofsis of th€ thitfpatients rmaler study was maale according to age se Prakrtr monthdisease. aliet, past history of illn€ss, alisease aggErating and relieving factols, body wpigtrt andpatfrologicit inestigations. iaj^ (Holanhena antidvsentetica) G}lar]Arai (I gf d s) with twoa.p, oist ooo" tur" given to patients for 2l days Thee pscent ofthe cases gol completerelief, sixty"ottt" percenl of the cases got marked relief, twenty seven percent of the cases got tbreemoalerate relief alrd sev€n percent of the cases got mild reliel 2-1&2-KC-112 STUDY ON TRINAPANCEMOOL !N THE TRTATMENT OF URINARY TRACT INFECTION Pathak s.N.; IGrr, H.; M.iduia @.Partnent of Shdlava Shalalqs, Insrftuc of Medical,s.:ien@1 9:a-:as Uiiau Uniwsiry, ltnrui a2t 005, :if,tadi^) Jomal of Reseaah ib Avtfleda and Siddha ! 15(34: P129139 1994 Trinapanchmula co{taining (ykngcel,nosla.hya bipinnata Kasa (Sacchann spantaneun) Da$ia (Impenta cylindetica, k$ (Saccharun affcinanw) aadNat,a (Atundo karla) ol GrarJ:,inag pow-leted famly were taten tor stuCy. The roots ofaIl the plant! in equal quantity aftet washing vere 315 cases ofboth ard used in the form of decoction all.l Chanasatwa with l"rious Anupanas ill sexes. Five groups of patents with flve B?es of dtugs combinations were stBdied ft rlas observed that fie dr; abolishilg the rymptoms ofu T.l. i e burning in urirc freEienct Pain in is helptul h found in parireal regio4 lwel and dribling to a great exlent Majorif ofcases (65? perceit) were relieve group, not res?onded lverc 22 25 percent and cued were ll 42 percent only sFnptomaric The various alata of obsenation and results has been discussed taNalRv - JULV, 1998 t6 AAMEA - II/I&2
  • 62. l&2-KC-113 f,VALUATIONS OF TOPICAL APPLICAflONS OT EER}A] FORMULATIONS IN -,icnn vulcenrs, e sINcLE-BLIND RANDoMTsED coMPARArrlt sruDY Pnnjpe, i. (Ayurcda Res€rch InstinnE 25 K{ve Rod, Pu 4r1 004, Mahatlslta IrditJolaal oJ " . - U"at irot Arcnanc Ploft Scides v 19(2): P 474418 1991 ""a Thes€ formulation coosisl ol the lollorung planls: group A Nardotnchf Jatamansitf,otamanlsit. Svmlocos rucenosa (Lodhn) aAGlycvrrhia glabra (YLtIi) gro|JD. ts rhyttanthut (Kutdit) Lmbdmenbhca 1,tiiali1, terninolia bel?rift (t4bhbalit Holanhena antidvsenen(a tibrs Mdonsd. Zmsib{ offi.inalit (Sunti) ard ndostachvs jatanann Qatamott$i and group; C;;,h:;;ii,Z i""t; Hotarriena anridvsenterica (Kuiia, reminaria atbuttt ta (Eatitaki) cheb (chandana)il"iili t"ii,t" itnt *tt, Phvtt anthus embtica (Anot^ki) ud santatun 2-t&2-KC-174 PODI A IN CLIMCAL ASSESSMENT OF TFE EFFECTS OF SANDANA (SANI}AL) --_ - TEE TREATMf,NT OIDIABETES MELLITUS (NEERAZHIV). sni"ur, n; singlo, n-r (ccRAs, 5l-65 Isti tuo@l Ara, No b la5 Opposire r ts(3-4): Ee-e? D_Blol Lsiwdli rJ"r-i; i.iJ* oiri iro oss,tadia)Jdnat oJReAarch ih A) tudo ant Siddha P 1994 patie sof Sa ds Podi (Candana) a Siddh4 dnrg was clinically tried on the aflbulatory (NIDDN4) attending the diabetic clrnic al safdaiangxos-no" ioJi" aO*a"ni Oi"tetes melitus 1." o"ifr. o*"" pretimina4 screening the cases tahen up for study were- of mild and"tJ. ,yp.. -I*elny pr,i.n" were ;e,3rcd with Sandaaapodi, 300 mg of dmg filled in an empbil ".," *iJ"r. ** ,aitinistered rwo times a &y lol forb 6ve da]s Seenry ix percent-of the""i"i";atienu beloneed I o the aee group of 40.60 years The study shou ed me-an fal! ol 49 E mg a( laslng pmrdiat) with 4i dais of tr€atnentl"a."*J"ff?i I ro-+s iflcr tro houn of food intate (post(p)JLJir aig, *ii"r "ie ro be statislicanv significanl both at fasting and post prandillevel. No sid;;. toxic "*i"*ta efecls ofthe dflg were seen dnring ihe course of study 2-1&2-IKC-175 (CHRONIC COUGE) CLINICAL STUDY OF AXSEER-E.SIJRFA IN SUAI-f,MUZMIN si.tdioui. M.M.E r Jarri. S.A.al i saltnt. V Oepaflmtrl ol Moalial- FdculN or Unoi MedFine- AliS.arh 202 002. UP lndia Ha dard dedms v 40(l) D 102-10/ llv/ Alrgeh i4uslim Univ6ny. Akseer-e-Suda, a Umni formulation contai ng P nia Srunalun (Dadi a) batk Hvorcvanut niper (Parosika tadni) seed GIyclEhEa glabn (yani) ertracL Rhus qc(?dann iiits."ttru,a pa,.arsi^aixadatirte es. Ptp nisr n (Maicha).eeds |i*-t"i" ,i"iiiii (Laeongo) when adtrilinered ro eghry paLients d 2i0 mg wrln o gm ^iSr niu* "-ro,i*^ ["i.;7;;illy r" , p.rjod of I ee weeks. shosed signiflcant bronchodilarory and evectror^nt acli1les. 2-1&2.KC-176 A DOIJBLE BLIND PLACEBO CONTROLLED CLINICAL TRIAL OF PIPPALLI . NIS^IVAXE tAN EVURDDIC HERBAL PRf,PARATION) IN CASES OF GIARNIASIS Abb6, S.S.! Tripathi, D.M ; AganI, A Li singh, N i Pddev, KC (CDRI Lucknow UP_ India) AntLePtic ! 9418) p 25u154. 1991 AAMM .II/1&2 JANUANY. JULY. I99E
  • 63. Pippalli Rasayana (PR) i{as tri€d ir 4l cases of giardiasisi PR was administered ir doses of 400 mg capsrles (orc t.d-s) for 14 alals irrespective of age ard rveight of patient. PR sigtrificaady reduced the clinicd signs and symptoms. Stool became fr€€ of parasites and in haeftatological profilq Hb percenoge increased and eosinophil coult declesed. No side etre.rs t €re obsened. The drug possibly acts through some cidal constituents present in it ard also by improing irnmune status of patient. 2-1 &2-IKC-171 MANAGEMENT OF AMAVATA WTTE CERTAIN AYUR}EDIC PREPARAIIONS. Bh6(tlthiri. ?.P.N; Nair, S.S.i vijlyt4 l4P.; Nair, P.RC G. R l Triva)dnm, Indim Iislitute of Parchaliam.a. cheruthuruthl K lnd;a) JoumI af Rekarch ia Awneda a"d Siddh4 v 1s(34): p l It ^lar 111- 1994. Fortv patierls sufiering from Atnavata were glven Panchalola choorna internally ard laluka $€da etermlly for tlle frrst 10 days fot Amapachana pnrpose. A{ierwards ttre patie s wele di_ ided into tlro groups at landom. h group I Guduci kwatla, Guduci sneha and guggulu wete adminislered and h II Guduci kwatha, Guduci sneha ard RalIIa chooma wele glven for 20 $oup dat s. The result of llealm€nt ras encouraging and statistically siglrficart. 2-1&2-KC-178 SUCCESSFUL THERAPY USING GAELIC AGAINST A PATEOGf,NIC YEAST. [ clrgill P aBo lal.DolLoi. 604Iq. USA,84xJ ]o nnloJ Pbto,heruP v4(ll:Pl2i-122 lq9? A ,t2"yeir-old femat€ candidiasis patien! eith se!ere infesianon of Candida lusitaniae ad- ministered ;hfour to fil!€ gztlic (Altiun sattuun) (Ldrlrrd) cloves daily showed complete cure r rdun four monlhs oflrealmenr. r&2-KC-l?9 CLINICAI- TRIAI, OF JATROPEA CURCAS SAP IN THE TREATMf,NT OF COIMON WARTS. MaNquiq E.A.i Blanco, J.A.; Granados, S.i C.cet$. A-; Mortles, C (laculty ofMedicel Sciorc*, Univc$irr_ of San C!!los. Ciudad U{ivo6ilaria, zond 12. Gr t ft6l^) Fitotercpid, v 68(2): P 160-162, t997. Tlre nrilkv sap ofl.r,cas (V!,ago erundo) is uscd in Mesoanerica for $e treatmenl of dillcrent dermatomucosal diseases. 147 rvarts lesions from 30 patienls were strdied. The sap was applied daity for l5 days and comparcd rvith one ipplication ofliqurd nitogen and darlv applica- dona ofr placebo. Experimenhlly lreatcd lesions beha€d statisltcally as ihose treaied uth iiqdd nirrogen bur drfrcrerrll) lrom placebo. 2-1&2-KC-180 - COMPAMTIIE STUDY OT TWO AYURVf,DIC DRUGS IN STABLE ANGIN.d Asz"rhi. A.K (Kc) rh,i,r{ DeDdrm<nl R,sh,lul Narionrl ^u^eJr ( olleee. Hrrd$r LrP hdE} Sa!t|a lt1n J, 44,2 T ll7_lli rqob! . Harilakyadi rati (HD composedofTerninalia chebul.t (Hariiuki),,1corus mlanus (Vacha) Pluchea lanceolata (Rasnu), Ptpet nisrun (Mafichu), T.ingiber o)frcinale (3u thi), Hedychitn spicatxnt (Sati), Inuta raenosa (hskannulu), and Lasunayadi gnggal (LG) .altt3d.ttl:q Allin1 .,A NIIA RY..IUI,V. 1 9 98 lt AMM -1vt&2
  • 64. sattuun (L6onaIInula racenosa (PuskLru n A andoleorcsitof Conmiphora nl k1lt (Guseutu)were tried irl three giolrps of angina patrents. Gfoup A patients nere treated ivilh HV (tilo labletvdose thrice daily) for six week. Grolp B flel€ glven LC (1wo tabletvdose, thricc daily) for si ]r€€kand $oup C treated withboth the dtugs (2 lablets eacb trice daily) for six weQks. On the basis ofobse(atro$, maximum imprcvemen! was noticed in palients of group C receiving bolh lhe dmgs.Minimum improvem€nt $as in patient oi Group A treated wift Iry alone. 2-l&2-KC-r81 MANAGEMENT APPROACHES OF NON INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETf,S IIELLITt S" Kalpua, N.i Prnathi ElNaraq P.i Uma M.gshFari, s. (Avinashilineam lnrilute tbr Home Science sd Hiehe. Educ&tion ftr Wonen. Dcon€d Unirersit, Coinbatorc 641 043- lN, India) h iak Joumal 4 Nut itia aad Dietelics. !. 29(9): p.2782a3. 1992 Conrolled diet is recognised to be the main therdpy for good mctabolic contrcl in non_insulin dependefi ahabetes mellitus (NIDDM). Tle present resmrch focusses on the nunagementappmaches ofNIDDM witl the objectlve ofstudJing the eflicacy of nalur€ cure, Aluneda, allopalh]and dietary aDproah among thc selecled non-insnlin dependcn! diabetics. Controllcd diel emphazisesthe consumption of wheat (Godhuchi), ftgi, handpotnded nce and foods $at are bilter and astn n-gent. Al,uneda include herbal supplcments like sarkaral koll (Gynnenn sylvestre (Malhs nLtini),Slzygium cunini (J^mblseeds) ( IMbu), Enblica ofricinalis (^mlal (Arnlaki) and Cutcuna longaktmeic) (Eatidrt) if gNen 3 limes daily for a month followcd by physical and yogic excercises cancure NIDDM. It is concluded tha! all othcr systems are inadcquale in arealing NIDDM and oncshould control ii by diet regulation, increased physical activily and Aluw€da lrcatmenl 2-l 182 EFFICACY OF MAHAPRASARANI THAILAM IN DIABf,TIC Pf,RIPIIERAL NEUROPATHY Kdtty, Ps.: Sarada, c; N!ir, c-P.R.i Prash,nrh, A.S (Dcfanmenl o! Karachikits!. GolemmentA$tr€d. ColleEe. Tkndium- Kerola iidia)n/edn.tal untl Nabiln,,al Research C.dkniicatbn. 2: p 19.24 1994 Mahaprasarani thailam. herbal oilprcptlrcd as dcscrrbcd in ncrcn Aluncdic lrlc.alurewastried on 26 diabelic polyncuropslhy palienls On cicclrophlsiological cvalualion it was found thatthe treatmcnt Sroup sho$ cd better rcsponsc lhan thc conlrol al thc end of 2 I dal s. The ncurologicaldi$biliry s,!re and sensory ncrvc conduclion vclocity fo. sunl ncn€ rcrc siSnificant 2-l&2-RS-183 f,VALUATION OF ANTIDIABETIC EFFOCT OF AN AYURVEDIC DRUG "TARAKESWARA RASA" IN RATS V. V.santbakuhaf & C.s.shyrntla Dc{,l)eFrtnrcnl.l l]rorlrcmislry lJnicffil ol 4rdtrs 6r(rl)li bdin- t didn J.v"dl LI Lycrn c tul bnnos lrl15. l(st^l t9t7 PP.9t)99tt _Trrukcslrtlrit Ras an AIuncdicdruglo allo)iarr induccd dirbclic nls Administralion ofresulled in a sigrificant dccrcasrc in lhc blood sue,r. 1ls antidiabclic effcd rYas also clident frorltlhc tissue prruneleres eslinulcd Thc drug rdminislrltion 1o dinbelic rrls also res ltcdin,rercd c_lion of choleslrol. lnghccridc,rnd phospholipidcottlcnl.tANItARv - JUt f. t99A
  • 65. VESTIBT]LOCOCHIEAR FUNCTIONS IN DIABETES MELLITUS. chab-rl c-P. c., Deparnncnl ol ENT. Amcd lorces Medical Colleg6. Pune - 41 1 O4O, Ib.lian J Otolat Hedd Neck Suts 1997, 49(2), 1621. (sc) Vestrb lo-cochlcar function in 30 diabetics and 30 contmls werc eYaluated Hearilg lossmild 10 moderale *as detected in40% of diabetics. Tlis was tpically bihteral s}nmetrical, morcin high fr€quencies and cochlear in natule. Incidence of hea.ing loss was more in higher agegro ps, in poorb conlrolled diabctics. and inthosetidrout a family lustory ofdiabetes There wasno conelation be6reen hearing loss and duratior of drabetes There was ro evidence ofvestibulardvstuncrion in lfie diabelrLs sruditd. 2-1&2-RV-190 DO OATS BELONG IN A GLUTf,N-FREE DMT? Tricis Thohpen, Ms, RD,34E SDrdner S! Marchestet,MA Olg44 J ADt Diet Asoc 1997:97: t 3 l1I6 Celiac disease is ar ifiolerance to Protein fractions in .wheat (Godhuma) , rye,ball.y (Yalt)ard possibly oats (Srta ,/rdrJa). lvhen these grains are corutrmed by a person with celiac dis€asethey_dama;e the mrcosa ofthe small intestine, lYhich eventually leads to malabsorpton ofnuti-em;. Pnti;ts are therefore rd"-ised to remove these grains ftom ih€ir die! rilh lifelong adh€fthcegenemlly suggested. Although many dietitians and physicians consialer ihis dietarl pIescription toi" rtutrdutal,".to"ut, it is a&Ba{y quil contro€rsial Wlralrer oatscan safety 6d consumed byperson with aelac dis€ase has been debaled sirce the gluten-free diet was first advocat€d mpre thaniO y*t" ugo. Histo.ically, ihere have be€n se€ral reasqN for this d€bate including lbe difrcubin identifring the precise amim acid sequence in gliadin tlrat is responsible for loxicift; the difier-ences in iereal chernistry bet$€en $hea! and oats: and the lack of{elldesigned studres to assessthe loxicilv of oals. A grorving body of evidence now suggests thal moderate amounis of oals maybe safely consumed by lnosl adu1ls with celiac disease. Ii fuIthcr rcsearc.h condnues 10 f.rnd noaalverse efiects from oat consumpuo4 a consensus may emerge on the place of oats in the gluttn_free iliel. In tlle meaftme. individual dietary Fescripdons, outinely assessed for aPprcpnalenessusing histologic aniyor serologic siuahes, may be warranted to prcvent unnecessary dielary lestric-Lieness Jnd undesrrable ne&cai complicauons 2-1&2-RV-l9r SHIFT FROM A DAIRY PRODUCT-RTCE TO A DAIRY PRODUCTFREE DI[T: INFLUENCE ON CYTOTOXCITg AND GENOTOXCITY OF FECAI, WATER - POTENTIAL RISK FACTORS FOR COLON CAICER1J I Biorn Clbehdmln Mirc venturl latr R R@labd & Jnseph J Ratrer frod the DepsrtDflr of Medical Nutrition, Karclinsk Institute, Novum,-Huddinge, Swoden dd BIBRA Inlemational, DePartnenl of Microbiology and Nulrilion. Cdshalton, United Kingdon, supponed bv eraDd ftom th€ Swedish Dain , Asocianon dd the Sw€dish Cmcer Sociery MV was sPponed bv a gont fron the EU koMdo prognrn. I Addes rcprid requests to .1., Rdftct Deparhnent of Medical Nutdtidn, K{olinska }lstilute, Novco, s-141 86, Hud.lirye, Swedeo, E-mail: JosePir Rafiet@ nodnui Ki SE,ID l C/it Nrtt 1997; 66: 1277-62 Pn b.l ih USA.JANUARY - JULY. 1998 62 t IMXA - II/1&2
  • 66. Seleml €pidemiologic shrdies llave suggested that dairy pmduct (fsird intake is drgc) gtotoxicityassociBted with a decreased incidence of colon cancel To determine whether the andgenotoxicity of the aqueous portion of human stool Cfwo potefltial dsk markers for the disease)sere af€cted by a chary€ in dairy product ifiake, 18 healthy male ,nd female vol eers rverc.andorhly divided into tilo groups. In a crossover alesigl the volunteers shified from their nomalalairv produci-rich diet to a dairy product-ftee diet. Nftritional analysis of the food consumedduriry the stuE period showed a significant dedease in energy inlake ftom 9000 to 7866 U/dbecause of a decreased intal(e of protein and fat. Caftohydrate and fiber intakes remained ua-changed during the iden€ntion. Calcium intale decreased significantly from 1488 to 372 mg/d,$ith simitar significant decr€ases in phosphate and vitamin D inlal(es. Cltotoxicity offecal water,analyz.ed bt the t{T-29 c-totoicit-v assa}! indicated a significant decrease in cel1 surviv.al ftom 34%to 20% *hen dairy products rlere excl ded from ilrc participans diels. Single-cell gel electro-phoresis (COMET assat- used to analyze genotoiciij of fecal waters; rndrcated no ilifi€rencest rought about by thc dielary inlene(ion. ln conclusio& our findings indicale tlul a shft frofl adairi product-rich to a dairy product-free diet resuhed in a signrlic€nr edect on an accepted riskmarker for colon cancer and may suggest that the mechanism by which dairy products are Prctec-ri e r. ir rhe leel of Irnror p,omolron rrrhcr lllan inirauon. 2-1&2-RV-192 DIETARY ESSf,NTL{L FATTY ACID SUPPLEMENTATION, URINARY CALCIUM EXCRETION AND REPRODUCTIVE Pf,RFOR]ILA.NCE IN ITE DIABOTIC PRECNANT RAT clrlrnd, HOi F.Fhan AG & siblel: c.P, school ol Biologial scimccs dd Doiradment of childrleailh- Uniresilv of Madc!6sler. Min.heste! M ll 9Pl UK (R.equesb for orpints shoutd bc addFssd.to HO -GAn^Ad-Jotrhnl ofEido.tk.las/ (1997) 153 357 - 363 Hrper$lciuria may be a conlribulory faclor to the dislurbed calci m homoeostasis seen indiibctic pregnant rats and $eir offspring. In diabetes- essenlial fatty acid metabolism is irnpaired.We have rherefore investigatcd irhet1r€r feeding a det supplemented lrith ess€nltal fatty acrds willaneliorate the b?ercrlciuria of dirbelic pregnancy and improve reprodu€tive perfonnancc. Fenule lats $ ere fed a standard ral dicl. a fat-frce"diet plus evening primrose oil or a fat-freedict plussu loN er oi1 (Srrrdnnl.rt. Thc] rvcrc iqjcclcd rvith slrcplozotocin or vehicle and mated.Urine sanples were analysod for calciun before injeclior a d during gestatior Tern-pr€gnant diabelic mls fed cr."ening prin)rose oil showed a 73% reductior in uriftirymlcium oulput compared $ith sinlila. rals led standard dicr (p<0.001). The conesponding reduc-lion rvas.l,l9i, in diabelic rars fcd srnllo$er oil (p<0.001). A dcpletion of €ssential fatty acids indiabeies may thcrefore b; associated rvil h hlpcrcalciurja: dielar) supplcmcnlalion, panicularly withc1 ening pritnrose oil. appears lo corrccl lhe problern. Diabclic prcgnanl rats fed evcning prinuose oil shotcd a siSnificrnlly greater 1i€ fetal mass(8J+ 2 vs 3 3 + l2 g: p<0 05) corrpnrcd rvilh sinrilrr rats lcd skndard diei. Such finding nuy inplya nomaliz:ltion ofplacental tnmport br essenlial f}$ rcids. Rals ted evcning p.imrose. bit nolsunJloNcr oil also sho$ed a r€duccd incidcncc ofdiabcles aftcr strcplozotocir injection conplred$ilh rcts lcd sland2rd diet (63 Vs tl6%). &rlsfcdon ccning priFrosp oil thatdidbecone diabetic.tANUtlRv - JUt f, t9!8 ]L4MIL4 - II/l&2
  • 67. were less hlperglycaernic dun d$se on the sta larl thet (29 + 2 Vs 37 + 2 mmoyl) slrggsstiflgthat the oil rnay have anlr_diab€tic propedes 2-1&2-SA-193 E(POSURE EITECTS OT STAflC MAGNETIC FIELD ON SOME PHYSI- orocrc.rr, pan*lorDRs oF DE!ELOPING RATS Sciencd Jawaharlal Nehru UDiw6ilv Nw-Delhi Behari J & Mathur.R, School of EnviMrnental ----.,i*g,^Au r,at^ t-^at oJ Btotos) vol 34u8rst 1997 PP 894-897 Eqdituatol long tenn exposurc of static ;negnetic field on developing Etre.ct of for 120 da]s-afler ":t: a**lili:Ti9"-:utr," were subjected 10 a field of I I<e i*-11:* -LJ, "f moror acu*tviltT;il;;;;., "i,lt"i,"* i,t"hdJd fot obseflations were electmcaldiosnn!shows a }igher wei.g*.il ;; The elecuocardiogram of the eqerimental aninals dowtr of h€fl rale. Thel_jor*il or * ino r "^es- tenghteninS ofQT iden"j and a stowing ot** -ir less in eserimealal T::!T *il#i;;;;;. ;;"",.e"i., or *iur" was nol sisniccand) group while the motorli* *: *J*#. r"*a agroup signi{icaarhan incr€ase lt is corcluded that dlese are the bei.i,..it "i G rcgiste€d **"i,, """"*nding a* field to lcrilg du.ation ofthe magletic "f""ts ""*"4 2-1&2-SA-194 PEASE OF TSE MENSTRUAL THERMIC EFFECT OF FOOD DI]RINC EACE CYCLE1J MadMT.iPererFCastiloatrdrXavierPiSunerObei$ResebcenlsstLue_Rdsvelr ca;ba ur iqitr Ne" vor An r tn uE 1ee7: -o *. .nB Re"dch cenrer liii"i.."i",. ?tinted is USA ^h:t|-5 Theefrectofthemenstrualcycieonthethemiceffectoffood(TEF)wasexzmif,edineighr massjndex (in kelm:)21 3tl8l$omen n"alt1ry,normat:weiglrt 6 SD: 56.1 15 6kg andbody 16 916 sKg respect elv ner.i*"t"alvmassardfatmass werc 19 412 ? keand ""Jij-i*y. phases of a menstrul cycG: ear- 1v Ei rv", -i""t*u * n teparate days selected to march the four 3138-kJ liqurd meal (54 5% i"itt**. f"*;Lll;, t"".and late iuteal The vohmteers consumel a metabolic rate was m€asurcd ;;oiryar"t", 1+."2. p.ot"iq and 3 l 5% fat) on each test day R€sting 205 rnin Althoueh i- tl-J oi"r" ,n" *"at anal every 30 min after the slart of the meal for < 0-01 bf ANovA) (P .r"* ."li"i" t"" .-"ned uchanged, rhere was a significaft ditrer€nce t" i."1" f. it"l t* . rEF among the four phas* of th: cv:le 0 ::: : :i::]],T,i *:* loll icular phase 0 70 l 0 I 0 kl/rru n ourmg tfr" .rrfy iolli"tfa] pftu"" 0.86 i 0 09 kj/min dutt ns dle phase TEF ileecr$sed signrficandv *" rtiu u tu to o- u/Inn au;ng tlJlarc luleal luteal phaseo when it during postowlation (average ;f luteal and late ta ."iJn** pJi ,"0 o-i W follicular and.folliculr i"* oji f o.i,l *lLl., compared wirh preoldation (averag€ of earlv during the tuteal phase of n**U, ** * "* O , iO 06 kl/run In Lonctrlsion TEF decreased rmpairmenl of glucose upute and slo $ lransit offood the menstual cld€, possrbly as a result ol ftrough the upper gastointeshnal tract AAMM.II/142 .IANUARY - JULY, ]998
  • 68. 2-1&2-SS-195ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY OF SHELL FIBRES OF COCOS NUCIITRA LINN. ON ORAL MICROFLOR.dFa:ry t, Bhat LS., Shivar.nda i G., Depir. of Microbiolo$. Kastuda 4e cal Colleee, Md,psl - 516 119, Indian Dnes 1997, 43 (3), 1 a3-5. The stu4v r€s undertaten to find out the antibactedal and antiplaque efects of cmdeaqueous extract obtained fiom m€socarp of Co6or rncifem (Naihela). The cmde aqueous exuactwas prepared from fresh mesocarp ofunripe coconut by using Mixer and Filtration- The anlibacte-rial actnty $as tested on stardard sfains and selected gram positive and 8mm negativebacteria. Itshowed antibacterial efiect against all gram positil€ cocci tested but no against lhe gram negahvebac-il1i. The antiplaque activiry $as lested against Suepto mulans but it did not prevent plaqueformalion in vilro. 2-1&2-SS-I96A STUDY ON INFLUENCE OF HEAT ON EYE IN WORKERS OF GLASS INDUSTRIES Yog6h Kunar G; Shama, A.L; Kulsirnshthd, S. & Sham4 P. Dept. of Phadnacologl s.N Medical Calleec. !4@. lnd. Jdmal of Phanaiolog | 29/1 .feb 1997 Present clinical study conducted to observe th€ inJluence of heat on eye in lvorkcrs of glassindustry particularly in relation lo progress of dev€lopment of lenticulat opaciiY and any oth€rocular damage due to inlluencc of intense heat. Workers ofvaried age ranging trom leenag€ 10 paslmiddle age. Incorporated Parameteis takcn in to consideration were type of $o*, duralion of epo_sure lo fumacq distance offurnace fron the individuaj and any specific prolectivc measure iflakenOcular eaaminatior done bt distanl direct examinalion, by ophthalmoscopy, frindoscopy and silllamp examination in specfic cases. Changes in the €ye were found the €arly age rvith thefrequentcomplants of dimination of vision and rvalering from lhe eye. Tlvo cases were shoiaing comealopaciq Resufts rrere significanl rcgarding lenticular opacity. Exfolialion oflean capsule detecled.1 iii early age group (10-20 yls). In 21!30 ycar age group it was found in 42% ivorkers. Whil€none oide c:ontrol subjects wcrc shotring it. Afler 5 tcars duralion ofexposurc to the work inci-dcncc ofchanges in cteis Iesswl le aflcr 3{) ycars of cxposure it is up to 90%. ln control group it isontyupto:l%. Those working rrilhin 2 neter [orm ttre furnrcc show > 75% Ienticoar opaci5r Thisincidence dccrcases as the dislance increases trom the fumacc There was significant ditrerenccbetw€€n the invoivemenl oflcft and righl eye. lcft clc bciDg allectcd r.iuch more b€cause ofposlureduringwork. Thc uork€rs were nol using ilny piolective d€vicc. Thc individuals of€rrly age groupsholving exfoljalion run a higb risk ofacquired calar)ct. 2-l&2-SS-197 TFFTCACY OF ANAYIJRVEDIC TOOTHPASTE BASED ON DASHAN SANSKAR CI]URAN Pandta, N.t Jan,, A-K: Sini. s.s. {l)qrnnrenl ol-Suryc; il M M Slalc AvlFedic collcgc. Udail4 ll l 01)1. RrjnsLhrn. lndi.) Sachihu.ltul(J r .17(12)r 1,90?_9(i9. 1997 An A"lrnedic toolhprslc prcparcd fronr Ztnsftu.,Jidndle (Sunthi), Ibrtindlia chehulaUru tuki), ,lcacia Latcchl (Ptitj ). liNr nignu (M tith(), Srzvgiunt atot,taticu (Iawnga)t nnona ttu zeltani%tlt (Tbek) Eantphot (Kolut , clc lrrs bcen inlcsligalcd in 50 palientssrdlernrg f.on dc rl disslscs. Thcptrslc lrns higlrll clTecli e in conl rolling tlrc diseasesJnt.1Rr- lL|.y,I998 ,1,,tMR4 - II/1&2
  • 69. 2-1&2-SS-198 AZOL.! RESrS- IN VITRO ACTTVTTY OF CINNAMOMUM ZEYLANICUM AGATNSTiliii lrro irxsrrne cANDIDA sPocIEs AND A PILor sruDY ol cINNAMoN FOR ORAL CAI{DIDIASIS o .lp .l M.: Londm.n, D: Zntn, M M: Burncl s: Sarhe S S Secuon ol $redob DFms* il;;;-;;*-] v".., ar"i Medicarce rq L Boorn BoorF e* or "".;;;; ,^ tnPrt.at JaLndlalLrPe tadE t" t:4l_pl0t_ 0o l006 A.i,corG cLracrs ol oo!oered batk of a/""" :"tla,. n (lli!k) elrbrlcd ac! iD rx r iorJ| e rronr lli v (Humin rmmunode, - "" ;;;;;;,;;-;.;".i and cusccorrble arlrd pp or tess than 0 0j30 ng/mr) trans- ,o irt,o lMIi rarues;:;;;;;.;;;Gt;"t,.nt,ll:;;;;,..;.i; ;;fi ;."iri"o"*"uurra" tisolated rrom c,"arorrttt z^tanic n tlere atso 6a,r.tid; spp OIC "lues ofo 03-0 5 mg/nl) Cinnamon s$eets""iiu"a ""iiil,,,grru candido(rs,l.",..:.Ji"t,o^ilrvtcratuesolzstoomgnJI frepdrientstilhHIVandoral elutlred."."""J" *"*".i" r "vailable cinnarnon piepantLon 6r on eeL- Thrce pallens to dercm ne tlle usetulncss of clnrical triali illbe necessarl,;;;.;;;;i,h;;;.andidiasis.iri an.on iorhc realrnenl of muco:,1 candrdrasr 2-1&2-SS-199 DISORDERSCR{TALVA NURVALAT AN AYURVEDIC RIMEDY FORUROLOGICAL CDRI Lncno ?:6 00l Lrl Indr!)Prabhakar:. Ys.l Suftsh Kumaa D. 64edicitral Chcm*tn Diision- Btitish Jornlal ol PhltoletaPrr v 4(3): P l0i_109 1997 urological af- Use ol Crataew nuruata (Zofi,d in 1he trerment ofurolilhiasis and oiher jn the ircdtment of cancerous condrtions hal e be€n dis ssednicri"ri aJ iis p"r"nri"f 2-r&2-ss-200 (MILK FISTULA) ROLE OF KSILAR SUTRA IN TSf, CASES OF STANANADI-RANA A CLINICAL STUDY Sinsh, S.lC; Stugh, S.: sijoria, K-K (Tibbia coilcee HosPihl AimulKnan Park Kntl,Bdgh N$! Dclhi ------]oinoslrui"jl"i,nntaJRdeatchitq fteta dd lddlrd ! 15(34):pi50151 leea pilcs and fisllrla in aro Kshat S tra therapi is ery popular amongst paii€nts sni_edng from in a rron-hcalirg libroscd Kshar ls having tlte proicrtv ot a&riacment ana thus induces healing t".ir*.n"+iig ,ftli i".ind, Kshar Sltra therapl $as lned in patienls of chronic non-heding mitttistrrta-tolanumuerollrvecases{erelegisteredforthisstud)KsharSrltrJ"a5.lpplicd, rlrc l lound Ilal lr,lriirr,"*rppr.afocall)andolall)lablelSlugruggguJrrragien lr rs Icquiled rrr lhi6eld ,.1J,. t*ft."courasrng and tunler cr<nsrve $ok ,"",.^ 2-l&2-ss-201 PLA]{TS IN THE SOME O;SERVATION ON THE USE OF INDIAN MEDICINAL MANAGf,MENT OF TUMORS (CANCERS). Aurangabad Mahalashtra) Krrnick. c.R. (Cliiical and E:+erimental R€search_ Wockhardl Linlcd Aryaanltan v 10(4) p214249 1997 Se,€ral t dien hetbs are r€coraled as xseful in curing tumors some of dtsc tumors lu€ heen iilenlilied as cardnoma Biops) ofthe tissuc $as in t1re hospital using chemothcrapl lone /IMRA.II/182 JANU|RY - ]ULY, 1998
  • 70. radiotherrpv .ind hcr brl dngs Tl)c pla nl nrcD t ioncd j rhc (hcftrpl.jncldel 7vh?hora inahn(A*a patra). Aloe Etu (Kknuti). Gl.tcrnhrza gtahtu (yoni mdthu, Enbtica of, c i n a t i (Aunalaki), s enidesm . indi.us (Satbd) 2-t&2-SS-202 MAIN PHYTODDRIVATI,ES IN TIIf, MANACEMENT OF BENICN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA. l|aratrdoh- P: J,llou. H.: Bomh,rd.tti. p.: Mi .,zdtri p. rlnr,rtut. of Centr t Suren a d , ,rd,, Transplmtaton. Depnmenl o! Urologl UniveFitv of prvia piazzle Cotei :. :7100 pavia. tbh,] Filote4pie. y.68(3): p. 195,20.r- 1997. Surgery is considered &e standard trcahnent ofbenign prostatic hyperplasi, (BpH). Bur in early slages, phannacological thcrapies (hormonal. non-hormonal- phltoderivatives) are report€al to be capable o[ impmving urologisl dislurbands and of valid help in thc manage ent of BpH. Ph)1od€.ivativcs. conraining se€ral activc cnn$ituents ivhich may exe( additG and./or synergrs_ 1ic actionx, are reporred to be generally wcll tolerated and to have minimal siile etrec1s with a aerv t good r isl,/benellr ra io S?pa^d E pehs. t itit a .h o, a. urc^. | tu urbit a p"pn (Kumanda) pvseu-tt r ayit anun tsn.fuunu, aJft ard. hae bcen repancd lo be esedire in lhe lrearment of BpH. 2-l&2-S3-203 A]iTI-CATARACT ACTIVITY OF OCIMUM SANCTUM ON EXPf,RIMENTAL CATARACT S!rha.P, KubhBhrfta.i1 Shrma.A.L., Dcpt. ofphalmcolosy_ S.N.Medi€l colleee. AsE _ :82001_ lndia lndian Joumal uI phnmnitoev tas8. t0 pp tb-20 Two experimefltal models of cataracl were induced {Gatadosaemic cabracrm mtslf10"o galadose & Naphrhetene catarad rn rabils by lgm,4.g Daphthalenet to stu4.the effect olOcinum sanctun (Tulasi). (Os.) on cararacl. Os was adminislercd orallv in both models at rltodose levels I and 2 grn/kg ofbody rright for curative ard prophylacd; etr€cls for a periodof,todays. Os. delayed the onset of catalacr as well as the subsequent natumtion of cataractsignilicantly in botl models. Irt additi;n to delay in reaching various stages of alevelopment ofcalaract, IV stage did nor develop with high doses till completion of 40 days of e)?edmentalperiod. Os. hindercd theproc€ss ofcala-ractogenesis theefreclbeingmoreclearerin grladosaemicmtaract. Th€ higher doses are morc etrective a-nd ha!€ gdt promising prophylactic rote raderthan curative one 2-l&2-SS-204 f,XPERIMENTAL STUDY OF ANTISTRESS AGXNTS ON LDNTICULAR OPACITIf,S Sh{rmr, Pt Kulshrshtha, S. & Shrrha, A.L. Depr of phamuojogy. S.N Medicai Co ere. Agrq /ud Jovmal of Phamacotost 29/t f.b 1997. Ageirg is .!€ry often accompaded by fatique, debility, confi$ion, in co-oralinatiot and gen_erdl iNprirmenr ofmenlal and physical functioru._ Lentiorlar opaciy is also age relaied p.oblem-butn is beliet€d lhal stress plays a signficant role in causatiol and development of sedl€ cataract overJa|"U.1Rl - IULN 1998 AAMM --Im&2
  • 71. rrd rbore ihe ugeing proccss As such no smgle dmg is alailable for arrcsting ag€ing Process butcenrir drugs and plants are report€d to lla.e antistress-ad.iptogenic property. O.nnu t sanctunl(Ialast ard C€riforte are reported to have adaptogenic activity. Boti these agents manifest nor-specific l)?e ofprotection against siress induced biological chang€s, Geriforte is also haang rolern delaliry pathological charrtgcs ofscnile naculopathies. Therefore itwas considered to studyOcn sa .tun altd Geriforle in fl,iperimental lenlicular opacio. These agents wcre administered moralb in lro doses for prophytactic and ctjrative role in calaractogenesis. Cataract was induced byoaphrhate e (l gm^g of bod,r N1.) in albino rabbits and bl galactose (30%) in albino rals. BotltOci, o Sanctn and,Gerifo(e dehled the onse! ofconlaraca aswell as lhe subs€que ftaturalro4ol crtdracl significanlll Ir addition to:d€LL in reaching various stages ot developrnent of catatact,iV suge did not de!€lop in the hrgher dose groups iill completior of 30th day of experimenlali)criod. Tlrc results €re a absed statisticalb and found to be sig ficant. ?-1&2-SS-205 PRI] CI-INICAL AND CLINICAL EVAI-UATION f,STABLISIIES TSAT TRIDAX PROCUIIBES PROVOTEs WOLND HEATNC K,nknn,$dl S.Ei Jrnganiraylr, S.Li Malplh, s-M; P.til, A.Vi Uppit, B.C; Peemplr, B vi IIMloo;l B.c. & Kslkthi, D.R. Depts. of Phmacoioel sursery dnd Mirobioloet Shri B.M. Palil Mcdicai coilege. Ijapur.1d. Janktal of Phamacolos v 29/I leb 1997 Recert reports ofcpenmentah,erification offolk ftedicin es cl?imingtJlatftidat pncunbens(nsuh.dxhni) Leal l:ljce (TPL) promoles uound healing prompted its clinical oaluatiot As aprehde the TPLI $as lcsted in Wister rats (n=6-8), bearing 500 mm.sq cjrcular excision woulds.Thejrice ilas applicd locall,v (folk medicine mode) ori.p. (as ras done by earliet ltorkers). Ijnlikerhe earlier sludt the iuice ryar autoclal.ed to eliminateany contamination. The data clearli showdli rlr! profiotion of round conbaction as reflected b] a deqease in median woutd closure time.i. jr cofurol lelcl of 7.1 h 0.1 to 5.6 + 0.6 (locall, and 6.3 + 0.7 (i-p.) days (p<0.01) ii) The , ii.irnt reduction in the period of€pith€lialsationfrom the conlrol lalue of21 + 0.1 lo 15 + 1.5 ii..!i! end 17.5 +0.2 (i.p.) days. A preliminary open pilot study in patiefls haing large rlcers of,liria!€nt origins, sho$.d remarkable r€duction in $ound discharge, woufld size, edge edema and r E3rb appearancc of heaqv g&nulation on tissue that made large wounils $itable fol skin graft_ing l-3 eeks in advarce to casds that r€ce €d other parallel Eealment except juice applicatiorIrdt.elc€ : 1) Auloctaving does not abolish prohealing propety of TPLJ. 2) TPLJ has c]inicalp.ospectii€ as $ell ?-r&2-ss-206 WOUND HEALING ACTryITY OF CENTf,LLA ASIATICA ;. A.M! shuli A Arti; Potnrih G.Ki Kulshlgtha, D.L & DhaBe& B.N. Drvison ol Phamaco! ( rhal Drug res€a&h Inslitute. Lucknow 226 001,Itd J,umal ofPhan calog | 29/t leb lt97 Lentela asiatica (M1nduka b hmi) (Jnbelhfene) occupies an important place in indig-enous system of medrcine as tonic ifl diseases of skin, lepros], neffes and blood. ln addition to itseffect on skin disorders, it has also been shotm to exed etrect on flbrcblast proliferation. Thisprompted us to elaluate its possible wourd healing activif.v. Initialy, the ethanolic exlnct ofwhole.tANLtARv - IULY, 1998 AAMRA . II/1&2
  • 72. plant and a fraction C00?) cotrtainiag mixture of saponins showed sigrilicant wound heatiryactiury al 1.0%.oncentration in the guinea pig cutaneous plmch wo!4d model_ Fromthis saponinmifure, apwe glycoside was $olatei artd idertfied as asiaticoside (K008). Topical applicatior of(Lly.and0z% oI asldjcoside solution sho*€d dose dependeft healing activiry in dre abov€ moalelas evidenced by signfica4 incr€as€ in hydm)ry corlten! t€nsile strerrgtb fihogenesis and aagiogenosisas compared to cortrol. In diabetic fals, 0.4% concentration showed promising healiflg activity onthe basis ofabov€ palametefi. Asiaticoside, administered onlty (l mg/lg) ilso showed markedwound heilingactivit- Angiogedc potential ofasiaticoside has been found al 40 pg concenkationin chick chorioallantoic membrane model. The present study indicates tlrc polenlial tvound bealirtactivit of asiaticosid€ in normal as well as ir diabetic animals 2-1&t-SV-207RELIASE OF COVALENTLY BOUND FERULIC ACID FROM FIBER IN THE HUMAN coLoN. Krroq P.A.i raulds, c.B.; Ryd€n, P.i Rebertso& J.A.i WilliarEon, G. (Food Molecular Biochemish Depanme4 Inetitute oflood R€wdh, NoNich Resmh pek, Colney. Norwieh NR4 7OA, Udrcd rj[Bdotu) Jotmal of Astidltual ahd Foad Chn&|t. ! 45(3): p. 661-667, 1997. Epidemiological studies have showtr that consumption of wheatlna]r (Godhurru tushd) rsassociated lvith a redrced risk of colorectal ard gastric cancers. The action of whear bftr as apotenlial colon anticarcitugen is relat€d partly lo its lou fermen!.abr lLt] I n thc la rge inresrine F he-nolic acids are higlty bioactive comporcrlls and also linit degradability of wheat bmn in rdn -nants. Therefore,lhe solubilization of cdlrlently bound phenolic acids durirg the fermentation ofwhear bmn in a human model colon was exami.ed. Phenolicswere only pa(ially and retativelyslowly solubilized from wheat bran, but *€re Epidly and firtly solubilized from slgarbeet fiber: thelevbls offtee feniic acid in fermenlatio.l liquon remar ned ver] low and did not reller r rtre amountssolubilized Iiom fiber sources. Xylanase and fefllic acid esterase activities werc shollll to be pl€sent.The released fenlic acid did not appear to bird noncovalently to the residual wheal bran libcr.Thus, femErtation in the gu1 alters the panition of estenfied phenolic acids from rhe insolubleresidue aad ihe soluble fraction, where microbial fenrlic acid esterase (s) can potentially yield frecfemlic acid 2-1&2-SV-208 GLYCEMIC INDtrX OF CR{IN AMARANTH, WfiEAT AND RICE.IN NIDDM SUB- JECTS. ChrfDraedi, A-i Sali)jini, G.i Nitmia. G.i Ni.nalama, N.i Satyrnaray.tra, D. (DeFrlment olfoods dd Nuiriiion, Andhra Pradesh A€iculunl University, H)deEbad 30- AP, Ldia) P/u,, Faods f.t H1hn, N"ttitiok... 5Ae): p. 171-178, 199? Glycemic index ofgrain am afi]:. (lnara thus escalentun, (Tand liya), whert a iceFeparations rvas studied in non-insdi depcndent diabetic subjects. Diets coitaining 50 g cdrtohy-drate €quivalent were given and post-pmndial blood glucosc esfimrted at djtrerent inren als. Glycenncindex calculated fo. diflerenl e&edntental diels showed thal Cl ofanunnih-wheat conposjl. llourdiet (25:75) $,as tlre least (6i.6 percent) fouowed by wheat diet (65 7 pcrc.rr). rice diel (69.2pcrcent), amara h-lrhear flour 50i50 (75 spercent), and popped anura.th in milk (97.3 percerllThercfore 25:75 conrbination of amaranlh lhc wheat: wheat and rice can be considered lo$ C I foodJANUARY . JULY. ]998
  • 73. 50:50 grain amararth and $heat medium Gl food and popped amaranth.ard milk combinalion ftigh Gl food. 2-1&2-SV POLLES J{S FOOD AND MEDICINE- A REVIEW. LiNk ns, H.F.i Jorde,Iy. (Depsrtnerr of Expeiim.ntd pfurE@tosy, NL 6225 ED Utrive6fty Niincso, The Netheilend,) r.d,Dic Botary, v. st(r): p. 7t 86. t997. Pollen a high energy Inalerial has been used taditionaly by hunans for re]igious purposes and as supplementary food, Pollen is a concedtialed, energy and vitamin aich food that in contem- porary times ij not only.coisumed as a dietary compon€nt, bDr ir also used in altemath€ medical trealmenis- Pollen has potential importarce as a supplemedary and survi,al foo4 and for condi- tioning of athletes. Pollen has been used in prostatids, bleeding stomach ulcers, soflr€ i.ferlious disease and also for trcatnent and prevenlio[ of the high-altitude-sickn€ss s]ndrcme. Some indi- iduals are allergic ro pollen. and €flous poller species coffair s?ecifc alleryen. Testing ofindi- liduals belore pollen is used as a lreatment or as a supplememarJ food has been suggesled. 2-1&2-SV-2r0 PHYTOCHf,MICALS AS f,VOLUTIONARY MEDIATORS OF HUMAN NUTRITIONAL PEYSIOLOGY. Johns, T. (Centre tb. Nutilion and the Envjronnenr of Indig.nous p6ples, Medonald Campus, Mccil U!i!e6i: Ste. Anne de B€ll.vue, Que. H9X 3 V9. Canad^) Ihtemado dtJomar of phatua.osnos", v. l4(5): p. 327-334, 1996. The role of phlrochelnicals as mediato$ of choronic degenerative tlisease such as carcer, diaberes rnd coronary hean disease has an eolulonar) basis. Tbe ornnivorous ancestors ofmodem humaff ingested norFnutrients as wetl as nutdefls from plrats; and phltochemicals are a oomnl comporclrt of human dietary physioloS}. However. hufirans have a preference for anrmal fat atrd prcleir Contemporary populations living a traditional subsistenc€ life-style ingesl ph),tochemicals as parl of dre diet bul also from lHbal medicines, beve.ages, food addilives, too*rblushes arl(l masticants. Maasai postoralists lvho irccupy A fricar savannalN with similar ecological cotrditions eperienced by hominids iII the pleistocene derive the rnajorit oftheh calories ftom anitrIal ploat- ucls. Their paxem of plant consumptiol ofrer insighi into how humatr aacestors in such €nviron- ments could have thrived as hunaers and scavengers without sufiedng the ill-€trects often associaled with a high fat diet. 2-l&2-SV-2rr AN AYURI,EDIC THf,ORY OF CANCf,R Trrryick M.. Dcpartfrent ofAnthroioloey. Hoba.t lnd wi im Smfh Co €ee. C.neva,Ny t1/1j6, Meatical .4 thtopotost 13(1-2): l2t-j6, j99t Jrn_ A)urveda is a healing system dely practiced rfuoughoua Asia. lt is founded upon a set of Sanftrit tets composed two ihousrtrd years ago which describe ilr d6tail a thory ofhumolal balance yitlin the body. Th€ nane Alurveda mcans That rhich has b€ell s€en to be true aboul long life., In 1975 in southern Tamil Nadu, an aged pmctitioner of A)urveda conducted for the author,s ben- efit a seies oflectures about cancer. in wfuch he profloimded his orn idioryncratic theory regarding lhe nature ofthis disease. doctors lectures werc a linguistic and topical pastiche, m€lding .The JANU/IRY . JALY, 1998 ,1,4MRA - II/rA2
  • 74. Indian and W€stem biologies, psJchologies, anal sociologies_ The lectres $.ere fascinating for they demonstrated many lircs of kirship betlveer ideas eprcssed ir &e arcieft Sanskrir ,"*s lrra ia*" afloat still inihe modemworld. But fo. att fheir ricfuress Mabadeva lyers lecture, *"*,."*ingty unfocused, and his motives for developing tiiem $ere unclear to tie author. O y wtrcn the author was able to see these lectures. not as.cultul3l artifacts, bu! as messages adressejfrorn one histon- cally situated personality to anolher, did the reason for the doctor.s cotu€yance of them 16 i,er become clerr 2-t&2-S -212 MIDICINAI CUnINES: DIET AND ETENOPE|R]UACOLOGY, Irkin. J.L runieryr olHa$aFvanor. Ho,ot-t,.9681: Haqa USA t4t.ntdt;a,nt t. rnl ol phamtucopast, y. 345): p.313_3?6, 1996 i A parallel ellectual history of the biomedical and dulrilion sciences qplalns $h} unlil rec€ntly there has been little research on lle therapeutic poretrtial offoods. The cont"-ooro*- .orr- ecence has aLcompdined dle growing eidence for merabolic ideracrions benreen .pecrfii food constituenls and dlsease The perceited mechanrsm ofacuon of lood chernicds rs consrstem rrrh the biomedical doctrine of specific eliologj a]Id of speciic rhemp! The paper also enume.ares thempeutic uses of some common foods and lhe o€rlapping use of some IJausaa (Nigena) plBfis as food. medtcinal. cosmelics persorLal hlgrene erc. 2-1&2-SV-213 THX ROLE OF MAIZEBEER IN THE NOURISHMENT A]{D TTADMONAL MEDT- CINE IN PERU. Weigl, Pc. (Institrlt fu ceschichte do. Medizin. Wien_ Institul fur Vojkcrku.de- UrireAita Went Mpdh ne. a d F ,ady 7 he r lbrcphamacolos. aI A pproa, h lnd Ekturpon i-o oq u iu,t o, Ltlt4ophatnac.taey p tz.2d-2? Mdch t9eJ. Herdetbere. Ceman! Chicha de maiz (naizebeer) (Ssueee.bheda) has been used for centuries bv Mddle and Soulh American India$ for purishmeni, ofering and medicine. In the coastal flath;ds and in rle highlards ofperu. this ferment€d, slightly alcholic beverage can sfill be founal on the daily menu ottlc campesions. The high conteft for protein and minerals is directly retated to rhe prepararionprccess and easily e+lains the importarce ofmaizebeer as pretent .e against deficei;ncy sJmp_loms and disease. In rmditional medicine- lhe maizebeer are usefiil for psychosornutic appi;"ution:e.8 as a metlod in helpjng pregnant women to produce breast milk. Magical application: it isbelieved, that maizebeer combined dtft magical artifacts can cure cettain ailmefis, e_. g. : brorchitisis keated bl coribining with a "piedra de huaca"_ Transinducement application: such ai a subltanceused by curanderos in order to entcr a ritual intoxicated or translike co;didoi which allows lhem todiagnose a dis€ase. 2-t&2-SV-211 . WHY I}O WE LIKE FAT? Adan D.einowski, Pb.D., Proiksor ofpublic Heatth, psychology sd pslchiau]- and dirccror oflheProelm in Hunan Nuhilion, Schoolofpubtic Heah M - 5170. Univerity ofMichigan. 1420 Wshin$on Heiehrs, Ann Arbor MI48109 - 2A29. J akt. Diet Asoc. tg97: 97(Mppt):356-s62 Dietaiychoices are sEongly inlluenced by th€ taste ard terlme offoods. Fats are rcsponsilje^for the sensory properies of many foods and gready cont ibute io eating ple3sure. Aftrcugh dietsJANUARY - JW 1998 AAMR4 . II/I &2
  • 75. dchinfatstetrdrc be moreflavorfirl andvarie4 theyalso are-high h ercryy. Because exc€ssi,€falco$umption has teen associated withtigher rates ofobesity alld coronary heart diseas€, fttritiotreducatior cforts hai€ focused oo replachg dielary fus{ith graias, vegetables, andftuit Howev€!piefercrce for high-fat foods app€sr 10 be a rmiversal h.h.n tait, and in the abserce of €frcientph,siologic mechanisns regulating fat htakq fat consueption appeais to b€ detemrined sirnply bythe amolml offal alailable in the food supply. Fat consunptiol at national levels is determinedlargely by economic variables such as ottanization or income. The question js wlether thesebarri-erc can be surmounted by appropriate nurition education atrd interventiof prograflms. 2-l&2-SV-215 FOODS AS MEDICINES IN MEDITERRANEAN SPAIT{.Riv.ra, Di Obon, c. @epsrtlnento de Biolosis Vegetal, Udi€sidsd de MEia E300 071 Mrcia, SpaiD) Medicn6 and Foo.ls: The Ethnophatuacolosial App@ch. 2h.l Ettope Collo*iM @ Eth"aphanecolos/, p.2A, u-27 Mach 1993, H€idelbery, cclrmy. The use of vegetable foods as medicine iD Mediteraern Spaitr is a[ important part oflhelocal traditional health care slstem. Tire folk medicines in the area are mahtaineal thmugh oraltrasmision ofthe informatior and the direct expedence of th€ illness and the rcmedies. The peas-allts ol isolated places in Murcia, Valencia, Granada, hal,€ a general krcwledge abotlt Dlant nam€sard plalrt uses, and.th€ faditional recipes. Foods are useal as nedicine in tlree naia ways: 1. partsusually not eaten arc used for medicine- For inslance the cornmor diuretic use of trc figlilltaof Zeantars (Yatqnala). 2. The food G used for mb.dcine but trot eaten, as is the case for toriato or figsused for the skilr care. 3. The medicine is based on dietetic prescriptions. 2-l&2-SV-216 HERBAL ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY OF LITSUANIT{ Itr. MEDICAMf,NT A}iD FOOD; pANORAMAi TRAUTION; PRESENTDAI FUTURE pERSpf,CTIvES. Henneb€rg, M.i Strsiulewic?,M. (Mediol C€nre of posr8radnate Educaiion md Unive6ity of Wmae, WaNw. Pol{nd) and Foods: The Entzophana@losicat Apprcach. Zr<t E ro?eah Cottoquitd ^tedi.nes oi Eln ophatua.olop, p. 3E- 24-27 March I 993. Heid.lbele cermany. Based on market.surveys and convenation witll helb sellers, hous€wites, and otler localpeople above hundrcd plants, being used as dmgs and foods were idenlified. All these arc alsolmpo(ant phannacologically. as they are used to cure various ailm€$s. Their pharmacologicalproperties were compared with the drugs mentioned in the drugs, urilized by Lithua{ians and oth€rEuropean muntries. The most important ard valuabte rcmedies, with plarmacological activity andtherapeutical uses, already confi.med as tnditionat medicjne oI atL-over-Edope r€r€ sitrgted out. 2-t&2-Mt -211 STUDIf,S ON THf, XANTHINES IN GUARANA. horghton,.P.j.i B.npong, D.K.: Stcrd;nin, K Chamacognos! Research Labarsto.ies, Depanm.rt of phaimacy. Kirg College London- M .es Red, i,ondol SW3 6LX- UK) M€dr,,rer and Foortr: The Ennopht rcological Apprcach 2 d Eutupea ColloqutuDt ot Ethnophamocotos, p.67.24tj Mtch - 1993- H€jd.lbc4:. Cdmany). Guarana is made from the pDlped seeds of Parlraia .apdm vrr rorrlrr b] rhe Sater-MaweAmerindians of the Norlhlest Amazon. Invesrigarior of c[arana produced a substarce namedJANUARY - JALY. 1998 /L4MR4 - Im &2
  • 76. guannine lrtich ivas subsequently sho$n to be cafcine. Ho.lvever one of t}le distriburoN ofgraranaclaims fiat guaranine is t€tramethylanthine and nol the same as the rimethytxanthirc cafeine.the latter beirg formed fuom guaranine try harslL treatment of guarana during Feparation but no1when the d{ing is done ilr Urc slllr. There is also conject]re that the prcserce ofother compounds inthe seeds, particularly saponins, a.trect tlle bioa.dlabiliry of catreine. L€vels of cafreine i pcupanavarsolrirs seeds, t1{o Opes of guarana, guarana powder and conmercial samples of guarana cap-sules ard elixii :s€re measured by HPLC. Catr€ine was found to be t-h€ najo. xanihine present wiihsmall amounts oftheobromine and theopftylline No trace of an]. orher ithjnes could be detectedard is therefore the agent respoffible for ihe stimulant eff€ci ofguarana is ca.ffeine. Ther€fore thosewho take guarana are erpected 10 show the efects, oveldosage sfmploms add drug interacijon-sassociated *ith cafeine. 2-l&2-ML21a APIIRODISLI.C PROPTRTY OF TRICHOPUS-ZEYLANfCIIS EXTRACT IN MAI,N MICE. sutrmonrm.A.-: u.dbarachan.liab. vi Rrjscekhran, S.; Pultpahsadan, P. (Dtrisron ot Elhdomedicine and Elhnophmacology, Trolical Bolanic c{den dd Resqc! Institule. Pacha-Palode. Th;ruvamlhapum 695 562, Kcrala,Indi!) Joumdl of Eqnophmmolog, .57(1): p.21-27,1991. Administntion of ?iicrrop us-2eylanicus (Atog apachd) leaf (ethanol e{rqcr) ro male mic€stimulated their sexual behavior as evid€rced by an increase in number of moutts and matingpeiformance. This activit! of ihe elhanol esract was corc€nlration dependent and destoyed byheal Eeatmenl at 100 degree C for 15 min. Although onl administratiol ofa single dos€ (200 mg/kg) was etrective, daily administration ofthe extact for 6 days was found to be more efieciive. Thepups fathered by. drc drug Eeated mice l€rc found to be mflnal l;t.i& referenpe to.foetal $o.wtLlicer size and sex ratio. The water as well ais n-hexane eKracts ofth€ plad le3fwere inactive. Thepresenl study rcveals for the first time the aphodisiac affity of T.zeylanicus, au endemic he$ ofIldta. T.zqlanicus popnlarly ktuil[ as Arogyapacha in Kerala is used for getting instant stamirE,better he€lth and amelioratiori ofold age by the Kad tribes. 219 VARIETAI SELf,CTION FOR EIGH ROOT AND OIL YIELDS IN 1ETIV[& . VETIWRIA ZIZANIOIDES. Lal, RL; Shamq J.Ri Misra, H.O. (Cent l Insntuto of Medicinsl ud AJonalic plels, Lucknow 226 015, UP, hdia) Jtunal of Medicihal ud AtMa,tic Pla tSci c6, !. r9(2): p.4t9421, t997. Sixleen sriperior clones selected fiom lhe available gemplasm collection ofvetiver ftletive.jazizanioides) (Usira) at CIMAP. Lucknow were subjected to repeated e!aluauon coupted j:aintainedwith clonal seleciion for high root yiel4 oil conlenr and oil yield per urllt per uflt area over years.Finally one elite.clone, namely BDP- 1 1vas found to maintain its consisted superiodty for oil yield.It excelled the two check in oil yield by a significant margin of 9l percerl in the initial evaluationtrial 65 percenl itr the bench scale lrial, aird by 155 percenl ia the pilot scale trial of semi-commgl-cial level. As sucl tris stmin redesignated as r?r. Dbarini is now rcady for gercral rcI€ase.JAIarARy -.tuLy. 199E AAMRA .IM&2
  • 77. 2-t&2"ML-220 EPIDEMIC OUTBREAK OF LAC INSf,CT, KERRIA LACCA (KSRR) ON SANTAXUM AIBUM (SANDAL) AND ITS CONTROL. Rehid€vi, O.Li Muthukish!.n, R.; Rao, A.R.; SivarmakishDaD, VR.; Sanrhakunard, LN (Insntute ofwood Science and i€chrology, Mallewtrdm, BsBalore, K{amrau, India) Indian Faqrea v. 123(2): p. 143-14.1 , 7997 . About 24.5 percent of srndal (Santalun atum) (Chand4n) trees were heaviiy infesred (9.3percenl ofwhich are dead) 25.5 pdcent had mcdium attack and 50 percent .lvere completely fiee. Toconlrol the lac infestation, tlrc afected bntnches vlere lopped off, bumt and in insecticrile 1.!2.,Ekalui 20Af 0 5 petcent mixed with 0.05 percent sticker was spnyed on the tlees. The treated tre€swere watered, which compl€tely controled the lac hfestation A s€cond spray with any insecticide(Roger 308C, Felre Valemte, c}permelhrin or dimethoate) may be sprayed after fomation of trew flush ofleaves. ro check funher secondart in-fecDorl 2-t&2-Mt-221 USf, OF HEABAL LryER TOMC YA]GIFIT IN EQUINE PRACTICE. Anil Kmrr; Duttr, Mi Bhrft, iK; D.riL D.S. (Brco(e Hospftsl fd Aniaals (India): Seto! 14. Gur8&n 122 00r. Hrya@ lddia, I,dian vds,naa Jaumat 7415,: p.42442. :rcs7 Equines working in mines urder poor mangemental conditions were used for the trial. In all,26 aninals piesented with debilily, ernaciatioi anorexia. mainlt due ro impaired digestion andoccasionally as a sequal ofinjuries. Yakrifit was administered lo alt Be animalt eifier as liquid 25-50 n:I oialy twice daily for 3 -6 das (20 aninlals) or as orc bolus twice daily 5 dalT. A1l ttr€ animalsrecovered in 3 to 7 alays, regaircd appetite for food alrd water and tleir general condition hadimpro!€d. Yakdit @abl1lAlrJrvetl-td.) is apolyherbat Foi:ctcorwinlngAndragaphis p ticutata,Eclipta alba, Picrorhiza kurrcat Phltlanth8 ninti, Tephrcsn purpurea, Tinoqoru cotd{alia ald 2-1&2-Mr-222AGRONOMIC TECENOLOGY FOR PROPUCIION O[ FENUGREEK (TRIGONELI,A FOENIJM-GRANCIIM L) SEEDS. Redhawq GS.; ciU B.S.; Sai4 S.S.t Singt, J. (Deparhor ofAgronoDy, punisb AsricutmlUniversity, Lldhians 141 004,.Pmjsb, India) Jom! o! Hdbs, Spit6 & Medianar pt;hE ;. 43): p. 43- 49.1995. Higlest ields werc obtained wbelifetlfdgft.* (Mahikr) was sown during the last we€k ofOctober 10 the First week of Novehber in rows 22.5 cm apart using 30 kg seed per hectarc. Theplant has meager aiEogen relFriremenls and does trot reqlod to phosphorus applicaliol on $ibrich in this eleftd.IANAXI - -twy, 1998 ,QtMRt - n/l&2
  • 78. 2-1&z-Ml-2)3 GROWTf, HENBAGD AXD OIL YIELDS OF PATCIIOULI Bhasklr, S. (Iodian I{slihtte ofHonicultural Re*atc!. Heswa8hltla, BtuSalote 560 089. Kamataka, lidi@ lPogost nd pdt hotl, ia relation to spaci4 ud nitrogen fenibation South Indian lIaftidlture .v44(r&2): P. 57-58, 1996. Highest dose ofN recoraleil maximum herbage y€ld of 13 46, I 4. li€ly ?9 and 9.9 t/ha respecat a[ the han€s$. Palchouli (Pachirailo) gtowrind$ wider slacing $"s f0und to conlain n0.€(1.81-1.8?) oil than closer spacing (1.59). N upto 100 kglha increased oil which de.lined laterHefrage yield was tuaximum with all drc N treatmenls aad closer spacing. 2-1&2-Mr-224 . DISTASES OF MEDTCINAI PLAIT AND TEEIR QUARANTINE SIGNIFICANCE. Mrjumdrr. A.:rv, L. aPlo Otlmnriner Drq!on. Natonal Bereau ol Plar Ceo.ric Resource. Pu$ CMpu, Nw D€lhi 110012.hdia) Intematioral Jaumal ofTmpi.al PIa Diseases. q I3(2): p 153166. i995. R€cendy lhe exchange of medicinal plant germplasm has increased many folds and proved.to tbe ofimmense value 10 all nations ofthe world In the cxchange ofplan!gcnelrc resoUJces, plan!quarantine also plays a dominant role. Therefore, the problems associated with such exchange ofilant genetic resources (sceds and plant propagu,es) and plant quarantrne should b€ vie*ed criti-cally in order to check the entry of plant ppthog€ns. Proper quarantine sfslerr. nol only ensures agood disease nanagement Fogramme but will also verjry if dlere are any nelv introducrions ofpalhogens and weeds thmugh planiing malerials. A plall1 quarantine ir .elalon to th€ qualitaliveaspects of medicinal and arcrnatic plants-health, safe and smoolh flow of exolc materials has beenreviewed 2-1&z-i][t -225MORPEOGENIC RESPONSE AXD ISOZYMES OF BACOPA MONMf,RI (L.) WETTST . CULTURTS GROWN I]NDER SALT STRESS. Ali, G.i Puilhit, M.! Sabai lqbal, M.; sriv,stava, P.S. (Pknl Tisue cuhure LahoEtory. Depa menl of tsolany, lacdlly ol Scisice. Hmbed Unile.sity- llamdard Nasar, N€w Delhi I10062, lnida) Plqhnarphobs, . 47 (1): p. 9 7 -106. 199 . 7 Efiect of $ri1 stress or rcgenerativc polenlial ofBacopa nbnnieti (B.ahmi) stem explantsgrowl ,, riil, on MS medium containi ng ,arious ievels of sodium chloride (NaCI) is reported. Thcgrowth of regenerants was monilored by fresh !1€ ight. the ir surv iva I rdte a nd by scoring I hc nu mberof shoots and their hicghl, and emergence of roots a1 4 week inlerval that lasted 16 weeks. Plantletsregenerated on Nacl-containing media werc transplanl€d successfully to fibld condrtions. Theseplandets rnaintaircd normal glox1h during the last 6 monlhs and florvered. Isozymes (peroxidaseand esterase) showed dislinct variation in banding pattent in plantlcls grorvn under ditrerenl levelsofsah.JANAARY. JULh 1998 AAMRA.IUI&2
  • 79. 2-t 226 CHLORAMPEEMCOI-INDUCXD IN ITRO B1OPROD UCTION OF HYOSCYAMINE FROM DATURA STRAMONIUM LINN T,{TZIE4 AND DATIJRA INNOXIA MILL. Tailarg M.K; Rey, RL; Kharya, ]!LD. (Biotealnoto$/ IaboElory Deparrnelt of phdrmaeurical Sciences, DIHM Sind Gour 4shuavidyalay4 Sage 4?O OO3, trp.bdia) Indion Joamat of phana.e"ti- t Sciehces, !. 59(1)t p.26-29.1991 Enlraftement of hyoscyamine production in Ddt /a stramoniwn (Dattwa) ad, Daturainnotia (D6tura) t]l,ronllr chloramphenicol supplementation of culture m;dium has been reported.One to 2 ppm chlommphenicol in medium enlunced the callus growttr as Frll as hyosclaruneconlent-up to I 12 perced WnV compaftd to callus grorr11 on conuol medirrm. Srpptenentalion dfmedium w.itft higher concentratioN of chloramphedcal.caused no filrtfter increasi in hyoscyamineproductiotr. On the contary callus gro*th as well as hyosgmine conlenl rcduced markedly_ 2-t&2-ML-227 MICROPROPAGATION OF SWEETTLAG (ACORUS CALAMUS)-A MEDICINAL PLANT. gdtcishnan. KN.i Ma.tin: IiP.i Ana!4 PH.Mi Hariha.sq M. (Deparhcnr of Bolany. University of calicur, Ketula 673 635,Indi!) Jourtat ofMedi. tot and Annah. pran;Sc,en.e . t9e; p 427429, 1997. Young rhizom€ buds oflcotus calatnus (Uacha) cultur€d of, MS medi m supplementedwidr diferent concentrations of BAP/KIN in combination with ar auxin NAA produced multipleshoo[s. Out of ditrered concenlratioff ofBAp and Nr{A tested, 0_ 5 mgl BAp ad 0.05 mg/l NAAwere found to be trrost effective for ind cing shoot budj of an a.verage of 5 shoots/bud. Isolation aftlculture ofthese shoors on the sam€ medium combiiatior showed ide{icaj mte ofshoot multiplica_lion. MS sold medium was found to be Irior€ etrective than MS liquid. Addition of activaled char_coal (0.2 percent) into rhe mcdium inhibit€d phenolic endator and the howning ofthe mediurLMS solid nedium fortfied wi{.h 1.5 mg/t NAA and 0.2 perc€nt aclivated charcoal produced,t_6roois^hoot. TIle regercIaled plaftlers were successfijtly established io the soil. 2-1&2-Mt-22a NEW TECHNOLOCY FOR TURMERIC CULTryATION. Srini, o.s. (5E/9B, Ban-qla Plol. Fandabad I2l 001. Haryana, Indid) Sp,.. i,dr, v t0(t): p l4_tE. 1997. Climatic conditions. soil. irrigalion, nanurc and fertitizer iequirements, imFoveal varietieEculli"tior methods, lreeds. disease and pest control. productior and conmercial prcFration ofnttmeric rc:urcut a lonea) alldrrTr.r) have bcen discussed. 2,7&2-ML-229 PREDTCTING SOLASODINf CONTf,NT IN SOLANUM NIGRUM L. A STATISTICAL MODf,L. KhrD, M-M-A-i Afrq, s.H._i Moltrmad, a. (Deparrneli of Itmul,Adlia, AliAlrh Mxslim Unive6itv- ^l- rh:0iu. t c , t taudatJ .v"rltdt- r. d0!:/ p,l--5:. te, The conelation studies bellree tlN jef-rutIogcn conrenr and the ;otisoalLne conlenr ofdrettuits of S nigrun (K.tkan/.*t $€re nude in rhree por eperinent-s The niirogcn was esrimatedJANUARY -JULU tt93 A4MRA .II/1&2
  • 80. in leaves ard solasodift itr fiuils at dilferent soges ofgroryth using spectrophotometnc meihods. Astatistical model for th€ Fediction of alkaloid at the early stager of growth (85 days after sowiry) bwestinating lie niirogen content in the leaves is hereby proposed. Ifle3fN at e3rly stage of growfrpredicts the lo1l value of fruit solasodine, the corective me3sures, lile toP-drcssing or foliar spraJcould be employed rrnmedialel). tor lugher leld z-t&2-Ml-230 RESPONSE OF CLOVE (SYZYGIUM AROIItrATICUM (I.) MERR & PERR9 STED- LINGS AND BLACK PEPPER CIPER MGRUM L.) CUTTINGS TO PROPAGATING MEDIA I]NDER NURSERY CONDITIONS. Tbstrkmni. c.K: sivamman. i(:Kandiahbatr. K alnd,an lnsntul! oisprces Re (dN{ 4arildnnu ! Calidn 673 012, Kelala, Indi^ Jatnal of SPies a"d Atmali. CloPs, 5C): P 99104- 1996 Various p.opagating media wer€ evaluated for enhancinS groMh of cto.te rsyzvgrr,laro alicun) (Laea go) seeallings in the nursery and the best t as fowd Io be soil lnd 1crmiconUostmixed in l:l proportiol The ltaisplantilg time of clwe seedlings ivas shofiened to I y€ar byadopting this me&a in the nursery trnicompost rvas also evaluated as a propagating media forbla.* pepper (Piper nisrun) (Maficha) in cotupanson with potting mixture comp.ising of soil.sand and iamyaid manure. Black pepper cuttings rars€d in 1€rmicompost were signjflcandy ta[erand had dore number of Ieaves dlan- in potting nliture. 2-t&2-1[lL-231 HARNESSING I1IGH VALUE METABOLITES FROM PLANT CELLS. G€orge, J.; Ravishnankar, J (Plant Cell Biot€chnology, CIT-RL Mysor€ 570 013, Kamdaka. lndia) lndian Joumal of Phanacy E.hcano , v. 30(12): p. l2O130. 1996 Planl cells ofier a novel rcl]te for the st nthesis of a wide array s€condarl flelabolite for $iderapplication ir the phamaceutial industry such as shikonin, b€fterine. and taol The possibilitiesofiir€d by cel1 culture and emerging plant fiansformatlon ard genelic engineering techniques so asto produce phllo€hemicals are deall wjth. 2-l&2-Nll-232 IN VITRO MULTI}LICATION OF GRf,ATER GAIANGAL (ALPINIA GALANGA (LINN.) WILLD). A MEI}ICINAL PLANT. Mustaf" Anahd, P.H.i HatihaEn, lll (Depa.tmett ofBolany, Univdsily of calicut 6?3635, Kelal( ladia) Phltotuotpholos, !.47 (1):! 45-50, 1997. An excised,4lpinia galanga (K1tWa ) dJzornebnd culturd on MS medium- supplementedwith BAP alone or in combinalion with an auin, produced mulliple shoots On medium co{ainiflgMS+1.0 ng/l BAP+0.5 mgll NAA, 80 percent ex?lants prcduced an average of6.9 shoots T0percent of the shoots produced mois on MS containing 2.5 mg/ I NAA- The nicropropagated plantswcre ti-dnsplanled to soil $ith 75 percenl srr,ival. Lt&2-Mt-233 BIOLOGICAL PROPORTIES OF PLANT FLAVONOIDS: AN OVERYIEW Eliott Middletoon, M.D. (Aller81,{rmunoloey Division, Brfido. OcneEl llosPitai, 100 High Sft€et, Buflnlo, NY i4203. USA) .Ltematidnl Joumal of Phamacoshosy, t 34(5): p 34434a- 1996 Plant flavonoiils arc a large group of natur.ily occurring phenylchromones found rn fiuts,vegetables. grains, bral, roots, stems, flo$e$, tea and wine. A vatietf of ifl rifo and in vivo ex?eri-.IANUAFY - IALY, 199E AAMRA - II/1&2
  • 81. ments hae€ shora that sele€r€d flavorcids poss€ss antiallsgic, adi-infaomatory, aoriviraf a ladioxidant activities. Morcove! actingby ssveral difiercd nechanistDs, particular davorcids havcb€en shoi1l to exell sigtrifcani anticarc€I actfi/it Certaitr flavoDqidE possess pored iDbrtitotyactivity againsl a wide ar.dy ofenzymes..h has be€D suggFstEd thaf biologicaly acti!af€d c€ s aresusceptibl€ to tfte modulating €trec1s of flaionoids. A colsidemble evidenc€ suggests that plrntflaronoids mayb€ health-Fomoting, di^<ease{reven.ting dietary coopoufits. 2-1&2-Mr-234 TEERAPEUTIC EFFICACY OF A EENBAL GEL FOR SXIN AITECTIONS IN DOGS. Agrasal, A.L (Pel Csre clinic, r0/iEE Ra(npu R@4 Hald*€ni 263 139, IIP, hdia) In,liu Y.terindry J@ma4 u 74(5r: p.4l7419,1997. Chiaical evaluation of a hertal trulti aclion skh gel AV/AAGD/f4l@abur A$ia€l Ltd) inskin afieclions of alogs, was carried out on 3 I dogs. The gel was topicaly applied twice a day for l016 davs and was fou;d efiective arld safe in curjng a r€rie9 of specifc, nonspecific derEatitis adsuBi;alaridrnag8otmou s. The hedal ingredi€nts oftheform.dation arE: Cedrr deodaru, Acontscstan s, Azadirachta indica OlEem eirl) afi E calypt .s(eucabptus oil). 2-t &2-Mr,435 CLINICA]- f,FFICACY OF A MRBAL GEL FOR SKIN DISORDERS IN ITOGS.UthsDp, D.; shtmq B.N. (Friendicos.S@a Animal HosPitd, 271 ud 273, DGf@ @lonv Flvos, Nfl Delhi I1o 024, India) Ih.[ia, re(rinary Medical JMal, u 2O(3): P 231233,1996 The clidcal efficacy of heibal gel AV/AAGD/I4, coriaining ingedients namelv, distin€d erttacts ol Cedrus deodara and Acorus calanus, neem oil ard eucalrptus od, was tested on dog6sufiedng from wound and injury lesions, €czern4 scabies pyoderma etc. Applications were trlaieonce daily for 7 days and rher€after on alternate days trll rcco1€Iy. Atl the cas€s ftsponded f&ouablyhealrhv sranuladon aDDear€d in l-5 dar6 of trealrn€nt aad i[ most of th€ cas€s heahqg was com-ptere witlhrn 7 days Niidverse re.action of gel wzs obselved. Thus, it can be concluded that gel is atr;filacrous. broad spectrum and safe heital pmduct for variety of skin probl€ms in dogs 2-t&2-..l[L-236 EFFECT OF MAHARISHI AIGI ON H2O2-INDUCED OXIDATIVf, STRESS IN ISO LATf,D RAT HEARTS. CuU€n, W.J.i Dulchavslv, S.A.; D€!.sagayan! T.P.-d; Venkatarmm BVi Dutta, S. q!ry{--{ d Phamacolog!. Wayne Slaic ltnivesily School of Medicine, 540 E canfieb Are, Detroit, Mi48201, USA) Journat oI E4lhoPhama.olov, !-56(3): p 2152t,199t Usin! hydrogen peroxide (H202) as a model pro_oiidanr to induce oxidiilive stress, the abil-ity ofthe Aturvedic he$al food supplement Maharishi Aruit Kalash (MAK-4) was examircd tod;crease oxialative daiuge in potassium arlesled isolated rat herrts H202 teatrnent followirrgcarilioplegia induced a high dcgree of oxidalive strcss as assessed by rclease of lactate dehydrcge-tu"e (LD}D uad total gt rtuthionc (GSH+GSSC). It02 also impair€d the ability of heart regalndeveloped tension during ihe lesting period. Holvevei addition ofMAK-4 in the perfusa& cofiain-ing H202 decreased oxidative stress ir tems of r€lease of LDH ard glutathione. These preliminarysrridies also showed that in the prcsence of MAK_rt the H202_treated hearts were able to regainbe$er ileveloped tension. Furtier rn vtt? studies to examine the possible mecharfsms ofMAK-4action reveal tllrt this fomulatior contains H202 binding activity which rcsulted in the deffeasedavailability of It02 itsef Thesc studies henca reveal tlx{ the A}l]Ivediq food suppledrent MAK-4may have potenlial benelils in rcducing oxidative stress.IANUARY. ]ALY, 1991] 73 AAMR1 - U/1&2
  • 82. 2-t&2-ll4l,-231 TAXOL: A NOWL AI,ITICANCER DRUG FROM CELL CUL;IURES OF TAXIIS SP. Cid.ti, V; t{otrate, c (Iaculty of Phmaceutical Sciences, Kekatiya UbNc6iry, WaruCal 506 009, AP, lad;al hdiah Dtugt, y. 34(6): p.354-359, 1997 . An ov€rview of the recent de!€lopmeniJ in calus induction atrd eell cultures of falr.i sptr)includirg st4in improvemenl medium r€riations, pr€cu$or feeding, elicitation, hairy rcot cul-tures, in situ ailsorptroq ififtobilization, clyoprese atio4 gasphas€ compositiotr aloqwittr ana-btical and oitraction details oftaols has been prcsented. 2.1&2-IJdr-23A GLYCYRRFIZA GLABRA L MICRdPRO?AGATION AS AN AITERNATI!E TO TRADITIONAI- PROPAG ATION. (STIJDIO STJLLA VALORIZZAZIONE DELLE PIANTE AROMATICHE ED OITICINA]-I, SEMINARIO INTERNAZIONALI DICSIUSURA DEL PROGITTO P 4/SARDEGNA, CAGLIARI, 18-19 NOVEMBER 1994). Milia, M.j Pima, liLE.; Sda, M.; Sc&pa, G]!L (Istituto di agrcnoaia CtrcEle e Collivsioni Erba@, Unive6fi1a di Sassri, Sassi, Sddinia, Italy) &t,!rd ltalii.ta EPPOS, No. (19): p. 95_100, 1996. The first 2.3 nodes of 2 accessions ofliquorice {Iadrri mddrr, were cultured in vifto on MSmedia contaidng a mnge ofplant growth iegulators- New shoot ditr€rentiation was geatest $ith0.5 or I mg BMifie and0.25 mg NAA,4ite- ResBlts for the 2 acc€asions were similar Shoots wereroofed or MS medium rviihout growth regulators and the{ tansplanted idlo soil where they showedgood adaptation to ex vitro conalrtions. 2-1&2-MLt39 TAXOL BIOSYNTEESIS: AN UPDATS. H{!ri, }t-i Cntesu, R (Institute ofBiological Chemist y, WshinSlon Stdetuniwsily, Pullman, , rddshington 99164{340,VsA Plonta Medica, . 63(4): p. 291-295, 1997. Total s!.nthesis ofthe taxol (paclitaxel) is not conmercialy fEisible aIl4 in the foreseeablefuture, the $pply oftaxol and its s,rfthetically useirl prcgedfors must ftly olr biological medrodsof production. The first thee steps of t&xol biosj.nthesis hav€ been defined and the rcslonsrbleenzymes desc.ib€d- Demonstrahotr of early stq)s of taxol bioslathesis suggests that th€ conlplelepathway can be d€fined by a s]stematic, stepwise approach at the cell-ftee enztme level. Wlrctrcombi0ed with /r vifo studies to alet€mine cordbutron to pathway flui slow st€ps can betargel€dfoi gene isolation and subsequert o.ver.)grcssion in ?s r to imptove tlle yield o{lrxol aqd related€ompounds. 2-1&2-]|tIL240 INFLUf,NCE OF TIIE ION-COMPOSTION OF TEE MEDII]M ON ALXAI-OD PRODUCTION IN IIAIRY ROOTS OF DATUNA STAIrIONT { @ATTI]N4sillx NN.; Derneyea L (Vrije Uoiversitl Brussel, Departndt of plad physiology, pasdenseat 65, B- 1640 St. G€nesius"Rodo, Belgirm) Ptant CeI Tise and Oryafl Culalte, !.47(3: p.261-167,1997 Maxinal hyoscyamine yield was obtained with roots hawested after sixleeks. Fluctuationsfound for lropine yiel4 the plecuisor of the ring moiety of hy.osg"mine indicarEd a continrDusconversion of lryoscyamine during the ogonential g1o th phase. The iodc inlelactions betwe€nJANUARY - JULY, }99E /an{R^ - fin&2
  • 83. macroelementq diffcrentlr. influcnced biomass production and alkaloid leld. Tropine yield was by the ion-balance, indicating that this culture palameter also influences alkaloid srnthe-"fected 2-t&2-Mr-211 MAPPING GENETIC DMRSITY OF PHYLLANTEUS f,MBLICA: FOREST CENE BANKS AS A Nf,W APPROACH FOR IN SITU CONSERVATION OF GENETIC RE- SOI]RCES,Uma shaank€r, R; Gahsh{i.h, LN. (Depanmerls of Crop Pfiysiologl and Genetics dd PlaDt BreeiliD&Univelsity ofAgdcultural Sciences. BanSalor 560 065,Indi1) Cumt Sci ce, u 73e): a. 163-168, 1997. Special etrorrs havebeer initiated in ide irying the hot-spots of genetic variauon offewimportant medicinal plant species in South India. WoIk on Pbllantfus enblica (Atu aki), one ofthe most impoitant medicinal planl species in the $bcontinent has been presented. Gen€tic dirg-sity offorr populations of P enrrca frorn South Idia were studied using isozlme analsis. Basedon the rcsults, strategi€s for the lotrg-term ir situ conseriatiofl oftle genetic resonrces of embilcaare proposed. The concepl ofForesl gene bar*s as a viable altemative to th€ existiry f,etlrcds ofin sitr conservatson of genetic reso$ces is infiodut€d. In rhese gene banks, genetic divefiity fiomdiferent somces can be maintained in situ and allowed to evole with the exchang€ of gene Foolswithin and among poprdatio s in the natural habitats. 2-1&2-Mr-242 ANALYSIS OF RAIIWOLFIA ALKAI,OIDS EMPLOYING CAPILI,ARY ELECTRO- PEORf, StS-MASS SPECTROMETRY Srockigr. O.: Uheer. ltl Belds. D.i Srftkigr, J. ,Max-planck-bsiitui lur XohlenfoMburg. KiirFW;-helm-Plarz I, M5470 Muibeim an der Ruhr Glmuy) Iaaial Prc.hct latart !.9(4): p.265.272,7997. Capillary eleclrophmesis-mass spect{ometr! (CEMS) was applied to analFe €xtraals oflmtsand cell suspension criltures ftomRawolfa serpennia 6arpagaidia).1Iosiolftealkaloidsl owrto be presen:t in the respective plant material have b€€n resolv€d via CE and assigled accordirgtheir elecFospray mass speclra. 2.1&2-Mt-U3 IACTbRS AITECTING PRODUCTION OF SOLASODINE IN NATURE.Jrggi, Rra; IGpoor vK (JniveBity Inrtinrb of PhniEeurical scieoe, P&jab Udvmity, chodigah 160014. lrdia) lndian DtuEs. .346): p.31+321.1e91. Solasodine found to occlrr in r€rious ,So/ar,r species, i! substitrte for diosgeninas a sourcenalerial for slercidal drugs. Due to lirniled sq)plies of ahosg€r q a search for hiSi solasodine-yielding pla$ species has been iniliated. Solasodine producitor ir natule is greatly influenced bydifereit factors. An account of the various faclors which afect ihg paoductio4 of solasodine innarure is pr€seflled.IANUARY . TWY, 199E A^MP,a - rn&2
  • 84. 2-l&2-Mr-244 RAPID DETECTION AND SUBSf,QUENT ISOLATION OF BIOACTIiE CONSTITU- ENTS OF CRUDE PLA]IT TXTRACTS. Hostethn&i! K; WolfeDdea J.L;.Rodriguea S. Cnsritua do phmcognosie et ph}4ochimie. Univdsiry do L&usnne, BEB CHl0l5 Lauwne Swilz.rtod)flartd LIedico, !.63(1): p.2-rc, :997. ltr order to perform rapid and efrcient scr€€ning ofthe clude plant eltacrs, both biological assays and HPLC analysis with various detectioir merhods are used. Combined &chniques such as HPLC coupled to UV photodiode array detection (LC/UD af,d to mass spectrometry (LC,MS) or LCA,iS/],{S) provide useftl stmctur,l informarion on rhe merabolitc. on-line priol lo isolation The rcc-ent inlroduction ofHPLC coupled to nuclear nlagneuc resonance 0-CnitMRl repr€sents a power-ful compl€ment to the LCruV/MS scrcening. Various plants belonging to the centianac€ae analLeguminosae lamilies have been analysed by LCruV LCIMS, LC,A,SMS, and LCINMR. The useof all these coupled techdques allo*s the suuctural deteminatiotr of known plant constituentlrapidly and vith only a minute ariount of ptant male.ial Lt, MEDICO.ETHNOBOTAI{ICAI-i SURI,EY AT PAI,ERU FoREsTs oF ARAKU vAI,Lot AT{DHRA PRADESE, INDA Gupra. VG.: Hus.i!, S.J.r trnsrl s. rce.Dat ReMcb tn.ritub fot trmr Medicioe fEaSadd4 Hydetabdd 38, Andhra PBdest, Fitoterapia, !. 6ae>: F. 45<t, t997 . Baseal on a survey conducted duriry 1994 at padery Foresrs ofArak,j !€[ey, Andtra prldesEthrcmedical iiliondationfo. 16 plant species narnely Anacad m oc.identate (Kazatka) Ananascono s (Anuna nusti), Aryenone neyicana (Sdranai), Banhinia whtii (Kanchaiqa), BEaore ana (Sindhuti), Chlotophytum armndinaceun. C te rodendftn inlo4unatun (Bmtltia)lDiospyrcs melanoxylon (Tinduka), Lasetstoemia indica, pterccaryus narsltpi n (Dijaka),Pterccarpus santalinus (Rat a candqnaI Sol un sxruttense (K cataq, Snchnos nux-yomrca(Musti), Syzgiut"Janbos (lanbu), Terninalia atjuna (Arj na) at Teminatia betteic, (rtbh t ld)is presented. For each species family names, local tralne and the folk uses aie givsrl SEMISYNTEf,SIS OF TAXOLYuq Q.; .Fans, Q.c.i Lian& x.T. onstitul€ ofMarena M.dtc!, chioe* AcsdGmv of Medicat scimcB $d Pekins Union Modical colleso, Beijins 100 050, chrnr),4.to phmaeu,ica S;ica v 3l(t2): 9it_917, 1996 Taxol can be obtained by semisldhesis from inactive bur ahindant taxaftr foutrd itr theleaves and stem ofvatious fiffls Aecies (?itna., which can be harve$ed wilhout desFoying thetlees- Protect€dbaccatin III was obtained using 10 deacetyl baccatitr Itr wfuchis abundant in iheleales aad stems of Zars plants ar a slartiflg mate.ial hy regiosel€ctive synlhcsis. Th€ pmtectedtoxol side chain (4S, 5R)-N-Boc-2,2 dimetlyl-4 phenyl-s-oxazolidinecartoxlic acid ll€s FeparcdIA-TIUANT. WLY, 1998 3I ,IAMRA . IM&2
  • 85. by using alpha-methy I-benzylamine as the chital templale ofa Slauding€r rcsction. Taxol !l"ssucc€ssfir11y generated by union of the t*o parts, deptotedion alrd NS€n"zolatioD" 2-l FROM TEE PACES OF VAGBtrAIA )COO Vrrli.r,N.Y.K Ary@aidy@, v 10(4): P. 201-207, 1997 Among the 33 dftg g.oops Sadfianadiga{asangrahaneeyan 15th ;hapttr of Sumsdt,Is of Ash,raahdayan 3 groops, i.e. padmakadi, pruusbrkadi, atrd asjanidl are giv€n in l}is papsr With special rcference to padnakadi glla $hich {r€trlion the followilg plants ahug, viz, Prrus cerasoid (Elawhtka), Sacchatun sp. Oksa bheda) Habenalia ihtemedia, Maraltha aflnAnacea (Tavaks hheda), E.edgevolthi. Pistacia integerrima Karkfita a d finospora caldifo t i 6 (G ud uch i). 2-l&2-ML218 g IMAL{YAN YE (74XlR B ACCA:r4 CONSERVAnON : A VECETATM AP?ROACE KP. Dub.y, Silvicdhris! Utt4anchal, Nainital (U.P). (Presntly D-FO, Ob.a Forcst Dlvisio4 Obts (J P)), I"diah Foestet Dec 97 The Hirnalay-an Yew alan s baceato) (Tatlsa) is exremely th€atened and medicinally ^ impotart [€e, for ih9 us€ of ils comrercial exfact T&xol, which is baidg used as an al]ti calcel d;g udl.elsily. Vegetative propagation of th€ plam $€s tried. ushg bratr.jh cultilg l_2 cm thick (Ieatmetrt using sever,l 1a&etr fiom Jageshwar, Distdc! Almora. Thcbrarrch cutting afrer give! dip gro*th imnoting substames (lA- IBA, Geradix and Seradix) along vith coftrol cuttings in which rc aeaftent wa6 used were planted ia nised pla6om! sard b€ds in the Misl Chamber The bmn€h cuuings Eealed with tBA dip treatnent were found to be the b€st me&od ofvegetative propagaEon ofttE sp€cres. This will go a long way itr ihe conseriation oftfte cotrmercially impot- tant HirnalalBn species of Yew along wilh tle proservation of ils inhe.ent genetic charaderishcs 2-1&2-Ml-249 NIED FOR CONSERVATION ANI PRO?ACATION OF ATXtr{E AND SUE-ALPINO IIODICT{AL PT"{NTS OF NORTS-WEST gMALAYAS D.N- Joshi & G.S. Rattt,xo, -lr@.1 Fonst Pto.lucts Di,isio1, Fqest Reearch Idli/,lte Dehtu Dt - (lndia), Iidia, Fdesie. SeP, 1997 The aliine and sub-atpine areas of No(h_West Himalayas provide a malchless wealth of highly pdced medicinal. aronatlc planls and are knolm as a natrrai rcsetloir of these he6s In apne iastue and meaaows (bug)€ls) due 10 contifluous loss of forcst land, unconlrolled graziry and in;gdar exploitationofmedicinal heltts by comnercial ent€rprises have rcsdlled ilr depletion of$hable m€dicinal plants used since ancied tilnes. Therc are mary medicinal Plants which have IANUARY..IULY, I99E 62 tAMtul - /1&2
  • 86. b€come Irre in ser€nl trac{5 while a Gw othexs have fatlen in the list of €lldary€red sp€cies. There-fo!€ il has b€en felt that thal lher€ G ar urgB.l ne€d fol consenation, et-nal and ir_rtl, cuitiralionof the6e €luable aad threaten€d fpecies ty eslablishitrg high alatude nursen€s itr their tatulalhabitat, so rhaf r€guiar supply to pharflaceEtical industri€s aad lsers couid b€ mahlained andabov€ all this lsluable flora of the alpine/sub-aipirc are3s of No(h-West Himaleyas could be cod_ser!€d 2-1&2-MI-250 EFfECT OI ASCORBIC ACID ON VTRO SYNTSESIS OF TISTOSTSRONE IN , .AY NAT TESTIS NM Bisr3 A Chrudhuti M S!d.u & R Btsw.5 D.partDert of Phvsioloev" Calcutt& Unii€rsitv, 92, AcharF Psffb ChedE Road, Calc$tls 700 009, Isdi!" I ia".IMal d EsPqindlll Biotosl 1o1 34 Junt 1996, PP. 612{13 Efect of ascortic ac1at or! testiqrlar stercid dehldmgenas€ acuviq and lestosterofle cotrcen_ftrio& usiag t rtto Feparalion of rat testis, 1 Es stualed. A sigtificant stimulalion of enzymeactigity al.rd dse in lestosterone cootect werc obseil€d. 2-t&1-Mt-251 NISOMAL WTTtrAFERIN A WITS BETTER ANTITUMOR EFFICACY Sher!, U.Y Silgh R Ktmath, ? Uttlc I)!u & N. Udup.," DePt. of Phmaceutis, Colle€e of LP. Phe;c€dicd s.io;s, Krsturbs Medi.d coll€s€, Manipd 576 1l9 K,letakq Inti6 Jouat o.t Phmtudticdl &iences PNd 4648 Withferi!-A was entrapped In niosomes (a carier d€lircrs dle dIug to targer olgarl) fierelease of the drug ftom the niosotn€ was slowel compared lo plain withferin-A dispe$ed in -phosphatebuffercd saline. The mean sowival lime (MST) ofthe animals tealed {ithwithaferin_Aertrapped in the dosome was enhanced c!$parcil 10 the plaitr dnrg ,t&2. PRODUCTS BASED ON A HIGH FIBf,R BARLEY GENOTYPE BUT NOT ON COM- MON BABLEY OR OATS. LOWER POSTPRANDIAL GLUCOSE AND INSULIN RESPONSES IN FIAIjIHY EUMANS 1I Hel.nr c.M. Lnj.b€rsj, l&om. a cr.ntrldl & ttgs v E DJoFTL D.?dnsr ol applicd Ndiritid d Food . chminry, chdical C.nte., Unir6ity oflxn4 S 22l O!tuj see/ldJ liL, 126: 458166. I 996 Postprandial blood glucose and insdin responses to cereal products made ftom coomonbarl€y, oats or a bartey genoqde conlaning eleltted levels of B-glucans we(e €wluated in ninehealtirr subiecrs. ?orddges were nade from commexcial Su€dish lfiol€me3l barlejor oat flours,and a mixed wholLmeal porridge usrng the high fiber barl€y ge&t pe and commercial Swedishconmon barl€y (50:50). Also studied were two ti?€s of flour_based bread Foducts composed ofhigh fiber badey and common barley in ratios of50:50 or 8_:20, respectiveb The conlmon oat andbartey porridges produced postFardiat glucos€ and insulin responses similar to the white vheattread refer"nie, Jugge"tilg that the natwally occurrifig dietary fiber ill these whole-meal flours hasJANAIRY - twy, 1996 AAMIU. M&2
  • 87. no ifiipaclotllheglocose tolerarce. In contrdst, all higtr fiberbarley producls induced significafilylower responses lhar drd the refere.nce product, wilhfte gbcemic ad insulitrindices ranging Aom57 to12 or 42lo12yo,re6pectively. It is corrchded that "leddp.odncts ofhigh sensory qualitycanbe F€pared Aonr abarlsy genot pe with an elel?led conGnt ofsohble dietary trber. The glyc€dicindex of these products clqares favourably wfth rlat of prcalucls nade Aom common c€rEals,suggesdng their use as a potential cofilpoaenl ofdieb for patients with tliab€tes and hnerlipiderEiAad for fudivifuals predispos€d to metabolic disease. 2-t - TISStrE CULTURE STIJDIES ON A PROSPNCTIVE AI{TI-IJLCERPLANT GLYCYRRHIZA GI.AERA Xhsry! l4D; Dept of Phmaclutical Science, Dr- IfS. Gu VBhwrvidlhlrya S.E;$ - 410 O03, Indi Jtunal of Natwdl Prcductr V 1l - 199s spl Nd pp. 20-27. Comm€rcial licorice (YASTIMADH{, loots arc jfiporcd" It s anti ulcer alrd hepato protictivevirtu€s are well ertablished. The prcblems assocrated wilh the cultivatioa oflicorice are noted as l.non conduclrve clinate, 2. rnarginally succesfirl cdti4tion 3. srsssplibility to hea!-v tains andw"ter loggitrg. The pre,sent srudy is aimed 10 d€velop tissue culture metiods for licodce pladAmong the ihfelent roethods tried the resufts suggqcsed thal a maximum a4ou.:t ofglycrrehetiaicacid l,as fourd ra callus develop€d on Ms medium with o.3 mg/l km + 0.04 mgn BAP J_ 0. I mglI/AA + 1.0 mg^ 2,{-D with CaCl, concenfiation of 100 mg^ and with IrS mcdiurD supplemeftedwith 0.5 mgn 2, 4d + I mglIBAP the yield was 2-12 % after 4 w€eks ofincubation Aom bafalldImt explants rc,spectively. The Concentauon of GlyLyfiehlsinic acid in stem explaals aallus wa5very low as compared 10 othei ex?lants whe.€ it Eas 0.83% on dry $t basis h lle same medium 2-I&LMI-84 TEE ETTECT OF TgE UNANI COMPOUND FORMUI-ATION MAJOON SAI.AB ON MAIING BEEA!IOU& LIBIDO AND POTENCY Khan, N.4 Ahm4 G. & Rehnd, s.Z PG. Dcpt. of lltD-lfl-Advia, AK. Tibbia colese, Alisalh Muslim Univasiry, Algsrh - 202 002.1;d. JMal of PhMacolo&, v29/t feb )997. Unad System of medicirc possesses many dirgs llla! rmProv€ sexual fifction and feflilityin male. Howeve! such drugs halE bef,n iglored by the scientilic community on account ofthelrpoor opinion at out Aphmdrsrac". One compound fotmulation widely used ir Unad system ofmedicine for this purpose is "Majoo. Salab" as Salab Misrt (Otchis latifolia, ttzolt ) (Musalbhcdha) islhe chief in€:redretrt ln the presenl study, it *?s lested for its eff€c1on matingbehaviour on sexually turmal adul! mal€ albino raa. I$ eff€cl $as also studied orl the mounting ftequeocy .whose genital organs were anaesthetized and the frequercy ofpenile reflexes in normal la1s. The lastt*ote$sprovideagoodassessrne oflrAido and potencJ, .esP€ctively. The dnrg was adminsteredin the manner in which it is used in Unani system ofmedicirc. Oraly 500 mg/100 gnbody weight, the pres€nt study therefore sllows the najoon salab produces striking imProve ent in norrlal mat- ingbehaviou4 potoncy and libido lhos ifp.oved the clinical use.IANUARY - ]ALY, 1998 AIMRA . IITI&2
  • 88. AYURVEDIC ETERBS PIIYTOCIIEMICAL PRTTIEW AAMRAVOLTE,2 / ISSI]E 1&22-r& 2-PP-255 i Hannala Peganumharaftala I ae:iial Parts / Sharaf M. €t-al./Phvtuhengtry v 44rl): p 5ll-36 1s97Flivanoids: ?-0- rhamno-side, 7-0- (6"- o-slucosil-2" 4i3L acerylrlEtrulosyl Glucoside:;-0-(2" 0-rhanlnogl-2"- glucosvl glucoside)xnd gllycoflavone 2" _O-rhamnosy l-2" 0-glucosllc|1;soarde.2-l&2-PP-256 ; sadaras / Shorea mburta / 2-1&2-PP-263 | Slesm@taka / Cotdia dentat4r€sin/Misra. L.N.; Al1maa, A.lPhttochenistly / Flolrels / F€rr"i, F. etal. lFitatenpia, 1.68(2).v 45(3): p.575-78, 199?, TriterPeroids: 325- D. 11l,1991, Rosemcdnicacid (0 1375%)eDo)it- 1.2,3. I I -ktrahld rarlrus_ l2- en_28_oic buercedn 34-rutinoside ( tin) (0 1125)arld.i;id & 1,25-epory1.2.3. trihidrzxlrus - 12-en-28-oic acid (stnrchrres elucidated). duercetin J-0- rhanrnosy!(1-6r-galactosidle (0.05625)2-l&2-PP-257 : Dadi a / Puni.a gra atum /lca€s / Hussain. S. A.M et al lPhytochenistry 2-l&2-PP-264 | Markandika I Cassia aneu stiloha & c. odttifalialLea.sJschulIze!.45(4):p.8lq-821 19r7 G,llotanins l 24- eJ ,l /Planta Med(av62 (6)P 540-543,1996tri4-qalloyl-bc!a- glucoplranosc: 1.2-l+ri-gfllloll+etx-gll(opranose: Ell3git;l-nnifls: 1.4- fi onotepenoids: sesqurter-penoids: pheryl-di-l-6-(Ri- h€xai drorildipLcn]1_bela_gluco- propanord$ fatty acids a nd esle$ hexad&anorc pranose, bretifolin carbo)lic acrd l0- menthol, geranJlacerone and G)_anetholeinonopotassiurnsulplrate tstrucruresanalys€d) 2-l&?-PPt65 Tudha I Morus alha Root bork 2-l&z-tn-25s : Ing di / Balanitis roxturghi/ IQin,F et. a[. Pla ta Medica,t.62(6): p 559- "fntirs / khm. M.M.a etal l4sian Joamal of 561. 1996, mrlbetroside 4 cis-mutbermside A (hp tt.tr.v .ot2 p. 1)J-1)o lqal Drsogctuc oxyrcsverairol. oryresYera-trol 30_beta- glycoside, (structrre 6nahscd) glucopFano-side. L1&2-PP-259 : K litu/Strychnosnu:Ao ica 2-1&2-PP-266 ; Kumari I Aioe barbadensis ; lDe. B . rnal ol MP&ctnal ond Amnati LEales / Patk, M.K. et- al. Planta Medica r nton! Stinte:. . ie(2): p43241r). 1q97. A 1,2(4):p .t61-1b5. Iq9o. C-glucofilr loslIcom- lincr.ic,rkalord & fcrv quaternary slka lolds polrnd neoalo€sin A. 2-l&2-PP-26o I KarPura hiksa / 2-t&2-PP-267 : BhumYataki bhedha I t innoaonum . aqt-,horu t brlk / Pandcl. A.K Pht,tldnthus urtnoio l Leaves / Mon K el al ct.^lJ.Ia1trnat of Ale.licinal and Aromatic plant p , lT;ftahednn Letters, Y. 38(4): p.575-578, 1997 Sciences. . l9(2): 108-409 1997. 95 9% phyllanthurirclactone. lofrl oil colrsistcd: Cinnamon m camphene (1.47.)r beta-pinene (0.670)l rnvrcene (0.97t; 2-|&2-PP-26A I Indra Yaruni / Citmlas ucnrenc r0.2lo), I,E cirrcole {{ .2o.1: cnmphor ,:otosvnthis / Fruil / Matooq. G f et i7s.?%)r bonreol (0 2".). rlpharcrprneol I 2;): *t Ph;tuche;istt1), v.44(t): p 187-190, 199?, ;nd $frole (1.67t. isoritexin; rsoonentin and isoorietrlijl 1- 2-l &2-PP.26l : Pippari / Pipet tongun I ffuits meth]l etler; thre€ new C-P_hydroybenzyl / D^s.B. et.al./ Ptdntd Medica v 62(2): p. 5a2, ,,ANU1RY . JULY.I99E AIMM - II/I&2
  • 89. 2-1&2-PP-269 | Vttaada I Prun?t antY.loltts 2-l&2-PP-27a I Daditnu I Punica ganatu l/ Se€ds / Li, YK. et.al. Jr mal ofthe Chinese Leaies / Hussain, S.^.M. eL a|. PhyochemisChenical Socie, v. 41(") I p. 81-87, 1997. beia- try, v.45(4). p. 819-823, 1997, gallolanrias,glucosidase isoenzlme, 1.2-4-tri-O-galloyl-beta-glucoplranose and l,1,4-ur -8al oy t-be tag luc opyr an o se I2-l&2-PE-210 | Kusnanda,liv0ga / ellaqitannins, 1,4-di.O-Salloyal-1, 6-(R)-Cucurbitaceae / Seeals / Kusmenoglu et al. / he)otry{roxTdiphenyl+ela-glucoP}mnos€ andJo nat ofFacult| af Phamacv of Gazi Uni- brevifolin ca.boxylic acid lo-monopotasiumr,€lsity, 1,. l3(Z: p. 167-110, 1996, Linoleic acid sulphate.capric actd stearic acid. 2-1&2-pP-219 : Mattka I Ttigone afoenun2-l&2-PP-211 , Lasa a IAqiun satis:/n I pracum t seed &Ioliaee l Taylor, W C. et albulbs / Fossen, "1. d.al. Food Chemistry v ioumat ot Aericulnrat aid Food Chemistry5AO): P. 215-27l, 1991 36" 1 45(3): p. 753-759, 1997. Diosgeninalimalorylglucosidel 3"-malonly_glucoside; Yamogedn Tigogenin, treotigogenincyanidiq cyanidin 3 -(6 " _malonylglucoside) smilagenin, sarsasapogonin yuccagenin,qaniditr 3 -glucoside. gilogenin. neogitogenin.2-1&2-PP-212 | Xrist tt K taia I fi/rightia 2-r&2-PP-280 | Bhitluka I Chtoroxvlontinctoria I Leryes / George, V. etal., Lerr es / Kijma. tT I nd i oe e A n e 4 sw i e, i an a IFitoterapia,r. 67(6): p. 553-s54 1996, v 40(3): p. ?6-78, 1996, metfty heptenonetrt?lanthrin tnaconlanol alpha-l€ryineol bela-€aryophyllene oxide 2-l&?-PP-213 | Ddtara I Dawa netal I Sfin 2-i&2-PP-2s1 . A kola I Alangiumbatk / 1Ji,M. et.a7.lndian Joftnal of Phama- prenniloliltn / Leaves / Kijma. H Phvtochenrtry,ce ical Sciences, v. 58(6) p 243-245 1996 .44 (8): p 15511557,1997,daluiasterol (C28H46O2); tricycliq diletperc; guaiacylglycerol slrin8ql_Slycerol; ben4l al_ datura-bjetatriene (C20H30O2). {ohol trielycosides, salicyl alcohot glycoside. henryo-side, l,4dihydrory_phen€-rhyl alcohol 2-l&2.PP-211 | Kadali I M sa sapiqntiun / gb,coside plrocate.hol di glucosides. Seeds / Ali. M. et.ai. Fitoleryia, 68(l): p a2 199?, Fldvan-3.4.4 .7-telroL Flavan-3.J,4-mdl: 2-l&2-PF-2az I Situphal I Amona squanasa flavan-; 2.1,1 t Lexves I lov.B. tJou alolEsse nalOilRe- se arch,r. g(,): p. 3493 50, 199?, b€la-cedr€ne; trihydroryflavone. beia€a.yophyllane. 2-1&2-PP-215 | Sd4arss / Shorea rob sta / 2-l&2.P9-283, Rsmqhtl I Annona nuricato Resin / M$a, L.N. et. al Pbiochemistry, a / Roota 1 Glaye, C.P /P,ltochenistry, v 44(3: 45(3): p. 575-578. 1997. 3.2s€poxy-1 2 3. 1l- p. 5ll-545. I997. cohibins A and B (mp 60-62 retrahydroxyurs- lZ_en-28-oic acid. anrl deer€€t. 3,2 5,spory- I .2.3 -td hydroxltrs- l2-en-28-oic Acid 2-l&2-PP-2a4 | Sadapa I Ruta gaveole s I I I-€a!€s / Pino. J.A. I Jolmal of Essential Oil 2-1&2-pP-216 | Sikokai / 4cacia cancinna Research, ,1. 9<3r: p. 365-.366 1991 32 Seeds / €t.al Crenical & Phama Sekilre, T. constitueots id€ltifi ed, 2-ud€canone (18.6? ceutical bulletin, -r. 45(l): p. 148-l5l 199?, percent). A lrew monoterpenoidal csrboxafiide, concinnamide (l). 2-l&2-PP-285 | Badatu Bhedlt I Zizypus nt onato IkoolbalKl Auvifi* al-I Joumal 2-l &2-PP-217 | Chabamdftta I Cassia bra t ot Natwal Prodllcts, v 59(?): p 6?6-6?8 Seeds / Choi J.S. el.al. Pl."l ta Medica v 63(1r: clclopepdde alkaloid. mucrodne J. D. ll-14. lc9?, chrysophanol. chrrso_obrusin- a rantio-obtusin cassiaside and rubro-fusarin 2-l.&2-PP-2sG I Guituchi I Tinospota gentiobioside codilolia I Sleit I lvlarltrpia" k I PhYtochenis- ,I,1MRA - Im&2 UNTARY - TULY, T99E
  • 90. t,)1v. 44(4J: p. 149150, 1997, seiquit€rpene 2-l&2-lP-29s I AhiPhena I Papaverglucoside, ti4cordifolioside. somxiferun / sets /Pad, B.D. et.zt- I Platlta Medrca, v. 62(6). p. 544-541, 1996,2-7&2-PP-287 | Tulasi / Ocinum sanctun I narcotlne(noscapine), papaverine lh€baine.volatile oil / Bhattacharya . A.K et al l Indian ?-l&2-PP-296 t Bhrinpraia I Eclipta alba IFerfunea /. 4c(3): p 73-75, 1996limonene; Total plalt / Yahara, S. et -a1. lPh]to.henistryeugenol beta-caryophyllerc beta_selinen€ v. 41(1): p. 13 l- 13 5, 1997, four new tara-xastane2-l&2-PP-288 | Ku ru Bheda ICapparis triterpene glycoside, (eclalbasaponins) de.idua / Rootbark I Gn!a,I. et al. I In!:lian 2-l&2-Pf-?97 | Metlika / Ttigone afoenun-Jounal ol Hetercc)clic Chenistn 6(4 P R/dr.r,, / Seed/Yoshilawa,M 4.al Cherlical )95-lu2 1997. decidua temenoLdes A B C D & Pharniaceutical Bulletit, v 45(l): p. 8l-87,and E. 199?, Six rew furostanol saponins called2-r&2-PP-289 : Aswagandha / Ivithatlia tigoneosides la, Ib,IIa, IIb, IIla, and i bsoonifera l Slembark / -Ali, M et al / 2-1 &2-Pp-298 | Bhustuna I Cvnb opogonPhwchentrn: v tl(6) p 1161-1158. 1997. citratlts ILeaes I |brrcs, RC. el al l iitrasorirnitide. u rtha-sonrnrferabolide. Cymbo0ogon citratus (D Cl Stapf. lh ilipptne"somnifera-nolide. sonnif€ta-withanolide Joumal nfs.ence v 125(2):p laT-156. 1996somnNidra-nolide. Gelrrff al, rnyrcerl€. alph?and beta_Pinene. edrtl hurate: l,8-€ineole, limonene, phellandrene, 2-r&2+P-X9o Vakulo / Mintasops elengi I : metiyl heptenone. citronellal, iinaloolSeeds/ Sahu.N.P et. at. /Plry tonestry 44(6)lp. 1145-1149. 199?. trtlerpenold saponin 2-1&2-PP-299. Laeansa I S)z|Zium aronaticun ILeaves /lanak,"t. et.al / Phy mumusin Mi-saponio Aand l6 alph-hvdrorf tochentistry,r. 4316): p. 1345- 1348, 1996, T11oMi-saponin A. sy4ginins A and B. new eilagilannins, named | ChubtBhedha I Rltnrcx 2-1&2-pP-291 2-1&2-PP-100 | vastimadhu / Gryc€rrhiza &ol?pensit t Lcaves / Haan. A el al e/drld / Roor / Kinoshlta, l eI al l Nalwdl FtlateroDia. v. c8(2): p l+0-142 1997 Vntlua lete, v.9 tl). p 289-29r. 199? J- anthraqrinone glycoslde, t-melh)l1,6 8 arylcoumann derivaties; glabrene; glabrone. r riht droxyanl hraqu inone l-O&ela-D- 2-l&2-PP-J0I I Pataldgttudhi Ah"dha t giucop)rdnos) l-{ I lo 4)-alPhl-rhamno0rano_ Cocculus Dendulus I Stem / Air, Nf et al / side). lndian ioumal o{ Pharmacologircal Sciences. 2-i&2-PP-292 | l/archabhu I Ttienthena 1998,60 (l) pp. t7-19 / Coculopendulosterois Drorulacatrun llctalplaot / Kokpol lJ et rl A& B, Pendulidne, cusculinin€ and t Phltthenistry. v.44(4I p 7l9-722. lq9: LEns: l8 rel). flavonoid. 5.2-dihrdroxl;- 2-r&Z-PP-3o2 | Bak chi I Psorclea corvlililia mel hory-b. 8-dimeth) l-[lavone 5.?_dihtdro4_ / Se€rls / Trai, WJ., et.al / Jbu.nal ofNatural 6,8-dime$ylchtomone Producrs / V 59 (?)l P. 6tl-072. lq96 , 2-l&2-PP-293 : Biiaka I Pterocarpus FL1,"mids isobavaclLalone, neobavaisenavone natflDiu;n lHeanwood /Jain, SBc elai / and bavachon€. phvrclchenisrry, 44t4): p. 7b5-7o6. 199?. 2-l&z-PP-JoJ I M&abui la.ha t lenciber o-6.1.1 -tetraoxrgenated homorsoflavo-noid 2erunbct p.hvome I watanable, K et rl /Lifc (ptercna6piPene). Sciences, Vot. 6tI (tZ), p..933942, 1997 ! Z€rumbone and 4"-0 - acatvla fzeli{ 2-1&2-PV-2i4 . T,tisa Bhedha llbxrs watli&iana I Sttm & oeedles / Banaiee. S 2-l&2.PP-304: Lasuna I Alliun sativun el.^. / Planta Medica .62(4)t p 329-331 B /ts / Malik. M.N. el-al / Jourflal of 1996, auxins (2,4-D, NAA); cYtokinin Affifl ntral5nd Food ( hemislry / vol 45 rJ): (kirctin). p.itt-819. tool I Nph"Tocopherol {Vrl el IANUARV . JULY, 1998 AAMBA.II/I&2
  • 91. AAMRA AFFIX TEESES 1ITISS OF CURRTI.IT AYURVf,DIC RESEABCE2-l&2-Tf-305 : Surn4n, S.N, Ojha J.f-. & 2-l&2:TT-313 : Usha Tirari, & Joshi,VKDubey S.D.. Draqaguna IMS. BHtl. arrnrsi. D€q"guna, IMS, BHU, Varanasi, India-1994,India - 1990, ROHITAK KA ADYANA SlyastLya ke liy€ Ahara ka Slrvek$anaadak(Ph.D) . tulhyryana (Ph.D).2-1&2-TT-306 : Misra D.S, Chulleker. K.C, 2-r&?-TI-314 : Suman Mishra, Ojha.J.K && Asrawai,VK. Drawagnn4 IMS, BHU, R-ama!1, S., Drar1?gr3, IMS, BHU, ,eraiasi,A.anasi. India - 199!. PhardtcoFosticd hdia-1995, MediciEal valu€ of Spic€s torstudy on msrket drugs l{iah rpeciil rcfeience fani:y health (Ph-D).to RASNA (Ph.D), 2-r&2-TT-3r5 : Dwh€di, K.N, Ojha.J.K &2-l&?-TT-307; Shast |VM.VS, Ojh4 J.K& Sllukla PK., Dravyagun4, IMS, BHU,Sant, H-R Dmvyaguna, IMS, BHU, Varanasi, eranasi, kdia-1996, Rol€ of Jivrniya andIndia - 1991, Ecological siudies of {ewmeiicinaly import*nt mariue Algae (Ph.D), Balyr dvu$ in Dialreric neumpathy (Ph.Ir).2-1&2-TT-304 : Upa&ryay, O.q Ojha. J.K & 2-l&2-l"I-316 r Anatrd Kurnar, ChauasiABajpai, H.S. Draryagdna IMS, BHq Va{anasi, S.D. & Ojha.J.K., Draryagun4 IMS,India - 1992, Natural pmfilt of Diabeter BHU, varausi, hdia-1991, Rol€ oftj{yaiara ubey,mellitls, a clinical study,.w;th special and Jan a or i$snlin dependent Diabet€3r€f€rence to ind;genous {firgs. (PlLt). (MD).2-1&2-TT-309 : Sri Rtjesh Singh, OjnaJ.K., 2-1&2-TT-3fi : VsraPrasa4 PV Joshi,VK&Drayag na, IMS, EHU, Varanasi, hdia - ca;bhir, s.s., Drawagutra, IMS, BHU,1992, Impdct of plant growth reg[lators Mranasi, ttdia-1992, Pham&cogrositical ardgro*th, firiiirg End fruit quarity of Adh Pharmrcologie.l studies on Tlik lu.(Enbliea olJic*ralis Gxer.la. Qh,B) 2-1&2-TT-318 : Rabha, K.C, Joshi,VK-&2-1&2-TT-310 : Singh, D.C, & Ojila.J.K., Gaabhir, S.S, DiarTagutra, IMS, BHU,Drdifaguna IMS, BgU, Varanasi, lodia-1993, varanasi, India-1991, IdentifiertioD andRole of Menjishtha snd Kanchanara on pharmscolegical study of Aguru (MD).Dialetic aDgiogr4hy (with cp€citl ftferenceto foot dcer) (Pli.lt). 2.1&2-TT-3l9 r Tiwari, R.K Ojhaj.K& Bajpai H.S-, Dnlya8una, IMS, BHU,lhlallasi,2-t&2-IT-311 : Rai,VP & Ojha.J.K.,DraqagEra, IMs, BHU, Vaonasi lndia-1993, India-1992, Midhrhelik ojrh klh.yr Dein jivadya alrhrdhiyon ke prrbh.vr (MD).Pharmacological and Eisto-prthologicalstudi$ of aniriial milk (PLD). 2-t&2-1T-320 r Aail Kurlat Singh, Ojha.J.K2-1&t-TT-312 : Maniu Singll Joshi, VK, & & Tdiathi, K. Draryagntla, IMS, BHU,Ambashth, R.S. DraYyaguna, IMS, BHU, bratraii, hdia-1993, ffi€ct d Vrnn. Slgtr&ranasi ltrdi!-f993, Ecological sfirli€s of ,nd Gokrlur. otr Dietadc ncphmpatitrome Inah.! dediciDrl plants (Ph,D). (n0),IANUARY. IUL|, /,ntn) - tultt 991]
  • 92. 2-t&2-TT-321 : Akr Rana Mudhy, Dubey, 2l&2-lT-327 : Singh,K.K & Dubry,S.D.S.D. & Tripathi,K, Dra,1aguna. tMS. BHU, DraUag na lMS, BHU, Varanasi, India-I995,Varanasi, India-1991, Diuretic effcct of . Study qn Rasa and GuEa with specixl ItottulLcasttam L. rcferencc BribBanila Drugs O{D).(v:4,rsrLAKHA) (lID),2-1&2-lT-322 | Anil Kumar singh, 2-r &2-TT-328 : Akslla!ts La! UpadhFy4 O.P..loshi,VK.& Cambhir,S.S., Dralryagura, IMS, Sinsh. R.H. & Agrasal, J.K. Draqaguna,BHU, Veranasi, India-1995, Effect ofDips ya lMS. BHU, Va ra nasi, IDdia-199o,Mrhrk{sh!la on cxpcrinental animals Antihyperglycacmic effect of Sidhraka(MD). BhEiJ^ (LageEtonia speciosa L.) in clinical2-7&2-TT-323 : Pardeep Jain, Dubey,S.D & casd (MI,).Triputhi, K., Drawaguna, lMS, BHU, Vdranasi,lndia1995, Role of Jivaniyn Dravyas in 2-l&2-TT-329 : Murthy, S.N, Dwivedi,Diabetic ncphmprthy (MD). K & Ushi Singh. Drawaguna. IMS. BHU, hranasi, India-1997, Role of manjistha and.Z-l&2-TT-321 . Agra*al, A.K.. Joshi,VK.& Ashwagandha with special reference to ilsGoel,R.K., Draryaguna, IMS, BHU, Varanasi,lndia-1995; Effect of Dipaniya Malrakarhaya €linical ard immuiological €ff€ct onon gastric rccrction and ulcer (MD). Dialetic fooi ulcen2-1&2-TT-323 | Rai Bahadur & Oiha.J.K.. 2.l&2-TT-330: Perumal. S.S.K. Dubey. S.D.Dr.Nagrna, lMS, BHU, VararLasi, India-l995, & Tripathi, K., DrarTaguna, IMS, BHU,Rolc of Manjshthtr nnd Nagakesrra on Varanasi, Ldia-199?, Study of Virya withDiab€tic Retinopathy (MD). special releretrcet0 Brihamna Karma (MD).2"1&2-TT-326 : Adhikari, S M, Ojha.J.K & 2-l&2-TT-331 I Bipul Dc, Joshi Vlq & Goel,Pandey, B.L., Dravyaguna. lMS, BHU,VDrannsi, India-1995, Study on ViDakr with K.K. , Drawaguna, IMS, BHU, Varanasi,qrccial refererce lo Mrdhumehahara drugs India-199?, Effect of Sita virya drugs on(MD) gastric secrution & ulceretio! (MD). THEME OF THE JOUBI{AL "AAMRA" intends to pool on going rcsearch inlormations related to Ayurvedic herbs, therapies, principles, literature €tc. f.om Ayurvedic research iournals, inslitutions and allied research ioulnals to form a nucleus in order to compass the future prbgress of Ayurveda in particular and.human heatth researches in general. AAMFA wishes to pick up the underlytng chain of cunent rcsearches in the field ot medicinal plants and medicine conducted in related and allied desciplines in order to provide the real goods to ailing ling hlmanitt.JANUARY - JULY.1998 AAMRA .IAI&2
  • 93. HttrtDt ctsrs AAMNA 2-1&2 2-!&2-AG-001: ASq-d, s{r.r{, qqi$, b riir5 56r5p1; q o=o siern n era EieTqrl sn{ a+Erqq fi {TftI-d sq As it E3iT I rrrg sr Siq rTt ,rh i, fc i-it ?iuq q!t-n q n@{, (3TI ${i + cqfE+ il r*{ lfttta {s gen l +{ sfrc-1 3TFrd fuq E+l qqq R€T} z-teZ-gra,n: aq+ *i drelT rqftrel , I 2-1&2-BK-002 : 3rq*k+ <dT3i t FqtrT crfu!ff{ qft+il {E+ +, srRrs drqnrn d 48 3nr FT+a q€fd + kd{ur *{ ffia 1i, rc {S :iqr-eqi * rw e=-Cf+ rar ar ar,1 F{ I 2-1&2-BK{i2 : q6fuAfu +r,qdfu .iJai u.n c.c.p. *t r-X*:ta ffujt-o- qr clc]ufr-*rlT *hibff raft * rrr sTqrsif"rlT *f&q 3q+r ql *rt *,r*t r Ugrs 2-1&2-BK-o13: {Fsffq fitRrd *B MlT 2-1&z-BK-003 : *+q $f$-{.rt(T€nT Fr cqfr}i *T (c.M.p) cE-{,rT ls-qT rEr t {-qiq.;6 G6,rt q.e qr tgg Tq q qri ,r+ r 2,1&2-BK-A14 : qtd qd 6r grqrsft{tlT *.lqffi q-<fr t hqr.iir (rm.c.l z-l&2-BK-004 : s+diiT{* +rsil gifuts 6r {fis c{iqlT a{+ ff frS r* 2-1&2-BK-01s : sE]qFRfrsTl6flg+ *i frr*re-I qfi-s dlrqTq .ltr cxfiTdr c]qc 1 qxlar +) q:+ *d +1 2-1&2-8 K-005 : :rrd sd + 3TRr6 F-dqq fuq g:rT r q{ Ti {= -, }-tdor,r t r,, , .< q-aa * q=ji+,)E-dqfu,q g:qT I 2-1&2-BP-016: fubirr ris{t + +ftrd +srs{ fuh-iw *T Be{oT Eqr qcr r2-1&2,BK-006 : ftil*T ++ g;6 q-rg+Srara- qoi. .q flq. qrq,r?rTttE, fiqT, 2-t&2-sp-017 : qiainT iqTrT t qftqq+fu furR qlil *r t.R. specrrophoto +nqEd *) +c ErF 6{+ eri (r* :nfi fr q}il- sT d*--sc bqT.raTmetre * rq+rii a1frt]]q {dlqt ITt I T6) 2,r&2-DG-018 : Frg r++ +r raegrr *d w2-r&2-BK-ooz : *q{ ff -.cit.*t srFTq {nq{ I*r he{!T frql,T{f r2-1&2-BK-ooB : q-d 3rTfr ER Eq r6d *1 2-1&2-DG-019 : :nq{fu+. +r}qfuri qr*r-a S csfttr yien T€ft * IiqT4lT+ Hs!rfi gT#q-dr *{.r-4"FI*TA ffi I rl d€) sT {iFfi fuqr,TqT I2,1&2-BK-009 I qfte *).cqftd rqft 3tlT 2-1&2-DG-o2o : qrqq 3fu {.1{+d ai {ii!r3rEr* accr+r fr *t 4{i t rearfl-e ttl +e fr grrra 6T siqq-{ q:n.. h-qr]rqT tn €r i re h ,ffi16ftT qgiltr it Eo++t) * trri +g *T furtoT,xT 2-t&2-OG-021 : qrfrs <rtl cr dlg * c+ * , c4 +{ +1 c-it mr yi!r6, +c{6{, ft.drw{6,2-i&2^-BKrol o ; +(d(qq rdRFl +, q-dig* *rffi ret. laesrfu{r$ g*i rw rrcmc d"T fti*n 6{ SffiC! {i } lorrqr r fl-} ffi ffi".r rrflqtrs aid h+,.I4NUARY . ]ULI, ]99E 90 .II/I&2 4AMM
  • 94. 2-1&2-Dc-o22. qfla * ]J.ghfi Effiur 2-1&2-DG-os3 : d l€ rq+ ad f, r+r$d + BRR H-d$rrtr6 siqqq bqT rrqT I ffirT*rrftq +], hE qa Fd + sqPldr r+62-t&2-DG-023 w+q qa*+r rda F.n *t k+ I NtDDnr rype * tM fuq q*frFt*] * {n0re{, E]qfr-s +r$ec-dr c{ clnq ssl,T fr{ s-6+ t rfi 3tq{r{ kqr rtqT I 2-1&2-DG-034 : nft*ft wa *r gnl* w 2-1&2-Dc-024 : tsas n+ ff l* agiE frn-n sq],T €Fd fr-< gql r w i +itff qffigql- 6T Rqi fuqr aar r sqftlirq rS crqr .Hr t2-1&2-Dc425 | ftmiadsr{fui Hff-d 2-1&2-DG-o3s : ga* r* m we re qi<ft"s +na cr+d erfi kitvi efiq-d g3fi I i t sq]r {r+ e*.iT 3r}r +FgErR2-1&2-DG-026: *ga;itR"ff + fr6srfud ffitr* rtR * carqr I cs {nqur+c{+Fdfta irqs Fqrd, qrfuer€ *1 {dr} qifr{ Et"isr fr ild* rc*rft * su S$, sc$ ei t*T r sc+r + afi ff dqn-{r Frd r2-1 &2-oG-027 :ft-fi]k{ .z-rai-oe-o:e : an { wk* rga HEd*g-fd {fd c.rqrd * i-+ Rqr r Fr*lft-s 6t+, -Fn}fud t+ ft, +5a grftrrr fl{RQfrJtc r..c m dd * qer GT i r *t dq riihff (+df- 61 gk M qd r srTq* qTR q@Y 2-t&2-Dc-028 . $ar{fi 2-1&2-DG437 : nd t etiT $ ffiaqr {srfi s{ Fqftlr +ftc q{ {sr:91+Fm 1ft-qrd q-{ trq, sTrqmq ut+ a} qdr+r rrr1n *rerfrFsT{ kutlct lfi{tw + s-6 fs qfrqrr q.. eflr{rstc sqqld * cs i-S *ird m nirqc 64 fuq ${r I g3Tr I2-1&2-DG-029; g-{l- {{ gR-+ Bv me +l 2.1&2-DG-038 {rsic*TT : 3c{tr l{n$c qqfitdcFET I 6qq {ienr a€ *{ ft srRftq + d+4rfr q$a Eqrdr + Hqrq qt g"tTa tcr.ifi t il Fo}fud (+g6rq) qrt cftq!il* rRr Rwcm2-l &2-DG-030 : 4€r F+q 5a rs-d ere fua ge+r t qgfr * gqe sT qqq{ t*qr.rqr ei{ T6 2-i&2-DG{3S : ccta g-a +5C BVmar frrq "fuFTrrft{" nrs rq * *fu* e5r 7 6gS $ Frqrft-d ffikd, qltfi rrdc+5rw+nl4fiqllnr reqr€fi rqrs frqrqr t {€ *r{ ffi*2-1&2-DG-O3| : cd4 + g*rrfd q-5d rd em R-< gur tFsrFfl n qrd$ q-* rt ffi-a c* eld-{ 2-1&2-oc-o4o i fu{rc€fib{ fd i{Frr{Freiqr x rrqfrq {qqr.Fs F{rs R€1qr I gtcftlTrc S+ ilgm e*r Etr il, 3r*s # : nd w fi-* r* +r re qft-&+ va veel ffiagen.2-1&2-DG-o32 rqqiqiq*rdrqM.s Bnrom * *+ &2-DG44l I q;ffqq* *q r.oopa qr4 ffiiq* e-*en +1 car) fr 2-1 *bqr r c6 o gr+ il wfu* wr+ *, d {d il rtgl€r +}sqr I 6F E6{ Gcl I!ANU,Ry - JVLY, 1t9t 91 AAnthl : aq&2
  • 95. 2-1&2-DG-042: q{ B*s ctsrur *€kI *{ 2-r&2-Dc{54: fliK*q {d il gq}I6€ *rq * gq{ e-iE} } y}d rtr+"}ff qErts? * Rtt !Erq kd $Tr t d i-{ ftsl 2-t&2"DG{s5 : slrg+{ q+ sr qgtt €{ 2-1&2-DG-043: d{qfl sdfficddq, Ei rwa w gt vftri++r$ m g* ts*+*a-* . il $af;a 3r-af*{sr d sq$Tfd +-d frqTt eq{q sqd ksT.r+r t 2-1&2-DG-044 : Fr"q-d si{ Ckq* FrS 2-r&2-DG{5€: a-d{-{ 3tt{e dqfi d+r, qq{r+ {116 f,{ .I 3riif } Rs 6q sfrss i e+.or 3T*s s*{ a-d{c # Se-+t I, r6m. R-c g:rr tc tr+ * era ri1c".r * sirT rd win *] *c sii l srfus rlTrq{rfr fuq ftqlq Fe * R-tr6{, qMsq *G *r qrcd gr+ t ar ew-m q* w gen r fusorqt i 2-r&2-DG-05? :6iqEr * q* * wenn 2-1&2-Dc-045 : Frr g.S d{ {ir h {d-{ wr w gt vffrfuanfr * Eq i-q qggq qq si{ Fd-srt ffi.ff€ 5,fr q6-d Rsrmff * Btd erF-a Eur t ii* Rci t i-l&2-DG-oEs: rifusrna t ftu+ftn ?-1 &2-DG-O46 : k{S * Srs WrSrk{ * qffiq {rqs € I errqd]-+lI Bfr+ qs qrr {rsrqk€ B{fl + srffr* rhrs{ur clitq.qqrar t g.ns€iltET.rqrt 2- &2-OG-059 : gisf#&, 4et snr zmzt qa t slr ifuq er+ tfu+ ff ge+r d 2-1&2-DG-047 : Rrg{m *r dtr* eth rs"ft r* erc T m garq gdmndr t fr rq gqrt arfuq **tr ctrrs Rlqr+ t 2-1&2OG{6O: {d } cftq Tfd t, 3rt{ 2-{ &2-DG{48 : *rdt * r*Wrt+ ra, @ it, t1R *r eror nfu *) e-aro r wmage+ra* n-iwg crqsF{q +} t-4 ftqr t .2-1&2-DG-049 : t+qr€ frr 5s{Sftd +A 2-l&2-oc.o61 : qtl- * sw *,rlq, ++* rlrtr *{ ft-a gen I rs fr +fir6{, d{ eftr *;rilt ggg ffiar ga-+r.r* eer+ * ts{rw{fi F{rs q-f, rn I txft ggg eka l-i-n Rc gen t 2"1&2-DG-O50 : <kir, Fk{ *{ 3Tffi {r 2-1&2DG-.062: 3+{ Ce{ fi l$qq d{ {grtvasdw*rat-ffic{rl{ c,rl{, {ld {4 * kq SqFT $ir r cS *) i-*t ftq r 2-1&2oG463 : Smfr +t sfu EqrFr fr i 2-1&2-DG451 efrt sR * {*d s€ I ffftdqlrqfue*r * et$*q14 {r} ilc$E ccr4 qTC *1 ir6T FT:ryd I 6{ fu{gqr r 2-1&2-DG452 | *lt il 3qsitT {t * rdT 2-1&2OG{64 : er$* m ErA gr{Iq q{ q6 *, f+ frd t firrtcq;os + F{rfi ftsr l ffiqlrfi{ 3lqfi ${r I 2-1 &2-DG-O$ : 6@-ff6, q* qr W ek {s 2-r&2.DG-065 : Fc*q i fitqtf€d , FfrS n-te rdr< *rr* 5Fr* qt qriF6 Fri{ "slfoi-m" crl-6 €6r q**s-{cM Rqrqt t * sqt vrne Rqcr I .JANUAId - IULY, IggE /t}M|A - IU&2
  • 96. a-r&2-Dc-{t66 : {isT + ffid qk{ rr&2.Irc4ts : criff wR + qql * sffi{rtrfiF€+g*ftqrSiffi*aqqwq 3io rel *r er*+ror ftfrtff sqrE Th i-kMkdssnl s*r s{+ } FnR-d Refl r2-1&2-D6-rr6? : frq q* * Fr"+rftc vs 2-{ 82{rc{r79 : fumqnmrffi{€I } sc*,r {ft + gx- f **et*{ a yi+rql 3iqq-{ gql tqr* 61qc tdqr t 2-ie2Dc4so : TrT€ t RRq qr+ { +i r-4, qr, l-* sTIR t ft-f,ffi Phenoliss qk2-1 &2-DG{88 : Brffi * cls RFq dH}-*r sfr*g F-itft *4 rdr 5l* twfra gsr.t Atkaloids fi giFlr*rfi attt ffiqsa-fiE !q€m{ g3II I2-1&20G-069: E,i.fi / q{{s }s{€s*"a &2.DG-{lEl : *ic e}t g*at efr ialThftif fr R"*rftra rtq arsrftr* nifrtfr 2-r * Nqqr.E-{*d Rosr *r dn adr- ar gr+re-* r qwthqrqfi12-1&2-DG-070 : {I!FIF{T frCrsEfu srF{ 24&2{]e482 | q{rss*& *+ sr {al bi ae]* sqr q* c* Eqq ffiqqntcq -s qtr 1 sq( enq{q * qqqrg ff {s1* il *{qqT{ * 3-i-& *{ {rmqfi *r B{ewrq-ri qr gcr,F kqTtqr glslt"ncrdr frdr t I2-t&2-DG.071 : erg$ fff*a roest€<E 2-r&2-DG-083: n*iqr {rqifttldffi itsftfi rtq shqr+ I ftfre{ qr rdfr t srl sars 6r . srqT{ gqr I2-t&2-DG472: iftdTi 6i q-d{a+, cci€ *r qq E++ 6rqFr Td fu6nl.. * is frFT t 2-t&2-DG.o84 : nrtsr ({{rff6. sTqq{ hCFqqT t rs t ft-esc xt2-i&t-Dc-{t7s: gir$ qi qt tgki {k( q-€st+fi sd+t- r61 {, r+.m rr*rr. e}r BRu c-dn + +Eiril- 2r&2-Dq{85i {qqR{r qramqfi-o dr +1qc s{ RqT t ffiqmqunffr qfi 3 tsaT qqT t 2-1&2OG-074 : *i crF{Flq * Nrrr/l-zo afi E€ qar-r.:it 2-t&2-DG-086 : +iq*rii Frr*rfua ra- iirfrtqq a-*en +1 grrTfd # i +1 FriTr+r, e-{r} Vcqr 3T{E u sri fuqr I 3rqfi hqr.qqr I 2-t&2-Dc-o7s I sr{a e* *r h+* *f * 2-r&2-DG-087 : eifi{iil qrdFe €--€ + frs isr,ffi* 9+r frrt * mr<Frq rerq rdrt oo Rdt ro,rc Hurg *x Et t *qt qqr I 2-1&2-DG{80: xi<tr* }Tre-ft 3,:E=- 2-i&2-DG-o?6 : €" q-qz{ * {i + gs}r * 4 +fiT *] q,i fii *ft-q rr"na Affi s* ro R{rt{T $c E{ t ctqur bqT irqr I 2-1&2oca77 : {* S.rfr}$rrrq q-a 2-l&2-DG-089 : dlf{il:. EF,**# i ti t da n< g+ d-d+qTdr conicostero ne r$rcz q l-,iiq q, 1+.E qi a+ + *cr*r6cdrdt glrrd frqFtr I ,IIINUARY . JULY. I99E t-*2
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  • 100. 2-r&2-oc-r63 : 5fi si{r *$d ffi{ 2l&2-t(cl74: iifi+q+ "{<frft" c1c6s-qRa:d q{srd-€ dfti * a{s!T r w R< tu enwff + ugA6 frft+ il e+.r2-1 &2-KB-1 64 : 50 sldqilsr 6d { b+ ]T+ *rt fr.qq{s W cftunq Rft tqdea-+1 3Trdriqr, rnrstTa+r 3nqdr 2-{&2+(c-175 :3rrg{qqd tqft "e{d{- ert{ drarlq+a m aoir1cqt,T tw q-wi" +r* qd g{fr ri+ff +r eo tFr{t-slfudkd qrFTqrd w fS qrt d t il c-+rse t{q-fi-q *Tq, sTqd{3iffi&<*, qftqrc Fr&2-r &2-KB-r 65 : ffi * qs eE?-{ I +ff ril Rra "!+**e" +rc-+*drgii sslt 2-1&2-Kc-176 : 41 rqTk*T * tmt ftRT "] fuq-s rgrqc * c*r t W qftqrc cr+ q+Tl++-s I t2-r&2-KB-r66 : evt Rtg *wai**i 2-1&2-Kc-177 : 40 qrqqkT*frffi ilqrg{rnrm* il #ca fr g it aid nmr* ff gam €s 3ir S-d T+g$ qTg+< 3ns++ e+T +{ nrftr* *wr fr gk *c gt t qfturc ftrs rtr*q {i*s s{s r2-1&2-Kc-167: ErfiFTr +r C6tI<+] t|frr . 2-1&2-Kc-178 : "wrRfu-qrs" +nr+ *qtfidrRn} + qfd Rqrif- { sv.+},r sd qrs r+a s.*tfr il aga b l*,i + r reiidqtql r fi *i * frb.-tsT il rdq S Salq qt qnr frtn trrqqfudfu6*r 2-1&2-Kc-17g t qrc+G S{ {r sru 9+r2-r &2-Kc-1 6s : erg++mt-q 3isqffisr qf#o * so tftii q- €s-d-dr fu{ gt tg+ fu{-€ritrF sra-+1 *r r<k lq( +t 2-1&2-Kc-1ao : €?{8r * tFFil- il Hr+rS r {6 qeqsq + E{inqqrft +*.} go-+t $2-1&2-Kc-t6e qie n*R* qTilcr k} EffFffi di 3ih asiqft g{q 6r {+rT t .r* g+ w*++ Srm, aor* qrd *{ +q +} srd cftqrc FrS tsTrdn * # i rr il foi vrg qr fuiau ft"a ,n r, : rgi-r *rr** w h} *i wgelT I l "r*"-r qsqc qTS+{ silrF ?fi, srmRfrqc *(2-1&2-Kc-fia I dq 3ir qi +ftd + K4tr *rqrs * or,{ A} {r 3rtslT rqz *,Tfr t*r re sTlr Ftrcrsfra * gam i.v w 2-1&2-Kc-4a2 : vgte r}ffi 1zr1 tfufu-tsr *r eqqq;t- €qffdr fud Sq t {drcsl{ofr i-q + r+rr S rls {iis frsK fr 2-1&2-Kc-171: r€uft tfuil i gi-qqffB w{<r ft-dr teftr rie-es m 3Tr,T€46 q*i fr zt F+ i- z-r dz-ns-t ar : an*rs{ € } qn S cgi6es"z" ri*s q{;n qftunc FrA t < fua gen r ve* vm +c r+ qi il H < 91trs fi Rsrqr I2-1&2-Kc-t 72 : 31 5 +ffi d E"risw {i*r *qrq a*rqc 4r q.ilr* es.z"z" rinlqw+q 2-t&2-RS-{84 : tq iT€rT *t Cqd fg{riRl.qftqrc qc r* r *r +qd6( 4f *l i ftq g:qT I2-1&2-Kc-t73 | il-c ffi# {drc Bts-ql } 2-l &2-Rs.1 E5 : {ffiq!ff 5* wvit$t etkqra q+r * q{ galtre-{ qff{ bqr rHT I rfrRr+Rrftil a* c{ cttwr st} + sTrg++qJ,.NUARY - JALY, 1996 AAMRA . IYII2 .
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  • 103. 2-t &2-Mt--2s3 : 6Et, t-d {g]fr {rs-S dr} 2-1&2-ML-244. 4mrd + q.rffi ae fr qls "ffi€" rrq-6 rq eTri.J e{* rfu m +r} * ereqF-+ E& Rw* +r ei{ fr.r fttq-d kd gs rrqr r E-+irr ftqi r 2-1&2-ML-234: iTg+e ff$fr * ffi-q C6 2-1&2-ML-24s : i{I.qg*Tff "eng;" {nr +q ff erg e*r tg;$ i *i srdr ErB".r (q$q) 3mid + q{qrsr hqr.raTr ef ffi +) wri $* *-;r hqr I 2-1&2-ML-246 : ard-s *.c+ sft{ siE * 9]{ 2-1&2-ML-235 . gi+ + s{ ft-6R 3i1r iutt vq qd 3ir-q+{q +d *r rritq t {iavsc-f, 5o rd t aere +r Tixn Fqfur drrd $Tn qftvnS Fi& r 2-1&2-ML-247: 3teiqEqq qnvm $ rs ai 2-1&2-Mr--236 : ni * €-cc cr "t$s{ eqr{ } frfud sffi- *r F-erui frqr tnfl-c" qRd d{is *} "rt$ srn-arsvr" Ilrti I m-* qg+a ensrff {qif Uiq ftsRut bqT r 2-1&2-ML-24s I drcfts ?sT # dTqlT tkq 2-1&2-ML-237 : ++,=€{ fr+rlt aerrd a;l rndtshi fr rrT+ff r{fr inffrsrbqT f.q frrfr + rt iTifrff fr s-{ri fr rlclt "-an BRr E-stur RqrTql t 2-{&2-ML-249 :s€{cfrq Fcrfrstrddqrdt 2-1 &z-Ivl L-zrs : qSq,J *J rdT fr }fr t ilri fi emlqT"*S{H!T 6r} ff erdv{aidTairf* ff Aqtrrslq fr r€ | q*l 2-1&2-ML-239 : eKrd # iiTs r{il 2-r&2-Ml-2so : ffii f* ad ffgeoran Rq]T (Bio-synthesis) ff fi-d{vr S{ 3{Sl atdtif+a c{iw c{Fftq* cqn Erq]qr t {dcl{ FrS { r* | 2-1&2-ML-251 : Fr*dq qrq4 aEfi S6q 2.r&2-ML-240 : l{: + gTF 6r{.Frfr i-di* * erq "+cr+k{-q" ets * sfr rrFlq cor<q {dr+ * dr$6 * Eerol l?sT mT t cq+ft ft-n $r r 2-1&2trtL-241 : erme-& * qrElgq qrc*q 2-1&2-ML-252 : dcqq ,:r<Ff 3lfts rd+ qTA s{fr ff ffisoT bqrrqr t Ec a-sd * qo ++ r+ni 1e eruo.TYPq qg+Si$l+ t ffi+cr]}*g{ERcrrqrt yr&{T qr fojsoT qT} q$ il *s-cim Trr.r 2-1&2-ML-242 : S,sT€T tC-iS 3fit,fidrts€ *rwdq-cff tga, ffiwtkqiqqr t 2-1&2-ML-2s3 : ftqqAt r*ff * sTFaS z-iaz-nt-z+s t qq: Wt q+qfu*- * qrr fi sw +rt rcFs b-arlcr "slmr*k{" ar€rq "#s" 3r}*dd aw rfueg t d e-+* I eq* "B*dqfi-{" # 3+Trq 2-t&2-ML-254 : grd *. q6 l+q $ {S 1ftffi qq { sc$fi qr-qT rcr t rsff strifi "qrtc l-;r+ crn-*Wrfi giqtfi sr qrss$T qr mrqqrft rd- *r ffiqor kqr.rqr r lsr+ ad i tur ner I ]ANUARY . JULY, 199E AAMRA - II/1A2
  • 104. t APEIiGOI&IxHDl/S7,TGi CtF EXIOR : 0lononi9 XAOUR PARAIiKUSH RAO S V AyuMdc C!1L9e, Tin46ii AAMRA ALUED AYURVEDIC MEDICAL RESEARCH ABSTRACTS voLUME 2. ISSUE 1&2 JANUARYJUI{E, {S EXECUTIVE EDITOR 0lon) : BUUISU SFAR,AM: . .; i s v Aiuie# Cilldire;]ituP€ri iii EI)ITORS: HeAdds.... AGADA TANTRA I S. VEOAVATI 1 BHAISAJYA MLOANA (PhAMACY) P.H.C, URTHY 5 B,qSIC PRINCPLES Govt. Ay!ryedic co{es€, ViiaFT a(b Hets) 6 DRAVYAGUNA (PhaFraco Thenpeutics of K.N. DWVEDI 53 XAU!.rAM BHPITYAM tPaediatics) IMSiB H U,va6msi KAYA CHI(|T5A (Vedrch4 G. SUDARSANAiI RASA SASTM (Phdmaco - lh€raPeuibcs of Mineras) 61 RoGA VIGNYANA (Pat olozv) I. SRINIVASULU SATYASALAXYA (S.ryery ENT E oP$almologv) cov{. Ayudedic college, lVd€dad 69 SVASIA VRITTA (So.ial & Revedive m€drcine) A.R-V IURTHY MISCETIANIOUS f2 S v AylNedii Cdl€ge, Th+.t 85 P.V RANGANAYMULU FfiYTOCHEMICAL PREVIEW Decr ol &iE 88 S V AyLwsdc Collog6, TiruFli THESIS TIILES 89 X. RAVIKUIIAR T}IEME OF TllE JOURNAL olveldrury sd..lc!. Ttnfali 90 Colleqe GISTS IN HINDI 101 AAMM ABSTRACT DESIGN fO PAIRONS