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  • 1. SMART SCHOOLGroup Members :Ayu Nadia bt Mohd Zahid (D20101037528)Norfazreena bt Ma’amor (D20101037526)Nursyakhila bt Zahari (D20101037523)
  • 2. What is the teaching andlearning component in the smart school concept?
  • 3. Teaching and learning component in Smart School willbe shaped in 4 main areas : CurriculumPedagogyAssessment Teaching-learning material
  • 4.  Curriculum• designed by incorporating the element that enables the education system to achieve the goals of National Philosophy of Education.• the curriculum shall be meaningful, socially responsible, multicultural, reflective, holistic, open -minded and technological.•
  • 5.  Pedagogy The Smart School pedagogy is student-centred. The innovative teaching method is used to provide the different learning experience for students. The pedagogy in Smart School will incorporating high level thinking skills & values in classroom.
  • 6.  Assessment• The Smart School assessment system is holistic, that covers not only achievement, but also progress and aptitude.• This approach will give various information regarding to the student learning styles and abilities.
  • 7.  Teaching & Learning Material• Designed to support the teaching and learning concept of Smart School.• The materials used must consider the students learning preferences because each students have different learning styles.
  • 8. Technology as enablers contained in the Smart School concept.
  • 9.  Provide the source and latest educational material. As a tools that facilitates group work within the class and across the class. Enable communication with outside constituencies. Helps the student to stimulate learning in experimental learning process. As tool to search, collect and collate information. Can perform electronic assessment.
  • 10. Overview of the progress
  • 11. SMART Classroom Suite In June 2010, smart technologies have announced the SMART classroom suite 2010 interactive learning software. Enable teacher to easily manage and assess the entire class while addressing the needs of individuals’ students. combination of the classroom management, assessment, learning creation and assignment tools in one offering. The latest version of SMART classroom suite features a number of upgrades including improved wireless capability, greater support for formative assessment and enhancement to teacher tools.
  • 13.  Parents needs to increase participation in educational process. Teacher needs more training on ICT programs than the students. Smart School staff development.