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    Pak taufik(ayu) Pak taufik(ayu) Presentation Transcript

    • THE MATERY Fisika quantity for the motion with velocity and constant accelarationAYU IRMA KUSUMA WARDANI
    • distance and displacementdistance is the total length of travel irrespective ofthe direction of is a scalar quantity. Displacement is distance moved in the particulardirection.displacement is a vector quantity. Theposition and direction of displacement of an objectare determined relatively from a point of reference.speed and velocityspeed is a scalar quantity,whereas velocity (v) isvector quantity.
    • 1. average speed and average velocityaverage speed is the ratio between distance andthe time interval(t)needed to get thedistance.mathematically,it is written as follows.Average speed = distance/timeaverage velocity(v)is defined as the ratiobetween displacement.if average speedsymbolized v, distance that goed to symbolizeds, and time goes t, according to the similaritymathematical can be written:v = s/t
    • 2. Instantaneous speed Instantaneous speed is the magnitude ofInstantaneous velocity. Instantaneous speed is ascalar quantity,whereas Instantaneous velocity isa vector quantity.v = lim v/t t0
    • 3. avarage speedavarage speed a thing bases on big and transferdirection with a time that wanted.because horizontal is besaran vector, also belongvector quantity. The following:v=s/twhere:s = speed (meter)t = change (sekon)v = avarage speed (m/s)
    • accelerationacceleration speed change everytime unit. acceleration can positivevaluable or negative. positivevaluable acceleration is calleddeceleration.a =v/t
    • average accelerationaverage acceleration(a) is defined as the ratiobetween the change in velocity(v=v2-v1) and itstime interval(t=t2-t1).average acceleration =velocity change/timesa=v2-v1/t2-t1explanation:v = speed changet = time changea = average acceleration
    • acceleration a momentacceleration a moment relate to bigand direction from speed a moment.acceleration speed change quotientwith time change. because speedbe vector quantity, acceleration amoment also belong vector quantity.
    • to count acceleration a moment (a) frommovement a thing is wanted short meter, that isvalue? t approach zero. according toacceleration equation mathematical a moment(a) has reasoning equal to speed a moment thatcan be written as follows:a= lim ∆v/ ∆t ∆t  0explanation:a = acceleration a moment (m/s2) v = speed change (m/s) t = a time (s)
    • object moves straight to the rights andtakes a distance of 50 m in 12 s. then it turns tothe opposite direction and travels a distance of10 m on the seme parth in 3 s.what is (a) theaverage speed (b) the average velocity?2. a runner runs on a circular track with adiameter dof 200 m.determine the distance anddisplacement taken by the runner after he ranthree laps.