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Mobile Marketing Presentation for Governor's Small Business Forum

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Gov binder

  1. 1. Realtors<br />Virtual Flyers<br />Virtual Flyers are a great way to ensure that you never run out of flyers, capture lead info, and follow up with potential buyers.<br />Text “3544Main” to “72727” to get an instant demo sent straight to your phone.<br />QR Codes<br />QR Codes can direct leads to a variety of different places such as your contact info, facebook fan pages, or mobile landing pages that lead to direct info about homes for sale<br />Virtual Business Cards<br />
  2. 2. Realtors Mobile Development<br />Mobile Websites<br />The mobile web is expected to become more popular than desktop internet by 2013. This means more and more of your clients will be using the mobile web to look for realtors.<br />Issues for Consumers<br />Full Sites on Mobile Devices:<br />Full Sites are difficult to navigate<br />Phone numbers and maps are not always clickable<br />Property searches are difficult<br />Issues for Realtors<br />Full Sites not Mobile Friendly:<br />Search engines give priority to mobile sites because they provide the best user experience<br />Leads may give up on your site and find a realtor whose site is mobile<br />Mobile Web Solutions<br />What: App development <br />Why: Apps make it easy to search for homes and are fully compatible with mobile devices<br />What: Mobile friendly websites<br />Why: Best client experience, easy to find contact info, search engines give priority to mobile sites<br />
  3. 3. Restaurants<br />Instant Text Coupons<br />Send coupons or special offers instantly to customers phones!<br />Continue marketing to your text list by offering promos and mobile only special offers.<br />Mobile Websites<br /><br />Customers visiting your site from a mobile phone want to know 3 things<br />Your Location<br />Your Hours<br />Your Contact Info<br />
  4. 4. Non-Profits<br />Text Haiti Campaign Raised 25 Million Just From Mobile Devices<br />Text Alerts Saved Lives at UT Austin Shooting<br />Schools<br />Text parents about school closures, emergencies, PTA meetings, fundraisers, etc. <br />Emergency Situations<br />Send your entire student body and parents evacuation plans, warnings, and safety information<br />Fundraisers<br />Text to Donate Campaigns- Get supporters to donate funds directly from their mobile phones. <br />
  5. 5. Political Campaigns<br />OBAMA WENT MOBILE….<br />AND WON….<br />AND THIS WAS ‘08<br />Why is mobile so effective?<br />Whether or not Obama was the best candidate, he did have the best strategy. Obama’s campaign in ‘08 was the first of it’s kind and proved to be extremely effective.<br />Text messages are usually read within 5 min of receipt and are tremendously more effective than email campaigns. <br />Key Features of the Obama Campaign<br /><ul><li>Clickable links in text messages directed voters to a mobile call to action
  6. 6. Informed voters of rallies and events
  7. 7. Used text to donate straight from mobile phones
  8. 8. Text messages are less expensive than traditional media and robo calls.</li></li></ul><li>Auto Industry<br />Auto Sales<br />Send leads videos<br />Send leads sales or special promotions<br />Direct buyers to FB and twitter<br />Offer text to win campaigns<br />Auto Salespeople<br />Use Virtual Business Cards to Capture Leads<br />Auto Maintenance<br />Text Maintenance Reminders<br />Text Discounts<br />Mobile Solutions<br />What: Custom Smartphone Apps<br />Why: Connect with customers, create maintenance schedules, promote top of mind awareness<br />What: Text Message Updates<br />Why: Send <br />Mobile Websites<br />QR Codes<br />
  9. 9. Service based industries<br />Appointment Reminders<br />If your staff spends only two minutes on the phone per appointment reminder, each reminder costs 0.26 cents at $8/hr.<br />You can text reminders for 3X less and use your staff to build relationships with clients instead.<br />Postcard Reminders<br />Stamps cost .29 cents each not including printing, paper, and staff time.<br />Text Reminders<br />Save Money<br />Save Paper<br />And are 70% more effective<br />
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Bars, clubs, event industries<br />TEXT<br />YOUR<br />CUSTOMERS<br />Sell tickets from texts<br />Provide real time updates<br />Direct parking (Lot C Full!)<br />Send new events and special offers<br />Integrate Social Media<br />GO MOBILE<br />Build an APP<br />Direct Mobile Users to a Mobile Site<br />Send Text Marketing Messages<br />WHY?<br />Everyone has a cell phone<br />Increases sales by using in app purchase or mobile site purchases<br />Text Messages are opened 98% of the time and 92% are opened within the hour.<br />Send Real Time Updates<br />