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Digital Citezenship 9 Elements
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Digital Citezenship 9 Elements


By Aida Hayek-Hounoud

By Aida Hayek-Hounoud

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Digital Citizenship Aida Hayek-Hounoud
  • 2. Digital Access• Connections• Using Electronics to participate in society
  • 3. Digital Access• Digital access is important in life, but some choose not to use these tools due to beliefs and religions.• Also some people simply dont have a computer or phone to have this access
  • 4. Digital Communications• Using electronics to communicate with other people in the world or just in your hometown
  • 5. Digital Communications• Emails• Social Networks o Facebook o Twitter o Skype o Etc.
  • 6. Digital Commerce• Using electronics to buy or sell goods on the world wide web
  • 7. Digital Commerce• Ebay• Amazon• Retail stores o Express o American Eagle o Hollister o Pacific Sunwear o Etc.
  • 8. Digital Literacy• The teaching of how to use the web browser and also a compter
  • 9. Digital Literacy• Teaches a person how to use the computer so they are able to connect to the world wide web and be connected to the society today.
  • 10. Digital Security• Protecting your electronics and personal information that is on the internet
  • 11. Digital Security• Security passwords so no one can log into your information such as: o Credit Cards o Social Security o Identity Theft o Viruses o Ect.
  • 12. Digital Law• Obeying the internet law, and having responsibility for your actions and deeds online
  • 13. Digital Law• No Hacking• Reading the Terms and Agreeing to them
  • 14. Digital Rights/Responsibilities• Everyone is equal on the internet
  • 15. Digital Rights/Responsibilities• Bill of Rights o Freedom of Speech o Freedom of Religon o Everyone is Equal o Etc.• Constitution of the Internet
  • 16. Digital Health and Wellness• Physically and mentally well-being in the technology world
  • 17. Digital Health and Wellness• No addictions o Porn o Gaming o World of Warcraft o Hacking o Etc.• Using computer on a physically and mentally good base
  • 18. Digital Etiquette• Using manners and showing respect to others
  • 19. Digital Etiquette• Manners• Being polite• Showing respect• No cell phone usage in the movie theatres• Cyber bullying• Etc.