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  • 1.  
  • 2. Click here to go to ticketing dashboard. Login to your Ayojak account, go to My Ayojak.
  • 3. You are on ticketing dashboard. Click here to edit the event.
  • 4. Click here You are on Event Setup Page.
  • 5. You are on “Event Settings” section.
  • 6. Check this option to enable ‘Invitation-Only’ or ‘Private’ event feature. Click here to save your settings.
  • 7. Your ‘Invitation-Only’ feature has been updated successfully.
  • 8. Open your event page, you will see the selected feature has been activated. After Entering Invited email id & code, user can access the event. To Configure invitation code & Invites, go to ticketing dashboard.
  • 9. Click here.
  • 10. You are on ‘Attendee’ section. Click here for private invite.
  • 11. Select source of email addresses. Suppose you have to send single email. Fill details here. Click here to add Address in the list.
  • 12. Email has been added here. You can check here to save it in address book.
  • 13. Fill the details. Type your message. Select whether you want to send different invitation codes or same invitation code to the users. Click here to send.
  • 14. Your invitation has been sent successfully.
  • 15. In users mailbox, invitation will look like this. Here is the invitation code.
  • 16. User will have to enter email id & given invitation code.
  • 17. Now user can see the event page and can book tickets for event.
  • 18. For support: Email: [email_address] Twitter: ayojak Facebook: