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very interseting story

  1. 1. A tour to the solar system Done By Aya Hassan part of the group ( Ahmed freed and Abdelaziz Bokhary ).
  2. 2. What is a virtual reality tour to a solar system? <ul><li>A virtual reality tour is a tour which seems to be real to us but all is it all made up from a Computer. </li></ul><ul><li>A virtual reality is made by a high level pf technology. </li></ul><ul><li>A virtual Reality tour has high graphics . </li></ul>
  3. 3. Does it really matter if we went to a tour to the solar system by VR or without it ? <ul><li>Here is a little story that demonstrate for you how fun a scientific journey to the solar system can be. </li></ul>
  4. 4. It just the beginning! <ul><li>Once upon a time there was a little funny guy called Humpty Dumpty , this guy always wanted to be an astronaut and visit the outer space and discover his own solar system . </li></ul>Hi .. My name is Humpty Dumpty
  5. 5. Well… is it a journey? <ul><li>So Humpty Dumpty met up with these two astronauts , who knew everything about space and solar systems. And were specialists in VR SYSTEMS </li></ul>Hey .. We are the twine astronauts
  6. 6. So off he went to the space! <ul><li>So Humpty Dumpty found that this the opportunity to tell these guys how much he is interested to learn new things about the solar system and space . The astronauts can help him understand it better! </li></ul>Hey.. I can ask them some questions!!
  7. 7. Humpty Dimity's big deal! <ul><li>Humpty Dumpty made a deal with the twine astronauts . The deal was he should go with them outer space and see the solar system up close and then he can give them a gun in return ! </li></ul>Have a gun.. Maybe ??
  8. 8. Smart.. Or weird! <ul><li>Although the two astronauts were very smart in space and science , but they did not seem that they even have a brain in stuff that included Life on THE REAL WORLD, because they accepted ( dumpily) Humpy's offer!! </li></ul>U got it !
  9. 9. Well… he went to the space anyway <ul><li>Humpty Dumpty – by a very stupid and weird way- got into the two astronauts ‘s VR space station, and because the astronauts knew that Humpty did not anything about VR so they decided to play a little trick on him and tell him that all what he is going to see is real! </li></ul>I knew that we are smart ;) I would love to see his face when he know the truth haha
  10. 10. Humpty… in the trap! <ul><li>So here is poor Humpty went to the mean twine station considering that he is going to a real solar system journey. </li></ul>Yaaay !! Am going to space .. HOWERA!
  11. 11. Poor little creature ..  <ul><li>So off he went Humpty to the mean Vr device believing that he is actually going to space and men while the mean twine were just delightful to see him so into their trap !! </li></ul>Thank u so much that means a lot to me ! Any time kid .. Have FUN heehaw! Yeah. Sure!
  12. 12. First (fake station) <ul><li>First thing Humpty went is to the most far planet from the sun which is PLUTO! And he saw it, it seemed to real for him ! It looked like this </li></ul>Pluto
  13. 13. And the journey goes on! <ul><li>And Humpty went through each planet , happy to be in a real space ship- as he thought- and in a real space !! And meanwhile the twine were just happy about their little plane ! </li></ul>
  14. 14. The end of the great (fake) journey <ul><li>And after Humpty went through each planet and heard the Twines explanation about each one of them he decided to go back to earth , he asked for the Twines help , so they clicked the FINNISH button of the VR device, happy to see their plane working so well! </li></ul>It was amazing .. I Loved it
  15. 15. Twines .. You are DOOMED!! <ul><li>Well.. Humpty Dumpty is a funny guy , but he is not dump. When he noticed that he came back to earth very quickly and the Twines ( dumpily) tolled them that they went to the space too and toke them hours to get there! He discovered that he was fooled and punked!, he got so angry he hit the Twines and made them into tears !! </li></ul>I will cut your head off .. Both of YOU!
  16. 16. So long Twines <ul><li>So humpty went home happy that he hit the people who they hurt him and in the same time happy to learn something new. For the Twines there were no more news about them anymore.. </li></ul><ul><li>Ps: there is no picture for the Twines after they got beaten because they did not want to be humiliated in front of the cameras! </li></ul>
  17. 17. WHAT A STORY <ul><li>So that was my little story about how solar system tour can be fun by using VR ,.. Any suggestions please it post it on nicely..! </li></ul>