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the project
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the project
the project
the project
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the project


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. How can Virtual Reality helps understand the solar system? By: Aya Hassan, Abdulaziz Bukhari and Ahmed Farid
  • 2. What is Virtual Reality
    • Virtual Reality is something made up in the computer that appears to us as if it is something real.
  • 3. A brief discussion
    • Here is a story to demonstrate that journeys to space can be fun.
  • 4. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall But this wall wasn’t really a wall As a matter of fact it was a space ship that made to tour the solar system. Hi,,, my name is humpty Dumpty
  • 5.
    • Humpty Dumpty started to float away when suddenly someone pulled his leg.
    • It was one of the astronauts who was sent to make a tour of the solar system
    I am floating Away
  • 6.
    • Astronaut 1:a brief description of Mercury
  • 7. Venus
    • Astronaut 2: gives a brief description of Venus (their 2 nd destination)
  • 8. Mars
    • Humpty Dumpty: Oh is that blood?
    • Astronaut 1: actually that is Mars (gives a brief info)
    • Humpty Dumpty: I feel ridiculous
    • Astronaut 2: don’t feel ridiculous the Romans made mars the god of war because it looked like a spot of blood in the sky
  • 9. The asteroid belt
    • Astronaut 1: look out
    • Camera gets bumped
    • Humpty Dumpty: why are those rocks in space
    • Astronaut 2: that is the asteroid belt (gives a brief description)
  • 10. Jupiter
    • Humpty Dumpty: where do we go next?
    • Astronaut 1: our next destination is Jupiter (gives a brief description of it)
  • 11. Saturn
    • Humpty Dumpty: oh I know this one. Its Saturn. (gives a very brief description of it.) I recognize it from its pretty rings.
    • Astronaut 1: (talks about the rings)
  • 12. Uranus
    • Astronaut 2: But Saturn is not the only planet with rings. Uranus also has rings but they are so thin that they cannot be easily seen. (brief description)
  • 13. Neptune
    • Humpty Dumpty: hey look, water,
    • Astronaut 2: actually that is Neptune. (He gives facts about that planet)
  • 14. Pluto and Charon
    • Humpty Dumpty: what are those 2 small planets?
    • Astronaut 2: One is Pluto (gives a brief description of Pluto)
    • Astronaut 1: (gives a brief description of Charon
  • 15. The Sun
    • Humpty Dumpty: ghee how many stars do you think there are in our solar system?
    • Astronaut 1: just one
    • Astronaut 2: (gives a description of the sun)
  • 16. The solar system
    • Astronaut one and two: conclude the tour
  • 17.
    • Humpty Dumpty: ok so which plante is earth?
    • Astronaut 2: that one
    • Astronaut 1: (gives a brief description of earth)
  • 18.
    • Humpty Dumpty: finally for once I get to finish something without…(falls of the spaceship and cracks)