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design concept for superfly transport

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  1. 1. transportation finds you Project by: Aynne Valencia Created: 07/14/2010 Interaction Design, Summer 2010 San Francisco State University Course Leader: Aynne Valencia
  2. 2. superfly conceptual design About Superfly What is it? Superfly allows your iPhone to become a beacon to find the nearest local transportation. When you launch Superfly, your iPhone will locate the nearest buses, metros or subways in your area and also find available taxi cabs that are in your vicinity. You can set preferences to the direction, destination of preferred or regularly used spots or use the default finder if you are somewhere new or unfamiliar.
  3. 3. superfly conceptual design high level user flow Public Transport The system retrieves A list of public geolocation data from transport options iPhone and collects a that are available list of local bus routing appear info and metro/subways User selects Taxi If there is a Taxi User selects around and its is Ping! and a Taxi is free it will show up alerted that a potential on the list. passenger is around Ping!
  4. 4. superfly conceptual design navigation and key screens Buses Metro Taxi Cabs Near Powell and Market in 10 minutes 5 Fulton J Church Yellow cab Ping! Bus 56 Marinwood N Judah Desoto Cab Ping! Metro/Subway 7-71 Haight T Sunnydale Taxi 6 Parnassus SFO/Millbrae Other 31 Balboa J Church Get more Get more Refresh Change Location Settings
  5. 5. Ping! Ping is the system that powers the taxi call. Ping! Lets say that Superfly user Scott wants to take a cabs A from work A to his home B in his home city. When Scott leaves work in the evening, he selects Ping cab, since the system knows his home address it notifies taxi companies there is someone in the vicinity needing a taxi. Since the system knows where Scott lives in relation to where he is, it will give preferential notice to cabs going in direction Scott is B heading
  6. 6. key screens and core interactions
  7. 7. superfly conceptual design application model 0.0 Home Screen Near Powell and Market in 10 minutes Bus Metro/Subway Taxi Settings and Functional Areas Other Change Location Settings 0.0 Home Screen
  8. 8. superfly Key Screens Transport Lists List View Lists are displayed in order of arrival time. If user has selected a preference for a destination in a particular direction (home or work for example) it will be given higher ranking A. List Item Behavior View A J Church On Select B J Church B. Get More Behavior Get more Get more retrieves a list of 5 more public transportation results.
  9. 9. Thank You