Visual Studio 2010 ALM Tools Overview


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Visual Studio 2010 ALM Tools Overview

  1. 1. Microsoft SharePoint MVPTwitter: @AymanElHattab
  2. 2. GovernanceDevelopmentOperations Idea Deployment End of Life
  3. 3. Business case Project Portfolio Application Portfolio Application removeddevelopment Management (PPM) Management (APM) from service Project approved Governance Development Operations
  4. 4. Aspects of ALM: Development SDLC, v1 SDLC, v2 Maintenance Governance Development Operations
  5. 5. Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration N ... SDLC ALM
  6. 6. Deploy the Monitor the application application Deploy application updates GovernanceDevelopment Operations
  7. 7. 1970s-1980s 1980s-1990s 1990s-2000s Editors Integrated development environments (IDEs)Compilers Team development tools Build tools Version control tools Testing tools Reporting and tracking tools
  8. 8. Development ToolsArchitecture Testing Tools Tools Design Documents Version Test Cases Control/ Build Mgmt Requirements Project Statistics Reporting andRequirements Shared Server Tracking Tools Tools Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  9. 9. Requirement X Development Task Test CaseArchitecture Testing Task Test Case Bug Shared Server Task Test Case Bug Test CaseRequirements Project Tracking
  10. 10. Are we making progress How are our builds on running test plans? doing over time? What’s the quality Are we fixing of our bug fixes? bugs?Microsoft Confidential
  11. 11. Eclipse IDE Visual Studio Visual Studio Visual Studio Team Explorer Team Explorer 2010 IDE 2010 Everywhere 2010 Expression Studio Visual Studio Microsoft TestWeb Browser Team Foundation Manager 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 Microsoft Excel Visual Studio Lab Management Microsoft 2010 Project Visual Studio 2010 Other Microsoft Other Vendors and Open Source
  12. 12. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Work Item Version Test Case Tracking Control Management • Requirements/ User stories • Tasks TT TT • Bugs TT TT • Test cases •… Reports and Build Lab Dashboards Management Management Process VMTemplates
  13. 13. Plan and Process Work ItemManage Your Tracking Guidance & Project Automation Understand Version Branch Build Parallel Control Visualization ManagementDevelopmentNo More “No Microsoft Test Case Lab IntelliTrace Test ManagerRepro” Bugs Management Management (MTM) Report on Dashboards ReportsYour Portfolio
  14. 14. Client sidecopy of source Owned by one checked out user on one from machine repository Changes in Workspace workspace Mapping = create Repository “pending folder mapped changes” to Local Folder
  15. 15. Branch• A branch relationship is created in TFS to avoid duplication of history and metadata• Path-space branching• Intelligent copiesMerge• Sync a branch into another• Cherry Picking changesets (include or omit)• Ability to show changes that have not been merged
  16. 16. Task switching Peer reviews Backup WIPSharing
  17. 17. Extension of MS Build • Integrated Windows Workflow • Continuous Integration Several scenarios • Scheduled supported • Gated / Shelveset • Ad-hocProvides build reporting • Pass / Fail back to TFS • Trend data Integrated testing • Any automated test
  18. 18. Rich & Actionable Bugs
  19. 19. Choose your Warehouse • Cube • RelationalBuilt-in Reporting • SQL Server Reporting Services • ExcelTrending, aggregate, “roll-up” reports • DashboardsAccessible via Portal, Team Explorer, others