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Cure md


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  • 1. Certified for Meaningful Use All-in-One Electronic Health Records Enterprise Practice Management & Patient Portal
  • 2. Adaptable, Accessible & Affordable Web Technology
  • 3. Demonstrate Meaningful UseToday as a care provider you are challenged to drive outcomes through Meaningful Use All-in-One Solutionof certified technology - improving quality, safety and efficiency; reducing care Electronic Health Recordsdisparities; engaging patients and families; enhancing care coordination whilst Enterprise Practice Managementenduring privacy and security protections. Enterprise Scheduling Intelligent BillingCureMD’s award winning all-in-one electronic health records, enterprise practice Workflow Managementmanagement and patient portal solution addresses all these challenges by simplifying KPI Dashboardsthe practice of Meaningful Use - driving outcomes and subsidy payments to maximize Electronic Prescriptionsvalue and returns. Electronic Labs Document ImagingTrusted by thousands of practices ranging from solo and group practices to large Clinical Knowledgebasemultispecialty facilities nationwide, CureMD provides certified technology and value Clinical Decision Supportadded services to help you profit from today’s performance driven reimbursement Device Interoperabilityenvironment. Patient Education Data Mining Reports Patient Portal Practice Website HIEs Revenue Cycle Management Discrete Reportable Transcription ati ent Port Consulting P al 24/7 Help bo ash a Free Upgrades rd D KPI ealt nic H h Reco tro ag Man eme lec Designed for rd E s n Practice Small Primary Care (1-4 MDs) t Mid-Sized Primary Care (5+ MDs) Large (20+ MDs) or Multi-Specialty table Tran por Re ur eMobile Practices supported by Hospitals/MSOs sc te riptio C Discre Academic Medical Centers n PQR I Management Service Organizations ue Cycle Managem ven Integrated Delivery Networks Re e nt Federally Qualified Health Centers e- Increase Pr e s c ri b in g Revenue Efficiency Quality Patient Satisfaction Five Star Usability Rating CCHIT - CureMD EHR V10
  • 4. Clinical Overview Synchronized historical information for well informed swift decision making. Personal Patient Scheduler Billing Claims Reports [eLearning] Document Manager eRx Alerts/Recalls Library Settings Good Morning, Kelly Smith Inbox (15) • Task (1) • Lab (42) • Procedure (33) • Provider Note (9) • Documents (4) • Appointment Request (6) • Today’s Patients (7) CureMD Medical Center Features Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1:27:10 AM 55 Broad Street Barbara Smith 45 Y, Female, DOB: 4/13/1965, Acc. No: 713128 Workflow Editor H: (212) 509-6200 Allergy: NKDA Primary Plan Empire BCBS Did Not Pay Copay Auto Note Plan Balance: $ 540.00 MICHELLE IS POA Email: Patient Balance: $0.00 Patient Clinical Overview Problems, Complaints and Vitals Messaging Online (3/146) Report Send Registration Provider Notes Onset Sep 1995 Diagnosis 250.13-Diabetes with Ketoacidosis Type II Status Current Onset Jan 1996 Allergies Adenine (Drug) Status Active History (Present Illness, Family, Social, Medical) Clinical Jan 2001 413.0-Angina Decubitus Current Jun 1996 Aloe (Drug) Active Configurable Review of Systems Clinical Overview History Feb 2008 002.0-Typhoid Fever Current Sep 1989 Pollen (General) Active Diagnoses Jan 1990 Nuts (Food) Active Memos Complaints Vitals Jan 1990 Citrus (Food) Active Customizable Physical Exam (inspection, palpation, Start Date Medications Status Date Complaints CC Orders & Results Flow Sheet Dates 02/12/2009 02/04/2010 Insulin Iletin NPH Injection Paracetamol Current Current 02/12/2009 02/01/2010 Foot Pain Weakness Yes No auscultation with built in image annotations) Allergies 02/01/2010 Dizziness No 02/12/2009 Metformin HCL Tablets Current Review of Systems Immunization 02/04/2010 Acetohexamide Tablets Past 02/01/2010 Diabetes Yes Electronic Prescriptions (CPOE) Tasks 02/12/2009 Glipizide ER Tablets Past School Forms Medications Date Pulse S B.P D B.P Resp. Temp (F) Weight Height BSA Document Imaging (Integrated PACS) Physical Exam 02/04/2009 03:34 PM 80 125 85 25 98.60 156 lbs 5’ 9” 1.85 Patient Chart Report IQmark Reports 24/04/2010 10:00 AM 18/04/2010 11:00 AM 82 82 120 120 80 80 25 25 98.60 98.50 155 lbs 155 lbs 5’ 9” 5’ 9” 1.85 1.85 Custom Forms & Flow Sheets Overridden Alerts Interoperability 08/04/2010 11:30 AM 81 125 80 26 98.60 156 lbs 5’ 9” 1.85 Document Manager Appointment History Electronic Lab Interfaces Billing Device Interoperability Family: Diabetes Mellitus Type 1, Maternal Aunt - Age of Onset: 14 Years - Age at Death: 41 Year, Maternal Relative - Age of Onset: 8 Years Age at Death: 26 Years Surgery: Appendectomy - Gastroscopy: The surgery was performed at 85 15 Main St. at Queens Blvd.. on 02/12/2004 by Allard, Ingrid. in Inpatient. Reason of Surgery was Appendix pain. Age of Patient at the time of surgery was 23 Year(s) 2 Month(s). Patient Thromboembolic. Social: Tobacco: cigarette, 1.5 Packs a day patient would quit. Alcohol: Beer, Moderate, This is not a problem for the patient for 5 Years Clinical Knowledgebase Drug: Denies Usage, Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Follow-up/Recall Tracking Patient Education Electronic Signature Personal Patient Scheduler Billing Claims Reports [eLearning] Document Manager eRx Alerts/Recalls Library Settings Electronic Faxing Good Morning, Kelly Smith CureMD Medical Center Voice Recognition Inbox (15) • Task (1) • Lab (42) • Procedure (33) • Provider Note (9) • Documents (4) • Appointment Request (6) • Today’s Patients (7) Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1:27:10 AM 55 Broad Street Jessica Jones H: (212) 509-6200 34 Y, Female, DOB: 4/13/1976, Acc. No: 256868 Allergy: NKDA Primary Plan Empire BCBS Did Not Pay Copay Trending & Graphing Plan Balance: $ 540.00 MICHELLE IS POA Email: Patient Balance: $0.00 Patient - Physical Exam Physical Exam Edit Physical Exam Preview Messaging Online (3/146) Save Delete Registration General | HEENT | Neck | Breast | Respiratory | Cardiovascular | Abdominal | Female OB/GYN/GU | Female OB | Skin | Provider Notes Integrated Modules Musculoskeletal | Rectal | Neurological Clinical Neck Medical Drawing Deferred Clinical Overview History Diagnoses Patient Profile Memos Complaints Vitals Orders & Results Flow Sheet Dates Enterprise Scheduling Allergies Review of Systems Immunization Electronic Eligibility Tasks School Forms Medications Neck Intelligent Billing Physical Exam Surface Trachea Lymph Nodes Patient Chart Report IQmark Reports Normal Supple Deviated to the Right Deviated to Left Infraauricular Posterior Auricular Workflow Management Overridden Alerts Carotid bruit Deviates to the Right on Inspiration Inframandibular Interoperability Document Manager Tender Decreased Range of Motion Deviates to the left on Inspiration Supraclavicular Posterior Lymph E&M Coding Optimization Appointment Abnormal Movements Billing Mass Midline Nodule c/w Thyroglossal Duct Enterprise Messaging Nuchal Rigidity Calendar, E-mail & Reminders Subcutaneous Emphysema Torticollis Webbed Thyroid Exam Notes & Task Management Audit Trail & Access Control Physical Exam Patient Portal Quick, accurate and complete documentation for problem focused Physical Examinations. Data Mining Reports2
  • 5. CureMD EHRConnecting HealthThe award winning, advanced and easy to use CureMD EHR delivers complete Specialty Content and Workflowinformation and evidence based knowledge where and when required – facilitating Allergyswift, informed and effective decision making while improving care quality, practice Ambulatory Surgery Cardiologyperformance and patient experience. Community Health Center Correctional HealthOur certified web technology and integrated approach to service delivery enable Clinical Neurophysiologycontinuity of care management and information sharing across multiple platforms, Dermatologysystems and organizations - driving greater productivity, safety and collaboration. Dialysis Centers EndocrinologyReducing cognitive overload, supporting unique workflows and clinical approaches - Emergency Medicine Employee CareCureMD’s specialty specific, template-driven, point and click technology enables Family Practice / Primary Careaccurate, complete and faster encounter documentation. Gastroenterology General SurgeryCureMD simplifies decision making, streamlines operations and ensures compliance Geriatricswith industry standards and best practices, ultimately saving time and effort to Hand Surgerymaximize value and returns. Home Care Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases NephrologyWith CureMD EHR Neurology Neuro Surgery Get the highest ROI Improve Coding Nutrition Receive up to $44,000-$64,000 Maximize Collections Nursing Meaningful Use Incentives Reduce Unnecessary Tests OB/GYN Receive 2% PQRI Incentives Reduce Duplicate Orders Occupational Therapy Receive 2% ePrescribing Incentives Decrease Risk of Medication Errors Ophthalmology Reduce Transcription Costs Decrease Insurance Costs Oncology Orthopedics Otolaryngology Pain Management PediatricsBenefits Physical Therapy Increase Revenue Information Availability Plastic Surgery Podiatry Reduce Cost Enhance Productivity Psychiatry Decrease Risk Ensure Compliance Pulmonary Enhance Quality Higher User Adaptability Radiation Oncology Radiology Rheumatology Sleep Speech Therapy Sports Medicine Urology Vascular Surgery MedTech Journal Innovation Award 3
  • 6. Auto Note Automatically populate encounter information in your pre-defined format. Personal Patient Scheduler Billing Claims Reports Workflow Editor [eLearning] Document Manager eRx Alerts/Recalls Library Settings Good Morning, Kelly Smith Inbox (15) • Task (1) • Lab (42) • Procedure (33) • Provider Note (9) • Documents (4) • Appointment Request (6) • Today’s Patients (7) CureMD Medical Center Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1:27:10 AM 55 Broad Street Configurable specialty workflow and process editor John Smith 56 Y, Male, DOB: 4/13/1956, Acc. No: 503865 H: (212) 509-6200 Allergy: NKDA Primary Plan Plan Balance: Empire BCBS $ 540.00 Did Not Pay Copay MICHELLE IS POA assemble component templates, data forms and Email: Patient Balance: $0.00 knowledgebase to facilitate adaptation to your unique Patient - Provider Notes Provider Notes H&P Note Attachments (1) Messaging Online (3/146) Save Letters Print Fax Email Review eSuperbill Assign Upload Scan preferences, styles and priorities. Registration Voice Record Delete Provider Notes x Current Provider Note Unassociated Ariel 9 Normal Auto Note Histories Diagnoses (Add) Mr. John Smith is a 56 years old Male with the following history Complaintes (Add) Subjective Vitals (Add) Orders Results Family History: Angina Pectoris (Mother) Generate note automatically through customizable Allergies (Add) Alcohol Dependence (Father - Age at Onset: 61 years) Review of Systems (Add) Immunization (Add) Medical History: templates to save time and effort. Auto Note composes Medications (Add) Hepatitis A Inactive Prescription (Add) Physical Exam (Add) Objective sentences and paragraphs according to selections and Follow Up Vitals: Wt: 155 lbs, Ht: 6’, BSA: 1.91 m sq., BMI: 21.02kg/m sq., Obesity Scale: Normal Weight, Learn body Weight: entries made during the encounter. Patient Education Tasks (Add) 128.77lbs, Ideal body Weight: 171. 08lbs, Temp: 98.60 F, Pulse: 80, Resp: 20 breaths/min, BP: 120/80 Order Sets Recorded on Feb 7, 2010 at 9:16 AM by John Smith Flow Sheet Clinical Assessment and Plan Interoperability Diagnoses: Outcomes Analysis Document Manager Established Appointment TYPHOID FEVER (ICD-002.0) Billing CHRONIC INTESTINAL AMEBIASIS WITHOUT ABSCESS (ICD-.006.1) Active Medication: Amoxicillin Cap 500mg: 1 Tablet(s) QID/PRN PO-Orally, Start 02/07/2008, Qty 15 Tablet(s) Refill 2, DAW Aggregate clinical outcomes and report on compliance Follow Up in 5 days with Dr. Kelly Smith with national benchmarks and P4P standards. Health Maintenance Automatically receive preventive care notifications, Personal Patient Scheduler Billing Claims Reports alerts and compliance reports. [eLearning] Document Manager eRx Alerts/Recalls Library Settings Good Morning, Kelly Smith Inbox (15) • Task (1) • Lab (42) • Procedure (33) • Provider Note (9) • Documents (4) • Appointment Request (6) • Today’s Patients (7) CureMD Medical Center Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1:27:10 AM 55 Broad Street Document Manager Barbara Smith 68 Y, Female, DOB: 3/21/1942 Clinical Overview Messaging Online (3/146) Explorer Fax Inbox Patient Chart Selected Folder All Documents Search To be Reviewed Desktop Folder Record Upload Scan Assign Email Fax Delete Provide longitudinal summary of patient history, trends Search Hot List My Computer My Documents and alerts on a single screen. Results (1) Last Name Paper Records Insurance Cards (2) First Name Complaints Case Files (0) Account No eRx Diagnosis (0) Release of Information Results Lab Results (0) Orders Radiology Results (6) Patient Smith, Barbara DOB 3/21/1942 Prodcedure Results (0) Consultation Results (0) Chest Shoulder Computerized Physician Order Entry Harper, Nick 4/1/2010 Other Results (0) Edwards, Ken Abramson, Gary 3/13/1954 5/6/1942 Print Chart Log (0) Charges (0) Electronic orders & results management for Appleseed, Tom 1/1/1901 Consents (0) Ghory, Text 12/3/2008 Provider Notes (1) EC4 (0) prescriptions, labs, procedures and radiology. Patient, Quick 1/1/1983 Referrals (0) Jones, David 1/1/1945 CLINICAL OVERVIEWS (0) Abdulla, Shaee.. 4/1/1933 Discharge Instructions (0) Patient Education Trinidad, Connie 2/14/1988 Carotid Doppler (0) Knee Joint Hand Doe, John 1/1/1949 Cardiac CATH Report (0) Abel, Harris 1/1/1900 Refill Request Responses .Jpg Office Notes (0) Fedozov, Andrej Bader, Saad 3/19/1982 2/16/1922 Refill Request .Jpg Rx Cancel Request .Jpg CT Scan Abdomen (0) CTS H & P (0) Promote patient wellness programs through preventive Rx Change Responses.Jpg Discharge Summary (0) Edwards, Nichola.. 5/20/1990 Seales, Natalie 4/4/2004 Rx Fill Responses.Jpg Echocardiogram (0) CT Scans Chest (2) care advisories, care instructions and guidelines. Six, Sixty 6/16/1926 Labs (0) Doe, John 1/1/1992 OP Report (0) Miller, Ansi 1/11/1918 CTA 64 Slice (0) Neck Shoulder Beuller, Ferris 7/11/1981 E&M Coding Optimization EKG (0) Showing 1 - 20 of 22 Records Pathology (0) Perfusion Records (0) Radiology (0) Maximize payments and eliminate missed charges through patented automatic service level calculations Document Imaging and direct charge entry. Capture, scan and attach paper charts, clinical images, photographs, x-rays, audio files and medical drawings directly into the electronic CCD/CCR Support chart or though integrated PACS system for complete, accurate and up-to-date information Allow seamless exchange of patient information availability. between distributed entities.4
  • 7. Award-winning features help you Demonstrate meaningful use. Meaningful Use Guarantee CureMD EHR will meet the Meaningful Document patient encounters faster with personalized workflows, templates and Use certification criteria. Period. built-in knowledgebase/decision support. If not, we will credit up to 12 months of Eliminate paper by consolidating information into electronic charts. Add clinical support fees. Guaranteed. history, lab results, radiology studies, consultation letters, insurance cards, consents and even voice files to charts. Certifications Prescribe electronically with automatic interaction alerting, eligibility, benefits and ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 formulary verification, community pharmacy history, age, weight and gender CCHIT® 2011 based dosing, electronic and fax transmission, online refills and mail order CCHIT® 2008 pharmacy routing. Surescripts® Gold Certified O Care 360 Electronically transmit lab orders, receive results and simplify decisions with ISO 9001:2000 automated filling, flagging, tracking and trending. ISO 27001:2005 Create patient and population level clinical reminders based on age, gender and medical conditions. Link diagnoses, procedures and medications with reminders for automated health maintenance alerts. Standards CureMD utilizes broadly accepted Exchange chart notes, referrals, lab results, with other providers. Automatically standards that promote compatibility generate recall and follow-up letters. and secure information exchange between patients, practices, providers, Deliver preventive care, chronic disease management, and patient educational payers, labs, pharmacies and devices. services. HL7 Develop patient and condition-specific treatment plans. Utilize structured data for ANSI X12 clinical trials, research and reporting. LOINC SNOMED CT Accelerate collections with online eligibility; patented E&M calculator, electronic DICOM billing, clean claim checks and electronic data interchange (EDI). NCPDP ICD9/10 Connect to vital sign monitors and other electronic devices to automatically CPT4 capture information into the chart. PDF/H Engage patients through integrated, self-service patient portal. Manage HIPAA compliance; ensure privacy and security; track and control user activity, information release and access. Rated #1 End-User Satisfaction 5
  • 8. Patient Profile Delivering administrative, clinical and financial information via a single seamless interface. Personal Patient Scheduler Billing Claims Reports [eLearning] Document Manager eRx Alerts/Recalls Library Settings Features Good Morning, Kelly Smith Inbox (15) • Task (1) • Lab (42) • Procedure (33) • Provider Note (9) • Documents (4) • Appointment Request (6) • Today’s Patients (7) CureMD Medical Center Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1:27:10 AM 55 Broad Street Barbara Smith 45 Y, Female, DOB: 4/13/1965, Acc. No: 713128 H: (212) 509-6200 Allergy: NKDA Primary Plan Empire BCBS Did Not Pay Copay Patient Profile Plan Balance: $ 540.00 MICHELLE IS POA Enterprise Scheduling Email: Patient Balance: $0.00 Patient Messaging - Profile Online (3/146) Demographics Save Insurance Inactive Contacts Red Flag Consents Preferences Eligibility Restrictions Demographics Label Log Online Eligibility Registration Profile Referrals Title Ms Intelligent Billing First Name * Barbara Ml Last Name* Smith Family Patient Notes Letters Gender DOB Female 04/13/1965 Status SSN* Married 354-25-5975 Clean Claim Checks Provider Notes eSuperbill Clinical Address1 55 Broad Street-9th FL Interoperability Address2 Document Manager City * New York State NY Zip * 10004 Appointment Billing Home Ph (212) 509-6200 Location* WIHD Services Picture Remove Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Email Account No. 276 Work Status Unknown How did patient find us? --Select-- Chart No. Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Referring Patient On Providers Provider Specialty Phone Right Remit™ Denial Management Referring Primary Care Referral Management Rendering ALAN, JACK Internal Medicine Billing ALAN, JACK Internal Medicine KPI Dashboard Agency Comments Enterprise Messaging Display ‘Comments’ on appointment booking Incomplete Demographics Notes & Task Management Calendar, E-mail & Reminders Data Mining Reports Patient Statement Cycling Audit Trail & Access Control Personal Patient Scheduler Billing Claims Reports [eLearning] Document Manager eRx Alerts/Recalls Library Settings Good Morning, Kelly Smith Inbox (15) • Task (1) • Lab (42) • Procedure (33) • Provider Note (9) • Documents (4) • Appointment Request (6) • Today’s Patients (7) CureMD Medical Center Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1:27:10 AM 55 Broad Street Scheduler - Anderson, Lori Messaging Online (3/146) Daily Search Weekly Summary Multiple Block Chain Update Calendar Status Print Integrated Modules Provider | Resource Thursday, July 21, 2010 Electronic Health Records AM 0 55 broad Street 8 30 0 Cohen, George [ Initial Consult] --Select-- 00 1 Cooper, James 9 Smith, John Kendall Jonny 30 00 0 Edwards, Ken [Post Surgery] Document Imaging 10 30 1 Anderson, Lori 11 00 30 1 Johnson, Alicia [Chemo] Xiang, Paula [Follow up] E&M Coding Optimization PM S M July 2010 T W T F S 12 30 00 0 0 Blocked For Lunch Follow up/Recall Tracking 1 Pay for Performance / PQRI 1 2 3 30 0 Blocked For Lunch 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 00 1 2 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 30 1 18 25 19 26 20 27 21 28 22 29 23 30 24 31 3 00 30 0 Slater, Susan [Medication Administration] Reimbursement Management 00 0 Roberts, Eric [Annual Exam] August 2010 4 S M T W T F S 30 00 0 Holloway, George [Established Patient] Collections 5 1 2 3 30 4 11 5 12 6 13 7 14 8 15 9 16 10 17 6 00 30 Fletcher, John [New Patient] Rayn, Tom [Reg Follow up] Payment Plan Status Check In & Check Out 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 00 7 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 30 Blocked For Billing Meeting 00 Blocked For Billing Meeting Save Note of the day 8 9 30 00 Integrated Patient KIOSK 30 10 00 30 Patient Portal 00 Practice Web Portal 11 30 Electronic Faxing Enterprise Scheduling e-Learning A single, seamless interface optimizes resource utilization and appointment management across multiple locations, physicians and equipment with color coded appointment status illustration; waiting list management, automatic eligibility verification, family/group schedule, recurring appointments, chain scheduling, and SMS/email notifications.6
  • 9. Enterprise Practice Management - EPMBeyond AutomationCureMD EPM is a web-based enterprise practice management solution that streamlines Award Wining Usabilityclinical, administrative and financial operations of care delivery organizations – CureMD’s care delivery value chain isproviding unprecedented opportunities for productivity, collaboration and growth. accessible anywhere, anytime. Pure web-based, point & click technology,Integrated access across patient demographics, scheduling, electronic billing, crisp clean interfaces and problemadministrative/financial reporting and workflow management connects front and back focused workflows deliver matchlessoffice operations, drives efficiency while eliminating reimbursement delays and user experience.communication barriers. Not only is CureMD highly adaptablePowerful functionalities and flexible architecture make CureMD your No.1 choice for and easy to use, but it is “smart” too. Itautomating your business processes and reducing unnecessary overheads. Award learns from you while you work andwinning user-friendly interface and point-and-click technology improve transaction mimics your unique styles and practicespeed, service quality and capacity. preferences; leading towards effortless documentation and transaction speed.CureMD EPM is integrated with EHR and patient portal to consolidate information,eliminate paper, optimize efficiency and accelerate revenues.Whether your goal is to enhance the value of services to your patients, increase Architecturereimbursements or simply stay ahead of compliance requirements, CureMD empowers CureMD combines provenyour practice with the flexibility and outreach it needs to thrive in today’s highly technologies and industry standardscompetitive practice of medicine. to help ensure your infrastructure remains: SecureWorkflow Automation – Task Management ScalableTask management built within all modules automates and tracks task creation, Always Availableproductivity and compliance. Intelligent routing with real time update ensuressynchronized collaboration, efficiency and service quality; from front-end scheduling toback-end collections across all modules and sub systems.Benefits Increase Service Capacity Expedite Payments Enhance Productivity Reduce Denials Minimize Claim Rejections Ensure Compliance Eliminate Errors Improve Customer Satisfaction Five Star Rating - AC Group 7
  • 10. Personalized Dashboard Presenting service utilization trends and patterns; financial forecasting, tasks, messages, and user defined key performance indicators. Personal Patient Scheduler Billing Claims Reports [eLearning] Document Manager eRx Alerts/Recalls Library Settings Personalized Dashboards Good Morning, Kelly Smith Inbox (15) • Task (1) • Lab (42) • Procedure (33) • Provider Note (9) • Documents (4) • Appointment Request (6) • Today’s Patients (7) CureMD Medical Center Customizable dashboards graphically display your Key Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1:27:10 AM 55 Broad Street Personal - Dashboard Dashboard Messaging My Desktop Online (3/146) Performance Indicators (KPIs), tasks, messages and more. Tasks Messages Dashboard Assigned by Title Date/Time From Subject Date Messages Inbox (0) Kelly Smith Patient Mike Anderson {Emergency} 4/06/2010 9:00 PM Smith, John HIPAA Compliance Meeting 12/06/2009 Sent Kelly Smith Process Refill Request 3/05/2010 4:00 PM Administration Alerts & Reminders Bill, Bruce CEO Conference 12/05/2009 Archive Kelly Smith Ward Visit 3/03/2010 3:15 PM Miller, Alfred Weekly Staff Meeting 12/05/2009 Tasks Kelly Smith Play Golf 2/30/2010 4:30 PM Lane, Ralph Keynote Address 12/04/2009 Not Started (4) Automatically generate alerts, reminders and recalls In Progress (0) Kelly Smith Order Flowers 1/26/2010 6:40 PM Steve, Jay Board Dinner 12/03/2008 Compete (7) Other (0) Showing 1-2 of 2 Records Showing 1-1 of 1 Records while tagging your patients. Allocated (0) Total (11) Most Common Diagnosis Account Aging Today’s Patients Orders & Results 16% 003.20 My Notes (0) 20 K 003.23 Documents 002.3 32% 15 K RightRemit TM KPIs 006.8 11% Amount Administration V82.9 10 K Change Password V85.1 My Preferences V85.34 5K 11% Optimize insurance remittance through built-in 5% IE Settings V85.37 5% V85.4 0K 5% 5% 5% 15+ 30+ 60+ 90+ 120+ 150+ Other Days Account Receivables Revenue Collections comparison reports of your contractual and received 20 Current Month Current Year amounts. 15 40 50 60 400 500 600 % aging 10 30 70 300 700 20 80 200 800 Patient Portal 05 10 90 100 900 0 0 100 0 1000 Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb $ 77100 $484700 Facilitate your patients to securely request appointments and refills online, receive test results as they become available, utilize educational material and update their health status, history, demographics and insurance information while subscribing to valuable electronic tools CureMD Medical Center 55 Broad Street NY Patient Portal Phone: 877 362 9549 Online Doctor Patient Collaboration and services. Welcome! Daniel Taylor Home | My Health | My Appointment | e-Learning [sign out] My Health Daniel Taylor, 51 Male Home: 718 360 0597 Practice Web Portal House # 3, Tolington Road Account # 713128 History Complaints New York NY 10004 Your personalized practice website designed and Diagnoses Medications Labs Diagnoses 413.9 - Genetic Susceptibility to other XYZ Onset 2nd episode Active Status Medications Ventolin Inhalation Solution 0.5% Onset 11/2/2010 Status Active maintained by professionals. Create new opportunities, 786.5 - Genetic susceptibility to other XYZ Sudden Active Allergra Capsules 60 Mg 11/2/2010 Active My Appointments 6/3/2009 Aleve Lipitor Tablets 20 Mg 11/2/2010 11/2/2010 Active Active build practice awareness and deliver a wealth of 18/5/2010 Hydrochlor Othiazide Tab 50 Mg 11/2/2010 Active e Learning Naproxen Tab 500 Mg 11/2/2010 Active information and electronic services. Allergies Onset Status Complaints Date CC Peanuts Childhood Active Chest Pain (CC) 10/26/2007 Yes Pollen Occasional Active Nausea 10/26/2007 No Shortness of Breath 10/26/2007 NO Education - Training and Support CureMD e-Learning portal offers a range of flexible Lab Result Trend Recent Vitals My Alerts 350 WT:85.00kgs, Ht:5’ 8”, BSA:1.99m sq., BMI: 28.49 kg/m sq., training and support programs while providing instant Waist 33”. Obesity Scale: Overweight, Risk of Associated Lifestyle modifications- Counts access to your dedicated account manager. 300 Disease: increased, Lean Body Weight: 137.79 lbs, Ideal Body My Doctor Weight: 150.79 lbs, Temp: 99 F, Pulse: 75 beats/min (Regularly 250 Dr.. John Smith regular), Resp: 16 breaths/min (Normal), BP:140/90 (sitting, 200 Right Arm), Blood: O+ Recorded on 12/6/2007 at 4:41 PM by 14 Feb.. 18 mar 20 Apr.. Apr.. 22 may 24 Jul.. Dr. John Smith © 2010, All rights reserved. CureMD Healthcare Patient Portal Connect with your patients. Save time by capturing subjective information prior to the visit.8
  • 11. Enterprise Practice Management – HighlightsPatient Profile CureMobile TMConsolidate useful patient specific biographical, historical and administrative Healthcare on the Move!information for focused, timely and well informed decisions. Increase patient volume, Fully integrated with the CureMDenhance efficiency and maximize profitability. platform, CureMobile™ keeps you informed by instantly deliveringEnterprise Scheduling information from EHR, PracticeA single, seamless interface optimizes resource utilization and appointment Management, Scheduling, Billing andmanagement across multiple locations, physicians, nurses and equipment. Eliminate beyond. Eliminate the chance forduplicate data entry, improve communication and save valuable staff time. medical error, improve quality and patient satisfaction.Intelligent BillingProvides innovative functionalities for eligibility verification, automatic charge capture,clean claim checks, electronic claim submission, electronic payment posting, denialmanagement and financial reporting to help reduce errors and maximize revenue. Information Architecture Information is organized and groupedWorkflow Management in a meaningful format for easy to driveIntegrated workflow Management adapts to your preferences and practice style, navigation across the entire system.enabling you to truly personalize CureMD. The system mirrors your existing processes User centric interface improvesand revitalizes them with powerful collaboration tools. aesthetics and acceptance, resulting in effort reduction and cost effectiveElectronic Communication transaction processing.Electronically communicate with your patients, participating providers and staff. Assigntasks, reminders and notes to users within your practice. Associate patients with tasks,schedule follow-up dates and allocate responsibilities to the staff. For quality, safety, security and interoperability, CureMDData Mining Reports supported initiatives include:Acquire a 360O view of your entire organization; turn your data into insights.Get empowered with the information you need for quick and informed decision Leapfrogmaking. Flexible search options consolidate information into electronic or paper DOQ-ITformats; create printable color reports exportable to MS word, MS Excel, Rich Text and QualityNetPDF format. NCQA JCAHO HEDIS APICTA Award - 2010 9
  • 12. Revenue Cycle Management - RCM Accelerate Collections Maximizing business performance while providing quality care is becoming ever more Numbers that matter challenging for providers in today’s increasingly competitive healthcare industry. 95% CureMD provides robust financial and administrative capabilities that speed and Average Collection Ratio improve revenue cycle management in physician practices, academic medical centers, hospitals and hospital networks. 3% From the first point of patient contact to payment for services, you will see our financial A/R over 90 days and administrative capabilities help ensure your practice is running at its full potential. 12 CureMDs approach is based on aligning people, process, and technology to maximize Days Average Medicare performance, and we have built a reputation for providing exceptional service and Turnaround results. Our goal is to provide the highest return on your claims without sacrificing service or 7 patient support. We successfully convert medical services into cash reimbursements by: Day Average Medicaid Accurate and professional claim preparation. Turnaround Same day electronic claim submission. Persistent follow-up. 15 Prompt electronic payment posting. Effective problem list resolution. Days Average Commercial Turnaround Patient statement processing, mailing and follow up. Appeals and collections management. Practice performance analysis and improvement. 24 Hours Access to Financial How you benefit Reports Get paid, more and faster. Benefit from the most up-to-date payer rules. Get the most time-consuming work done for you CureMD’s Web technology and Acquire full visibility to make better decisions. revenue cycle management Substantially reduced denials approach has immensely Built in appeal management contributed to our practice’s financial success, as well as the personal Integration with CureMD EHR/EPM provides up to the minute transaction reporting, satisfaction of being able to spend accountability, coordination and performance statistics (KPIs). CureMD services are more time on patient care. executed with precision and effectiveness, so your healthcare enterprise truly thrives with efficiency, service quality and profitability. Jason Ford, MD Increased cash flow. Substantially reduced collection cycle. Faster collections. More efficient operation of office staff.10
  • 13. Discrete Reportable Transcription - DRTEliminate ChangeCureMD DRT empowers physicians to more effectively utilize EHR as it contributes Benefitsdramatically to improve adoption and Meaningful Use. It is the World’s first and onlyovernight transcription service that directly populates your dictations in pre-designated, fully 100%customized templates as part of your CureMD solution. Adoption SuccessA study by AC Group revealed, DRT-enabled EHR averaged 30 minutes per day in cliniciandocumentation time while standard EHR data entry took 120 minutes per day – costing a 87%clinician about $360 per day or $8,000 per month while diverting the attention away fromthe patient. Reduction in Data Entry TimeWith CureMD DRT the cost for documentation is cut by 50% and more importantly, thetranscription comes back into the EHR as discrete clinical findings - improving clinical 80%documentation, coding, outcomes and subsidy payments. Reduction in Training Time/CostThis novel method of data entry allows physicians to maximize EHR utilization without havingto perform any data entry. Numerous physician focus groups have reported a high 70%percentage (87%) of reduction in data entry time, while boosting adoption, reducing training Reduction in Deployment Timeand deployment times.Eliminate change, practice the way you do every day by turning your dictation into Discrete 100%Reportable Data fully populated into your CureMD solution. Compliance We have long recognized the value that EMR brings to a practice and itspatients, but complexity and cost has kept us from implementing one.CureMD struck me because of its ease of use, affordability and availability of CureMDs strong commitment toenterprise features in one integrated solution. research and development ensuresDr. John Muney - AMG Medical Group you stay: CureMD massively impressed me with both its comprehensive Web architecture Currentand innovative services like DRT and RCM. I have seen CureMD steering my practice Integratedrapidly from adoption toward Meaningful Use while helping improve quality, safety and Connectedefficiency. EfficientDr. Thomas Sanderson - Sanderson Medical Center CureMD staff is extremely friendly and always seems to understand me. I onlywish my patients were the same.Dr. Arun Patel - The Brooklyn Hospital Best E- Health Application Award 11
  • 14. More Opportunities, Sustainable Collaboration Smarter Transactions CureMD offers three implementation models - On Demand, On Premise and Enterprise.Why CureMD? Each of these models requires minimum investment and training - rising above cost and Corporate Stability complexity barriers to accelerate adoption. Award winning All-in-One Solution Advanced Web Technology On Demand - Software as a Service Easy to Learn & Use On demand secure subscription service includes hosting, IT and business continuity 10,000 + Satisfied Users services; eliminating the need for upfront expenditure on software, hardware and Fast Implementation ongoing IT administration. 32+ Specialties Practices requiring a secure high performance solution can depend on the On Demand Affordable version for round the clock access, hassle free maintenance, free upgrades, disaster Microsoft® .NET Platform recovery and remote backups.Security & Privacy On Premise - Client HostedCureMD employs advanced security Medium to large practices with IT staff can keep their own server with CureMD installed forfeatures and backup systems that prevent local and remote access - keeping data in their own office with greater control anddata loss while keeping your information, private and accessible. Access Authorization Enterprise Role Based Access Control CureMD application framework is available for enterprise installations with custom Release of Information content and reusable source code library to provide unprecedented flexibility, Activity Monitoring customization and integration opportunities. Audit Trail 128 Bit SSL Encryption Seamless Solution Digital Signatures Whichever CureMD solution you choose (On Demand, On Premise or Enterprise); you get the entire platform of integrated features, free upgrades and dedicated support. Implementation and Training New CureMD clients experience smooth transition and start-up through hands-on A low monthly fee covers training, embedded IT services and e-Learning. on demand subscription, free maintenance, regular updates Data Migration and dedicated support . CureMD data migration services enable in-transition organizations to cost-effectively import and consolidate data from legacy systems and disperse sources while ensuring information accuracy and security. Support and Maintenance Each CureMD client gets a dedicated account manager, who knows the practice personally and provides support proactively - online, onsite and over the phone. Extended support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.12
  • 15. Compliance and Alliances CureMD EHR, version 10 CC-1112-789570-1 Informing Choices. Rewarding Excellence. SUNRISE MEDICAL LABORATORIES ®* CureMD EHR v10 is ONC-ATCB Certified 2011/2012, CCHIT Certified® 2011 with 5 star usability rating,& CCHIT® 2008 Certified.
  • 16. CureMD is the leading provider of innovativehealth information systems and servicesthat transform the administrative and clinicaloperations of healthcare organizations.Our award winning solutions simplifydecision making, streamline operations, andensure compliance with industry standardsand best practices; ultimately saving timeand effort to maximize value and returns.PracticewithoutBoundaries TMCureMD Healthcare55 Broad StreetNew York, NY 10004United States of AmericaPhone: 212.509.6200Toll Free: 866.6.GET EMRwww.curemd.comCureMD Healthcare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and featuresshown herein, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation.Contact your CureMD Representative for the most current information.© 1997-2010 CureMD Healthcare - All rights reserved.02-0311 Printed in USA