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Marketing research - how to present marketing research
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Marketing research - how to present marketing research


In all the years I spent in marketing research both as a client and as a research executive I have learned that presenting research is more of an art and is more complicated than it seems. …

In all the years I spent in marketing research both as a client and as a research executive I have learned that presenting research is more of an art and is more complicated than it seems.
I have been in sessions, where client completely negates the data. And on the other hand some clients have been eager to know recommendations. In either case, the client has to be entertained in a certain way. I am suggesting a matrix in the light of my experience; hope it adds value to your daily jobs.

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  • 1. Presenting Marketing Research Exploring key problems & solutions
  • 2. Presentation Problem Matrix Unexpected Results Client has Client is open and questioned the seek reliability of the recommendations data Data/Presentation Client has There is nothing questioned the ROI new of research Expected Results Client Type Difficult Impossible
  • 3. Solution – Hypothesis driven Conduct a hypothesis lead presentation: Discuss the predetermined notions of client upfront and shed light on them through your analysis Problem 1. There is nothing new Validate your conclusion: Discuss how did you arrive at the results. Basically win their trust on the data and analysis The client believes that data is too predictable and he cant appreciate the depth Propose solutions : Without much ado come to the solutions and spend most of of your analysis if you will only keep on telling him your time on this part. Focus on analyzing the solutions in the light of data what he already knew
  • 4. Solution- Solution Driven Understand the Macro picture: Relate your analysis with the strategic plan and/or higher order business question. Answer the question in the beginning and focus on solutions Problem 2. Client has questioned the ROI Solution driven: Focus on the solutions and which solution is more feasible than of research the rest. Rationalize. The client believes that the whole exercise was futile Discuss Case Studies: Emphasize on the importance of validating the and he got nothing from it. management’s hypothesis. In case you have such examples in your credentials, Some will rate it as a waste quote them. of time and money
  • 5. Solution- Surprise driven Reveal the Surprises: lead presentation with surprises not with data Problem 3. Client is open and Validate the hypothesis : Tell them what they already knew, and tell them how seek data has backed their perception up recommendations The client believes that the data has helped him in Suggest: Follow and improvement matrix to suggest Quick Wins and long term understanding a new projects. Focus on an interactive session on this part. Discuss, interact, integrate dimension he seeks your and improve this part as much as you can. recommendation
  • 6. Solution – Rationalisation driven Educate: Remember, researchers’ have to educate all the time. Be candid and explain the research scope in light of the macro business objective Client has questioned the Rationalize Surprises: Reveal the shocks with strong rationalization. Be prepared reliability of the for charged questions. Stay calm, try and understand the management’s data response. Address their key concerns through strong rationales. Stay objective. Objective is to make the unbelievable believable You have shocked the client to the point that he has Suggestions: Suggest solutions, be prepared to the fact that client can questioned the reliability of completely deny all of them. Lead an interactive session. Focus on the problem the data. This client can get & then the solution. rude with you during the session as well so be very careful
  • 7. Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed For more log on to www.asaeed.wordpress.com www.asaeed.wordpress.com ms.ayeshasaeed@gmail.com