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Technology Changes, People Don't: Rethinking Work


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  • 1. Technology Changes, People Don’t— Rethinking Work Ayelet Baron Chief Instigator http://linkedin/in/ayeletbaron h"p://  
  • 2. § Create a truly “social business” § Enable “future of work” § Experimenting culture/Reverse Mentoring ➥  Top 3 “Best Company to Work For” 3+ years ➥  300 new R&D jobs in Canada; $25M grant from the Province of Ontario – and just the x start ➥  Advisor to Federal, Provincial and City Governments ➥  “Connected North” ➥  From #4 to #2 in Cisco ⇒  Global engagement a ⇒  Emerging Markets à Public-Private Partnerships ⇒  Cisco Leadership Fellowship – Social Media for Social Good ⇒  Leadership by example ⇒  Integrating Social into Business (we’ve Outcomes always been social) ⇒  Multi-generational Workforce and Social Media ⇒  Adoption
  • 3. 1800s: People Are Not As ConnectedOutside their Community Religious Institutions, state, monarchy dictate the agenda Face-to-Face Community
  • 4. Enter The Age of Mass MediaConnecting People to Information and People
  • 5. Social Media AgeEverything is Connectedh"p://  
  • 6. We Trust StrangersPRE MEDIA AGE MASS MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA AGE AGE Consumers dictate Many-to-Many Any-to-Any Religious Institutions, state, monarchy dictate the agenda Professional media dictate Consumers influence channels
  • 7. We Trust StrangersPRE MEDIA AGE MASS MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA AGE AGE Consumers dictate Authority Declining Many-to-Many Any-to-Any Professional media dictate Consumers influence channels
  • 8. We Trust StrangersPRE MEDIA AGE MASS MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA AGE AGE Consumers dictate Authority Declining Many-to-Many Any-to-Any Consumers Professional media Ability to Publish dictate Content Consumers influence channels
  • 9. THE RELATIONSHIP IS NO LONGER LINEAR Social media: Marketing and PR Transparent Social Enterprise: People and processes Agile Changing how we work and Authentic integrating tools into workflow
  • 10. What  Mo(vates  Us?     give me $10,000 give me something I give me the want to do prestige of a new title
  • 11. Technology Keeps Getting Faster Source: 0,31813,2048601,00.html
  • 12. … But People Don’t Change As Fast Source: h"p://  
  • 13. People are adopting (expensive) technology faster than an annual plan can accommodateh"p://­‐innova+on-­‐myth   h"p://­‐01/29165.shtml  
  • 14. h"p://  People are now the weakest link
  • 15. We are on a collision course Image  by  Dave  Gray,  The  Connected  Company  
  • 16. ©  Ayelet  Baron.  All  rights  reserved.   h"p://­‐passion-­‐employee-­‐engagement-­‐and-­‐money-­‐wasted  
  • 17. h"p://­‐passion-­‐employee-­‐engagement-­‐and-­‐money-­‐wasted  
  • 18. LET’S STOP MANAGING OUR INBOX Use – and misuse – of email costs organizations up to $16,000 per Executives spend two hours a employee day on e-mail per year
  • 19. ©  Ayelet  Baron.  All  rights  reserved.  h"p://­‐passion-­‐employee-­‐engagement-­‐and-­‐money-­‐wasted  
  • 20. h"p://­‐passion-­‐employee-­‐engagement-­‐and-­‐money-­‐wasted  
  • 21. Future of Work Co-creation Relationships Hollywood model Connecting Transnational Mobile Virtual Meaning Real Time Shared Any where Purpose
  • 22. The social era will reward organizations that understandthey can create more value with communities than they can on their own −Nilofer Merchant, 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era
  • 23.
  • 24. Strategic Adoption Framework How Will it Get Why Do It? What Done? Living it What’s the Should it Business Need? Do? Leadership Say/Do Integration Alignment Buy-In Output: Output: Output: Risk and Output: Purpose/ Value Gap Metrics Roadma Proposition Analysis p THINK ACT INTERACT DO ©Ayelet Baron. All Rights Reserved.
  • 25. Behavior Change Model Awareness Understanding Translation Adoption Internalization Drive Ensure Provide tools Secure Becomes how awareness of understanding of and knowledge widespread shift we work/sell/integrating new what needs to of how to in behavior buildapproaches into change to integrate in day- relationships day-to-day increase sales to-day activities activities revenue
  • 26. 6 In Summary
  • 27. Organizations that Go Up and Down1 Hold You Back
  • 28. 2 Break down the silos We  compartmentalize  crea(vity   Try  to  control  it,  set  targets,  apply  rules   Make  it  the  domain  of  par(cular  job  (tles   Or  box  it  into  brainstorming  sessions    
  • 29. It’s about3 enduring Relationships
  • 30. 4 There is no such thing as a social media strategy
  • 31. 5
  • 32. There is A 6 Growing Need for Simplicity and Shared Values Work ToolStrategy Another Tool More Tools Adoption
  • 33. Think small
  • 34. Keynotes Workshops Leadership Strategy§  Ayelet Baron§ http://linkedin/in/ayeletbaron
  • 35. This presentation was created not by one person, but by many. It’s a presentation about the power of connecting with people online and using communities to get it done