Consolidated Beauty Articles


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Some articles that I wrote about beauty, focusing on tips about makeup application.

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Consolidated Beauty Articles

  1. 1. CONSOLIDATED BEAUTYARTICLESThese are some of the articles that I wrote about beauty / makeup.HTML codes are retained, while client names and actual keywords optimized inthe articles were removed due to confidentiality.
  2. 2. ACHIEVE OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR IN A SNAPMany consider Marilyn Monroe as the epitome of old Hollywood glamour and style. OldHollywood glamour can be achieved by combining good hair and beautiful makeup. For themakeup, the key is to attain a smooth finish. Here are the steps that you can try to get thelook:- Moisturize before applying makeup.- Hide blemishes and dark spots by using concealer.- Apply a good amount of foundation on the face and neck. Beauty experts also suggestpowdering your whole face for a satin-finish.- Use bronzer on your temples and cheekbones.- Use neutral/light eyeshadow on your eyelids. Play with iridescent eyeshadow for yourbrow bone.- Line your eyelids with liquid eyeliner in an outward motion (from the inner corner of theeye). Make sure to start with a thin line that slowly thickens as you move the liner outward.- Contour your eyebrows with a brow brush and brown or black eyebrow powder/gel.- Dramatize the eyes with mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.- Use lip liner for fuller lips.- Wipe red lipstick in matte or satin finish.With huge curls, be it on a short or long hair, and a strong confidence, you can easily reviveold Hollywood glam.
  3. 3. BE A GLOWING BRIDEA wedding is considered as one of the most important events in a woman’s life. And lookingher best during the big day is every bride’s wish.Nowadays, brides get to have the say for the look that they want on their big day. Womenare more liberated in terms of makeup options and do not limit themselves with traditionalbridal makeup. In fact, some brides recreate red carpet looks and use them on the aisle.<b>The red lipstick</b>Red lipstick is a staple lip color for most brides, especially for those who like traditionalbridal makeup. With matte lipsticks being all the rage these days, brides can opt for the oldHollywood look by pairing red lipstick with strong brows.Makeup experts believe that most brides opt for red lipstick because the color pops outwhen worn with a plain white gown.<b>The nude makeup</b>Some women swear by nude makeup because it makes them look young and fresh. Thislook is perfect for brides who don’t want to trouble themselves with retouching theirmakeup, since nude makeup only requires powdering when sweat or oil starts to come out.<b>The pink bride</b>Women who prefer to have some lip color but are not interested in red tones can trywearing pink lipstick on their wedding day. This can be matched with coral or apricot tonesfor blush and smoky eye makeup.<b>The dark makeup</b>Makeup artists emphasize the importance of concentrating on only one feature whenapplying dark makeup. For brides who choose to use scarlet or matte red lipsticks with blueundertone, it is best to leave the eyes with minimal makeup and vice versa.
  4. 4. COLOR IT BLACK: ROCK DARK MAKEUPApplying dark makeup can literally lead to a mess if not done properly.<b>Dark makeup</b>Dark makeup may not appeal to everyone. But in some instances, the opportunity to wearheavy makeup is just too good to pass, as it sometimes helps balance out or complete alook.If you’re wondering if you can wear dark makeup on a regular day, the answer is yes. Butexperts advise that you play up on one feature only, either the lips or the eyes.<b>Applying dark eye makeup</b>If you chose to play up with your eyes, create smoky eyes in less than 10 minutes byfollowing these simple steps:- If you’re going for the grunge look, ditch the eye concealer to create an image ofdeep set eyes.- Sweep cream or yellow eye shadow as base on your eye lids.- Apply the dark eye shadow on half or quarter of your eyelids in an outward motion.- Reapply the base eye shadow on your brow bone and just above the darker tone.- Line your eyelids with liquid eyeliner. You may choose to draw it in an upwardmotion from the inner eyelid outward for a winged look, or draw it downward for adoll-like or doe eye look.- Instead of using eyeliner for your lower lids, sweep dark eye shadow on it, too.- Lastly, apply two coats of mascara on your eye lashes.
  5. 5. CREATING YOUR OWN VERSION OF THE LATEST RED CARPET LOOKSThe key to achieving a seamless “barely there” look, which is a favorite of celebs whengracing the red carpet, is to apply sufficient amount of powder on the face and neck.Makeup artists suggest the use of liquid foundation for a more even result. But beforeapplying the foundation, make sure to hide blemishes and dark spots using a concealer.Despite the simple look of nude makeup, its application can be quite tricky. Makeup expertsrecognize the importance of balance in achieving a flawless result. Here are some simplesteps to get the look:- Apply concealer on dark spots and under the eyes.- Slather liquid foundation all over the face and neck.- Apply powder evenly.- Use brown eyeliner to contour your eyes and eyebrows.- Apply yellow or cream eye shadow as base for your eyelids before putting on yourpreferred color (limit it to earth tones or pink and peach).- Dub a small amount of pink, apricot, or bronze blush onto your cheekbones.- Finish off the look with a soft pink, coral, or nude lipstick.Some beauty experts also recommend the use of shimmer powder for a dewy look. You canalso use bronzers if you want a sun-kissed glow. Just make sure to apply it evenly on theface and neck to prevent it from looking unnatural.
  6. 6. MAKEUP TRICKS TO LOOK YOUNGERMakeup enhances the appearance of women. However, when badly done, it can makewomen look older than they really are.To achieve a young and fresh look, women should opt for minimal or barely-there makeup.Not saying that women should stay away from bold lip colors or smoky eyes, but beautyexperts advise women to take it easy when applying makeup.As with any other makeup application, choosing, blending, and matching the right tones areextremely important. Although women are often instructed to conceal every dark spot andlines on the face to attain a smooth glow, applying concealer only on the right places is oneof the secrets for a younger look, as makeup experts believe so.To do this, concealer should be lightly dabbed to the inner corners of the eyes and not allover the place, as mentioned in an article from <a href=""></a>.After applying concealer, it is advisable to use liquid foundation or tinted moisturizers allover the face and neck to avoid looking dull and matte. Then, a flush of pink on the cheekscan instantly produce a younger vibe. The same with foundation, experts recommend theuse of cream blush-on than powdered ones for a natural-looking glow.For the eyes, women can make it bigger by using an eyelash curler and applying at least twocoats of mascara. Shimmering and light-colored eyeshades are also great alternatives toopen the peepers. Finally, finish off the look by applying plumping lip gloss in shades of pinkand mauve for fuller, sexier lips. Experts recommend using lighter shades because dark lipcolors tend to make the lips look thinner.Although makeup cannot take the years off of one’s face permanently, it can definitely makea woman feel and look young, especially when done the right way.