7th grade powerpoint

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  • 1. SEVENTH GRADE Ashley Yeaples, Brittney Riffle, Hannah Morgan and David Maxson
  • 2. Characteristics of a 7 th Grader
    • Intellectual
    • Physiological
    • Social
    • Emotional
  • 3. Intellectual:
    • Increased ability to abstract in intellectual pursuits
    • May show emerging ability in a particular skill or content area
    • Can see both sides to an argument
    • High interest in current events, politics, social justice; also pop culture, materialism
    • Research and study skills advance with increase of organizational discipline
  • 4. Physiological
    • High energy
    • Much rest needed
    • Growth spurt; signs of puberty
    • Menstruation for majority of girls
    • Food important, especially mid-morning in school
    • Physical education and sports valued
  • 5. Social
    • Adult personality
    • More reasonable, tolerant than at 11
    • Enthusiastic, uninhibited
    • Will initiate own activity
    • Empathetic
    • Self-aware, insightful
    • Can set realistic goals in the short-term
    • Appears secure
    • Peers more important than teachers
  • 6. Emotional
    • Sarcasm starts to emerge
    • Care what peers think
    • Self conscious
    • Relationships are a big deal
    • Lash out at authority figures
    • Entitlement
  • 7. Important Subjects: Concepts Ideas and Projects
    • Math
    • Science
    • English
    • Social Studies
  • 8. MATH
    • Bar Graphs
    • Exponents
    • Perimeter
    • Money Management
    • Roman Numerals
    • D=R(T)
  • 9. Science
    • Science fair projects
    • Life Science
    • cells of plants and animals
    • Organs
    • Photosynthesis
    • Earth science
    • water cycle
    • Weather
    • Physical science
    • laws of motion
    • http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v =oaVY3Od9J-w
  • 10. History
    • Family History
    • Current Events
    • Geography
    • Diplomatic Strategies
    • Maps
  • 11. E nglish
    • Problem- Climax- Solution
    • Antonyms and Synonyms
    • IDIOMS
    • Logic in analogies
    • Components of a story
  • 12. Notable Literature
    • Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell
    • The Crossing by Gary Paulsen
    • Old Yeller by Fred Gipson
    • The Lord of the Flies by William Golding
    • Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key by Jack Gantos
  • 13. Interview with a Seventh Grader
    • “ In math we are learning how to use protractors and in social studies we are talking about ancient Rome, it’s boring.”
    • “ A lot of people don’t think you have to study to get a good grade, but that’s what matters, so I study.”
    • “ When you are partnered up with someone, one person ends up doing all the work…which happens all the time.”
    • My little sister says she studies but I do not personally think she does a lot of studying outside of the classroom.
    • In my opinion she just wants people to think she studies so she seems smart because I believe she is self conscious.
  • 14. Interview with Mrs. McInturf
    • The joys of teaching at this age:
    • Chance to impact their attitudes and move them in the right direction
    • Spontaneous, crazy, and interesting
    • Poetry especially because they express so much because they have a lot of feelings
    • Forgive and forget
    • They still like stickers 
    • You can use a sense of humor and sarcasm with them
    • Dislike: “They are hormones with feet”
    • Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable
    • Very social