How To Effectively Prepare For, and Attend, a Career Fair


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How To Effectively Prepare For, and Attend, a Career Fair

  1. 1. How To Effectively Prepare For, and Attend, A Career Fair Presented by HPU Career Services Center
  2. 2. 8 Tips to Succeed at an HPU Career Fair • Prepare a Résumé • Target top five companies • Create list of questions for employers • Prepare to answer questions • Sell yourself • Communicate personal/professional strengths • Make a good first impression • Follow Through Web Steering Committee Meeting Prepare, Perform, and Follow Through!
  3. 3. Prepare an Outstanding one-page Résumé • Bring hard copies and a thumb/flash drive • List of References • Don’t be surprised if recruiters don’t take your resume but advise you to apply on-line Web Steering Committee Meeting • Ask for tips on how to stand-out in the application process
  4. 4. Have a name card to pass out Web Steering Committee Meeting
  5. 5. STRATEGIZE… • Think about your purpose (a job or internships/COOPS, or industry or company research) • Use time wisely by prioritizing “must meet” employers  A-list employers  B-list employers  C-list
  6. 6. PREPARATION Research o Prepare a list of questions for each A and B list employer
  7. 7. PREPARATION Prepare & practice 30-second “commercial” Web Steering Committee Meeting
  8. 8. Sample Introduction (Elevator Speech) 1. In one sentence articulate who you are…  Hello, I am Anita Job, I’m a junior nursing student at Hawai‘i Pacific University. 2. What are you looking for?  I’m looking for an internship in a healthcare facility working in the ER to add to my clinical experience. Web Steering Committee Meeting 3. What have you done? (List 1-2 experiences that are relevant to what you are looking for…  I have completed 150 clinical hours in three different emergency rooms at three different hospitals and also work as a Certified Nursing Assistant for a long term health care facility.
  9. 9. 30-Second “Elevator Speech” “Hi, my name is Mateo Hernandez. I’m studying marketing at HPU and I’m looking for a full time marketing position. I have prepared myself for a career in marketing by gaining invaluable real-world experience that included travel abroad, internships, and entrepreneurial Web Steering opportunities. Committee While Meeting interning with a private organization in Ecuador this past summer, I developed a 15-page marketing plan composed in Spanish that recommended more effective ways the company could promote its services.”
  10. 10. Prepare to make a good first impression!  Dress in Business Casual  Leave the heavy backpack behind (with a friend, at Career Services Center, at home)  Bring a portfolio
  11. 11. Business Casual Dress for Women Skirt, tailored slacks, dress in neutral colors Professional-looking blouse Close-toed shoes Inappropriate: short skirts, jeans, tight clothing, sundresses, open-toed high heels, facial piercing jewelry, cleavage, flashy, thin straps, club attire, beach attire
  12. 12. Business Casual Dress for Men Slacks Solid or striped button down, collared shirts, short or long sleeved Aloha shirt if appropriate Dress Shoes Inappropriate: untucked shirts, messy hair, ill-fitting or mismatched clothing, wrinkles/stains, obvious tattoos, unusual hair styles or body piercings
  13. 13. This is the time to sell yourself! • Prepare to answer questions • Learn to sell yourself • Identify personal/professional Web Steering Committee Meeting strengths you want to communicate
  14. 14. You’re on… Practice with your B-list employers • Smile • Convey confidence and approachability • Offer your hand • Introduce Yourself
  15. 15. A Good Handshake… • Hands should meet at the “webbing” • One or two pumps • Firm but not too hard • Make eye contact
  16. 16. Professional Attitude  Shake hands firmly and smile  Begin your 30 second commercial  Watch tempo and tone ◦ Not too loud – not too soft! Web Steering Committee Meeting  Ask Pertinent Questions  Show confidence!  Show interest and knowledge (of the company, of industry, of your subject matter)  Be polite and pleasant
  17. 17. You’re on…  Impress with your professional attitude  Ask and answer questions ◦ What are the top skills in X position? ◦ What is the entry level position at ABC?  Sell yourself  Communicate your top skills (tailored to the company/position) and personal/professional strengths
  18. 18. End smoothly…  Thank the employer for his/her time  Get a business card, company literature  Ask for protocol to follow-up  Jot down a few notes about your conversation (unobtrusively) Web Steering Committee Meeting  Don’t monopolize the recruiter
  19. 19. After the Career Fair… Follow up!  Send a Thank You note to communicate your interest and appreciation  Be professional but persistent  Separate yourself from the rest