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A session delivered at SemTech NYC in Oct 2012. It contains an update to a session earlier in the year at SemTech SF in Jun 2012.

Abstract: As access to a richer set of knowledge and research continues to be critical to the healthcare community, the users of healthcare and life science solutions are demanding the same level of discoverability, integration, and innovation from their professional tools that they enjoy in their personal applications. Through the Smart Content initiative Elsevier seeks to semantically enrich its diverse offerings of health sciences content to both improve the performance of existing online resources as well as to enable the creation of the next generation of digital products. In this session, Alan Yagoda will discuss Elsevier’s efforts in developing Smart Content capabilities to power a new portfolio of strategic product offerings. The journey into smarter search and discovery resulted in a new infrastructure with a rich set of semantic capabilities include the development of a standardized medical taxonomy called EMMeT (Elsevier’s Merged Medical Taxonomy), indexing and content enrichment, and linked data services.

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  • Thanks for posting Alan. I'm in the healthcare staffing space and think this approach to data aggregation, structuring and relationship building could be really disruptive, so it's all good food for thought. Yum, yum.

    Lloyd Fassett
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Elsevier Smart Content LDR SemTech NYC Oct-17-2012

  1. 1. Elsevier Health SciencesSmart Content Drives Smart ApplicationsThe Future Of Using Knowledge In HealthcareSemTechBiz 2012 Conference Alan YagodaOctober 17, 2012 VP, Business Technology a.yagoda@elsevier.com @alanyagoda
  2. 2. About Elsevier Elsevier is the largest Science, Technical and Medical Publisher in the world. In the area of Health Sciences, Elsevier publishes leading brands including The Lancet, Braunwald’s Heart Disease, Gray’s Anatomy, and the Netter Atlases among others. In addition, Elsevier produces leading online clinical support tools and products including: •  Clinical Key •  MD Consult •  Procedures Consult •  Mosby’s Nursing Consult •  CPMRC Nursing Care Plans •  Gold Standard Drug Database •  MEDai Analytics for Managed Care Plans Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  3. 3. The ChallengeCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  4. 4. The Challenge: Getting doctors the right information to makethe best decisions and provide the best clinical care Trusted: Authoritative medical and surgical content from Elsevier. Comprehensive: Integrated Medline and 3rd party content. Speed To Answer: Fast discoverability of the most relevant answers and more intuitive searching.Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  5. 5. Introducing Smart ContentCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  6. 6. Taxonomy-Powered Content = Smart ContentContent  with  applied  taxonomy  Content  today  with   structured  XML   Copyright 2011 Outsell Gilbane Services, Inc. Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved   http://www.outsellinc.com http://gilbane.com/xml/2009/11/what-is-smart-content.html#ixzz0hnuRhaBc
  7. 7. Smart Content At Elsevier Smart Content Applications Better discovery through semantic search & navigation Linked data from • Faceted search & browse partners and the Web • Ontology-driven navigation • Task-specific results • Personalized/localized results • Link to evidenced-based content" Text Better understanding throughElsevier Entities, analysis and visualizationContent concepts • Question & Answer" • Actionable Content & Alerts"Partner Tables and • Tag clouds • Heatmaps"Content relationships • Animations" Images New knowledge through aggregation and synthesis • Topic pages Elsevier • Social network maps knowledge • Geolocation maps organization • Data integration and mashups" systems • Text mining " • Inference and Reasoning 7Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  8. 8. Making Smart Content Work in the Clinical Setting Clinical   Clinical  Trials   Journals   Summaries   Guidelines   Procedural   Drug  Info   PaIent  Ed   Books   Videos   Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy (EMMeT) 250K+  Core  Clinical  Concepts   EMMeT        Concept  Mapping   Elsevier   1M+  Synonyms   Custom   1M+  Hierarchical  RelaIonships   1M+  Ontological  RelaIonships   UMLS   •   Vast  amounts  of  content  made  easily  discoverable   •   Specialty-­‐specific  naviga9on   •   Dynamic  clinical  summary  crea9on   •   Meaningful  related  content  recommenda9ons  Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  9. 9. Introducing EMMeT (Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy)Parent Terms•  Breast Disorders 2•  Cancer of the Thorax•  Mammary Neoplasms•  More…. Symptoms Breast Lump, Nipple Retraction, ….. Medical Name Diagnostic Malignant Neoplasm of the Breast Mammography, Breast Biopsy, ….. Procedures Consumer Friendly Name Breast Cancer Synonyms 1 4 Malignant Tumor of Breast Treatment Chemotherapy, Mastectomy, …. Malignant Breast Neoplasm Procedures Semantic Relationships Breast Ca Codes ICD9 – 174.9 MeSH – D001943 Medications Tamoxifen, Doxorubicin, ….. SNOMED-CT – 190121004 Semantic Type/Group Neoplastic Process/Disease Risk Factors Family History, Genetics, Predisposition, ….Children Terms •  Breast Sarcoma 3 Prevention Screening, Preemptive Mastectomy, …. •  Familial Breast Cancer •  Malignant lymphoma of the Breast •  Malignant Neoplasm of the breast outer quadrant Complications Metastatic Cancer, …. •  More… Copyright © 2012 Elsevier, Inc. | All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Automated Indexing: Weighted Tags for Better Search Article-level SMART Content tags help confirm relevance and provide a topical overview about a piece of content. Paragraph-level SMART Content tags uncover highly-relevant information not necessarily evident from the title or abstract alone. Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  11. 11. EMMeT Powered Auto-Suggest Copyright © 2012 Elsevier, Inc. | All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Linked Data RepositoryCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  13. 13. Linked Data Repository (LDR): Warehouse for Smart Content Enhancements Delirium treatment: An unmet challenge Title •  Service platform that provides a rich Rivastigmine, a cholinesterase inhibitor, has been used to semantic layer that enables search and treat delirium in elderly patients with stroke. 1 A biologically plausible premise—that impaired cholinergic transmission discovery of metadata. Disease might either cause or worsen delirium—led to a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial by Drug Maarten van Eijk and colleagues 2 in The finding which Clinical Lancet in •  Transforms content into knowledge data they added rivastigmine or placebo to usual treatment of patients in intensive care. The trial was halted at 104 to allow exploration of extracted patients by the drug safety and monitoring board (DSMB) because of increased mortality (12/54 in the rivastigmine knowledge, content analysis, and group, 4/50 in the placebo group; p=0·07) and a worse visualization. outcome. The rivastigmine group … •  Enhances extracted knowledge of Elsevier assets by interlinking data with related sources of medical and scientific   Elsevier owl:same as   content and data.med:diseases    Delirium   ATC:  N06DA03  med:drugs  RivasIgmine   Drug:  RivasIgmine   •  Optimized for high-volume read-write for owl: same as use by end-user products.   foaf:page   LinkedCT •  Provide service layer APIs for ease of  Trial:    NCT00623103  Serious  Adverse  events:   Trial:  NCT00623103   integration.Atrial  fibrillaIon       IntervenIon:  RivasIgmine   CondiIon:  Delirium   13   Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  14. 14. Represent Enhancements and Vocabularies In RDFSatellites Creation of Satellite Standards •  Linked data compliant RDF representing metadata objects •  Leverage common namespaces from dct, pav, rdf, skos •  Taxonomies in SKOS to enhance portability in the linked data world •  Subject tagging against a vocabulary representing extracted knowledge LDR •  Concept URIs that can be equated to URIs in linked data •  Support RDF/XML and Turtle Example RDF Statements  Tags from a taxonomy for a given document  Document sections relevant to a given concept  Document sections providing answers to a given question  Genes mentioned in a given document  Documents supporting or disputing conclusions of a given document  Concepts in the areas of expertise for a given authorCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  15. 15. LDR Semantic Infrastructure Linked Data & Linked Data Loader 3rd Party Data Data  Space  Services   Vocab & Annotation AnnotaIon   Linked  Data   Satellites   Satellites   Satellites   3rd  Party   RDF Vocab   Asset   Data   Satellites Smart Content Indexing Pipeline Linked  Data  Pipeline  Services  (Hadoop)   AWS Cloud Management EMMeT Vocabulary  SKOS     Semantic Ontology Svcs GeneraIon   RDF Loader Interlinking Reasoning Transform Analytics Network N-Quads Extract JSON … Tagging  and  Indexing   Content   Elsevier   Services  (Concepts,   Chapters,  ArIcles,   Guidelines,etc)   RDF  GeneraIon   Discovery Services (Semantic Knowledgebase) 3rd  Party   Content   Content   InsIt.   Amazon MongoDB SOLR/ Virtuoso S3 NoSQL SIREn Triplestore Product-specific Smart Content Access & Admin & Atom Feed Analytics Search Index Entitlements Monitoring Discovery Svc Ontology SPARQL Alerts API (REST) Service 15  Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  16. 16. Smart Content In ActionCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  17. 17. Speed to Answer: Most relevant preview
  18. 18. Trend Analysis Of Special Health Topics (Mashups)Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  19. 19. Improved Editorial Workflow: Smart Collection ToolCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  20. 20. Comprehensive Drug Reference •  Moving world-class content online to Point of Care. •  Extracted knowledge is linked for further enrichment. •  Information is condensed, immediate and actionable.Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  21. 21. Integrated Drug Discovery ResearchCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  22. 22. Linking Patient Data To Evidence-Based Research •  Recommended  research  relevant  to  a  paIent  profile   •  InfoBu^on  integraIon   •  Alerts  on  FDA  Announcements.Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  23. 23. Key LearningsCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  24. 24. What We Learned On Our Journey To Adoption •  Focus  on  business  value  -­‐  POCS  are  invaluable.   Organiza2onal   •  Requires  different  skillsets.   Readiness   •  Break  from  tradiIonal  IT  and  follow  consumer  Internet   businesses.   •  Cloud  to  combine  big  data  and  semanIcs  at  scale.   •  Product  and  data  integraIon  just  got  easier.   Technical   •  Need  access  points  besides  SPARQL.   •  Won’t  get  it  right  the  first  Ime  -­‐  Fail  fast  and  cheap.   •  Pick  standards  that  are  pracIcal  and  ease  adopIon.   Data   •  Be  paranoid  about  freshness  and  quality  of  linked  data.   •  OpImize  for  performance  –  more  triples  isn’t  always  be^er.   24  Copyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
  25. 25. Thank you. Alan Yagoda a.yagoda@elsevier.com @alanyagodaCopyright  ©  2012  Elsevier,  Inc.  |  All  Rights  Reserved  
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