Global Warming
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Global Warming






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Global Warming Global Warming Presentation Transcript

  • Global Warming Our World in Danger
  • Current SituationThe Rising of Temperature Decreasing of Glaciers 0.6 9 8 0.4 7Temperature Anomaly - C Area (106 km2) 0.2 6 5 0 4 -0.2 3 2 -0.4 1 -0.6 0 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 1980 1990 2000 2010 Earth’s average  The total area of glaciers atmospheric temperature has decreased more than has risen about 1 degrees 3 million km2 in the past Celsius since 1981 30 years
  • Future Prediction If global warming continues at the same rate, it is predicted that the atmospheric temperature will increase about 2.4~6.4 degrees Celsius (36~43.5 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100. If the amount of CO2 would double, the area of the glaciers would decrease by 60% View slide
  • Cause of Global Warming 90% of the causes of global warming is the greenhouse gas which humans produce, especially CO2 and methane gas The greatest cause of global warming, CO2 is produced by burning fuel, transportation, industry, etc. View slide
  • What Will Happen? ~Desertification~ Desertification is the process where healthy land with plants growing turns into a desert because of lack of rain. In the near future, one-fourth of the Earth will be covered with deserts. This is caused by changes in weather conditions, which are caused by human activities.
  • Do you know what this is?
  • Ozone Depletion No organism on Earth can survive without an ozone layer. Long time ago, there was no ozone layer around the Earth, and there were no life. As the layer formed, life developed on Earth.
  • Cause of Ozone Depletion Freon gas is the cause of ozone depletion. Freon gas is produced mostly by the use of human tools such as using air conditioning, and refrigerator. Gas reaches the Earth’s atmosphere in about 20 years.
  • What We Have to Do Global warming is not a problem in the future. It is already affecting us today, and will continue to in the future. We can decrease the amount of greenhouse gases by using energy more efficiently; using tools and clothes longer; traveling by walking, or on bikes to closer destinations; stopping lights and water when not using, etc.
  • Resources wledge/kno02.html