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Using social media marketing for business


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  • 1. UsingSocial Media Marketing
    For Business
    For further help, contact us at:
  • 2. About Us
    • Website Design and Development Services
    • 3. Premium Website Hosting
    • 4. E-Marketing Services (including SEO and SMM)
  • Anyone with an:
    Information website
    Online store
    Looking to bringmore traffic to it
    Who This Presentation Is For
  • 5. Why Do We Need Social Media Marketing?
    People Don’t Want To Be Bothered!
  • 6. Advantages To Inbound Marketing
    Potential clients meet you and your employees before your business
    Create Online buzz of your products or services
    Customers come to you because you’re the expert
    Brand your business via your content, 365 days per year
    Referrals and recommendation of your services/products is much more natural
    Sell to Global markets
    Create Global Alliances
    Watch your competition
  • 7. Sprinkle The Internet
    Which social websites should you use? and for Video for sharing presentations
    iTunes for sharing podcasts
    Flickr for sharing images or photos
  • 8. Customers find you
    You no longer have to do as much traditional marketing anymore
    Adds to your SEO ranking
    Presents your branding, ideas, information, without any direct marketing
    Customers get to know you and your products before even seeing your website
    Why Should I Spread My Content Around?
  • 9. YouTube Example – PET CT
  • 10. How Do You Include Content?
  • 11. Very professional place to gain visibility for your professional achievements and connect with other professionals
    Great place to scope out the competition
    On the opposite side of the social spectrum
    What Is Linked In?
  • 12. Complete your profile
    If you want others to connect, provide your email address
    Become TopLinked and a LION
    List all of your past career history and accomplishments
    List your affiliations and accreditations
    Use Public Profile with specific username
    Getting Started With LinkedIn
  • 13. List Your Websites Wisely
    Keywords help with SEO
  • 14. Get TopLinked and Become a LION helps you:
    Build up your connections fast
    Send you new connections every few weeks
    Become a LinkedIn Open Networker (LION)
    Signals that you are open to new connections
    Signals that you will not report anyone using “I don’t know this user”
  • 15. Export your connections to your Newsletter, CRM, Outlook Contacts, and Spreadsheets for Mailings and Marketing
    Why So Many Connections?
  • 16. Some are great for connecting with others and some are not
    Chances are, you will find several for your industry
    Use them to bounce ideas, connect with others, ask questions, or provide links to your blog postings or events
    Don’t promote yourself, services, or business
    Join and Utilize Groups
  • 17. Allows you to put your best face forward
    Provides a way for your potential clients to get to know your company through you and the people that work for you
    Facebook allows you to show your:
    Family, friends, photos, links, events
    Within top 5% of all Google searches
    What Is FaceBook?
  • 18. The Newsfeed Is Your Life Line
    Appears on your friends’ feeds
  • 19. Create A Business FaceBook Page
    “Only have one chance to create your name, so make it a good one”
    As an example, view ours at:
  • 20. Immediately tell your friends, family, and employees to like your page
    Whenever you connect with someone new, send them to your page and ask them to like the page
    Make your pages interactive and allow your fans to interact with each other
    Tell Friends About Your Page
  • 21. Many Advantages
    Can send updates to fans
    Can invite friends and fans to your events
    Can ask friends and fans to participate in your conversations
    Can ask friends and fans to join your groups
    Can create multiple pages
    Can advertise your pages using other means
    Feed your blog or rss feeds to your profile and/or page
    Post your images, videos, slides, podcasts, etc.
  • 22. Groups also allow participation
    Groups are less interactive, but provide better way to categorize specific types of users
    Most companies support both
    Global Social Marketing
    Business & Social Networks
    PHP User Group
    Website Designers
    Twitter Group
    Groups versus Pages
  • 23. Create a facebook badge for either your profile, your page, or both
    Include your facebook URLs in your email and support group signatures
    Place your facebook badges on your website and your blog
    Add your other social badges to your facebook profile
    Must-Haves In FaceBook
  • 24. Tips provided by Mari Smith (
    Update Your Status
    Review News Feed and Provide Comments
    Optionally, Acknowledge Birthdays
    Review Requests
    Review Notifications
    Review Your Profile
    Check emails
    You can also take time to do other things, but those are up to you
    Facebook In Five Minutes
  • 25. In a Nutshell: Allows you to answer the question:
    “What Are You Doing?”
    Is It Micro-blogging or Micro-Stalking?
    Allows you to follow anyone you find interesting
    Allows others to follow you
    Very much like an in-person social gathering with no time or space boundaries
    What Is Twitter?
  • 26. Says everything about youin 140 characters
    Place for your website or blog
    Use it wisely
    Make use of a background,colors, fonts
    ALWAYS USE YOUR OWN ICON or PHOTO – can even use animated GIF in the icon
    Make The Most Of Your Profile
  • 27. Use 140 Characters
    Use hash (#) for tracking
    Use @ symbol to replyto someone
    Use D or DM in first character, followed by account name to send direct message to someone
    Use “RT @accountname: ” followed by quote to retweet someone’s tweet
    How To Use Twitter
  • 28. What Should You Tweet About?
    Sharing News
    Support &
  • 29. Tools exist to shrink long URLs:
    Can also be tracked using:
    Handling URLs
  • 30. Don’t Forget To Add Twitter
    To Your Blog or Website
  • 31. Tie It All Together
    Sprinkle your content across the Internet
    Link to it from your website pages or blog
    Blog about your content
    Connect with others on LinkedIn
    Send them to your other social networks
    Share your content, digg it, and bookmark it
    Tweet about it and get others to digg it too
    Lastly, use or to update all of your social networks with one message
    Above All, Don’t Go Down The Rabbit Holes
  • 32. Questions?
    Chat With Us Live At:
    Read Our Blog At:
    Follow Us On Twitter:
    Become A Fan On Facebook:
    Digg With Us At:
    Call Us At: