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Advantages Of Facebook And Twitter For Business
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Advantages Of Facebook And Twitter For Business



Recent Free Webinar: Advantages of using Facebook and Twitter for Business...

Recent Free Webinar: Advantages of using Facebook and Twitter for Business

In the past, it used to be that you had to have a website in order to compete with your competition. These days, you not only need a website, but you also have to be accessible on various social websites. If you're confused about using sites like Facebook and Twitter for your business, you're not alone.

On August 4th 2009, at 7:00pm, Axsys Technology Group and the Miramar-Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce hosted their recent online Webinar. This webinar will teach you how to use the power of FaceBook and Twitter for business purposes.

Learn how to use and manage Facebook in 5 minutes per day. Build a business page and attrack other Facebook users to your business page. Turn then into fans, and use your fans list to send them notices, information, and events. Share your Facebook page and profile with others right from your email signature, each time you email someone.

Twitter is growing in popularity, now supporting millions of accounts. Learn to leverage Twitter in your favor. Gain an instant test group for your products or services. Bounce ideas against a large group to determine if it will work. Gain input and learn what changes you should make before you introduce your new products or services to the masses. Share information, and lead your customers right to your doorstep.

Learn how to connect Twitter and Facebook to your current blog or website. Feed your blog posts or new website pages to Facebook and Twitter automatically. Become familiar with many of the outstanding support software currently available on the market to make your experience with Facebook and Twitter easier and faster.

Don't spend hours trying to learn all of this. Join us for this FREE webinar and learn it from the experts. You'll be using Facebook and Twitter for business in no time, and you'll actually be doing it successfully and confidently.

Whether you have a simple one page website or an e-commerce website selling hundreds of products, you can't afford to miss this event. If you have questions about this event and wish to find out more, please contact us at 954-499-5594.



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    Advantages Of Facebook And Twitter For Business Advantages Of Facebook And Twitter For Business Presentation Transcript

    • Advantages of using
      Facebook and Twitter for Business
      To participate in any of our FREE webinars, subscribe to:
    • About Us
      • Website Design and Development Services
      • Premium Website Hosting
      • E-Marketing Services including:
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Social Media Marketing
    • About Our Partners
      • Many services to local businesses and organizations, including:
      • Business Education
      • Community Involvement
      • Committees and Member Assistance
      • Local Government Representation
      • Free online meeting place
      • Sharing of PPTs, PDFs, Screens, and video, over the web
      • Open Source Platform
      • Can be extended
    • Anyone looking for alternative ways to market their business, products, or services
      Targeted Audience Includes:
      Business Owners, CEOs, Sole Proprietors‘
      Entrepreneurs, Sales Managers and Sales People
      Marketers, Advertising and Marketing Personnel
      Anyone looking for work or a new job
      Who This Webinar Is For
    • Turns you into a resource for others
      Your uploaded content provides an ongoing view of your company online
      Continuous online buzz of your products or services
      Social aspects bring out emotional connectivity between you and your audience
      Referrals and recommendation of your services/products is much more natural
      Provides branding and identity for your business
      Global market is much more accessible
      Clients and potential clients meet you and your employees before your business
      Easier to partner with other businesses and to watch your competition
      Helps you to understand who your customers are and builds trust between you and your customer
      Advantages To Using Social Sites
    • Facebook and Twitter
      We’ll look at
      How to get started
      Why you should be tweeting
      How to use both sites for business
      The role these tools plays in business
      Advantages and disadvantages
      The Do’s and Don’ts of using them
      And Much more
      What Will We Cover?
    • Twitter
      Build business opportunities in 140characters or less
    • What Is Twitter?
      From inception: Allows you to answer the question:
      “What Are You Doing?” in 140 characters
      Today: Used to share information, comments, micro-blog, chat, and so much more
      Is It Micro-blogging or Micro-Stalking?
      Allows you to follow anyone you find interesting
      Allows others to follow you
      Very much like an in-person social gathering with no time or space boundaries
    • Look for a new job
      Instant Study Groups
      Instant Feed Back
      Instant Q & A
      Instant Recommendations
      Instant Referrals
      Instant Marketing
      Find Conversations
      Find Like-Minded People
      See what others are saying about your company
      See what your competitors are doing and selling
      Possible Business Uses
    • Here’s Some Examples
      Sharing News
      Support &
    • Good names include: KenRamirez, KRamirez, AxsysKen, HostingKen
      Bad names include: DragonLady, Jane123, PR_Man
      Setting Up To Tweet
    • Says everything about you in 160 characters
      Place for your website or blog
      Use it wisely
      Make use of a background, colors, fonts
      If time permits, use 2 profiles (one for business and one for you…each team member should have one too, and they should stay active on it
      ALWAYS USE YOUR OWN ICON or PHOTO – can even use animated GIF in the icon
      Make The Most Of Your Profile
    • 140 characters to per message
      Hashtags(#) to track messages
      Use @ symbol for replies
      Use D or DM in first character, followed by account name to send direct message to someone
      Use “RT @accountname: ” followed by quote to retweet someone’s tweet
      Use Follow Accountname to follow someone
      How To Use Twitter
      Must be following you back
    • Daily occurrences (things your working on)
      Your clients (projects your working on or their websites)
      Links to things you find interesting
      Things your listening to
      Things on Digg.com (both yours and others)
      Things in your Facebook newsfeed
      Things from your blog or your blogroll
      Places or meetings you are currently attending
      Post jobs or ask for potential positions
      What Should You Tweet About?
    • Tools exist to shrink long URLs:
      Can also be tracked using:
      Handling URLs
    • If using Twitter for business, beware of the following:
      Can be very addictive
      Can cause black-outs!!! You’ll find yourself asking:
      Where Did All The Time Go Today? Answer: Twitter
      Can cause you to leak out more than you care to
      Once it’s on the Internet…it stays on the Internet
      Can destroy your reputation if used incorrectly
      Beware Of
    • Do:
      What would come naturally at a social gathering
      Communicate with others as you would in person
      Respond to others random and make new connections
      Ask questions (about work, jobs, services, likes and dislikes)
      Provide help and assistance as much as possible
      Share news, information, gratitude, stories
      Be as much a human as you can be
      Suggest friends and followers to Mr.Tweet
      Here Are Some Do’s
    • Don’t:
      Just talk about yourself or your services
      Tweet about your products or services all the time. Use an 80/20 rule
      Be unsocial/introverted/non-spoken
      Send DMs to people that look like an advertisement (unless they ask a question about your products or services)
      Be rude, unless someone had it coming
      Here Are Some Don’ts
    • Follow us: @AxsysTechGroup
      Follow me: @KenRamirez
      Follow @Hashtags to get stats on your hashes
      Follow @MrTweet and use their website (MrTweet.net)
      Follow @GuestBook and send them DMs
      Use Twollo.com, WhoShouldIFollow.com, and Search.Twitter.com to find compatible people or companies to follow
      Matches between Twitter and your Contacts list
      Who Should You Initially Follow
    • Follow People Being Followed by Those Your Following
      Follow Thought Leaders and Bloggers
      Follow People You’ve Seen At Events
      Don’t Follow Too Many At Once
      Don’t Start Removing Immediately If They Don’t Follow You Back
      More Thoughts On Who To Follow
    • Drive traffic to your site or blog
      Monitor your brand using Search.Twitter.com
      “Favorite” company testimonials on Twitter
      Promote events and add a Hashtag
      Put AddThis or TwitThis to your site or blog
      Create “Top” lists and tweet them
      Become the thought leader in your industry
      Twitter For Marketing
    • Seek out reporters, bloggers, media personnel
      Watch for promotional opportunities
      Send a DM instead of email
      Feel out the PR person’s mood before contact
      Build Your Public Relations
    • Respond to concerns
      Update customers with downtime or problems
      Follow whoever follows customer support
      Provide Customer Support
    • TweetDeck – desktop version of Twitter
      TwitThat.com for you
      TwitThis.com for your blog or website visitors
      Hootsuite.com or Splitweet.com for managing multiple accounts
      TwitterBerry (on orangatame.com) for Blackberry users
      Twitterforiphone.com for iPhone users
      Twollo.com – find people with similar interest
      Tweetlater.com – tools for busy tweeples (includes digests)
      Socialtoo.com for auto-unfollow and auto-initial-dm to new followers (also includes digests)
      HashTags.org to track hashtag statistics
      Twitter Tools
    • List each employee with a Twitter account on your Website
      Create A Twitter Page
    • Don’t Forget To Add Twitter
      To Your Blog
    • Create a personal Twitter account
      Create a business Twitter account
      Setup Twitter bios
      Create backgrounds and color schemes
      Create photo/icon and upload to accounts
      Setup TweetLater account and setup auto-follow responses
      Setup Twollo in order to find Tweeple with similar interests
      Connect blog to TwitterFeed for new posts
      Follow Mr.Tweet to get relevant followers and become recommended
      Create Twitter badge for website/blog
      Provide Twitter Training
      Our Twitter Setup Process
      Learn to Track and Analyze Your Campaigns
    • Using Facebook for Business
    • Allows you to put your best face forward
      Provides a way for your potential clients to get to know your company through you and the people that work for you
      Facebook allows you to show your:
      Family, friends, associates, photos, links, events, blog posts, and much more
      Within top 5% of all Google searches
      More than 250M active users
      What Is FaceBook?
    • Be discovered by people looking for products and services similar to yours
      Socialize with current and future customers
      Wrap a social community around your company
      Show off your content, webinars, blog posts, and event photos/videos
      Shared content is shown on your wall and the news feeds (both yours and your friends)
      Why Use Facebook for Business?
    • Profiles are for people and Pages are for businesses
      You MUST create a Profile before you can create a Page
      You can have multiple pages to one profile
      About Facebook Profiles
    • Can have an associated username, like:http://www.facebook.com/ken.ramirez
      Personal profiles should NOT be used for a business
      Require acceptance before others can see private parts of your profile
      Personal Profiles
    • Can have multiple administrators
      Are public by default and receive ranking
      Are categorized by type (business, brand, etc)
      Anyone can become a fan
      Business Pages
    • Get To Know Your Home Page
    • The Newsfeed Is Your Life Line
      Appears on your friends’ feeds
    • Ask people you know to suggest you to others
      Compare against your contacts or leads list
      Export/Import from other social sites (like Plaxo)
      Join networks
      How To Connect With Others
    • Create A Business FaceBook Page
      “Only have one chance to create your name, so make it a good one”
      As an example, view ours at:
    • Immediately tell your friends, family, and employees to become fans
      Whenever you connect with someone new, send them to your page and ask them to become a fan
      Make your pages interactive and allow your fans to interact with each other
      Tell Friends About Your Page
    • Take Advantages of Facebook
      Send updates to your fans
      Invite friends and fans to your events
      Ask friends and fans to participate in your conversations
      Ask friends and fans to join your groups
      Create multiple pages
      Advertise your pages and events using ads
      Feed your blog/rssfeeds to your profile and/or page
      Post your images, videos, slides, podcasts, etc.
      Use FBML to post links back to your site!!!
    • Enhanced Wall – acts like a news feed now
      Now supports a Tabbed layout – easy navigation for users
      Landing pages with unique URLs for tabs – promote different tabs from ads
      Statistic data was improved – track video views, comments posted, news feeds views, and metric information
      Recent Changes to Business Pages
    • Groups versus Pages
      • Group is for a community of people with common interest
      • Page represents a brand or entity, for which there are fans
      • Examples:
      • Global Social Marketing
      • Business & Social Networks
      • PHP User Group
      • Website Designers
      • Twitter Group
      Groups also allow participation
      Groups are less interactive, but provide better way to categorize specific types of users
      Some companies or marketers support both
    • Take Advantage of Apps
    • Control What Others Can See
    • Create a facebook badge for either your profile, your page, or both
      Include your facebook URLs in your email and support group signatures
      Place your facebook badges on your website and your blog
      Add your other social badges to your facebookprofile
      Must-Haves In FaceBook
    • Tips provided by Mari Smith (WhyFaceBook.com)
      Update Your Status
      Review News Feed and Provide Comments
      Acknowledge Birthdays
      Review Requests (friend, app and group invites)
      Review Notifications
      Review Your Profile
      Check/answer private messages
      You can also take time to do other things, but those are up to you
      Facebook In Five Minutes
    • Personal Account Setup with Username
      Business Page Setup
      Setup Privacy Settings
      Add important Facebook apps to profile/pages
      Setup default tab and other tab related tasks
      Add blog feed to Facebook
      Add twitter feed to Facebook
      Add relevant social badges to Facebook
      Provide Facebook Training
      Our Facebook Setup Process
    • Did you enjoy this webinar?
      If you feel you got something from this webinar, here’s your homework:
      Join Twitter and Facebook
      Follow us on Twitter:
      Connect with us on Facebook
      Add me to your friend list: http://facebook.com/ken.ramirez
      Become a fan of Axsys: http://facebook.axsystechgroup.com
      Add both your Business Page and your Twitter profiles to our Facebook business page in Discussion tab
      Follow the story for this webinar on Twitter.com: Search for #ftw01
    • Chat With Us Live At:
      Read Our Blog At:
      Follow Us On Twitter:
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      Still Have Questions?