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Microsoft Publisher Solutions - product portfolio


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editorial VDZ - outlining the microsoft publisher solutions - product portfolio and platform benefit. Finest technology and core of Microsoft Advertising´s technology and services offering in 2008

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Microsoft Publisher Solutions - product portfolio

  1. 1. XNiP the presentation! Send „XXXXX“ to 53535(normal tariff) and it will automatically stored in yourpersonal account at xnip.com Microsoft Advertising Axel Hoehnke Group Head Publisher Solutions Gasstrasse 6 a - Gebäude M 22761 Hamburg | Tel: +49.171.540.3119 axel.hoehnke@microsoft.comSolution at a GlanceIndustry standard provider of media monetization solutions. Founded in 1999, acquired by Microsoft in2008. We deliver critical inventory and price management infrastructure to leading media companies,answering three key questions: 1. What do I have to sell? Forecasting and planning, translating trafficand users into salable advertising impressions 2. How should I sell it? Pricing and planning for monetiza-tion across competing direct and indirect sales opportunities 3. How am I performing? Analytic controls,turning raw data into actionable insight for managing sales performanceCustomer’s Challenges1. Visibility: Centralized and consistent toolset accessible throughout the organizationViews into the opportunity cost or ability to control deviations from the standard Rate CardDiscipline through visibility in pricing logic across customers2. Inventory: Improved inventory predictions to offset the ‘cost’ of under- and over-deliveryquick and accurate inventory information to inform campaign managementInform asset allocation process to manage link-in vs. link-off tradeoffs3. Pricing: Rational, data-driven rate card to support sales negotiations with increasingly sophisticatedagencies and non-endemic advertisers. Ability to estimate the cannibalization effect of adjusting pricesand introducing new products to maximize yieldOur OfferingBusiness Advisor, Yield dashboard delivering comprehensive, real time yield analytics, Supports reve-nue recovery and provides ‘detective’ controls. Inventory Manager (Purpose-built inventory solutionwith highly accurate forecasts, Improves revenue capture by minimizing over- and under-selling). PriceDirector (Holistic pricing workbench for planning and managing rate cards, delivers incremental revenuethrough price and demand optimization). Ad Manager balances competing priorities with flexible, tieredAd Serving, provides smarter prioritization for guaranteed inventory. Deal Manager delivers a centralinterface for managing sales workflow from the RFP/proposal process and streamlines process andworkflow between advertising operations and sales.Unique differentiotorsCustomer Quote: “Rapt is the only company that we are aware of that has developed and implementedsuccessful price optimization solutions within… media. Companies that have implemented and usedRapt in the past two years have seen uplift in their revenue in the 5-10% range.” William S. Morrison,Managing Director, Sr. Internet Analyst, ThinkEquity PartnersBusiness benefitsMicrosoft Publisher technology and advisory services drive higher revenues and improved yield throughbetter-informed inventory and pricing decisions.Company References & Strategic Partners Segment, Technology KeywordsYahoo!, MTV Networks, Fox, MSN, Yield Management, Yield Monetization, Media Reuters,New York Times Monetization, Media Network, Performance Network, AdServing XNIP-Code: 123456 41