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Christian Seebode - German Healthcare Systems - Apps4Health - at Mobile Monday 04042011

Christian Seebode - German Healthcare Systems - Apps4Health - at Mobile Monday 04042011

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  • 1. Patient Centered IT meets APPS4HEALTH Dr. Christian Seebode German Healthcare Services
  • 2. Overview1 Patient Centered IT2 APPS4HEALTH3 Turn patients into customers4 Quality measures5 Case Study: APPS4HEALTH – Mobile Health Explorer © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 3. Patient Centered IT1 Information2 Communication3 Education4 Security & Trust © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 4. Information Information about me§  What happens to me ?§  Electronic Records accessible to patients, eLearing modules and community interaction provide valuable possibilities to improve the personal level of literacy. Access to online libraries, information packets and resource centers. Information about helathcare provider§  What about my treatment ?§  Everything from the display of general hospital information, patient pathways up to the possibility to schedule admission or examination. Information about others§  How about the others ?§  Build sustainable informational and personal relationships . Communities to study what is happening to other patients and how they are treated in comparable situations. But also information about family members and relatives is necessary to support patients. © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 5. Communication Patients communicate knowledge§  Patients are experts on their own behalf.§  A Simple but valuable tool to capture this experience would be an electronic diary where the patient shares his experiences Patients communicate needs§  The patient connected online to communication activities is more prone to self disclosure. Communication is therapy§  Support motivation and participation via positive self-perception.§  Responsiveness is an issue. So the care team needs enhancement by call- or online center people with medical knowledge. © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 6. Communication Communication is sharing information§  Explicit and implicit sharing of information and knowledge between patients, physicians and the community§  I.e. Explicit information sharing via clinical pathways Communication is diverse§  Different languages and cultural backgrounds§  Social and family situation. Family members should be supported in communication efforts © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 7. Education Patient context§  The level of illness, skills, disabilities, literacy, work, family, economical situation. Reflect this in the user model or personalization engine. Patient networks§  Education via personal relationships is effective because there’s someone you can ask as a patient. Improve health literacy§  Health Literacy is an important influence on health outcome.§  Involve patients in healthcare delivery leverages understanding and improves outcome © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 8. Security & Trust Trust myself§  Would i connect with others online and share intimate information ?§  Online communication supports anonymous exchange and lowers thresholds§  Writing supports self reflection. What will others think ? Trust others§  From Healthcare provider to the rest of the world. What are the risks ?§  Evidence based medicine to model the risk of healthcare delivery§  Trust and Security are shared asset and not a problem Trust the system§  Tendency to trust in security features is different§  Each Patient needs a personal risk model.§  The system has to be explicit about who accesses the information © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 9. SummaryLibraries, EPR, community, Knowledge sharing,treatment plans, schedule diaries, communities,activities, personal cultural diversity.relationships Support personal riskIndividual Context and model. Be explicit aboutpersonalizaton, Q&A in who accessesnetwork, improve health informationliteracy © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 10. APPS4HEALTH Aspects Realization §  Perceive patient as a customer§  Mobility supports proximity §  Location based services to find health§  High responsiveness directly services adressed via mobile communication §  Instant dialogue triggered by physical§  Mobile phones use sensors to conditions or environmental change generate personal data §  Use camera to document skin§  Mobile communication supports symptoms, position sensors to patient involvement measure movements§  Always on supports continuous care §  Text messaging as reminders and prevention improve outcomes§  Mobile patients act as a customers © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 11. Turn patients into customers Patient Demand Quality Define Offer Control Define Business Case © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 12. Turn patients into customersPatient n  Apps leverage Patient Centered perspectiveDemand n  Direct Access to patient behavior! n  Communication and participation n  Feedback n  Quality Measures © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 13. Turn patients into customers n  Apps reduce problem complexity and supportDefine lightweight processesOffer n  If there is a business case then it can be simple n  Apps lower threshold to experiment n  Patient n  Investor n  But: simplification needs to be governed n  i.e. avoid over-saturation effect because of many similar apps © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 14. Turn patients into customers Define n  Characteristics of Accountable CareBusiness Case n  The ability to provide, and manage with patients, the continuum of care across different institutional settings, including at least ambulatory and inpatient hospital care and possibly post acute care n  The capability of prospectively planning budgets and resource needs n  Sufficient size to support comprehensive, valid, and reliable performance measurement. © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 15. Quality MeasuresQualityControl Measures and Critique PCIT powered APPS4HEALTH §  Process measures §  Patient experience accessible §  measures whether a process or a §  Directly via questionnaires step took place or not §  Indirectly via Patient behaviour §  Specific but not patient oriented §  Immediate result feedback §  Outcome measures §  Reminder support up-to-date information §  Patient oriented but too global §  Composite measures §  Patient oriented and global but restricted to provider processes (Appropriate care measure ACM) §  Patient Experience measures §  Patient experience (but not patient satisfaction) © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 16. Turn patients into customers Patient Access Patient behavior DemandGet Feedback Quality Define Offer Control Reduce Complexity Define Business Target market and plan budget Case © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 17. AED4EU Story AED4EU§  As a first aider i want to locate automatic external defibrillators quickly © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 18. ABRIIZ Story ABRIIZ§  As asthma patient i want to track my medication and attacks so that i am able to adjust my medication together with my physician © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 19. APPS4HEALTH - Dashboard Story§  As a spa guest i want to give feedback on my treatments and get an improved, personalized treatment © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 20. APPS4HEALTH – Weekly View © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 21. APPS4HEALTH – Questions Overview © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 22. APPS4HEALTH – Questionnaire © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 23. APPS4HEALTH – Guidebook © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 24. Patient Centered Cycle Patient Patient outcome experience Patient participation © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 25. Fred Dr. med. Basalama Robert Gerl Informations- wissenschaft Arzt & MBADipl. Inf. Dr. med.Heiko Musa Christian SeebodeWirtschaftsinformatiker Arzt & Dipl. Informatiker © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH
  • 26. Patient Centered IT Mail Web GHS Patient Centered IT Blog: Facebook:German Healthcare Services Str. 28/29 Twitter:D-10963 Berlin +49 30 33985817Fax: +49 30 33985818 © GHS Dr. Christian Seebode APPS4HEALTH