How to be a tough martial artist


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How to be a tough martial artist

  1. 1. How to be a Tough Martial Artist
  2. 2. Some people fight because they want to know how tough they are. If you are always getting beat up in a fight that means you are not enough tough. If you want to survive and last long in a fight without getting easily beaten up, you should learn self defense or martial arts. If you learn martial arts, you can also use it to protect or defend yourself from harm. Don’t be discouraged on the thinking that martial arts is nothing but fighting and hurting other people. Martial arts can develop lots of things in a person like; it can develop physical strength and condition like health. It can also develop the personality of a person. Martial arts trainer teaches their students not to use martial arts into a bad way but to protect their selves and others. If you want to learn intense martial arts, you
  3. 3. Here are the TIPS on How to be a tough Martial Artist
  4. 4. Right Martial Arts School You need to consider the martial arts school you want to join. You need to enroll in a martial arts school that has a good reputation and operating for many years. It is also to avoid wasting money into a school that has low quality service or training. If you don’t want to spend too much time searching for a martial arts school, you can ask your friends if they know some martial arts school that provide high quality training and has a good facility. You can also perform a research in the internet of all the martial arts school near your place. You also need to know if the trainers are professional.
  5. 5. Don’t be late on class If you already choose your martial arts school and you are already enrolled, you need to be at school in time and don’t be late. If you are always late in your martial arts class, you will definitely miss some martial arts lesson. Remember that you enroll in a martial arts school to learn, so always remember the time of your martial arts class.
  6. 6. Listen to your trainer You should also need to listen to your trainer even for the small details that your trainer says. You need to pay attention on every discussion especially when your trainer is discussing a certain technique. Every single details whether it is small or big, it will surely help on learning martial arts. There are some people who don’t pay attention on small details that is why they happen to hurt their sparring partner or classmates when performing a certain technique. When you listen to your trainer, you already show respect on him. You can also improve your listening skills when your trainer is discussing.
  7. 7. Let your classmates help you When you want to know or master a certain technique, forget about your pride. If your classmates offer help, you must accept it. Having a good relationship with your classmates can help to improve quickly. You won’t be able to improve fast if you are doing it alone without the help of others. You also need to help others if they are having a hard time mastering a certain technique. You can give them some tips on how to perform it. Remember that you will spend a long time with your classmates in your martial arts school so you need to get along with them.
  8. 8. Training If you want to be a strong martial artist, you need to improve your speed and your physical strength. If you want to take down your opponent in a few punch or kicks, you should improve your arms and legs strength. You can go into a fitness gym or if you don’t have nothing to do at home, you can stay in your martial arts school and use the training equipments. Martial art is not all about different techniques, you also need power and speed. Power is for hitting opponent and speed for evading the opponents attack.
  9. 9. Proper Diet You also need to consider the food that you eat. You will have a problem performing a certain technique if your body weight increase. You can go into a nutritionist to know the right food you eat. You also need to be healthy; you must have a balance diet. If you eat a large amount of meal every day, your martial arts training will mean nothing. For example, you can perform a high kick and then after a few weeks of eating large amount of meal you gain weight. You will surely have a problem performing that high kick of yours. So if you have a proper training, you also need to have a proper diet.
  10. 10. Sparring with your friends If you are getting bored with the punching bag, you can ask your friends to do sparring with you. In that way you can practice your techniques (be careful not to hurt each other). If you have a friend that learns a different martial arts style go and ask him to be your sparring partner. If your friend’s martial arts is karate and you do tae kwon do, you will surely learn some tips on how to counter his martial arts style. You and your friend can share some tips about your fighting style.
  11. 11. Running in a fight doesn’t mean that you are coward and scared to fight. It just means that you don’t want violence or trouble. If you don’t have any choice but to fight, fight! But always remember that if there is a chance, you should avoid fighting. As mentioned above, your trainer will definitely teach you how to use martial arts in a good way. If you want to know about BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling or If you want your kids to know martial arts, I recommend Evolution Gym because they have a good facility and provides high quality training.