A personal trainer diary 2


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A personal trainer diary 2

  1. 1. A Personal Trainer Diary 2 A Personal Trainer Diary 2, FocusMeet Jim. He is 34 and I got to know him 5 weeks ago. He became amember in our fitness club because he wanted to shed some weight. WhenI looked at his body, I didnt find him over weight but he showed me hislower abdominal and upper hips have shaped into a tube like form.He said that although he is active, hes been packing the fat only in thatarea. He felt whatever he ate, packing up right into that tube. Jim was tall,slim built with no muscle pack. He looked balance except in his middlebody.In his first consulting session to discover his goal, he mentioned he neededa quick weight loss program. He said he read many articles on loss dietand fast weight loss. At one point he took some weight loss supplement,which in his scenario, caused fatigue and weakness. Right away, Iinformed him of his wrong approach. One of the most important stepwhen deciding to start working on your body is to know what you need tochange and have a focus.As a professional personal trainer, I take notes when i consult with my
  2. 2. client and give them a notepad to answer some important questions.I have decided a change and joined a fitness program for:- Weight loss- Building muscle and balance the shape of my body- Focus and work on certain part of my body- To gain weightThese are few examples of what clients can put their focus on.In Jims case, I knew he was in the wrong path to lose fat in his lower abs.Lets talk about the fact that each bodys functionality is different and needdifferent style of diet, work out and weigh loss exercise. Jim only had fatin his lower abs and taking a rapid weight loss program was wrong for him.His only remedy was working out to build lost muscles in that area insteadof any supplement or diet list. He had only spot of fat in certain area whichspot reduction is only possible with liposuction. But, the best way ofreducing the spot fat is by certain effective workout exercised.This exercise not only reduces the fat in that certain area, but also helpsbuild extra muscles in other areas and keep the overall balance. When wediscussed this option, it was like a weight off his shoulder. I gave him a listof proper exercise and provided him with his daily program including hisdiet routine.Result:It has almost been 5 weeks and his lower abs is almost flat and as a matterfact, he has built some extra muscle packs in his upper abdominal. Ofcourse well not going to stop there as I am working fully with Jim to growhis strength and to find those lost muscles in every part of his body.Here Im sharing 2 exercises I recommend Jim to lose the lower abdominalfat. Lie down on a Yoga mattress and gather up your knees. With yourhands straightforward along with your hips, do crunches. Do this inperiods of 10.
  3. 3. To follow, lie down straight and place your hands right by your body on thefloor tightened on your sides. Now, keeping your knees fully straight, liftyour legs up 90 degrees and take them down again but dont place them onthe mattress. Repeat this in period of 10 and go back to the first exercise.Very important hint: breath from your nose.  Want to get more tips on how to hire a qualified personal trainer?
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