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[Mar AWS 101] What is AWS?


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AWS 101 Business Seminar given by Chris Jang

AWS 101 Business Seminar given by Chris Jang

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  • 1. What is AWS? Chris Jang – Head of Korea Amazon Web Services
  • 2. What is AWS?An overview of what AWS is and why people are adopting it A 1,000 foot view of the services available in the toolboxA look at top questions people have when approaching AWS AWS 개요 및 AWS 사용 이유 주요 AWS 서비스 소개 FAQ
  • 3. Background
  • 4. Consumer Business Seller IT Infrastructure Business Business Tens of millions of  Sell on Amazon  Cloud computing  active customer  websites infrastructure for  accounts hosting web‐scale  Use Amazon  solutions technology for your  own retail website Eight countries: Hundreds of  US, UK, Germany,  Leverage Amazon’s  thousands of  Japan, France, Canada,  massive fulfillment  registered customers  China, Italy center network in over 190 countries
  • 5. About Amazon Web  How did Amazon… Services Deep experience in building and operatingglobal web scale systems …get into cloud computing?
  • 6. Over 10 years in the making(전자상거래 사업 운영을 통해 습득한 노하우)Enablement of sellers on Amazon(셀러 비즈니스 지원을 위한 인프라의 SOA 전환)Internal need for scalable deployment environment(유연한 배포 환경에 대한 내부적 수요 증대)Early forays proved developers were hungry for more(개발자의 API를 통한 서비스 접근 욕구 증대)
  • 7. AWS Mission 기업 및 개발자가 Enable businesses and 웹서비스 형태로 제공되는 developers to use web  클라우드 위에서 services* to build  확장성을 갖춘 정교한 scalable, sophisticated  애플리케이션을 개발할 수 있게 하는 것 applications. *What people now call “the cloud”
  • 8. Not excess capacity!
  • 9. Powering the Most Popular Internet Businesses
  • 10. Trusted by Enterprises
  • 11. • $5.2B retail business AWS는 5조원의 매출을 올릴 때• 7,800 employees 필요한 서버 용량을 매일• A whole lot of servers 증설하고 있음
  • 12. Objects in S3 1.3 Trillion 835k peak transactions per second
  • 13. EMR Jobs 3.7 M clusters4,000,000 launched since May 20103,500,0003,000,0002,500,0002,000,0001,500,0001,000,000 500,000 0
  • 14. Innovation on behalf of our customers:158 new features and services in 11months of 2012
  • 15. Utility computing
  • 16. Utility computing On demand Pay as you go (필요할 때마다) (사용한 만큼만 지불) Uniform Available (일관성) (항상 이용 가능)
  • 17. Utility computing On demand Pay as you go (필요할 때마다) (사용한 만큼만 지불) Uniform Available (일관성) (항상 이용 가능)
  • 18. Utility computing
  • 19. Utility computing On demand Pay as you go Compute Scaling Security CDN Backup DNS Database Storage Load Balancing Workflow Monitoring Networking Uniform Messaging Available
  • 20. On a global footprint Region US‐WEST (N. California) EU‐WEST (Ireland) GOV CLOUD ASIA PAC (Tokyo) US‐EAST (Virginia)US‐WEST (Oregon) ASIA PAC (Singapore) SOUTH AMERICA (Sao Paulo) ASIA PAC (Sydney)
  • 21. On a global footprint Availability Zone
  • 22. On a global footprint Edge Locations London(2) Seattle South Bend New York (2) Amsterdam Newark Stockholm Dublin Palo Alto TokyoSan Jose Frankfurt(2) Paris(2) Ashburn(2) Milan Osaka Los Angeles (2) Jacksonville Dallas(2) Hong Kong St.Louis Miami Singapore(2) Sydney Sao Paulo
  • 23. At the end of a web serviceec2-run-instances ami-b232d0db ec2-run-instances ami-b232d0db --instance-count 3 --instance-count 5 --availability-zone eu-west-1a --availability-zone eu-west-1c --instance-type m1.small --instance-type m1.medium
  • 24. At the end of a web service ec2-run-instances ami-b232d0db --instance-count 2 --availability-zone us-east-1d --instance-type m1.xlargeec2-run-instances ami-b232d0db --instance-count 2 --availability-zone us-east-1b --instance-type m1.xlarge
  • 25. At the end of a web service as-create-auto-scaling-group MyGroup ec2-authorize default -p 80 --launch-configuration MyConfig --availability-zones eu-west-1c --min-size 2 --max-size 200 elb-create-lb myLoadBalancer
  • 26. and rich console services
  • 27. Why are Customers adopting AWS?고객분들은 AWS 클라우드를 왜 사용할까요?
  • 28. 1. Pay For Infrastructure as you Need it, Not Up Front선납금 없이 필요한 만큼만 지불하시면 됩니다. On-Premises $0 to get started Pay as you go
  • 29. 2. Lower Total Cost of IT TCO 비용이 절감됩니다.Scale allows us to constantly We are comfortable running a high We pass the savings along to ourreduce our costs volume, low margin business customers in the form of low prices(꾸준한 비용 절감) (높은 볼륨, 낮은 마진 비즈니스) (2006년 이래 26번의 가격 인하)
  • 30. 3. You Don’t Need to Guess Capacity 서버 용량을 예측하실 필요 없습니다. AWS Actual demand Actual demand Customer Dissatisfaction SelfHosting Waste Predicted Demand Rigid Elastic
  • 31. 4. Increase Innovation: Experiment Fast with Low Cost and Low Risk높아지는 혁신 가능성: 저비용과 저위험으로 실험 가능합니다. On‐Premises $ Millions Nearly $0 • Experiment Infrequently • Experiment Often • Failure is expensive • Fail quickly at a low cost • Less Innovation • More Innovation
  • 32. 5. Get Rid of Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting차별되지 않는 IT 인프라 관리에 신경쓸 필요 없습니다.We take care of it… So you don’t have to … Data Centers Racks Buy and install new hardware Power Servers Setup and configure new software Cooling Storage build or upgrade data centers Cabling Labor 신경쓰실 필요가 없습니다. Networking 새 하드웨어 구매 및 설치 새 소프트웨어 설치 및 구성 새로운 데이터센터 구축 및 업그레이드
  • 33. 6. Go Global in Minutes단 몇 분 안에 해외 시장 진출이 가능합니다.
  • 34. Elasticity (탄력성)
  • 35. Typical weekly traffic to (아마존닷컴의 일주일 간 트래픽)Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • 36. November traffic to (11월의 아마존닷컴 트래픽)November
  • 37. November traffic to Amazon.comProvisioned capacity (조달한 용량)November
  • 38. November traffic to 76%Provisioned capacity (조달한 용량)November 24%
  • 39. November 10th 2010 Turned off’s last physical web server for the US market(미국 아마존닷컴의 물리적 웹 서버 운영 중단) October 31st 2011 Turned off’s last physical web server for European business(유럽 아마존닷컴의 물리적 웹 서버 운영 중단)
  • 40. November traffic to Amazon.comNovember
  • 41. 40 servers to 5000 in 3 days(3일만에 40대에서 5000대로 증가) EC2 scaled to peak of 5000 Number of EC2 Instances instances “Techcrunched” Launch of Facebook modification Steady state of ~40 instances 4/12/2008 4/13/2008 4/14/2008 4/15/2008 4/16/2008 4/17/2008 4/18/2008 4/19/2008 4/20/2008
  • 42. AWS Services
  • 43. Reference Model Deployment & Administration App Services Compute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 44. Global infrastructure Deployment & Administration App Services Regions (지역) Compute Storage Database • An independent collection of AWS resources in a defined geography (AWS 서비스가 제공되는 독립적인 지역) Networking • A solid foundation for meeting location‐dependent privacy and  compliance requirements AWS Global Infrastructure (개인 정보 보호 및 규정 준수 요구사항에 따른 위치 선택 가능)
  • 45. Global infrastructure Deployment & Administration App Services Compute Storage Database Availability Zones (가용 영역) • Designed as independent failure zones  Networking • Physically separated within a typical metropolitan region (독립적으로 분리되어 있는 Region 내의 데이터센터) AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 46. Global infrastructure Deployment & Administration App Services Edge Locations (에지) Compute Storage Database • To deliver content to end users with lower latency  (최종 사용자에게 짧은 시간에 콘텐츠 배포를 가능하게 함) Networking • A global network of edge locations (전세계 주요 도시에 보유하고 있는 Edge Location) AWS Global Infrastructure • Supports global DNS infrastructure (Route53) and CloudFront CDN (Route53 및 CloudFront 제공)
  • 47. Networking Deployment & Administration App Services Compute Storage Database Direct Connect • Dedicated connection between your IT infrastructure and the AWS datacenters Networking (고객의 IT 인프라와 AWS 데이터센터간의 전용선 서비스) • Extend your network infrastructure and VLANs into  AWS AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 48. Networking Internet Deployment & Administration App Services VPN Connection  • A Hardware VPN connection connects amazon environment to your datacenter Compute Storage Database (하드웨어 VPN 연결을 통해 기존 데이터센터와 AWS 연결) • Internet Protocol security (IPSec) VPN connection Networking (IPSec 프로토콜 지원) • Commonly used hardware supported AWS Global Infrastructure (일반적인 VPN 하드웨어 지원)
  • 49. Networking Internet Deployment & Administration App Services Virtual Private Cloud Compute Storage Database • Private, isolated section of the AWS Cloud (가상의 격리형 클라우드 제공) • Launch resources in a virtual network that you define Networking (VPC 내에 AWS 서비스 런칭 가능) • complete control over your virtual networking environment AWS Global Infrastructure (가상 네트워크 환경에 대한 완전한 제어 가능)
  • 50. Networking Route 53 • Highly available and scalable Domain Name System (언제든 이용가능하며 확장성을 가진 DNS 서비스) • Extremely reliable and cost effective (매우 안정적이고, 비용 효율적인 서비스) Feature Details Global Supported from AWS global edge locations for  Deployment & Administration fast and reliable domain name resolution Scalable Automatically scales based upon query volumes App Services Latency based  Supports resolution of endpoints based upon  routing latency, enabling multi‐region application  Compute Storage Database delivery Integrated Integrates with other AWS services allowing  Route 53 to front load balancers, S3 and EC2 Networking Secure Integrates with IAM giving fine grained control  AWS Global Infrastructure over DNS record access
  • 51. Compute Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) • Basic unit of compute capacity  Vertical Scaling (컴퓨팅 파워의 기본 단위) From $0.02/hr • Range of CPU, memory & local disk options  (CPU, 메모리, 로컬 디스크에 따른 분류) • 17 Instance types available, from micro to cluster compute (마이크로에서 클러스터 컴퓨팅에 이르는 17가지 유형의 인스턴스 )  Feature Details Flexible Run windows or Linux distributions Scalable Wide range of instance types from micro to cluster  Deployment & Administration compute Machine Images Configurations can be saved as machine images (AMIs) from which new instances can be created App Services Full control Full root or administrator rights Secure Full firewall control via Security Groups Compute Storage Database Monitoring Publishes metrics to Cloud Watch Networking Inexpensive On‐demand, Reserved and Spot instance types VM Import/Export Import and export VM images to transfer  AWS Global Infrastructure configurations in and out of EC2
  • 52. Compute Vertical Scaling GNM measures the savings from using AWS in terms of  From $0.02/hr reduced lead times. “It takes … less than 10 minutes to set up a new instance in  Amazon EC2 and perhaps another 20 minutes to connect to  the infrastructure and build the server type, for a total lead  time of half an hour. This compares to a possible three weeks  for hardware to be delivered and installed plus additional time  for budget approval.” Deployment & Administration Mike Bracken App Services GNM’s Director of Technology Development,  Compute Storage Database “ 기존에 3주 이상이 걸렸던 하드웨어 조달 시간이 AWS를 사용한 후 10분으로 단축”  Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 53. Compute Trigger auto‐scaling  policyas-create-auto-scaling-group MyGroup --launch-configuration MyConfig --availability-zones eu-west-1a --min-size 4 --max-size 200 Deployment & Administration Auto‐scaling • Automatic re‐sizing of compute clusters based upon demand  App Services (사용자가 정의한 조건에 따라 EC2 를 자동 확장/축소) Feature Details Compute Storage Database Control Define minimum and maximum instance pool sizes  and when scaling and cool down occurs Networking Integrated to  Use metrics gathered by CloudWatch to drive  CloudWatch scaling Instance types Run auto scaling for on‐demand instances and spot. AWS Global Infrastructure Compatible with VPC
  • 54. ComputeElastic Load Balancing• Create highly scalable applications  (Traffic에 따른 확장성을 만족하는 애플리케이션 구축 가능)• Distribute load across EC2 instances in multiple availability zones (여러 가용 영역에 속해있는 EC2 인스턴스 전체에 로드 분산) Deployment & Administration Feature Details Auto‐scaling Automatically scales to handle request volume App Services Available Load balance across instances in multiple availability  zones Compute Storage Database Health checks Automatically checks health of instances and takes  them in or out of service Session stickiness Route requests to the same instance Networking Secure sockets layer Supports SSL offload from web and application  servers with flexible cipher support AWS Global Infrastructure Monitoring Publishes metrics to Cloud Watch
  • 55. Storage S3 ‐ Durable storage, any object • 99.999999999% durability of objects (객체에 대해 99.999999999%의 내구성 ) • Unlimited storage of objects of any type (저장할 객체 유형의 제한 없음) • Up to 5TB size per object (객체당 최대 5TB까지 지원) Feature Details Flexible object store Buckets act like drives, folder structures within Access control Granular control over object permissions Deployment & Administration Server‐side encryption 256bit AES encryption of objects Multi‐part uploads Improved throughput & control App Services Object versioning Archive old objects and version new ones Object expiry Automatically remove old objects Compute Storage Database Access logging Full audit log of bucket/object actions Web content hosting Serve content as web site with built in page handling Networking Notifications Receive notifications on key events Import/Export Physical device import/export service AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 56. “Spotify needed a storage solution that  could scale very quickly without incurring long lead times for upgrades. This led us to  cloud storage, and in that market, Amazon  Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is the  most mature large‐scale product. Amazon S3 gives us confidence in our ability to expand storage quickly while also  providing high data durability.” Emil Fredriksson, Operations Director “Amazon S3는 높은 데이터 내구성뿐만 아니라스토리지를 확장할 수 있는 능력 역시 보여주었다.”
  • 57. Storage Elastic Block Store • High performance block storage device (고성능의 블록 스토리지 장치 제공) • 1GB to 1TB in size  (최소 1GB에서 최대 1TB의 크기로 생성 가능) • Mount as drives to instances  (인스턴스에 Volume Drive로 마운트 가능) Feature Details Deployment & Administration High performance file  Mount EBS as drives and format as required system App Services Flexible size Volumes from 1GB to 1TB in size Secure Private to your instances Compute Storage Database Performance Use provisioned IOPS to get desired level of IO  performance Networking Available Replicated within an Availability Zone Backups Volumes can be snapshotted for point in time restore AWS Global Infrastructure Monitoring Detailed metrics captured via Cloud Watch
  • 58. Storage Glacier • Low‐cost storage service  (저렴한 스토리지 서비스) • Secure and durable storage for backup and archive (데이터 보관 및 백업을 위한 안전하고 내구성 있는 스토리지 제공) • For data that is infrequently accessed (자주 사용되지 않는 데이터 처리에 효율적) Feature Details Low cost $0.01/GB/month with no up‐front capital  Deployment & Administration commitments Durable Same 99.999999999% durability as S3 App Services Flexible Store any amount of data on‐demand. Eliminate the  need for capacity planning Compute Storage Database Secure  Leverage AWS’ robust security platform.  Control access to your data.  Networking API REST‐based API to send and receive data Import/Export Optionally use portable storage devices to  AWS Global Infrastructure import/export mass data Vault inventory Index for real‐time view of the contents of the vault
  • 59. Database Relational Database Service • Database‐as‐a‐Service  • No need to install or manage database instances (관계형 데이터베이스를 쉽게 설치, 운영 및 확장할 수 있는 웹 서비스) • Scalable and fault tolerant configurations  (고가용성 및 내장된 자동 장애 조치 기능 구성) Feature Details Platform support Create MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS Deployment & Administration Preconfigured Get started instantly with sensible default settings App Services Automated patching Keep your database platform up to date  automatically Backups Automatic backups and point in time recovery and  Compute Storage Database full DB backups Provisioned IOPS Specify IO throughput depending on requirements Networking Failover Automated failover to slave hosts in event of a  failure AWS Global Infrastructure Replication Easily create read‐replicas of your data and  seamlessly replicate data across availability zones
  • 60. Database Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)  databases stores forum threads, site content, and  project configuration data.  High availability Multi‐AZ database deployment to  handle live game metadata and user‐generated content. Enterprise‐grade fault tolerance for protecting customer  data.  Deployment & Administration By managing time‐consuming database administration  tasks, Amazon RDS allows SEGA to focus on business  App Services critical applications. Compute Storage Database “시간 소모적인 데이터베이스 관리 작업을 처리함으로써, Amazon RDS를 통해 Networking 주요 애플리케이션에 집중할 수 있게 되었습니다.” AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 61. Database DynamoDB • Provisioned throughput NoSQL database (처리량이 할당 가능한 NoSQL 데이터 베이스) • Fast, predictable performance (빠르고, 예측 가능한 성능) • Fully distributed, fault tolerant architecture (고가용성의 아키텍처 보유) Feature Details Provisioned throughput Dial up or down provisioned read/write capacity Deployment & Administration Predictable  Average single digit millisecond latencies from SSD  performance backed infrastructure App Services Strong consistency Be sure you are reading the most up to date values Compute Storage Database Fault tolerant Data replicated across availability zones Monitoring Integrated to Cloud Watch Networking Secure Integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management  (IAM) AWS Global Infrastructure Elastic MapReduce Integrates with Elastic MapReduce for complex  analytics on large datasets
  • 62. Application Services Processing resultsAmazon SQS• Reliable, highly scalable, queue service for storing  messages as they travel between instances Amazon SQS (컴퓨터끼리 주고 받는 메시지를 저장하기 위한 안정적이고 확장성이 뛰어난 호스팅 대기열 제공) Deployment & Administration Processing  task/processing trigger App Services Feature Details Compute Storage Database Reliable Messages stored redundantly across multiple  availability zones Simple Simple APIs to send and receive messages Networking Scalable Unlimited number of messages AWS Global Infrastructure Secure Authentication of queues to ensure controlled access
  • 63. Application ServicesSimple Workflow 1• Reliably coordinate processing steps across applications 2 (애플리케이션 간의 구성 요소 조성을 위한 워크플로우 서비스) Task A• Integrate AWS and non‐AWS resources (AWS와 non‐AWS자원의 연동) Task B 3• Manage distributed state in complex systems (Auto‐scaling) (복잡한 시스템에서 분산된 작업을 관리) Task C Deployment & Administration Feature Details App Services Process state Maintain application state across complex  workflows in a reliable and available manner Compute Storage Database Tracking Tracks executions and log process for audit  purposes Consistency Ensures processing tasks are executed and  Networking duplicity of events does not occur Simple Simple Decider and Task programming model for  AWS Global Infrastructure rapid integration
  • 64. Application Services DocumentCloud Search Server • Elastic search engine based upon Amazon A9 search engine (Amazon A9 검색 엔진을 기초로 한 탄력적인 검색 엔진)• Fully managed service with sophisticated feature set (정교한 기능을 갖춘 클라우드의 완전 관리형 검색 서비스)• Scales automatically Search (자동적으로 확장 가능) Server Deployment & Administration Results App Services Feature Details Auto‐scaling Automatically scales based upon request volumes  Compute Storage Database and data volumes High performance In memory operation means consistently low  Networking latency for search results Sophisticated features Support for faceting, stemming, synonyms, stop  words and custom rank expressions AWS Global Infrastructure Low cost Elastic service, pay for what you use
  • 65. Application ServicesCloudFront 3 Served from S3 /images/*• World‐wide content distribution network• Easily distribute content to end users with low latency,  high data transfer speeds, and no commitments. (확약금 없이 짧은 시간에 빠른 데이터 전송 속도로 최종 사용자에게 콘텐츠를 쉽게 배포할 수 있는 CDN  London 2 Served from EC2 *.php 서비스) Paris 1 Single CNAME Deployment & Administration NY Feature Details App Services Fast Multiple world‐wide edge locations to serve  content as close to your users as possible Compute Storage Database Integrated with other  Works seamlessly with S3 and EC2 origin servers services Dynamic content Supports static and dynamic content from origin  Networking servers Streaming Supports rtmp from S3 and includes support for  AWS Global Infrastructure live streaming from Adobe FMS and Microsoft  Media Server
  • 66. Application ServicesElastic MapReduce• Managed, elastic Hadoop cluster• Integrates with S3 & DynamoDB (S3, DynamoDB와 통합 사용 가능)• Leverage Hive & Pig analytics scripts (Hive 및 Pig등 오픈소스 Script 활용 가능)• Integrates with instance types such as spot (Spot 요금제를 통한 가격 절감) Feature Details Deployment & Administration Scalable Use as many or as few compute instances running  Hadoop as you want. Modify the number of instances  App Services while your job flow is running  Integrated with other  Works seamlessly with S3 as origin and output.  services Integrates with DynamoDB Compute Storage Database Comprehensive Supports languages such as Hive and Pig for defining  analytics, and allows complex definitions in  Networking Cascading, Java, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, R, or C++ Cost effective Works with Spot instance types AWS Global Infrastructure Monitoring Monitor job flows from with the management  console
  • 67. Deployment & Admin Elastic Beanstalk • One‐click deployment from Eclipse, Visual Studio and Git • Rapid deployment of applications (빠른 애플리케이션 배포) • All AWS resources automatically created  (필요한 모든 AWS 서비스가 자동적으로 생성) Deployment & Administration Feature Details Platform support Containers for Java, .NET and PHP App Services Resource creation Creates load balancer, instances, auto scaling and  monitoring automatically Compute Storage Database Monitoring & Logs Integrated with Cloud Watch and consolidates  server logs Networking Versioning Manage versions of applications and easily rollback  deployments Notifications Receive alerts on key events AWS Global Infrastructure Full resource access Access all underlying AWS resources as necessary
  • 68. Deployment & Admin Cloud Formation • Automate creation of ‘stacks’ in a repeatable way • Scripting framework for AWS resource creation (AWS 리소스 생성을 위한 스크립팅 프레임워크) Deployment & Administration App Services Feature Details Platform support Support for AWS resources from EC2 to IAM Compute Storage Database Resource creation Creates AWS resources behind the scenes and reports on progress Networking Declarative Specify stacks in JSON format and source control  your environments AWS Global Infrastructure Customizable Drive stack creation with parameters
  • 69. Deployment & Admin Identity & Access Management • Granular control of user rights with AWS (AWS Resource 접근에 대한 세밀한 권한 제어 가능) • Automated granting of EC2 service rights (자동화된 EC2 서비스 권한 부여) Software Developer Kits • Comprehensive support of programming models for using AWS services Deployment & Administration (AWS 서비스를 사용하기 위한 다양한 언어의 개발 킷 제공) App Services Compute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 70. + others Simple Email ServiceSimple Notification Service ElastiCache CloudWatch Storage Gateway …
  • 71. Easily and rapidly analyze petabytes of data (쉽고 신속한 페타바이트 단위의 데이터 분석) 1/10 the cost of traditional data Introducing Amazon  warehouses (기존 데이터 웨어하우스 Redshift 비용의 1/10)Data Warehousing the AWS Way Automated deployment & administration (배포 및 관리의 자동화) Compatible with popular BI tools (주요 BI 도구들과 호환 가능)
  • 72. Internal Testing: At Least 10X Faster for a Fraction of the Cost (절감된 비용으로 10배 이상의 속도 향상) Amazon Our Test Redshift On-premises retail 2 billion row data set Two 16 TB / data warehouse & 6 most complex 128 GB RAM nodes queries 32 nodes, 4.2 TB of $3.65 / hour RAM, 1.6 PB of diskSeveral million dollars
  • 73. AWS Data Pipeline Your Analytics Your analysis AWS Data Pipeline Orchestration service for data-driven workflows (데이터 기반 워크플로를 위한 조직화 서비스) Create automated and scheduled data flows (자동화 및 예정된 데이터 플로우 생성) Pre-integrated with AWS data sources (AWS 데이터 소스와 사전 통합) Easily connect with 3rd party & on-premises sources (외부 & 기존 서버와 쉽게 연결 가능)
  • 74. NEW! Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  • 75. NEWEST! AWS OpsWorks
  • 76. #1 enterprise questionIs the cloud secure for my apps and data? (클라우드에서 구동되고 있는 앱이나 저장되어있는 데이터는 안전한가요?)
  • 77. Shared Responsibility for Security & Compliance보안 및 규정 준수에 관한 책임 공유 환경 Customer Facilities  Operating System Physical Security Applications Compute Infrastructure Storage Infrastructure Network Infrastructure + Security Groups Firewalls Network Configuration = Virtualization Layer Account Management
  • 78. The Whole Customer Community Benefits from Security Improvements전 세계 엔터프라이즈로부터 검증된 AWS 보안 수준 제공 Everyone’s Applications Security Infrastructure Requirements Requirements Requirements Security Infrastructure
  • 79. #2 enterprise questionHow does the cloud work with my existing on-premise investments?(클라우드 사용 시 이미 설치한 서버는 어떻게 되나요?)
  • 80. Our “Hybrid” Focus: Tools to Support Hybrid IT Architectures 하이브리드 IT 아키텍처를 지원하기 위한 툴 Private Connections (사설 네트워크망) Workload Migrations (워크로드 이전) On-Premises Apps Access Control Integration Cloud Apps 기존 환경에 구축된 앱 (접근 제어 통합) 클라우드 환경에 구축된 앱 Work with Existing Management Tools (기존 관리 도구들과의 통합)Your Data Centers
  • 81. Our “Hybrid” Focus: Tools to Support Hybrid IT Architectures 하이브리드 IT 아키텍처를 지원하기 위한 툴 IAM Active Directory Users & Access Rules VMware Images VM Import/Export Network Configuration Your Private Network Your Data Our Storage Storage GatewayYour Data Centers Your On-Premises Apps Your Cloud Apps VPC Direct Connect
  • 82. Our Ecosystem Allows You to use your Existing Management Tools AWS 생태계를 활용하여 기존 관리 툴 사용 가능 Single Pane of Glass Workload Migration Launch VM App 1 App 2 Your Data Center Your Data Center
  • 83. Summary
  • 84. Why are customers adopting cloud computing? Variable expense Economies of scale Elastic capacity Replace capital Lower variable expense No need to guess expenditure with variable than companies can capacity requirements expense achieve themselves and over-provision Speed and agility Focus on business Global Reach Infrastructure in minutes No need for Go global in minutes and not weeks undifferentiated heavy IT reach a global audience lifting
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