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[Cloud Computing Day with V-Forum] Going Global on AWS
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[Cloud Computing Day with V-Forum] Going Global on AWS


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2013년 11월 5일 양재동 엘타워에서 개최된 '브이포럼과 함께하는 클라우드 컴퓨팅 데이' 의 첫 번째 세션 발표 자료 입니다. (연사 : AWS 김일호 책임)

2013년 11월 5일 양재동 엘타워에서 개최된 '브이포럼과 함께하는 클라우드 컴퓨팅 데이' 의 첫 번째 세션 발표 자료 입니다. (연사 : AWS 김일호 책임)

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Going Global on AWS Solu%ons  Architect   김일호    
  • 2. You begin your Startup in a garage, 친구집, PC 방, 랩실, 토즈..….. J
  • 3. …and build a fantastic app
  • 4. people love it!
  • 5. and everyone wants to use it…
  • 6. 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
  • 7. and everyone wants to use it… Now what?!
  • 8. Which company… 14 million users in just over a year …over 90 million active users in January 2013 …reached 150 million photos & terabytes of data …signed up 1.0 million users in 12 hours after launching an Android app …grew to …with only 3 engineers?
  • 9. HOW?
  • 10. Startup in the Cloud
  • 11. “Amazon Web Services is probably the most important thing that has happened to mobile and web app developers that the press just misses. Jeff Bezos has accidentally or maybe on purpose powered a whole generation of applications.” Steve Blank
  • 12. These Korean startups … are getting the same… DURABILITY SECURITY SCALABILITY AFFORDABILITY RELIABILITY as these companies:
  • 13. “Cloud is like a fertilizer that creates Startups” Eric Ries
  • 14. Idea MVP Scale Profitability 01 02 03 04
  • 15. Idea MVP Scale Profitability 01 02 03 04 Product? Market? Profit? Do we have a product? Can we ship? How to develop faster? Better? Cheaper? Do people buy? Do they pay? Can we scale? Can we deal with spikes? Can we monetize? How to keep costs down? When can we break-even? Can we get & stay profitable?
  • 16. Experiment More, Develop Cheaper, Ship Faster Add New Dev Environment Add New Production in US Add 1,000 Servers Remove 1,000 servers Instance Type M3 Extra Large 1,000 Number of Instances Availability Zone US-West-2b Launch Infrastructure in Minutes Lower Costs of Innovation Shorter Development Cycles
  • 17. Code, APIs, SDKs, Architectures
  • 18. Amazon Web Services
  • 19. Go global in minutes to reach a global audience Fast & Easy customer acquisition leveraging AWS content distribution Application
  • 20. AWS   Global   Infrastructure   Components   Regions An independent collection of AWS resources in a defined geography A solid foundation for meeting location-dependent privacy and compliance requirements Availability Zones (AZ) Designed as independent failure zones Physically separated within a typical metropolitan region Edge Locations To deliver content to end users with lower latency A global network of edge locations supports global DNS infrastructure (Route53) and Cloud Front CDN
  • 21. On  a  global  footprint   Region US-WEST (Oregon) EU-WEST (Ireland) GOV CLOUD ASIA PAC (Tokyo) US-EAST (Virginia) US-WEST (N. California) ASIA PAC (Singapore) SOUTH AMERICA (Sao Paulo) ASIA PAC (Sydney)
  • 22. On  a  global  footprint   Availability Zone
  • 23. Each Region has multiple Availability Zones. Availability Zones are distinct locations that are engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones and provide inexpensive, low latency network connectivity to other Availability Zones in the same Region. EU  West  Region   Availability   Zone  A   Availability   Zone  B   US  West  Region  (Oregon)   Availability   Zone  A   Availability   Zone  B   Singapore   Availability   Zone  C   Availability   Zone  A   Availability   Zone  B  
  • 24. On  a  global  footprint   Edge Locations London(2) Seattle South Bend New York (2) Newark Palo Alto Dublin Amsterdam Stockholm Tokyo San Jose Paris(2) Ashburn(2) Los Angeles (2) Frankfurt(2) Milan Osaka Jacksonville Hong Kong Dallas(2) St.Louis India(2) Miami Singapore(2) Sao Paulo Sydney
  • 25. …and leverages many AWS services
  • 26. Technical Architecture and Best Practices
  • 27. ELB  –  Elas%c  Load  Balancing   (Single  or  Mul-  AZ)   Auto  Scaling   Monitoring  CloudWatch   (Regional)   (Alarms,  Custom  Metrics)   Architecture   EIP  –  Elas%c  IP  Address   (Regional  –  mul-  AZ)   EBS  –  Elas%c  Block  Store   (Single  AZ,  Regional  Snapshots)   EC2  Instances  –  Elas%c  Compute  Cloud   On-­‐Demand  and  Reserved  Instances   [  AMI  –  Amazon  Machine  Images  ]  
  • 28. AWS  Architecture  Fundamentals  
  • 29. AWS  Architecture  Fundamentals  
  • 30. AWS  Architecture  Fundamentals       Elas%c  Load  Balancing,  Auto  Scaling,  and  CloudWatch   LOAD  BALANCE  from  the  start   •  uninterrupted  growth  and  evolu-on   •  ready  for  massive  scale,  high  reliability   •  stateless  and  redundant  array   Availability Zone Availability Zone
  • 31. 6:00 AM
  • 32. 8:00 AM
  • 33. 8:00 AM
  • 34. 8:00 AM
  • 35. 7:00 PM
  • 36. 7:00 PM
  • 37. 7:00 PM
  • 38. Amazon  S3  +  Amazon  CloudFront   OFFLOAD  sta%c  content   •  reduce  your  compute  demand  and  costs   •  improve  end-­‐user  experience   •  increase  reliability  and  durability   +  
  • 39. Sta%c  content   Dynamic  calls  
  • 40. CloudFront  for  Dynamic  Content   ENTIRE  SITE  via  CloudFront   •  minimize  client-­‐server  chaHer  (keep  it  at  the  edge)   •  reduce  server-­‐database  traffic  (cache  the  common  calls)   •  speed  up  mobile  app  response  (persistent  connec-ons)   +  
  • 41. Amazon  RDS,  Amazon  Elas%Cache,  and  Amazon  DynamoDB   DATABASE  smarts   •  •  •  •  enhance  reliability,  ensure  data  safety   op-mal  performance,  minimize  load   scale  out  and  share  work   cost  reduc-on   Availability Zone Availability Zone
  • 42.   90%  of  calls  
  • 43. Index  lookups   User  details   Stats  /  metrics   Network  traversal  
  • 44. Application instances in several AWS Regions Mul%-­‐Region   Latency  Based  Rou%ng   Route  53  now  powering  CloudFront,  EC2  and  ELB   Users automatically routed to lowest latency Region
  • 45. Applica%on  
  • 46. AWS  CloudForma%on   A/B  TEST  experiment,  evolve   •  inexpensive  idea  valida-on   •  seamless  switch  over  and  versioning   •  rapid  dev  /  test  agility  
  • 47. Lower Costs
  • 48. Every Day… AWS adds the equivalent server capacity to power Amazon when it was a global, $5.2B enterprise in 2003 2003 $5.2B retail business 7,800 employees A whole lot of servers…
  • 49. Economies of Scale Lower variable expense than companies can achieve themselves Reduced Prices More Customers Lower Costs More AWS Usage Economie s of Scale More Infrastructure
  • 50. Cost Optimization using different purchase models Free Tier On-Demand Reserved Spot Get Started on AWS with free usage & no commitment Pay for compute capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments Make a low, one-time payment and receive a significant discount on the hourly charge Bid for unused capacity, charged at a Spot Price which fluctuates based on supply and demand For POCs and getting started For spiky workloads, or to define needs For committed utilization For time-insensitive or transient workloads
  • 51. Reduce  Costs  &  Grow  revenue   Pay only what for you use, with no commitment and lock in, so No Up-Front Capital Expense Leveraging our large scale, we have reduced our prices 26 times in the last years, leading to Low Costs 70:30   AWS removes undifferentiated heavy lifting – allowing you to focus on your business and Generate Revenue
  • 52. Elas%c  capacity   Traditional IT capacity Capacity Your IT needs Time
  • 53. Elas%c  capacity   On and Off Fast Growth Variable peaks Predictable peaks
  • 54. Elas%c  capacity   WASTE On and Off Fast Growth Variable peaks Predictable peaks CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION
  • 55. Elas%c  capacity   Capacity Traditional IT capacity Time Your IT needs Elastic cloud capacity
  • 56. Elas%c  capacity   On and Off Fast Growth Variable peaks Predictable peaks
  • 57. When  you  turn  off  your  cloud  resources,   you  actually  stop  paying  for  them  
  • 58. Save  more  money  by  using  appropriate  purchase  models   On-­‐demand   Instances   •  Pay  as  you  go       •  Starts  from  $0.02/ Hour   Reserved   Instances   Spot   Instances   •  One  %me  low   upfront  fee  +  Pay  as   you  go   •  Varying…$0.005/ Hour   at  9am  today   •  $23  (1  year)   $0.01/Hour   1  and  3   year  terms   Heavy   U%liza%on  RI   Medium   U%liza%on  RI   •  Requested  Bid  Price   and  Pay  as  you  go   Light   U%liza%on  RI  
  • 59. Reserved Reserved  Instance  Pricing   Instance Pricing Make a low, one-time payment and receive a significant discount on the hourly charge For committed utilization 3 Versions • Light Utilization RI • Medium Utilization RI • High Utilization RI 2 Terms • 1-year • 3-year
  • 60. Reserved Reserved  Instance  Pricing   Instance Pricing UJlizaJon   RI  opJon   Savings  over  On-­‐Demand   <10%   On-­‐Demand   10%  -­‐  40%   Light  U%liza%on  RI   Up  to  56%   40%  -­‐  75%   Medium  U%liza%on  RI   Up  to  66%   >75%   Heavy  U%liza%on  RI   Up  to  71%  
  • 61. Save  more  money  by  using  Spot  Instances   Reserved  Hourly  Price  >  Spot  Price  <  On-­‐Demand  Price      
  • 62. Spot  Use  cases   Use  Case   Batch  Processing   Types  of  ApplicaJons   Generic  background  processing  (scale  out  compu%ng)   Hadoop   Hadoop/MapReduce  processing  type  jobs  (e.g.  Search,  Big  Data,  etc.)     ScienJfic  CompuJng   Scien%fic  trials/simula%ons/analysis  in  chemistry,  physics,  and  biology   Video  and  Image  Processing/ Rendering   TesJng   Transform  videos  into  specific  formats   Web/Data  Crawling   Financial   HPC   Analyzing  data  and  processing  it   Hedgefund  analy%cs,  energy  trading,  etc   U%lize  HPC  servers  to  do    embarrassingly  parallel  jobs   Cheap  Compute   Backend  servers  for  Facebook  games   Provide  tes%ng  of  sokware,  web  sites,  etc  
  • 63. Typical  Spot  Bidding  Strategies   Percentage of the Distribution Bid Distribution 20% 18% 16% 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% Bid Price as Percentage of the On-Demand Price
  • 64. Op%mizing  Video  Transcoding  Workloads   "   Free  Offering   •  Op%mize  for  reducing  cost   •  Acceptable  Delay  Limits     ImplementaJon   •  Set  Persistent  Requests   •  Use  on-­‐demand  Instances,  if  delay     Maximum  Bid  Price     <  On-­‐demand  Rate   Get  your  set  reduced  price  for   your  workload   "   Premium  Offering   §  Op%mized  for  Faster  response  %mes   §  No  Delays     ImplementaJon   §  Invest  in  RIs   §  Use  on-­‐demand  for  Elas%city     Maximum  Bid  Price     >=  On-­‐demand  Rate   Get  Instant  Capacity  for  higher  price    
  • 65. ConJnuous  opJmizaJon  in  your   architecture  results  in     recurring  savings     as  early  as  your  next  month’s  bill  
  • 66. Ac%onable  Sugges%ons   Study Trusted Advisor Reports Underutilization All AWS Accounts are notified through the designated email Use an email alias to share the notifications and reports Implement CloudWatch Metrics and Actions Use the built-in metrics such as CPU Utilization or create Custom Metrics Set thresholds with notifications to SNS or HTTP calls to react Right Size Right Type Auto Scaling Re-visit and Re-evaluate design decisions based on performance Consider variations – more small instances vs. fewer large instances Vary reaction times and thresholds for Auto Scaling actions to minimize “churn” in capacity
  • 67. Questions?