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클라우드에서의 데이터 웨어하우징 & 비즈니스 인텔리전스
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클라우드에서의 데이터 웨어하우징 & 비즈니스 인텔리전스


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence in the Cloud Seoul, Korea COEX Convention Centre 24th October 2013
  • 2. Data Analytics in the Cloud Blair Layton Business Development Manager (Databases) – Amazon Web Services (APAC)
  • 3. The Explosion of Data Existing Challenges with Analytics The Cloud
  • 4. The Explosion of Data Existing Challenges with Analytics The Cloud
  • 5. We are constantly producing more data
  • 6. • Insert big data infographic here
  • 7. From all types of industries
  • 8. Take a look a data processing “pipeline” Generation Collection & storage Analytics & computation Collaboration & sharing
  • 9. What has changed in this pipeline Data is available everywhere, contains customer insight and costs little to generate, but.., Generation Collection & storage Analytics & computation Collaboration & sharing
  • 10. Everything else has constraints Generation Collection & storage Analytics & computation Collaboration & sharing Highly constrained
  • 11. Big Gap in turning data into actionable information
  • 12. The Explosion of Data Existing Challenges with Analytics The Cloud
  • 13. Challenge 1: Capex Intensive Provision all your infrastructure and tools before you get results Cost of your infrastructure dictates what analytics you can perform Source: Oracle technology global price list 11/1/2012
  • 14. Most data never makes it to a data warehouse The Data Analysis Gap Enterprise Data is growing at over 50% yearly Data Warehousing growing at less than 10% yearly 1990 2000 2010 2020 Enterprise Data Data in Warehouse Sources: Gartner: User Survey Analysis: Key Trends Shaping the Future of Data Center Infrastructure Through 2011 IDC: Worldwide Business Analytics Software 2012–2016 Forecast and 2011 Vendor Shares Most data is left on the floor
  • 15. Challenge 2: Hard to setup, manage and scale Setup takes months of planning and work Extending your data-warehouse can be heavy on time and cost Managing a data analytics platform requires expensive staff Complex tuning and management skills required Enterprises average between 3 and 4 DBAs per data warehouse Gartner: Critical factors in calculating the data warehouse TCO, July 2009
  • 16. Very hard to move up the stack These make it extremely hard to move up the Business Intelligence Maturity Stack
  • 17. The Explosion of Data Existing Challenges with Analytics The Cloud
  • 18. AWS Services Deployment & Administration Application Services Compute Storage Networking AWS Global Infrastructure Database
  • 19. AWS Global Infrastructure 9 Regions 25 Availability Zones Continuous Expansion
  • 20. • $5.2B retail business Every day, AWS adds enough • 7,800 employees server capacity to power that • A whole lot of servers whole $5B enterprise
  • 21. Powering the Most Popular Internet Businesses
  • 22. We have partners and technologies ready to help
  • 23. Solving Problems for Organizations Around the World
  • 24. Value proposition of the AWS cloud No Upfront Investment Low ongoing cost Flexible capacity Replace capital expenditure with variable expense Customers leverage our economies of scale No need to guess capacity requirements and overprovision 37 PRICE REDUCTIONS Speed and agility Focus on business Global Reach Infrastructure in minutes not weeks Not undifferentiated heavy lifting Go global in minutes and reach a global audience
  • 25. Architected for Enterprise Security Requirements “The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud [Amazon VPC] was a unique option that offered an additional level of security and an ability to integrate with other aspects of our infrastructure.” Dr. Michael Miller, Head of HPC for R&D
  • 26. Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (August 19, 2013) Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service,” Lydia Leong, Douglas Toombs, Bob Gill, Gregor Petri, Tiny Haynes, August 19, 2013. This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report.. The Gartner report is available upon request from Steven Armstrong ( Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • 27. Summarizing the problem and the opportunity The Explosion of Data Data is a competitive edge Existing challenges with analytics Hard and expensive to setup, manage and scale The Cloud Lowers cost and improves agility
  • 28. The Solution Data Analytics in the Cloud Easy and inexpensive to get started Easy to setup, scale and manage Low cost to enable analytics on all your data Open and flexible
  • 29. Technology Process View Data source 1 Data Data source n source 1 Extract Transform, Load and Cleanse Data warehouse Analytics Analytics Unstructur ed data sources The diagram above shows functional architecture components of any data warehousing project.
  • 30. Source systems Data source 1 Data Data source n source 1 Extract Transform, Load and Cleanse Data warehouse Analytics Analytics Unstructur ed data sources The diagram above shows functional architecture components of any data warehousing project.
  • 31. Data Integration Data source 1 Data Data source n source 1 Extract Transform, Load and Cleanse Data warehouse Analytics Analytics Unstructur ed data sources The diagram above shows functional architecture components of any data warehousing project.
  • 32. The Data Warehouse Data source 1 Data Data source n source 1 Extract Transform, Load and Cleanse Data warehouse Analytics Analytics Unstructur ed data sources The diagram above shows functional architecture components of any data warehousing project.
  • 33. Business Intelligence and Analytics Data source 1 Data Data source n source 1 Extract Transform, Load and Cleanse Data warehouse Analytics Analytics Unstructur ed data sources The diagram above shows functional architecture components of any data warehousing project.
  • 34. Data Analytics -Technology Stack Amazon Redshift Data Integration Data Warehouse AWS Cloud Business Intelligence
  • 35. Amazon Redshift
  • 36. Data warehousing done the AWS way Deploy • Easy to provision • Pay as you go, no up front costs • Fast, cheap, easy to use • SQL
  • 37. Customer quotes “Queries that used to take hours came back in seconds. Our analysts are orders of magnitude more productive.” “Redshift is twenty times faster than Hive…The cost saving is even more impressive…Our analysts like [it] so much they don’t want to go back.” “[Amazon Redshift] took an industry famous for its opaque pricing, high TCO and unreliable results and completely turned it on its head.” “Team played with Redshift today and concluded it is awesome. Unindexed complex queries returning in < 10s.”
  • 38. Amazon Redshift lets you start small and grow big Extra Large Node (HS1.XL) Eight Extra Large Node (HS1.8XL) 3 spindles, 2 TB, 16 GB RAM, 2 cores 24 spindles, 16 TB, 128 GB RAM, 16 cores, 10 GigE Single Node (2 TB) Cluster 2-100 Nodes (32 TB – 1.6 PB) Cluster 2-32 Nodes (4 TB – 64 TB) Note: Nodes not to scale
  • 39. Amazon Redshift Pricing – Singapore & Sydney Price Per Hour for XL Node ($US) On-Demand $ 1.25 1 Year Reservation $ 0.75 3 Year Reservation $ 0.45 Simple Pricing Number of Nodes x Cost per Hour No charge for Leader Node Pay as you go
  • 40. So for example……. • 1 XL node reserved for 3 years: = 0.45c x number of hours in a month = $340 per month • 1 XL node cluster gives you: • 2 Cores • 16 GB RAM • 2 TB Disk • Plus 2 TB storage in S3 for backups & snapshots
  • 41. Amazon Redshift is easy to use • Provision in minutes • Monitor query performance • Point and click resize • Built in security • Automatic backups
  • 42. Use cases • Reporting Data-warehouse behind an OLTP system • Data Mart to take load off the existing data warehouse • Log file analysis for clickstream or gaming data (e.g. Advertising, Retail, Gaming) • Query-able archive for data compliance (e.g. Telco - Call detail Records) • Machine generated sensor data analysis (e.g. Utility smart meters, Resources - equipment failure prediction) • As a data analytics system for live data (Gaming, Advertising)
  • 43. Flexibility & choice are key in the Cloud Amazon Partner Network (Technology Partners) Deployment & Administration Application Services Compute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 44. Thank you
  • 45. Extending data integration into the Cloud Colm Daniel World Wide Cloud Alliances Ron Lunasin Sr. Director – Cloud Product Management
  • 46. Today’s Agenda • • • • • Informatica Cloud Overview Informatica Cloud Amazon Redshift Connector Demonstration Next Steps Q&A
  • 47. Informatica: The Industry Leader in Cloud Integration #1 by Customer Count 2000+ companies #1 by Customers/Analysts AppExchange Gartner #1 by Data Processed +40B transactions/month #1 by Connectivity Informatica Cloud Marketplace
  • 48. Top Right @ the Core: Gartner Magic Quadrants
  • 49. Global Presence & Global Perspective Employees in 26 Countries…. and growing!
  • 50. Connectivity
  • 51. New Cloud Connectors New!
  • 52. Cloud Integration Customer Success Stories Data Migration App Integration Consolidated Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley data on Day 1 of merger Synchronizing Salesforce CRM with Netsuite and other business apps Managers didn’t lose momentum in ongoing recruiting efforts 1.5M rows of data synchronized daily iPaaS *(Build) Extend PowerCenter Decreased operational issues from 70% to 30% of IT workload Reduce time to build and distribute connectivity to 3rd party data sources Enabled faster, more accurate decisionmaking based on timely, trusted data Customize cloud integration templates to execute sophisticated integration workflows Hybrid deployment gives integration flexibility and scalability to meet various use cases Data Replication Lowered time and resources needed for integrations by 80%
  • 53. Informatica Cloud The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Cloud Integration and Data Management Solution Cloud Process Automation Guiding users to work efficiently with the data Cloud Data Quality and MDM Delivering the “Single Customer View” Cloud Integration Connecting your cloud apps
  • 54. Our Mission: Unleash the Potential Of the Cloud
  • 55. Cloud Amazon Redshift Connector Ron Lunasin, Cloud Platform Adoption
  • 56. Recognition of “The Next Wave” back in 2004
  • 57. Challenges with Traditional Approaches to Cloud Integration Mainframe based Integration Prism ETI Client / Server based Integration Cloud based Integration
  • 58. Move to the Cloud… IT transitions from skeptic to partner to driver Cloud First (IT Led) Increasing IT involvement in Cloud decision making Business-IT Collaboration LOB Led (IT Approved) LOB Owned (Outside of IT) 2012-2013 Pre-2010 2010-2012 2013 
  • 59. Cloud is the Reality in the Enterprise Large, Accelerating Market 4-6x growth rate of on-premise IT 20-27% CAGR $20-40B market SaaS largest category PaaS fastest growing (Forrester) Led by Large Enterprises 76% enterprises have a formal cloud strategy (Forrester) (Forrester, IDC, Gartner, 451Group) Driven by IT 90% Cloud decisions and operations involve IT (IDC) 60% 84% of all companies using SaaS w/in 12 months of net new software is now SaaS (Forrester) (IDC) 74% using cloud will increase cloud spend > 20% (IDC) 66% SaaS POs signed by IT (IDC)
  • 60. Informatica Cloud and Amazon Redshift: Enabling cost-effective data warehousing • • Redshift Connector pre-release announced in February General availability in August 2013
  • 61. What did it use to take… • • • • • • Budget large capital expenditure Schedule a sales meeting with Oracle, IBM, Teradata, etc… Formal POC (Proof of Concept) Procure software and hardware Install and setup Start project
  • 62. What it takes now… • • Go to the web and sign-up Start project!
  • 63. Informatica Cloud Architecture Overview Your Company 3 1 2 Secure Agent 4 Amazon Redshift Marketplace
  • 64. Informatica Cloud Amazon Redshift demonstration 6 Metadata Mappings 4 5 1 Firewall 1 Build mapping and execute job 2 Retrieve Account Data 3 Put Account Data into Flat File 4 Transfer compressed Flat File to S3 5 Initiate copy from S3 6 Load data into Amazon Redshift 3 Informatica Cloud Secure Agent 2
  • 65. Best practices to remember… • The Amazon S3 bucket that holds the data files must be created in the same region as your cluster – Files are deleted from Amazon S3 bucket when upload is complete • Choose a batch size where the number of batches matches the number of slices in your cluster – Each XL node has 2 slices, each 8XL node has 16 – If you have a 2 node XL cluster and 40,000 rows of data, choose a batch size of 10,000 – The Informatica Cloud Redshift connector can maximize Amazon’s parallel processing capabilities this way
  • 66. Next Steps • Get started with Amazon Redshift • Get started with Informatica Cloud – • Learn more about our Redshift Connector –
  • 67. Q&A Colm Daniel, Ron Lunasin,
  • 68. Thank you
  • 69. AWS Reporting & Analysis Ben Connors Worldwide Head of Alliances - Jaspersoft
  • 70. Session Overview • • • • • • Analysis of Cloud market motivations Overview of Cloud trends Cloud User category expectations How BI/Jaspersoft fits into Cloud strategies Demos Summary © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation 71
  • 71. Industry Movement to the Cloud • Cloud Growth – – Cloud IT spend will grow from 3% - 17% of total (Morgan Stanley) • Motivations: – – – – • Agility Lower cost Faster time to value Less risk Use cases: – CRM, ERP, HR, Online Gaming, Manufacturing, Expense Reporting, Big Data, Consumer Applications, Etc. • Workloads: – – – – • Dev/Test ‘Spiky’ High Growth Reliable production BI usage matches these Cloud trends © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 72
  • 72. Cloud Computing Growth © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 73
  • 73. Asia/Pacific Cloud Growth © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 74
  • 74. Top Cloud Applications • INTERNAL BUSINESS APPLICATIONS TOP THE LIST; MOBILE SITES NEXT What kinds of applications have you delivered using a cloud environment? Which do you plan to deliver during the next 12 months? 50 Deployed 40 In 12 months 30 20 10 0 Source: Forrester Cloud Developer Survey, Q3 2012 © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 75
  • 75. 2013: Current/future BI Cloud adoption trends  Does your organization run or plan to run any part of its BI, analytics and data warehousing systems in the cloud? 15% Yes, active cloud user Plan to start using the cloud in the next 12 months 41% 13% Considering, but no set plans 60% planning, considering, or actively using No 32% N = 559 • The cloud continues to play a critical role in supporting BI, analytics, and DW initiatives with 3 out of 5 respondents reporting that they are planning, considering or actively using the cloud. TechTarget 2013 Analytics & Data Warehousing Reader Challenges & Priorities Survey © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 76
  • 76. Constituents - Cloud Expectations • Business User – Efficient access to IT resources w/o red tape and delays • Application Developer – Platform with dev tools, middleware, capacity, configuration mgt. • IT Operations – Elastic capacity, secure, standard, keep users happy • Management – Control expenses & risk, delight customers/partners, move fast © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation 77
  • 77. Example Industry Use Cases for Business Intelligence Industry Data Analyzed Online Gaming # players vs. time, spend/player, popularity of weapons, scene usage Education Student attendance, test scores, teacher performance, spend/student Telecom Customer churn, data traffic patterns, billing per service Government Crime data, demographics, health trends, economic Advertising Click-through rates, conversion rates, regional variation Retail Product sales, Profits, Customer traffic, Product correlations Manufacturing Inventory, quality, vendor performance, logistics © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation 78
  • 78. Current State of Business Intelligence • Standalone • Expensive • Desktop-based • High Latency © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 79
  • 79. Competing on Time and Information “The New Factors of Production: Time and Information” Brian Gentile, Jaspersoft But business users don’t have access to timely, actionable data Why? Most don’t spend their day inside a BI tool …nor do they want to! © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 80
  • 80. Embedded BI - Why? • For Best Decisions, Information Should Be: – Relevant – Timely – Actionable © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 81
  • 81. Embedded BI • Maintains – – – – – • Context/Relevance Motivation/Timeliness Train of thought/Timeliness Actionable/Within application or beyond Security Broadens User Community – Executives – More knowledge workers – Self-serve, Interactive © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 82
  • 82. 4xC Barriers to Embedded BI Adoption Cost Complex to Deploy Complex to Embed Complex to Use Simple, Low-Cost Embedded BI NEED: Develop for free. Pay only for what you use when deploy © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. NEED: Deploy with pushbutton ease or use as a service NEED: Embed selfservice BI through standard APIs NEED: Easy to build and use BI assets 83
  • 83. 3rd Gen Embedded BI Breaks Barriers Cost Complex to Deploy Complex to Embed Complex to Use 3rd Generation Embedded BI Free + usagebased pricing © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. Push-button on-premises deployment and Cloud BI service HTML5/CSS + RESTful web services Easy to build for BI Builders on any data and self-serve for BI Consumers on any device 84
  • 84. We Need “Intelligence Inside” We want information to FIND US, not the other way round “We need Intelligence Inside the applications and business processes we use every day.” – – – – – – © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. Pipeline dashboard inside SaaS CRM app Performance report inside partner portal Salary data visualizations inside HR intranet Portfolio analytics inside client website Tickets crosstab inside custom helpdesk app Interactive charts inside native mobile app 85
  • 85. Jaspersoft: The Intelligence Inside Embeddable Architecture Cloud Ready Open web standard architecture makes integration with any app easy to perform Multi-tenant architecture, 100’s of SaaS customers, top selling BI solution on Amazon Full Self-Service BI Suite Address all user requirements with interactive reports, dashboards, analysis, and data integration Affordable Proven Platform Up to 80% less than traditional BI platforms while delivering significant power & capabilities Millions of users, 380,000 community members, deployed in 130,000+ applications
  • 86. Product Overview
  • 87. Jaspersoft Products Reporting Engine Studio Visual Report Design Environment Ad Hoc Reports, Dashboards, In-Memory Analysis Server Powerful OLAP Data Analysis © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 88
  • 88. Design Any Report . . . © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 89
  • 89. … Dashboard © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 90
  • 90. … or Analytic View © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 91
  • 91. ... Using Any Data Type Relational Relational Big Data Files Files Redshift POJO files © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 92
  • 92. … bringing Intelligence to Any App © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 93
  • 93. … with a World-Class BI Platform Reporting, Dashboards, Visualization, OLAP Analysis Columnar-Based In-Memory Engine Business Metadata Layer Data Integration Data Virtualization Direct Extensive APIs: HTTP, SOAP, REST 100% Web Standards: CSS, .JS, .JSP, Java HTML5 Browser, Native Mobile Apps Data Connectivity to Any Data RDS Redshift EMR SaaS On-Premises 94
  • 94. Jaspersoft Customers Software & Technology Public Sector Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Travel & Transportation Financial Services Telecommunications Manufacturing Jaspersoft AWS Hourly: 500+ Customers in 6 Months! © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 95
  • 95. Jaspersoft/AWS Customer: BizFlow/Samsung Korea • Business Process Management (BPM) • Challenge – Monitor/Analyze Business Activities • Solution – Jaspersoft on Cloud • Results – – – – Customers avoid infrastructure Increased BizFlow revenue Self-service BI Higher value analytics © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 96
  • 96. Jaspersoft/AWS Customer: Sage Human Capital • Recruiting Firm for High Tech companies • Challenge – Visibility for recruiting process status • Internal • External • Solution – Jaspersoft on AWS • Results – Dashboards set up in two hours – Disrupting the industry “Jaspersoft for AWS allows me to have big company analytics for a small business price. With this information, we can be proactive instead of reactive.” - Paul Grewal, CEO Sage Human Capital © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 97
  • 97. Jaspersoft/AWS Customer: Blue Consulting • Administration Systems for Schools • Challenge – Data from many systems – Difficult for everyone, including teachers, to access • Solution – Jaspersoft on AWS, Amazon Redshift • Results – Over 200 schools provide reporting to teachers, even at home – More informed decisions, educational approaches, resource optimization “Our users LOVE Jaspersoft ad hoc reporting, and the performance of the system with Redshift.” -Russ Davis, Founder & CEO © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 98
  • 98. Jaspersoft BI for AWS Overview © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 99
  • 99. Jaspersoft 5 Demo Jaspersoft Integrated with Amazon Redshift © 2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 100
  • 100. Jaspersoft Pro on AWS • Jaspersoft is the first BI service that you can buy per hour – No user limitations, no monthly fee, – less than $1 per hour • First BI service to automatically connect to your AWS data – 10 minutes from launch to visualizing your data in RDS or Redshift – AWS Security Integration • Released February, 2013 – Over 500 customers 101
  • 101. Thank you