CloudFront 소개 및 데모 – 이수형 수석 (Solutions Architect), 아마존웹서비스코리아


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2013년 10월 8일 COEX에서 열렸던 "Amazon CloudFront로 컨텐츠 배포하기" Lunch & Learn 세미나에서 아마존웹서비스코리아의 이수형 수석이 발표한 자료입니다.

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CloudFront 소개 및 데모 – 이수형 수석 (Solutions Architect), 아마존웹서비스코리아

  1. 1. CloudFront  Lunch  &  Learn   In  Korea   Nick  Lee  (이수형 수석)     |  Solu:ons  Architect  |    
  2. 2. AGENDA •  Why do you need a CDN? •  Amazon Cloudfront – Introduction •  Architecting with Amazon Cloudfront •  Amazon Cloudfront – Features •  Amazon Cloudfront – Case Studies •  Amazon Cloudfront – Demo •  Amazon Cloudfront – Benefits
  4. 4. Rising consumption of content for longer time across an ever-growing range of devices Expectation for excellent performance – no buffering, loading or delays Explosion of online video consumption Limit storage and delivery costs Increased global broadband penetration requires serving a widely dispersed audience Industry trends & common challenges for content providers
  5. 5. AMAZON CLOUDFRONT The AWS Content Delivery Solution
  6. 6. CloudFront   Edge  Loca:ons   S3  bucket    or   custom  origin   with  content   Data transfer of cached content to end user (if cached) End-user requests content Data transfer of content to CloudFront edge location to cache Cached copies of objects If content not cached – object requested from origin 12 3 4 Request routed to most optimal edge location How CloudFront Works: Non-Cached Object 6
  7. 7. How CloudFront Works: Cached Object 7 CloudFront   Edge  Loca:ons   S3  bucket    or   custom  origin   with  content   Data transfer of cached content to end user (if cached) End-user requests content Cached copies of objects 1 2 Request routed to most optimal edge location
  8. 8. CloudFront in a Nutshell •  Low latency: Improves content load times •  High bandwidth: Enables high bit rate HD video and other bandwidth-heavy applications •  Redundant: Eliminates single points of failure •  Scalable: Ensure great experience as number of end users grows •  Global: Worldwide network provides great experience regardless of geography •  Cost-effective: Pay as you go model provides flexibility for your business 8
  9. 9. Need: Scalability 9 0   10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   8:00  AM   9:00  AM   10:00  AM  11:00  AM  12:00  PM   1:00  PM   2:00  PM   3:00  PM   4:00  PM   5:00  PM   6:00  PM   7:00  PM   8:00  PM   9:00  PM   Volume  of  Data   Delivered  (Gbps)   Peak usage over 60 Gbps Example: Video banner ad customer
  10. 10. the  cloud  provides  a  beHer  way   instant elasticity no upfront capital expense extensive partner ecosystem complete platform of services to support hosting, processing, storage and delivery global infrastructure
  11. 11. ARCHITECTURE Where does Amazon CloudFront figure in the AWS platform?
  12. 12. Compute   Storage   AWS  Global  Infrastructure   Database   App  Services   Deployment  &  Administra:on   Networking    AWS  PlaOorm  
  13. 13. Compute   Storage   AWS  Global  Infrastructure   Database   App  Services   Deployment  &  Administra:on   Networking    Content  Delivery  Solu:on  
  14. 14.  Global  infrastructure   Compute   Storage   AWS  Global  Infrastructure   Database   App  Services   Deployment  &  Administra:on   Networking   AWS  uses  a  Super-­‐POP  architecture  for  our  CDN  network,   with  larger  edge  loca:ons  strategically  placed  at  internet   exchange  points  (IXPs)  to  enable  more  efficient  cache   storage  and  quick  transfer  between  ISPs    
  15. 15. Ver:cal  Scaling   From  $0.02/hr    Elas:c  Compute  Cloud  (EC2)   Compute   Storage   AWS  Global  Infrastructure   Database   App  Services   Deployment  &  Administra:on   Networking   Low  Cost   Mul:ple  pricing  op:ons,  pay  only  for  resources  used     ElasHc   Easily  scale  up  &  down  automa:cally     Secure   Secure  and  durable  technology  plaOorm  with  industry-­‐ recognized  cer:fica:ons  and  audits     Highly  Available   Highly  reliable  services  and  mul:ple  fault-­‐tolerant  Availability   Zones     Integrated  with  CloudFront   In-­‐Region  Data  Transfer  enables  lower  cost  than  S3/RRS  +  any   other  CDN    
  16. 16.  Simple  Storage  Service  (S3)   Highly  Scalable  Object  Storage   Unlimited  storage  of  objects  of  any  type     MulHple  Storage  OpHons   Lower  costs  with  Reduced  Redundancy  Storage  (RRS)  by   storing  non-­‐cri:cal,  reproducible  data  at  lower  levels  of   redundancy     Reliable   99.999999999%  durability  for  S3   99.99%  durability  for  RRS     Secure   Secure  and  durable  technology  plaOorm  with  industry-­‐ recognized  cer:fica:ons  and  audits     Highly  Available   Access  through  CDN  or  directly       Integrated  with  CloudFront   In-­‐Region  Data  Transfer  enables  lower  cost  than  S3/RRS  +  any   other  CDN     Compute   Storage   AWS  Global  Infrastructure   Database   App  Services   Deployment  &  Administra:on   Networking  
  17. 17. Objects  in  S3   Peak  Requests:   1.1  million+   per  second   99.999999999%  Durability   2.9  Billion   14  Billion   40  Billion   102  Billion   262  Billion   762  Billion   1.7  Trillion   2.  Trillion   Q4  2006   Q4  2007   Q4  2008   Q4  2009   Q4  2010   Q4  2011   Q4  2012   Q2  2013  
  18. 18. London   Paris   NY    CloudFront   Compute   Storage   AWS  Global  Infrastructure   Database   App  Services   Deployment  &  Administra:on   Networking   Fast  Global  Delivery     Worldwide  network  of  edge  loca:ons     Top  performance,  as  defined  by  internal,  3rd  party  and   customer  tes:ng     Easy  to  Use     Via  API  or  Web  Console     Whole  Site  Delivery     Accelera:on  for  sta:c  and  dynamic  content     AWS  IntegraHon     One  piece  a  complete  plaOorm  of  cloud  services     Transparent  Low  Pricing     Mul:ple  pricing  op:ons    
  19. 19. FEATURES
  20. 20. Key features commoditised for one flat price •  Static and Dynamic HTTP delivery •  HTTP/HTTPS File Delivery •  Live and Video on Demand Adaptive Bitrate and RTMP Streaming •  Low Minimum Content Expiration Periods (Zero seconds) •  AWS Management Console Support •  Full control via APIs •  Programmatic/Console Invalidation •  Industry-compliant, detailed Access Logs •  Private Content for Increased Security •  Price Classes for Cost Optimization •  Cookie Support 20 Amazon CloudFront
  21. 21. Whole site delivery Support for acceleration of static (images, video, css, js, etc.) and dynamic content AWS provides… What do content providers require of a CDN? Elastic Load Balancing Amazon CloudFront Dynamic Content Amazon   EC2   Static Content Amazon  S3   User to CloudFront Routing based on lowest latency CloudFront to Origin TCP Optimizations Persistent connections Network paths monitored for performance
  22. 22. Dynamic Content Support 22 Dynamic content is the interactive or personalized portion of a website, created on-the-fly for each end user •  News •  Weather •  Sports •  Social media •  Advertising •  Travel
  23. 23. Dynamic Content Support • Simple DIY configuration with web console   • No consultants to hire, No proprietary languages to learn Simple to Use   • Connections to AWS regions closely monitored • Standard AWS resources (like CloudFormation) • Designed to work with origins in Amazon EC2   AWS Integration   • No additional charges or set up fees   • Pay only for requests and data transfer Low Cost   • Mul:ple  Cache  Behaviors,  Minimum  Expira:on  Period • Mul:ple  Origin  Servers  Origin  Connec:on  Protocol,   Query  String  Parameters   • Viewer  Connec:on  Protocol  · Cookie  Support   Features
  24. 24. CASE STUDIES
  25. 25. 쿠키런 by  Devsisters  using  S3  &  CloudFront   Problem     Limited  IT  opera:on  resource  and  unknown  requirements  for   bandwidths  and  requests     SoluHon     Used  S3  for  all  its  patches  and  other  sta:c  contents.    Used   CloudFront  edge  to  accelerate  the  delivery.     Business  Benefits     Moving  to  S3  +  CloudFront  resulted  in  an  improved   performance  &  availability    
  26. 26.     Problem     Need  to  reduce  IT  costs  for  new  applica:on     SoluHon     AWS’s  low,  pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  pricing  &  reliable  services     With  every  user’s  request,  the  Smart  Hub  applica:on   authen:cates  devices,  delivers  apps  and  content,  and   pushes  no:fica:ons  across  mul:ple  devices     Business  Benefits   Opera:onal  efficiencies,  conver:ng  capex  to  opex,  new   revenue  opportuni:es             Samsung runs its Smart Hub application on AWS, saving $34M
  27. 27. NASA  JPL  Delivers  Content  from  Mars   Problem     A  massive  sudden  increase  in  web  traffic  was  expected  for  live   coverage  of  the  Mars  Explora:on  Rover  Curiosity  landing     SoluHon     NASA  JPL  u:lized  AWS  to  support  website,  image  and  live   video  delivery  to  hundreds  of  thousands  of  current  visitors     Business  Benefits     Opera:ng  the  website  on  AWS  allowed   NASA  JPL  to  broadcast  their  message  to  the  world  and  provide   an  excellent  experience  for  an  online  viewing  audience  larger   than  the  Olympics  
  28. 28.     Use  of  AWS     Use  Amazon  CloudFront  to  serve  game  downloads  to  users   across  the  globe     Business  Benefits’s  Video  Games  Download  Store  used  CloudFront   to  improve  download  performance  and  the  overall  customer   experience     TesHmonial   “Delivery  via  Amazon  CloudFront  allows  you  to  download   video  games  and  quickly  as  your  broadband  connec:on   allows.    Customers  using  a  high  speed,  broadband  internet   connec:on  can  see  up  to  an  8x  increase  in  download  speed.” Video Game Downloads accelerated through CloudFront
  29. 29. AWS  Reliable  Infrastructure  Makes  It  Easier  to  Focus  on  Other  Tasks   Problem     High  error  rates  and  performance  issues  with  their  exis:ng   CDN  provider     SoluHon     Migrated  the  majority  of  PBS  videos  to  Amazon  S3  storage   and  delivered  them  via  Amazon  CloudFront     Business  Benefits     Moving  to  S3  +  CloudFront  resulted  in  a  50%  lower  error  rate   and  improved  performance     Video  TesHmonial     hHp://­‐Cw     “As  with  all  the  AWS  services  we  leverage,  using  Amazon   CloudFront  is  so  simple  and  reliable  that  the  team  doesn’t   have  to  think  about  it.  It  all  just  works,  freeing  us  to  focus  on   building  cool  applica:ons.”      
  30. 30.  Earth  Networks  reduces  cost,  but  not  performance   Use  of  AWS     Earth  Networks  uses  Amazon  CloudFront’s  dynamic  content   features  to  customize  the  user  experience  by  distribu:ng  local   informa:on  to  millions  of  users  in  near-­‐real  :me.     Business  Benefits     Saved  over  50%  in  CDN  costs  and  an:cipates  20%  reduc:on  in   EC2  origin  instances  without  any  reduc:on  in  performance  or   need  to  write  custom  code.     TesHmonial     “With  CloudFront’s  strong  performance,  ease  of  use  and   flexibility,  our  team  can  use  the  API  or  the  console  to  quickly   make  changes  to  our  CDN  configura:on  and  see  the  updates   within  minutes.    And  with  the  low  cost  of  delivering  dynamic   content  using  CloudFront,  we  expect  to  see  significant  cost   savings  as  well.”      
  31. 31. DEMO
  32. 32. London   Paris   NY    CloudFront  Whole  Site  Accelera:on   Simple  to  use   DIY  configura:on  with  Web  Console  or  API     No  consultants  to  hire     No  need  to  write  custom  code       AWS  IntegraHon   Designed  to  work  with  origins  in  Amazon  EC2     Connec:ons  to  AWS  regions  closely  monitored     Standard  AWS  resources  (like  CloudForma:on)       Cost  effecHve   No  addi:onal  charges  or  setup  fees     Same  rates  for  dynamic  and  sta:c  content    
  33. 33. London   Paris   NY    Content  Delivery  Architecture   Single  CNAME   cf-­‐     1   Served  from  EC2   /php/*.php     2   Served  from  S3   /images/*.jpg     3  
  34. 34. © 2011, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc. Amazon Whole Site Delivery for Websites Delivery of your entire website via CloudFront Fast performance using reliable AWS network connections Simple, self-configuration using API or Management Console Cost-effective with no minimum commits or required long-term contracts Client to CloudFront connections: Routing based on lowest latency Persistent connections TCP optimizations CloudFront to origin server connections: Persistent connections to each origin Concurrent requests collapsed to a single origin request Connection to AWS origins over Amazon monitored networks CloudFront Edge Locations: Multiple layers of caching inside each edge location Mobile Clients Browsers/Desktop Clients Tablets/Devices minTTL = 86400 query strings = false cookies = none trusted signers = false viewer protocol = allow-all *.jpg Amazon S3 minTTL = 0 query strings = true cookies = phpsessid trusted signers = true viewer protocol = allow-all *.php Route 53‡ minTTL = 900 query strings = true cookies = all trusted signers = false viewer protocol = allow-all /ads/* Route 53‡ Custom Origin Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Alternate AWS origin configuration‡ Route 53 with Latency Based Routing EC2/ELB in US East (N. Virginia) EC2/ELB in EU West (Dublin, Ireland) EC2/ELB in AP Southeast (Singapore) Optional component‡ CloudFront Route 53 ‡
  35. 35. Live  and  VOD  Streaming   Support  for  all  device  types   HTTP  protocols  -­‐  HDS,  HLS,  Smooth  Streaming   RMTP  (VOD  only)     Simple  to  configure   Live  streaming  stack  managed  through   CloudForma:on  script   VOD  -­‐  upload  .flv  to  S3,  stream  via  RTMP     Flexible   Full  control  over  streaming  origin  enables  freedom  to   enable  and  configure  supported  features          
  36. 36. Static Content Delivery "   S3 – Static webpage without a webserver – demo "   Route53 for DNS setup – A-records and CNAMEs " CloudFront – Static content delivery Dynamic Content Delivery "   Elastic Load Balancing, Mutliple origins, Multiple behaviors, Invalidation support "   Bonus demo by REDLAB – Live / VoD streaming with CloudFront Demo Setup and Demo
  37. 37. Thank  You.   Nick  Lee  (이수형 수석)     |  Solu:ons  Architect  |