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[Jun AWS 201] Elastic Beanstalk for Startups
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[Jun AWS 201] Elastic Beanstalk for Startups



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  • 1. AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Startups
  • 2. What’s AWS Elastic Beanstalk?
  • 3. Think of it as a Container for your Application
  • 4. User Application Application Service HTTP Service Language Interpreter Operating System Host We Create the EC2 Instance You Focus on Developing Your App
  • 5. Beanstalk takes care of the environment…
  • 6. …adding Elastic Load Balancer…
  • 7. …Auto Scaling groups
  • 8. …and launching instances
  • 9. …all wired into the Beanstalk framework
  • 10. …and published under a CNAME
  • 11. …with logs and app versions held in S3
  • 12. Easily Manage your Versions and Environments
  • 13. .Net PHP Java Python Node.js Ruby Flexibility to Choose your Stack
  • 14. As a Startup what are 2 things you can’t afford to waste?
  • 15. AWS Elastic Beanstalk Helps Save Both
  • 16. Application prototype One-click deployment Production ready AWS infrastructure
  • 17. Idea App
  • 18. Idea App Heavy lifting 70%
  • 19. 30% Idea AppInfrastructure services
  • 20. Idea App Elastic Beanstalk
  • 21. Elastic Beanstalk Idea App
  • 22. AWS Elastic Beanstalk Helps Save Both No Additional Cost
  • 23. Beanstalk is a platform for Startups
  • 24. How do you create an app for AWS Elastic Beanstalk?
  • 25. Like any other Java / .Net / PHP / Python / Node.js app
  • 26. No dependencies on AWS inherent for Beanstalk deployment Source uploaded and executed in AWS Source downloaded and executed locally
  • 27. Java .war file Microsoft Web Deploy package PHP .zip file Python .zip file Git integrationIDE plugins Package up as normal
  • 28. Console deployments, versioning, and updates
  • 29. CheckDNSAvailability elastic-beanstalk-check-dns-availability CreateApplication elastic-beanstalk-create-application CreateApplictaionVersion elastic-beanstalk-create-application-version CreateEnvironment elastic-beanstalk-create-environment eb init wizard to initialize an application eb start/stop start/stop an application eb update update application version eb status get status of a running application Command Line Tools and Wizards
  • 30. Eclipse Integration
  • 31. Visual Studio Integration
  • 32. Git Integration
  • 33. Container Configuration
  • 34. Full admin access on underlying resources EC2 instances, AMIs, AutoScaling groups… Never Lose Control
  • 35. http://aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/ http://aws.amazon.com/start-ups/ Find out more…
  • 36. aws.amazon.com get started with the free tier