Cool Dead People: Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Cool Dead People: Martin Luther King, Jr.



This presentation is part of a series I did during

This presentation is part of a series I did during



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Cool Dead People: Martin Luther King, Jr. Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cool Dead People Cool Dead People
  • 2. Inspirational people 1. What does “inspirational mean?” 2. Who do you think is inspirational?
  • 3. Today, we are going to talk about a man from the U.S.A. who I think is very inspirational
  • 4. Do you know who this is?
  • 5. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • 6. But, before we talk about Martin Luther King, Jr…. a little bit about U.S. history.
  • 7. Slavery was legal until 1865
  • 8. But for many years later, white people were not kind to black people
  • 9. There was still lots of racism (인종 차별주의), mostly in the south Especially in states like Alabama and Mississippi
  • 10. Black people could not eat at the same restaurants as white people Sign from a “white only” restaurant
  • 11. Black people could not use the same restrooms as white people, or even drink from the same water fountains.
  • 12. • Black children also went to different schools than white children. • (And the schools for black children were not as good as the schools for white children)
  • 13. Around 1955 black people started to get angry….
  • 14. …and people started to protest
  • 15. … kind of like the KTX workers are protesting now in Korea
  • 16. Sometimes the (white) police were not good…. Birmingham, Alabama, 1963
  • 17. Martin Luther King, Jr. helped organize the protests
  • 18. But he always told people to not be violent
  • 19. Here is a VERY famous speech that he gave. Maybe you know it. • SlsY
  • 20. And now a few quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • 21. Journal Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. What is racism? Write 1 example of racism from the ppt. Write 1 example of racism in S. Korea What did Martin Luther King, Jr. do to fight racism? 5. How can we fight racism?