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ELL7 - Tuesday 6-21-11
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ELL7 - Tuesday 6-21-11






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ELL7 - Tuesday 6-21-11 ELL7 - Tuesday 6-21-11 Presentation Transcript

  • Tuesday June 21, 2011 ELL 7 Objectives and Agenda
  • Our objectives for today:
    • We will write about identity and what makes each of us who we are.
    • We will prepare ourselves to read Romeo and Juliet by researching William Shakespeare (the author).
    • We will use laptops and the internet to help us discover more about Shakespeare.
  • Journal writing
    • Topic: “What makes up your identity?” What makes you who you are?
    • Is your name a part of your identity? How did you get your name? Does your name have a special meaning? What do you think about when you hear someone else's name?
  • “ I am somebody” -Jesse Jackson
    • I am Somebody!
    • I am Somebody!
    • I may be poor,
    • But I am Somebody.
    • I may be young,
    • But I am Somebody.
    • I may be small,
    • But I am Somebody.
    • I may have made mistakes,
    • But I am Somebody.
    • My clothes are different,
    • My face is different,
    • My hair is different,
    • But I am Somebody.
    • I am black,
    • Brown,or white.
    • I speak a different language
    • But I must be respected,
    • Protected,
    • Never rejected.
    • I am Somebody!
  • Video - try it again!
    • As you are watching this video clip, please think about some possible themes we might see in Romeo and Juliet .
    • Share themes
    • Now, let’s brainstorm a list of questions we still have or things we would like to learn about Romeo and Juliet or the themes we thought of.
  • Here’s a name to think about…
    • William Shakespeare!
    • What do you think?
      • Anticipation guide
      • T-P-S
      • K-W-L
      • What do we want to know? Questions!
  • What do we already know about Shakespeare?
    • Know:
    Still want to know: Found out:
  • Now, choose 5 questions.
    • Write your 5 questions on your notes sheet…but leave some space for the answers you will find!
    • How will we find the answers to our questions?
      • Shakespeare search!
  • Reflect
    • Reflect, write in your journal, then share:
    • --What was the most interesting thing you found out about Shakespeare?
    • --What do you think you still want to know more about?
    • --Of the facts you found, which one do you think will be the most important to remember when we read R+J?