Ell7 tuesday 6-21-11

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  • 1. Tuesday June 21, 2011 ELL 7 Objectives and Agenda
  • 2. Our objectives for today:• We will write about identity and what makes each of us who we are.• We will prepare ourselves to read Romeo and Juliet by researching William Shakespeare (the author).• We will use laptops and the internet to help us discover more about Shakespeare.
  • 3. Journal writing• Topic: “What makes up your identity?” What makes you who you are?• Is your name a part of your identity? How did you get your name? Does your name have a special meaning? What do you think about when you hear someone elses name?
  • 4. I am Somebody! I am Somebody! I may be poor, But I am Somebody. I may be young, But I am Somebody. I may be small, But I am Somebody.“I am somebody” I may have made mistakes, -Jesse Jackson But I am Somebody. My clothes are different, My face is different, My hair is different, But I am Somebody. I am black, Brown,or white. I speak a different language But I must be respected, Protected, Never rejected. I am Somebody!
  • 5. Video - try it again!• As you are watching this video clip, please think about some possible themes we might see in Romeo and Juliet.• Share themes• Now, letʼs brainstorm a list of questions we still have or things we would like to learn about Romeo and Juliet or the themes we thought of.
  • 6. Hereʼs a name to think about…• William Shakespeare!• What do you think? – Anticipation guide – T-P-S – K-W-L – What do we want to know? Questions!
  • 7. What do we already know about Shakespeare?Know: Still want to know: Found out:
  • 8. Now, choose 5 questions.• Write your 5 questions on your notes sheet…but leave some space for the answers you will find!• How will we find the answers to our questions? – Shakespeare search!
  • 9. Reflect• Reflect, write in your journal, then share:--What was the most interesting thing you found out about Shakespeare?--What do you think you still want to know more about?--Of the facts you found, which one do you think will be the most important to remember when we read R+J?•