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  1. 1. Monday August 1, 2011 Hubbs Center - ELL 7 Agenda and Objectives
  2. 2. Today’s objectives:• We will practice and discuss the present progressive verb tense.• We will summarize what we read in Act 4, Scene 1 using a timeline.• We will practice the reading strategy summarizing.• We will read Act 4, Scene 2 and 3 together.
  3. 3. Present Progressive• The present progressive is used for actions going on in the moment of speaking and for actions taking place only for a short period of time.• It is also used to express development and actions that are arranged for the near future. – http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/present-progressive/form• Examples: I am talking. I am walking. I am learning. The baby is growing. Tomorrow, I am going to school. http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/present-progressive/form
  4. 4. Present Progressive• To write the present progressive: Use a form of to be and the infinite verb plus -ing.• Use: * am with the personal pronoun I * is with the personal pronouns he, she or it (or the singular form of nouns) * are with the personal pronouns you, we, they (or the plural form of nouns) Subject Affirmative Negative Question I I am playing. I am not play i n g . Am I play i n g ? He, she, it He is playin g . He is not Is he playing? playing. You, we, they You are playing. You are not Are you playing? playing. http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/present-progressive/form
  5. 5. Present Progressive• 1. I / to read a book -___I am reading a book._____• 2. it / to rain -_________________________________________________• 3. he / to repair his bike -_________________________________________________• 4. they / to watch a film -_________________________________________________• 5. the cat /to sleep on the chair -___________________________________________• 6. Jane and Emily / to do their homework -___________________________________• 7. Bill / to wait at the bus stop -____________________________________________• 8. we / to listen to the radio -______________________________________________• 9. the children / to play a game -___________________________________________• 10. Laura / to walk the dog -_______________________________________________
  6. 6. Present Progressive
  7. 7. Present Progressive• Now, let’s use the present progressive to describe what we see happening.• We will watch a short video clip.• While you are watching, think about what the main characters, Sulley and Mike, and those around them, are doing right now.• Then, we will use simple present and present progressive to complete sentences about the movie.
  8. 8. Act 4, Scene 1:Summarize using a timeline
  9. 9. True or False:Good readers summarize as they read. True!!!This part is about...The important details from this page are...
  10. 10. Read: Act 4, Scenes 2-3• We will stop to practice summarizing in our own words. Page number Summary of what happened on this page, in my own words.
  11. 11. Present Progressivea) Every day, Sulley _______________ (drive) to work. However, today Sulley and Mike ____________(walk).b) Right now, Mike ______________________________ (talk) to Sulley’s mom on the phone.c) Afterwards, they often ______________ (watch) tv, but today they __________________ (also / star) on a tvcommercial.d) Sulley and Mike _____________________ (not exercise) together. Sulley ___________ (do) his routine andMike ___________________ (guide) him.e) Then, Sulley always _____________________ (brush) his teeth.f) Sulley usually _________________ (get up) at 6:00 but today he __________________ (still/ sleep) at 6:05.
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