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  1. 1. Thursday July 28, 2011 Hubbs Center - ELL 7 Agenda and Objectives
  2. 2. Today’s Objectives:• We will read and discuss how a real life Romeo and Juliet story is similar to and different from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.• We will define and discuss the meaning of new vocabulary words for Act 4.• We will make a prediction about what will happen in Act 4.• We will read and discuss Act 4, Scene 1 together.• We will make inferences about what happens in Act 4, Scene 1.
  3. 3. Warm up: Romeo and Juliet...in Miami?• For our warm up activity, please read the article “Missing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Teens Return Home”.• While you are reading, please think about how this modern story is similar to and different from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.• Fill out the Compare-Contrast sheet on the back of the article when you finish reading.• We will discuss your comparisons of the two articles and any questions you might have at 9:25 or so.
  4. 4. Act 4 Vocabulary• wedding • heir• prevent • veins• remedy • court• problem • spices• terrible • invite• ancestors • promise
  5. 5. Act 4 Vocabulary• To define the words in Act 4, we will do a partner activity with dictionaries.• Please choose a partner to work with, and I will give you one or two words from our vocabulary list to define, write a sentence for and draw a picture of (if there is a picture that makes sense).• We will have 10 minutes to work with our partners, then we will share our definitions, sentences and pictures with the class so everyone can fill out their vocab chart.
  6. 6. Act 4 - Make a Prediction• Take a look at Act 4 in your script (remember, don’t read through it!). Ask yourself: – Who is involved in Act 4? – Where does Act 4 happen? – Any pictures in Act 4? What do I think is happening? – What are some important words I see as I look through Act 4?• In your notebook, write your prediction for Act 4: – Tell what you think is going to happen and who will be there. – Then, tell how you made your prediction.• After about 10 minutes, we will share our predictions with a partner and take volunteers to share with the class.
  7. 7. Act 4, Scene 1: Making Inferences• Remember that when we make inferences, we use information and ideas we read in the story to help us make a guess about something or someone.• Work together with a partner to complete the making inferences handout for Act 4, Scene 1.• We will share and discuss our ideas after about 10 minutes, if time allows.
  8. 8. Read Aloud: Act 4, Scene 1• Choose student to read the following parts: – Stage directions – Friar Lawrence – Paris – Juliet• As we are reading, please make notes about any: – Questions – Connections – PredictionsWe will stop as we read to ask/answer questions.