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  1. 1. Monday July 25, 2011 Hubbs Center - ELL 7 Agenda and Objectives
  2. 2. Our objectives for today: We will review subjunctive and conditionals to write sentences that tell our opinion or give advice. We will write a letter of advice to Romeo or Juliet using the subjunctive mood. We will define and share ideas about new vocabulary words for Act 3. We will read Act 3, Scene 3 together. We will each write a comprehension question about Act 3 so far.
  3. 3. Subjunctive Review: The subjunctive mood is a verb mood that we use to express a wish, a possibility, a judgment, an opinion, a necessity, or an action that is improbable. Examples: o I wish I were a glove on that hand. (Impossible! Romeo can not turn into a glove.) o If I were the President of the United States, I would…. (Improbable! Few people become the President of the US.) o I wish the movie were longer. (A wish/opinion . I can’t change the length of the movie.) o If I won the lottery, I would… (Improbable. Not many people win the lottery.) o If dogs had wings, they could fly. (Impossible. Dogs don’t have wings.) To give someone advice, we often tell them what they could or should do…or what we would do if we were in their position. Here are some sample sentences that give advice: o If I were you, I would get to work on time. o If I were you, I would deposit that money in the bank. o You should drive the speed limit so you don’t get a ticket. o You could wake up earlier in the morning so you aren’t late to work.
  4. 4. What is advice? What is advice? Who usually gives you advice? “Dear Abby” Have you heard of Dear Abby in movies, television and print? It is the most widely published newspaper column in the world, and is published in about 1,400 newspapers worldwide. Dear Abby is read daily by more than 110 million people. Abby receives more than 10,000 letters and e-mails per week. More than 80 percent of the letters and emails she receives comes from readers between 18 and 49. The majority of the rest comes from people under 18. adapted from: http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/
  5. 5. Dear Abby: We have lived in a small apartment building for four years. The family next door has lived here a little longer. We get along well with our neighbors and respect each other’s things.However, I have a habit that I fear may be inappropriate, and I would like your opinion.Our neighbors subscribe to the local newspaper, which is delivered very early every morning, long before they get up. I’m an early riser and I always hear it arrive in the morning. As soon as it does, I reach over and "borrow" it.I read only my family’s horoscopes, the comics and, of course, your column. I never keep any part of their paper, and I always fold it carefully and place it on their porch before they wake up.Am I doing wrong by sneaking a peek from their daily newspaper? I hope to read your response in their paper.Sincerely, Sneak-a Peek Neighbor* What do you think? Is this writer doing anything wrong? How would you answer this letter?-------Helpful Phrases---------- inappropriate: not acceptable, not ok respect each other’s boundaries: knowing when not to bother someone sneak-a-peek: have a quick, secret lookadapted from: http://www.bangkokpost.com/education/site2000/ptja2800.htm
  6. 6. What advice would you give? Letʼs write to Sneek-a-peek to tell him or her if what he or she is doing is wrong. We will give him or her advice about what they could do to solve the problem.
  7. 7. Dear Sneek-a-Peek:I think _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.If I were you, _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.Good luck!Sincerely,
  8. 8. Now, will you give advice toRomeo or Juliet? What will you advise Romeo or Juliet to do? You will write your advice in the form of a letter, like “Dear Abby”. Use the phrases:  “If I were you, I would...”  “You should...”  “If you want to _______, you could...”
  9. 9.  Dear __________________: I think ________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________. My advice is _________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________. You should follow my advice because _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________. Good luck! Sincerely,
  10. 10. Act 3 - Vocabulary Coughing  Exile Villain  Weep Injuries  Noble Defend  Tomb Worship  Furious Announce  Advice
  11. 11. Act 3, Scene 3Capulets Montagues NeitherSampson Abraham PrinceGregory BalthasarTybalt BenvolioLord and Lady CapuletJuliet Lord and Lady MontagueNurse RomeoServant MercutioParisRosalineCousin Capulet
  12. 12. Act 3 - Comprehension Questions Look over what we have read in Act 3. What have been the most important parts of Act 3, so far? Write a question asking about one of the important parts of Act 3.  Example: Who dies right after Romeo and Juliet get married?