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  1. 1. Tuesday July 12, 2011 Southside ABE - ELL 4 Goals and Agenda
  2. 2. Our goals for tonight...• We will review the words for body parts we learned yesterday by labeling a diagram of a human body.• We will share our experiences and thoughts about health-related topics.• We will talk about what we used to do.• We will learn about the medical departments in a hospital.• We will learn about making wellness plans for our lives.
  3. 3. • Label the parts of the body on a piece of paper: blood, bones, brain, heart, intestines, lungs, muscles, skin, stomach.• Write a sentence for each part of the body to tell why it is important or what we should do to take care of it.
  4. 4. Label the body!
  5. 5. Sharing: What are your thoughts and experiences?• Yesterday we worked in small groups to write our ideas about several health-related topics.• Let’s take another look at those topics, and then share what we think!
  6. 6. We will talk about what we used to do.• When we say used to , are we talking about past, present or future?• Finish the sentence:  When I was a child, I used to _______________________________.  Before I knew how to stay healthy, I used to _________________________.
  7. 7. Used to Statements Negative StatementsI IYou YouHe HeShe used to eat junk food. She didn’t eat junk food.It It used toWe WeYou YouThey They
  8. 8. Questions I Used to you heDid she use to eat junk food? it we you Answers they I I you you he he Yes, she did. No, she didn’t. it it we we you you they they
  9. 9. “Used to” practice -- Up• Let’s watch this video clip and then decide what the couple used to do together.• Video Clip
  10. 10. # Yes or No Activity1 Work around the house together.2 Do home improvements.3 Look for object shapes in the clouds.4 Swim in the ocean5 Travel around the world.6 Sell balloons.7 Read books together.8 Share the good and bad moments of life.9 Save money for rainy (bad) days.10 Go windsurfing on the ocean.11 Wear different kinds of ties.12 Dance romantically.13 Be happy.14 Fight all the time.
  11. 11. We will learn about the medical departments in a hospital.  Page 103. Pediatrics Emergency Radiology Cardiology Nurse’s StationMaternity
  12. 12. What is Wellness?• Brainstorm: What is wellness?• What are some common health problems?• What can we do to avoid these health problems?• Book, page 104
  13. 13. Write an outline about staying healthyEat: Don’t eat: Exercise: Health• • • Problems: •
  14. 14. Questions to think about:• What food is healthy?• What kinds of exercise do you do?• Why do people see the doctor and dentist?• What are some ways to manage stress?
  15. 15. Sample Wellness Outline1. Improve eating habits A. B. C.2. Get in shape A. B.3. Stay Well A. 1. 2. B. 1. 2.