Teodora Stepanov Pop Culture Presentation


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Teodora Stepanov Pop Culture Presentation

  1. 1. By : Teodora Stepanov 8A
  2. 2. My name is Teodora Stepanov. I am an eighth grade student. Through this presentation I’ll show you POP Culture from my perspective. Hope you’ll enjoy! 
  3. 3. What is POP CULTURE??? IDEAS Perspectives Attitudes MASS CULTURE “ authentic” culture of the people HIGH culture Complex of mutually-interdependent perspectives & Values that influence society
  4. 4. ...music that ha s influenced me in PAST ...
  5. 5. It all started when one day on channel I saw the music video f or Jennifer Lopez ’s song “Get Right” .
  6. 6. I JLo I was fascinated with the fact how through music you can express your feelings , your personality , your style , and just simply ENJOY … JLo brought that up to me! I love her songs because they are meaningful , each song presents a part of her life, and her personality .
  7. 7. … at the age of 9… … I started watching Eurovision song contest.
  8. 9. I find it interesting to watch every year how different countries try to present themselves as best as possible. That tells me about their culture, tradition, customs, and of course the most important, music.
  9. 10. At the age of 10 and 11 I started listening to Hip-Hop, and my favorite Hip-Hop artist was 50 Cent. At that time, his songs were very popular among my friends, and classmates.
  10. 11. … Another music artist that I loved to listen to, and I still do, is a famous R ’N’B singer… Beyoce
  11. 12. Music that I listen to NOW Music that I listen to NOW…
  12. 13. There are some “old” musicians who built up their careers a long time ago, but their music is still very popular. By those famous musicians, I particularly mean: Madonna, Whitney Houston, Celin Dion, and Michael Jackson. Those people are legends! I listen to their music whenever I want to relax, and enjoy in the beauty of good-quality music. Madonna Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Celin Dion
  13. 14. Rihanna Rihanna Beyonce Amy Winehouse Ciara R’N’B
  14. 15. Justin Timberlake Britney Kat y Perry
  15. 16. Shakira Jennifer Lopez Latino Pop
  16. 17. Lady Gaga Electronic She is She is an extreme, unique, popular singer of a new age music called electronic music. She has a very specific, exclusive style. The name of this music star is…
  17. 18. David Guetta
  18. 19. Serbian musicians that I enjoy listening to…
  19. 20. When I was younger, I wasn’t really interested in Serbian music. Now, my perspectives, and opinion are different. I listen to some Serbian musicians (these on pictures) who perform music that is most similar to POP music. Their songs are mostly slow, and through the text in their songs, they express their feelings, like love. Their songs are very emotional, sensitive, and even sad.
  20. 22. Shrek is a 2001 computer-animated American comedy film. Shrek itself has noticeably influenced the current generation of mainstream animated films. Particularly after Shrek 2, animated films began to incorporate more pop culture references and end-film musical numbers. When I was in the Lower School I loved to watch this animated movie!
  21. 23. The sisters, witches, despite being perceived as normal by the non-supernatural community, are known as The Charmed Ones in the magical community, whose prophesied destiny is to battle against evil beings, such as demons and warlocks, in order to protect innocent lives from being endangered. At the age of 10 I started watching this TV Show from Monday to Friday after school, at around 4 pm-5 pm… I was fascinated with the characters, especially with Phoebe, and their supernatural powers.
  22. 24. Gilmore Girls is an American comedy drama series. The series explores family, friendship, generational divides, and social class. Gilmore Girls features frequent popular culture and political references and social commentary that manifest most clearly in Lorelai's difficult relationship with her wealthy upper class parents. From the time when I was 12, and even today, I enjoy watching…
  23. 25. CSI: Miami ( Crime Scene Investigation: Miami ) is an American police procedural television series. When I was in grade 6, my favorite TV Show was CSI: Miami.
  24. 26. A university graduate working in the city morgue is able to repeat the same day over again to prevent murders or other disasters. Private Practice is a medical drama television program. NOW when I want to relax, or just enjoy in TV Shows, I usually watch these two:
  25. 27. Titanic is a 1997 American romantic drama film about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The main characters and the central love story are fictional, but some characters (such as members of the ship's passengers and crew) are based on historical figures. - the world’s most famous movie ever…
  26. 28. Twilight is a 2008 romantic-fantasy movie. One of my favorite this and last year is…
  27. 29. In 2007… This movie is basically about how things in world of fashion work. STYLE Fashion Famous Designers Fashionable IN or OUT TRENDS
  28. 30. FASHION…
  29. 31. When I was younger…
  30. 32. Fashion today… & What do I wear now?
  31. 33. Everything that is BiG …
  32. 34. Big Sunglasses
  33. 35. Comfortable & Cozy
  34. 36. FLAT SANDALS
  35. 37. Converse SHOES
  36. 38. Jeans 4ever
  37. 39. Black Leather Jacket…
  38. 40. Scarves …
  39. 41. Juicy Couture: Tracksuits
  40. 42. Many Bracelets…
  41. 43. Forbidden by school rules or not, the i-pod has become an inseparable part of student life on campus; motivation, inspiration, or simply entertainment, music adds some spice to life. iPod
  42. 44. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed…