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Persuasive Speech: Media Influence on Body Image
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Persuasive Speech: Media Influence on Body Image


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I made this powerpoint as a visual aid to a speech I gave in my Public Speaking class.

I made this powerpoint as a visual aid to a speech I gave in my Public Speaking class.

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  • 1. How the Media Affects Body Image By Gabby Hayes
  • 2. “Fat and Unwanted” “Powerless” “Hideous” “I wish I looked like that.” “I'm too skinny.” “Meaty” “Short”
  • 3. Is it logical to base your feeling of self-worth and self-image on the models in ads and magazines? Are the models we see in magazines really people to look up to in terms of body image?
  • 4. NO
  • 5. Audience Statistics  78% said they have experienced personal body image issues at some point in their lives.  64% said they don't feel like they can relate physically to models of their gender in magazines or ads.
  • 6. Examples
  • 7. It isn't just the women!
  • 8. What can we do?
  • 9. Sign or Start A Petition  Websites like are great for bringing attention to problems.  Many companies take into great consideration the opinions of their target audiences.
  • 10. Support Companies that Push for Positive Body Image
  • 11. Aerie's AerieREAL Campaign
  • 12. Dove's Real Beauty Campaign
  • 13. Look into Body Positive Sources of Entertainment
  • 14. Tavi Gevinson's ROOKIEMAG
  • 15. Photographers LOVE Diversity!
  • 16. Nir Arieli's “Inframen”  Collection of Infrared photos of male dancers  Infrared brings out the “imperfections” caused by years of their craft.
  • 17. Leland Bobbé's “Quintessential Americans”  Photographs of people he found interesting in his travels to America.
  • 18. Realize that Nobody Has a “Perfect Body”  Not even our modern “beauty icons.”  Don't obsess over being a certain size.  Don't feel obligated to lose weight just because magazines say they can show you how.
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