Essentials of Exhibition Selling


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Essentials of Exhibition Selling

  1. 1. TPCL A.W.George
  2. 2.  A great looking exhibition stand or portable display is only part of the formula to success on the show floor.  Understanding your show objectives and having your exhibition stand staff understand how to interact with visitors and reach the goals you set is equally if not more important. A.W.George
  3. 3.  Our training programme does just that. We teach your exhibition stand staff how to man the stand, engage with visitors, prepare for the exhibition and measure the return on investment. And, this exhibition workshop is tailored specifically to your objectives. A.W.George
  4. 4. 1  Product knowledge. The primary reason visitors attend a show is to learn about ―what’s new― and to get detailed product/service information. They want to speak to knowledgeable person so that they can get their questions answered. A.W.George
  5. 5. 2  Competitive knowledge. It’s important to know and study the competition. Your visitors will expect you to know how your products compare with or differ from the competition’s. A.W.George
  6. 6. 3  Consultative selling. The basic skill here involves asking powerful and insightful questions that will either qualify or disqualify visitors. You want to ensure that you spend the right amount of time with the right people. A.W.George
  7. 7. 4  Getting rid of window-shoppers. Along with legitimate prospects, your stand will attract window-shoppers — people who are really not interested in buying. Your team need skills to move these people along gently and quickly. A.W.George
  8. 8.  With 3 - 5 seconds to grab attention, you need every element of your exhibition stand to be effective. Communication with the visitor starts 6 metres from your exhibition stand – they'll see you before you see them and you need to be ready. TPCL exhibition training will make sure you're ready. A.W.George
  9. 9.  Exhibitions are the most effective form of one-to-one marketing, Every element of your exhibition stand needs to work in harmony. And that includes your exhibition stand staff. A.W.George
  10. 10.  The people who work your exhibition stand are your company ambassadors and provide the human element to your brand.  They can cement a positive perception or provide a negative experience.  Selecting the right exhibition stand staff and arming them with the skills and training is key to making your next exhibition or event comfortable, productive and above all profitable.  TPCL exhibition training provides a training experience that is unique to you and your company exhibiting objectives. Whatever your current exhibiting hurdles, we'll show you how to overcome them and get the most from exhibiting. A.W.George
  11. 11.  Using the principles of the 4 Ps of effective exhibition marketing - Planning, Promotion, People Skills and Productivity - we'll design a workshop specific to your exhibition objectives as well as showing you how to: ◦ engage, qualify, present and close ◦ how to get rid of time wasters ◦ how to devise a lead card ◦ how to set objectives for your staff ◦ how to manage your stand around your exhibition stand design ◦ how to measure your return on investment A.W.George
  12. 12.  Increased confidence and professionalism on the stand  Achievement of exhibition objectives  Enhanced company image  A worthwhile return on your investment of time, effort and money A.W.George
  13. 13. A.W.George