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An Installable File System For Genesis II
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An Installable File System For Genesis II

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Original presentation of G-ICING while in development for VCGR

Original presentation of G-ICING while in development for VCGR

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  • 1. An Installable File System for Genesis II Chris Sosa November 2, 2007
  • 2. Preliminaries
    • Target Operating System (for now): Windows XP
    • Definitions
      • Installable File System – A file system driver (FSD) that can be added to an operating system
      • Network Redirector - An FSD that provides access to files on remote machines
  • 3. Motivation
    • User transparency
      • Difficult for users to adapt
      • Users don’t want to adapt
    • Application transparency
      • Can’t change I/O libraries
      • Legacy applications
    • Strong Security Model
      • Security model that is both flexible and “powerful”
    • Testing ground for new research ideas in Caching for Grids
  • 4. Installable File System
    • Benefits
      • Acts as an entire file system to applications
      • Can integrate with any security model
      • Kernel responsible for I/O Calls
  • 5. Design
    • Three Areas of Concern
      • Java
      • Kernel
      • User-mode Mediator
  • 6. ??? – User to Kernel Communication
    • Local Procedure Calls
      • Used in older versions of drivers in the Kernel 
      • Conceptually easier 
      • Undocumented and unsupported 
    • Inverted Call Model
      • User calls
      • Kernel Responds
      • More Tricky than LPC’s
  • 7. Progress
    • Mediator is complete
    • Java-side is complete
    • Genesis II Kernel Driver
      • Inverted Calls in Kernel is complete
      • Read-only FS works
      • Can handle multiple calls at once
      • Writes work
      • Making step by step progress on completing last aspects of Full FS
        • Create
        • Move
        • Rename
        • Etc
  • 8. Issues
    • Kernel programming is slow
    • Error tends to hose the host system
    • Cannot modify code when testing
    • Windows DDK is mostly undocumented
    • Knowledge in the area is scarce
  • 9. Other Approaches
    • Have Genesis II implement the NFS namespace and use the NFS driver to mount Genesis II
      • “ No” Security
      • Confining
      • Not flexible in terms of Future Research
    • Shell Extension - Extension to Windows Explorer to “visually” integrate Genesis II into Windows
    • I/O Library – A library that implements the Standard I/O API (see OGRSH)
  • 10. Future Work
    • Complete work on IFS
    • Use Genesis II Security Model to full extent
    • Perform research in new areas of caching for the Grid
  • 11. Demo