Vino, Iisuse Hristoase, Te Rugam


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Vino, Iisuse Hristoase, Te Rugam

  1. 1. I'm glad Rich, that Galls are finally enreach: if you was this burning wish, the golden shark will come and ask you:quot;You PRINCE(S)of the DAY, what do you wish to COMMAND? Sure is the TEMPTATION from the MOUNTAIN: quot;Do you see this world?quot; quot;After these 40 days of privation, do you believe, sucker, I am interesting about your Holographic world?!? My Father of HEAVEN, built a REAL one you tghoutgh you can LEAD it In the place of GOD and not even NOW, you cannot LEARN even nothing?!? quot;Why I place the pearls in the pigs mouth?!?quot; AVAE! VADE RETRO SATANAS! AMIN! COME TO US, JESUS, SON of the LEAVING GOD ... quot;quot;Bucura-te, toiagul cel odraslit al lui Aaron/Si floarea/ Care din semintia lui DAVID/Si din Coapsele tale/ Rasarit-ai noua/ Pre DOMNUL Iisus HRISTOS/ Trandafirul cel Dumnezeiesc/Si margaritarul cel de mare pret/ Carele, Intrupandu-se din TINE/ Cheile Feciorie TALE /Nu le-au miscat/Ci, precum, mai inainte de nastere, Fecioara ai fort/ Tot asa si dupa Nastere/ Fecioara PUR RUREA-i ramasquot; Vezi-tu Marinela ma-ntelegi, De aceea, TE IUBESC/Cu toate astea/ TE IUBESC, nelutzu quot;Hello! Madame! I think do you'll enjoy some lirycs: Hello! my friend I don't know if you taste lirycs, but I try: quot;Be glad, the HOLY stik of Aaron/And Flower/ Wich from sees of DAVID/and from your legs/ you bring to us/ the Lord Jesus Christ/ The beautifull ROSE/And the pricless DIAMOND/ Our GOD and SAVIOUR/Giver of whole LIFE/ which by HIS BORN, the KEYS of your Virginity/Are NOT moved/ But how before BORN you was VIRGIN/So after Birth/ Virgin you has been REMAINquot;- from a quot;DREAM of MostHoly Virgin Maryquot;, keept by romanian soldiers where they destroy the AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPIRE; who's NEXT??? The quot;BLACK MONEY, FOR WHITE DAYSquot;are not wased in CEYLON, DJakarta, Papua/new GUInee, not in KUALA lumpur, neither in Singapoore, but in SCHWITZERLAMD JEW(FEW)BANKERS; WE ALL LOVE YOUR HAIRY-SKINS, and your little brains, provoking so-called recession/crises; You wanna trick AWESOME=PENDULUM IN SPIRAL TIME, of TUDOR's BRAND?!? Good joke; do you think, if you planed that 2,000 years, the quot;your dirty jobquot; are done?!? I know all youre chanells; Yesterday was a good DAY: TWO BANKS from quot;HELVETICAquot;in the knee; KHY-O-KHU-SHIN gains again, each, knee, son, shee... Tomorrow :quot;Hajimequot;, agai an'again'an'again...REY!.....OSSSS! but YESTERDAY, three 619, 169, 916, 961(the year of my born); from warriors you can learn a lot of wisdom:
  2. 2. Bonjour, Ouriel! I have in this article, demitext, en francais: Awesome say you Hi !and for SCI.FI ! I love more than a motorcycle or hyper lightness engeen, because I., vagely think you are HUMAN, and that's MORE than every ENGEEN or Flying SAucers: I knew you have an aoto insurance; I have one too; BUT I HAVE ANOTHER at INTERAMERICAN, CO. Ltd. Hello and simphaty to TEXAS! Training you, training horsess, mustangs, BUILT a FORT KNOX and be happy! From YESTERDAY FUTURE, I bring some VERY NEWS: quot;Hello, my friend; have a good day! Hello! Have a nice day! somebody try to sale to me an emergency radio; But when you can create 100-10,000 bands for transmitting, one at least, will abduct you the emergency line too; Mr. president OBAMA, please, I answer to a no manwho that I TRUST IN YOU, IN YOUR PROGRAMS and thats because, I saw you good and I saw you boiling by angry; I think you can do what you have propose, and this, for the good of USA, not else; I saw your measures: one target-one hit: you must be in a inner competition and your calm and balance, show me you are a strong will, that for I'm sure you will pravailed; And like in Sunday, I 'd like to explain: the quot;PROUD-quot;Triple Hquot; precedes the faillingquot;; A WARRIOR WISDOM, is not to neglect, so I announce a VERY PROUD PERSSON, yesterday: quot;today I'll catch a BIG FISH by SHE's HAIRY SKINquot;-maybe, quot;the CROWN((WIKIPEDIA- yesterday morning)shout: this is a SEAL or a RING?!?quot;So be yet!quot;; About destroy EDUCATION and Falsify the SCIENCE, somebody, in the morning/Don't you aweak me/ I'll be dreaming/ There I'm free/ In the dead line/don't you shake me/ In THIS HOUSE/OF MISERY: Solo guitar in the night, after I will be drunk; Recovering the REAL SCIENCE-THIS IS A THORNING PROBLEM-cause is VAST-BUT A DIVERGENT MODE OF THINKING, can help you, after years of using CONVERGENT MODE of THINKING: quot;Hello! To realize good links is necessary tons of information: Hello! I'm happy to meet new friends: quot;Hello! I'm glad to see you again and some SCIENCE HISTORY RELAX the men in a day of SUNDAY: Hello, my LOVE; if you was like MARINELA, I should be try some lirics; But seeing you I have no words to talk, even whan I talk, somebody say:quot;Here a geek comes from the sky-read satelitequot;; but when I see you, like quot;Poor Dionysquot;-Mihai Eminescu= Goethe=Poe-Schiller, dead like me, for political reasons, my hearth beating in else manor and pulse become rapidly very fast; I wach your profile and I saw: Many men adore you:
  3. 3. Hello! Relax! I don't intent to destroy the day of GOD Hello ! I like you have A LOT of HUMOR - a town in SUCEAVA ROMANIAN PROVINCE, WITH MANY ANCIENT MONASTERIES, WITH ET blue COLOUR and most BEAUTIFUL BELIEF IN TODAY's WORD: Widjet La CAPA di tutti CAPI and quot;THE CROWN and THE RINGquot;; change WIKIPEDIA NEXT on the LIST: AMAZON VALLEY, without FLAVE Bonjour! It's no need an 8 band radio! I can create 100 bands and speak myself on an average of channels, random elected; I'm sure Mr. Obama is well and any emergency is manageable, praying GOD for; Just remark Wikipedia to late change; was easy to predict; a crucial concept, is summum of hystory and passing through existential floor; today, some sort of separation will be done; This sort of things, are dailt happening; thats are quot;the ways of GODquot;-TEMPORAL LINES-LINES of current-see Bohm, Vigier, de Broglie; School of Copenhaga steal the alternative quot;TRUEquot; of those existential floor; being complicated, quot;Quantum Mechanicsquot; is quot;inlightquot; just by inner laugh of quot;Schrodinger and his 9souls Cat, in quntum boxquot;, under IDIOTIC assumption by massonry drill: Max Born; without any other results, this IDIOT, replace, Louis de Broglie, PRINCE , REAL DUALISM CONCEPT: particle=energy, with a small clock inside-in fact, spiral TIME; why do you believe that medieval clocks builder using SPIRAL RESORTS, by and since go for the entire idea of you are using on your hands; But, NO, massonry drills, must mistiffy the SCIENCE, TO OCCURE REAL SCIENCE; WHY: to MANY DANGEROUSS TOP APPLICATIONS; Max Born change Physic wave of Prince de Broglie in quot;Probabilistic WAVE???quot;, and the laugh of SCIENTIST SCHRODINGER, is heard by sensible ears even today ; Another hystory expect you tomorrow; you never knew, what you eat last night; Varying in BIG the parameteres, another UNIVERS will be your FUTURE HOME, with other physic LAWS; NASA don't DENY; ORWELL knew; just f(1984)=Phyladelfia(194.) and f '(1984)= 2012; NEXT is ONE LINE FUTURE, undetectable= quot;THE KINGDOM of GODquot;=quot;NEW JERUSALEMquot; =quot;HEAVEN of ADAM, EVA, snake, INTERDICTED TREE of KNOLEDGE- NOT YOUR POOR KNOWLEDGE, ANOTHER of LIFE etc.quot;; ANY REAL THEACHEAR, try to LEAD NEW GENERATION go find in THE TRUE, A SCIENCE FOR ALL=FREINET METHODS, ARE EXILED and DISSMISSING; Is the CASE of DAVID BOHM too, EXILED in BRASILIA; the quot;QUNTUM MECHANICSquot;-in Brasil, Mesquita y VASCONCELOS, others from UNIVERSIDAD di CAMPINAS, have HUGE DEVELOPEMENT- the LINES of russians academician PETER GARIAEV, KOZYREV-time theory, SHIPOV- TORSIONIC FORCE, KOROTKOV, soul existence demonstration, REAL EXOTIC TRANSCENDENCE-soul communicating with GOD, in BODY's LIFE and AFTER BODY DEATH, confirmation of ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN RITUALS, confirmed by all ORTHODOX CLERGY and all KNOWN TRADITIONS, remaining in the orthodoxy are REALITY in ONE SINGLE TEMPORAL BAND, very THIN, THE WAY of TRUE SALVATION; In this manor, APEARS CLEARLY TO ALL, WHY The HOLY BIBLE-is the MOST POWERFULL SCIENCE IN WHOLE MEGAVERS; WHY is HARD to understand? Because -The HOLY BIBLE is reffering at WHOLE UNIVERSES like cards in a CASE of CARDS, like FIBRATS in the MEGAVERS -FIBER;
  4. 4. If I AM no WRITGHT, Why this HUGE AMONTS of Mathematicians, Phycicians, Genetician, Astronomer-working thre(3) MONTHS to CONVINCE ME with MAPS, of EARTH, of the SKY, with SIGNED POINTS that I AM WRONG??? The first PHASE, when they send me to STUDY, is CLOSE; Twend Phase is MYSTIFY the quot;SCIENCEquot;; THIRD is Threatness FOURTH is TRY TO intimidate ME; FIVE PHASE is the HARASMENT; SIX PHASE IS FOLLOW and UNDER LIMINAL and WICHCRAFT AGAINST ME; SEVEN PHASE IS KILLING ME and WHOLE THEY KNOW THE TRUE, THANK YOU, Foucalt 2009/3/12 <> Bonjour, Nous sommes désolés, mais nous n'avons apparemment enregistré aucune commande de votre part concernant ce jeu. Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît nous dire sous quel nom et avec quelle adresse email l'achat a été effectué? Pour finir, nous aurions également besoin du numéro de transaction figurant sur l'email de confirmation que vous avez dû recevoir ainsi que la date de transaction. Merci d'avance. Nom : Prénom : Adresse email lors de la transaction : N° Identifiant de transaction ( ce numéro apparait dans l'e-mail de confirmation ) : Date d'achat et site d'achat : Cordialement, ***************************** Pierre Support technique Boonty ***************************** You are beautifull, but I'm affraid about womens like your majestyk on Harley by Davidson-THOR HAMMER, in gift for VIKINGS !!! quot; with respect and love, to Mr. president of USA, OBAMA, esquirequot;quot;quot;