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Acuzatiile Google

  1. 1. GOOGLE GROUPS ACCUSED ME FOR OFFENSE USA president, Mr. OBAMA, with fragments of messages from few publications; BUT AWESOME TELL YOU: ABSURD !!! Since 3/12/09 I received from GOOGLEGROUPS just Forbidden 403, and THEY ACCUSED ME USING MESSAGES FROM 14,15,16,17,18 March 2009; Else I catch to many HAIRY-SKINS of IT-proudly, to not attempt to place some spies messages under the carpets of Mr OBAMA PC, messages from Saaljah, Hakaleb and other SOURCES, for all TRUST??? You say I wrote those??? Maybe some members of other groups: 500,000 members can be survey by me, one man? You know it;s easy to place e-mails like coming from others; I deffend all the time, Mr president OBAMA positions; 2) I never mentioned no link with president Bush and IRAQ war 3) About what succed I wrote about? 4) Look- I don't know what you intent, but I walk away at Mr. OBAMA hand from the begining; I'm not a treator, not opportunist, like others, I sustain this man, and all I wrote or say was On his face I see kindness, but enrgy-force-in the same time, behind the goodness are an irevocable FORCE; You canot deny that; 5) Maybe you sustained Mr. OBAMA in the first two months with some amusaments transmitions and sustaining with TRUE INFORMATIONS, usefull for any PRESIDENT at the begining; 6) I don't know who determine you to become so ruff, but is clearly the intention to add at my name unverified informations, by a higher, convenient position; because, nobody act so savage like you, now, even it's frittened by death; I don't know who threaths you, but this guylt of TREASON, please don't place in my back, because is totally unfairr 7) Please, remember that I discover many, and my counciousness determine to show at the worldwide; I'm not sold to anybody and I never intente to do; that's for, I'm sure, nobody can accused me for what I never done; just few things, maybe, by language barrier interffere, but I'm an onest man and I don't know Mr USA president, OBAMA is infformed about this inffamy! P.S. Look, I don't know who are you, but ENTIRE NET is FULL of AWESOME's NAMES or other refferences; just be wise and send to USA president, Mr. OBAMA, my respects and regrets for those pirates IT-atacks-don't remember I catch many IT planing for others, bankers planing and the results are more than obviouss TRUE; My History LINE It's a TRUE ONE, because I don't cheet; You show me some texts, that y never see it in my life Many are ridiculouss: Nadal, Manchester(I don't comment what president comments- I'm not his parot), let see, Sara and Tegan(who are these peoples?), I never heard about these perssons; It's absurd; What IT put this thing on president PC or transmitions/receivers like my messages? ABSURD !!! I ask too talk with Mr. president OBAMA!!! Please respond urgently; somebody tricks the president from ENVIE or other paranoyc ideas!!! Ion Tudor On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 11:05 AM, Google Alerts <> wrote: Google Groups Alert for: OBAMA FAN CLUB's ORDER Bush defends decision to invade Iraq (says he "wants Obama to succeed" A new world order globalist wants another new world order globalist (marxist) to .... as prescribed in the monthly fan club newsletter? ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 49 message - 41 author Principal says fifth grader can't wear Obama mask Order The Nest Newlywed Handbook. ... A fifth-grade fan of the president can't wear a Barack Obama mask in a school talent ... How cool would it be if President Obama read this article and
  2. 2. encouraged the school to go along with it? ... Money Matters, |- Nest Book Club, |-- Harry Potter, |-- Twilight ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 5 message - author Sara & Tegan [dot] ca • View topic - THIS IS A PRESSING ISSUE ... conservative talk radio in order to get both perspectives and form my own. ... And all of the news ads like "Obama Attends Basketball Game" or "Obama Family .... The Fan Clubs, The Tegan Fan Club, The Sara Fan Club ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 4 message - 4 author Forums : Steelers To Lose Super Bowl Trophies All hope is not lost for Pittsburgh fans, Barack Hussain Obama has another ... In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant. .... Stewart Peninsula Neighborhood Chat, - Home & Garden, - Clubs and ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 9 message - author • Going Galt? ... when all the US news you get is from the Obama Fan Club, .... in order to bring them closer to his proposed approx 5 per cent GDP ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 31 message - 6 author Conservative's Forum, Conservative Politics CF Presidents Club * Offline A joke is a very serious thing ... The latest one contends that many top officials in Obama's administration are involved in a clandestine .... The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion. .... Mark Levin Fan · The Gettin after Lefty Show ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 6 message - 5 author Bharat Rakshak • View topic - Nukkad - 50 ... reporting is mostly claimed by EE/CSE/Math/Physics/MBA in no particular order. .... Posts: 702. Location: Predator & Hellfire fan club ... the trees even if a real soln is not known (Obama and Bush's economic plans). ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 26 message - 14 author "Falcon Crest" coming (in Germany)! - Home Theater Forum According to the Falcon Crest Fan Club in Germany, ... is making history by electing and now inaugurating President Obama to office. .... I also hope we get a Region 1 release; although I will order it from Europe if it ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 17 message - 9 author Obama expected to kill key Bush EPA program - Wall Street Survivor EPA recruited into its "green club" a Charleston, Tenn. chlorine ... and award ceremony, has many fans among its corporate members. ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 5 message - 3 author Liverpool Football Club- The Kop Talks 2009 Liverpool's season is like an Obama's campaign, and is like Nadal and ... and get ahead in the pecking order, beating the likes of Alonso and Masc ? .... as he stating his desire to stay and prove himself to the fans. ... - Mar 17, 2009 by - 20 message - 14 author This as-it-happens Google Alert is brought to you by Google. Remove this alert. Create another alert. Manage your alerts. And AWESOME are removed from charge of GOOGLE from 12 march 2009 and you can see messages from 17,16,etc., from FANS (so-called); You can survey 550,000 peoples, in absence??? Falcon Crest Fan Club from Germany; excuse me, but here in OBAMA FAN CLUB's ORDER we
  3. 3. have some free access, not for POST; but a good hacker...; What responsobility can I have after a week of absence and MORE :I CONTROLED FALCON CREST in GERMANY??? All FAN CLUB's from EARTH??? ABSURD ACCUSATIONS OVER ME !!! I WAS LOYAL to Mr USA president OBAMA esquire, all the TIME; If I made a mistake is one, but to repeatlly denny the USA president, I sale my HOUSE, I'll come in Washington and will ask to be KILLED ON ELECTRIC CHAIR Ion Tudor, a man who are nothing to hide, P.S. So HELP ME GOD !