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The beginning of a great friendship
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The beginning of a great friendship


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Published in: Lifestyle, Sports
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  • 1. The beginning of a great friendship between Adam & Rocky May 4th, 2012– May 8th, 2012 Forever
  • 2. My Qualifications Our Schedule We all benefit Forever
  • 3. Does Rocky know how to shake hands? Daily lessons are included gratis Forever
  • 4. We’ll take lots of pictures and keep you in the loop. Does the Kennel offer that service? Forever
  • 5. I tame wild beasts – Rocky and I will get along perfectly! Forever
  • 6. I’ll keep dirty birds away from him Forever
  • 7. There’s no need to worry. Riding Rocky is off limits Forever
  • 8. And even more importantly, grilling Rocky is an absolute no-no Forever
  • 9. My fantasy football team is named after “Dude”, my family’s dog. Forever
  • 10. I love all animals except pigeons Forever
  • 11. My Qualifications Our Schedule We all benefit Forever
  • 12. May 4th – May 8th• May 3rd / 4th drop off times: – Anywhere between 8 am – 10 pm – Exceptions can be made• Daily visitation hours• Daily photo of Adam & Rocky sent via text message• May 8th / 9th pickup times: 8 am – 10 pm Forever
  • 13. Sample of Daily Schedule:Saturday May 5th – Cinco De Mayo • 10 am – Breakfast • Pancakes for Adam • Dog food and water for Rocky • 12:00 p.m. – Walk to Piedmont dog park • Cooler on my left shoulder • Rocky in my right arm • Note: Rocky isn’t inside the cooler • 2:00 pm – Lunch time • Burgers for Adam • Dog food with ice water for Rocky • 9:00 pm – Pregame at my place • 10:00 pm – Tuck Rocky in for the night • One dog treat for Rocky • 3:00 am – Arrive home • SHHH!! Rocky is sleeping Forever
  • 14. Daily Visitation HoursName Preferred Date Preferred Time ActivitySean 5/6/12 Late Afternoon Watch volleyball games in Piedmont ParkAlan 5/5/12 Breakfast Morning StrollOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen Signups opened on 4/15. Feel free to forward to fellow Rocky lovers Forever
  • 15. My Qualifications Our Schedule We all benefit Forever
  • 16. Which would Rocky prefer?The Kennel Hanging with me or Forever
  • 17. I benefitForever 17 A New BFF Forever
  • 18. You Benefit - Have piece of mind that Rocky is in a loving home• Daily pictures• Rocky gets to sleep in his own bed• Frequent walks through the park• Friendly visitors• Quiet sleeping environment Forever
  • 19. Tigger and Pooh are happy to provide references Forever
  • 20. The End Forever