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New Age Techn

  1. 1. New Age Teaching <br />Get on board before it’s too late!<br />By: Jennifer Hines<br />
  2. 2. Introduction:<br />As students of all academic levels become less interested in what the teacher is saying and more concerned with the latest technology; it is more important now than ever that teachers find a way to connect with their students. Traditional learning is outdated and it is time for a new wave of educators to find ways to connect with their students.<br />In this presentation we will explore three new ways in which teachers can use technology to get a message across to their students. Remember the computer is not your enemy, but instead a friend who can help reach your future classroom.<br />
  3. 3. Get SMARTboard! <br />-A SMARTboard is a technology when combined with a computer and a large video display becomes a touch sensitive surface.<br />-”Ten Ways to Get Smart with SMARTboard” by Amber Price gives teachers advice on what a SMARTboard is and how to effectively use one.<br />-She list the top 10 ways to utilize SMARTboards in the next slide we will explore three of them.<br />
  4. 4. Get SMARTboard cont…<br />*INTERACTIVE WORKSHEETS*<br /> -Worksheets that allow teachers to create and interactive learning tool.<br /> -Creating Worksheets is a website database with links to different WebPages that allow teachers to make their on interactive worksheets.<br />*Games*<br /> -Games can be used as well to teach especially when it is time to review for a test or end the day to see if students got the concept of what was taught that day.<br /> -Suggestions from the article were Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, and who want to be a Millionaire.<br />*Interactive Websites*<br /> -Well the term explains itself. A website that allows the teacher and students to interact with it. <br /> -A suggestions from the article is EdHeads which has links to online games.<br />
  5. 5. Possibility? <br />If only more teacher choose to adopt such a technology with so many diverse possibilities. Its not like a new marker or an interesting worksheet the smart board allows for continuous learning possibilities. One day its brainstorming, another it’s a review game, and it solving a complicated problem with classroom help. What is not to love about this.<br />
  6. 6. Do the Wordle!<br />Wordle is a program that can be used for many different functions as an educator and a student.<br />It is a program that allows for you to copy and paste data from anything and use it as a way to find more important topics and have all your ideas in one place.<br />
  7. 7. Do the Wordle Cont…<br />
  8. 8. Possibility?<br />*The Wordle is a new and interesting technology that can be used in classrooms everywhere. It allows for teacher to give a lecture without the boring lecture. Students can become active by picking out the word they want to learn about next. Wordle can also be used for review, presentations, or as a step in an essay writing process.<br />
  9. 9. FLASH W/ WEB 2.0!<br />-WEB 2.o flashcards allow for students to get away from the traditional flashcard and learn in a more innovative way.<br />-These flashcards can be created by either the student or the teacher so that they are interesting and unique to that person.<br />*It also saves the time of writing them out!<br />SAY BY TO THE TRADITIONAL!<br />
  10. 10. Flash W/ Web 2.0 cont…<br />Links to Make Flashcards!<br />Study Shack<br />Quizlet<br />The Flashcard Machine<br />These website allow for a person to make their own flashcards try them out for yourself!<br />
  11. 11. Possibility?<br />*Ability to “force” students to study taking time out in the computer lab for them to create their own slides for review.<br />*Allows for teachers to use creativity to make flash cards for review or even as an end of the lesson review before ending class.<br />
  12. 12. Connection? What does it mean?<br />Technology whether you want to admit it, is not going anywhere. All of the articles that I looked at offered new ways of using technology to help students learn and present the information in a friendly way. SMARTboard, Wordle, and Web 2.0 all offer teachers multiple ways to use them.<br />In smaller focus all of these technologies can be used to do the one thing every students hates: reviewing for a test. Change the way you review for once and have a review be three days.<br /> 1. Use Wordle to compile ideas from the course and or lessons overtime. This lets you know how much information the students have retained.<br /> 2. Next try SMARTboard to play games, complete worksheets, and solve problems.<br /> 3. The last step is to allow students to make their own flashcards this lets them become even more familiar with the information in their own way.<br />So DO NOT be afraid get out and explore!<br />
  13. 13. Citations<br />*Farr, J. (2009, May 28). Create Web 2.0 Flashcards in a Flash.<br />*Freedman, T. (2009, May 6). Five Reasons to Use Wordle in the Classroom. Retrieved July 12, 2009, from<br />*Price, A. (2008, August 1). Ten Ways to Get Smart with SMARTboard. .<br />