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Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
Health Academy-Amanda Watts
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Health Academy-Amanda Watts


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St. Gianna Health Academy

St. Gianna Health Academy

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  • 1. Health Academy Portfolio Fall 2010 AMANDA WATTS
  • 2. About Me
    • I have been around health care for my whole life
    • My mom used to work at St. Francis hospital
    • When I was in 3 rd grade my dad had his accident and he has had nurses ever since watch him everyday.
    • My aunt has worked at both via christi hospitals and now works at the kansas spine hospital
    • And my other aunt also worked at the hospitals but is now retired.
  • 3. Orientation Week
    • We learned:
      • Where to park
      • HYPPA laws
      • How to not get into trouble
      • Basic overview of the class
      • Volunteering at the hospital
    • We got tested for tuberculosis
    • We toured both St. Francis and St. Joseph Campus
    • Got our badges
  • 4. Orientation Speakers
    • Officer Greg Dick- Security
    • Kim Frangenberg- Education
    • Laurie Labarca- CEOO of Via Christi
    • Marie Wiseman- Handwashing
  • 5. Rotations Week 1 ~ General Surgery
    • I went into this not really knowing what to expect.
    • I didn’t really like this rotation very much
    • All I could do is hope that my other rotations were not like this one
    • I followed around Sister Rose the first day and Julie and Ray the second day
    • We just checked the patients medicine and made sure they didn’t need anything
  • 6. Rotations Week 2 ~ OR
    • This week I was in the operating room
    • I got to see how the DeVinci works
    • I liked this rotation but I don’t think I could ever do this
    • I sat in a chair and watched the surgeries one surgery took like 3 hours
    • While it was very interesting it also took forever and I was not fond of that
  • 7. Rotation Week 3 ~ CATH LAB
    • I really enjoyed this rotation
    • The nurses there were so nice and took the time to explain everything to me so I would know what was going on
    • The first day was really interesting as soon as I walked in the door they had a code blue coming up from ER.
    • The second day was rather boring I went with Ray and I saw a guy who was getting about to die and it was really sad they were going to send him to hospice
  • 8. Rotation Week 4 ~ Labor and Delivery
    • This was by far my favorite rotation so far
    • I got to see a c-section
    • They had a vaginal birth too but it was at the same time so I didn’t get to see it
    • The second day they didn’t have very much going on so I went to PCU which is where they admit the moms to be and see if they are ready to be admitted or if they should be sent home
  • 9. Rotation Week 5 ~ MICU/CICU
    • I learned a bunch of information from this rotation
    • I loved the nurses I worked with in this unit they were all so nice
    • This unit is definitely a emotional unit and because of that I don’t think I could be a nurse in this unit
  • 10. Rotations Week 6 ~ Rehab
    • I showed up way early to this rotation I didn’t know we had to be there at 1:15 instead I showed up at 12 like normal
    • I enjoyed the Speech therapy over Occupational and Physical therapy
    • I thought they were pretty interesting to learn about because speech and Occupational I had no idea what they were
  • 11. Rotation 7 ~ ER
    • I loved this rotation!!!!
    • My mentor that I was with was so much fun and he taught me a lot. He pretty much let me do what I want within reason.
    • I got to go in and see a Psych patient that wasn’t even his patient.
    • This however can be a very stressful job
    • I could potentially see myself working there
  • 12. Rotation 8 ~ Respiratory Therapy
    • I was on the phase of wanting to do this as a future job, after going on this rotation im pretty sure its not for me unless its in the ER
    • I was so slow and boring, I want to do something more fast paced and requires me to think a little more
    • All we did was walk around and give people breathing treatments
  • 13. Rotation 9 ~ NICU
    • This rotation was amazing!!!!!!
    • It was definitely one of my favorite rotations
    • I could see myself doing this as a future career
    • I loved being hands on with the babies
    • The first day I got to hold a little boy who had been born with some kind of disease he had transmitted from his uncle
    • The second day I held a different baby boy who was crying and the nurse was busy so she had me go get him then she preceeded to tell me I was good with children.
  • 14. Rotation 10 ~ PICU
    • This rotation was sooooo boring
    • The first day was absolutely boring I just sat in a chair and read charts
    • The second day I followed a nurse and just helped carry things
    • The nurse was nice but was getting annoyed from a patient so she was irritable
    • All and all im glad I don’t have another rotation there
  • 15. Rotation 11 ~ Burn Unit
    • This rotation was really interesting!
    • I don’t think I could do this though because seeing some of those burns would make me sick
    • It was cool to find out that my moms friend was the manager of the unit so I got to meet her.
    • I thought the burn book they had me look at the second day was interesting yet disgusting too!
  • 16. Rotation 12 ~ 4SE (Cardiac)
    • This week I only spent one day in the unit I was instructed to the wrong unit the first day but I enjoyed the one day I was there
    • I could not see myself doing this as my job however it is too stressful
    • Most of the people in this unit are in for cardiac reasons or stroke
  • 17. Thank You Cards
  • 18. Thank You Cards
  • 19. Mentor Forms
    • These are what the nurses we follow fill out to tell us how good we are doing and if there was anything we could have done better
    • First the give their information
    • Second they answer:
      • If we are properly dressed
      • If we had a good attitude
  • 20. Speakers
    • Meg Trump - Respriatory Therapy
    • Bernadette Fetterolf - Nursing
    • Dr. Bryant – Zoo Veterinary
    • Dr. Summerhouse- Family Physician
    • - Radiology Technician
  • 21. Handwashing and Hygene
    • Our presentation consisted of:
      • A skit about washing your hands
      • A song to sing while washing your hands
      • A poster about germs and how they can be on your hands even if you cant see them
      • And a black light showing the germs on their hands where they hadn’t washed them good enough
  • 22. Handwashing continued
    • The purpose of this was to teach the less fortunate kids how to wash their hands and brush their teeth
    • The reason this helped was because a lot of the kids parents don’t reinforce this so they don’t think they have to, but this makes it fun for them and want to do it in the future.
  • 23. Medical Terminology
    • We had to take this class through Newman University
    • Basically the tests count as grades toward our health academy class
    • This is an online class
    • Each Exam/Test is over two chapters from our book
  • 24. Schedule
    • Monday: In the classroom usually doing our weekly work (Thank you cards, Bloging, Papers over the speech the week before)
    • Tuesday: Rotations
    • Wednesday: Rotations
    • Thursday: In the classroom either watching house or doing whatever work we need to catch up on or finish
    • Friday: Speaker usually at Newman University
  • 25. References
    • Vicki McAtee RN
    • Denise Clarke-Hang
  • 26. Future Careers
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
    • Labor and Delivery Nurse
    • Nurse Practitioner
  • 27. Overview
    • I definitely loved this class, I found it very informative. I am so glad I had this opportunity it also really helped in the decision making of what I want to do in the future. It even opened possible careers I hadn’t even thought about before this class.