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Solar System
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Solar System



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  • 1. Our Solar System
    By: Aspen Cushing
  • 2. To Begin…
    Nine planets
    We live on plant Earth
    All the planets orbit around the Sun due to a gravitational pull
    This is our Solar System
  • 3. Earth
    It is said to look like a “Giant blue marble with puffy clouds”
    We are the only planet to have life
    We have 365 days a year here and 24 hours in an entire day
    Earth is mostly covered by water
  • 4. Mercury
    Planet closest to the Sun
    800 degrees in daytime
    300 degrees below at night
    Second smallest
    Has no moon unlike Earth
  • 5. Venus
    Venus gets hotter than Mercury around 860 degrees
    Thick atmosphere
    Second closet planet
    In a telescope can phase like the moon
    Rotates east to west
  • 6. Mars
    4.6 Billions years old
    141 million miles from Sun
    Fourth plant
    Witness season changes from a telescope
    Average temperature -67 degree
    Day little over 24 hours
  • 7. Jupiter
    484 millions miles from the Sun
    Beautiful colors
    85% hydrogen 15% helium
    Similar to Sun
    Largest plant
    1.3 dense in water
  • 8. Saturn
    Second largest plant
    Can be seen from a telescope
    Ring can stretch 84,000 miles
    Rings made of ice and other particles
    Covered with bands of colors
    Day is 10 hours 39 minutes
  • 9. Uranus
    Gas giant
    1.8 billions miles from the Sun
    Has 27 moons
    Average day is 17.2 hours
    Has a magnetic field
  • 10. Neptune
    Surface temperature -350 degrees
    Core extremely hot
    Winds are 1,200 mph
    Volume of 60 Earths
    Methane causes color
  • 11. Sun
    Center of Solar System
    4.5 billions years old
    99% mass of Solar System
    16 millions degrees Kelvin
    383 billion trillion kilowatts of energy
  • 12. Sources