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  • 1. Cognitive Learning Theory Allyson W.
  • 2. MenuWhat is cognitivism?Who is Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky?How cognitive learning is used in classrooms.In my classroom how cognitive learning will be used. The end
  • 3. What? Cognitivism: is the theory that humans generate knowledge and meaning through sequential development of an individual’s cognitive abilities. What else?
  • 4. What Else? Cognitive abilities: refers to the mental process that includes: attention, remembering, producing and understanding language, solving problems, and making decisions. Who studied this?
  • 5. Who? Jean Piaget : a French-speaking Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher known for his studies with children. According to Piaget, the ability to learn a concept is related to a child’s stage of intellectual development. Who else thought this?
  • 6. Who Else? Lev Vygotsky: was a pioneering psychologist, who investigated child development. He observed how higher mental functions developed through social interactions. How is this done in a classroom?
  • 7. How? Inthe classroom we can use cognitive learning by :  Role playing  Math equations  Experiments  Puzzles How else?
  • 8. How? Zone of proximal development : the range of tasks that a child can complete independently and those completed with the guidance and assistance of adults or more-skilled children. The guidance of a more skilled individual promotes cognitive development. How I can use this in my classroom?
  • 9. In my classroom we will have: Scavenger hunts on the internet: students search for their answers and locate them on their own. Mentor program: incorporate the ZPD What else in my classroom?
  • 10. In my classroom we will have• Word Puzzles: to challenge their minds.• Experiments: to make them think outside of what they may already know.• Games with memory: help them build their memorizations skills.• The End!
  • 11. The EndThank you...WikipediaMicrosoft Clip Art