Implementing Educational Technology in Uganda: Grad Student ProjectProposal


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For a graduate course on international education technology, students were asked to design an appropriate educational technology project that would be "implemented" in Uganda. This was my groups proposal-- "Teach it Mobile". This presentation was for our potential investors and partners.

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Implementing Educational Technology in Uganda: Grad Student ProjectProposal

  1. 1. Teach it MobileEDUC 6620 Technology & International Education: Applications GWU Professor Yianna Vovides April 26, 2011 Shannon Calnan, Katie Kovar, Michelle Valadez, Anna Wakulchik
  2. 2.  Enhance lessons in science and math Create a support network for teachers Provide a forum for sensitive ordangerous subject matter Increase technological knowledge Efficiently & cost effectively reachmore students Increase girls confidence
  3. 3. These projects provided useful background knowledge, experience andstructure to be able to adapt to our proposed Teach It Mobile technology project in Uganda.
  4. 4. 1. Download 2. Access media 3. Download 4. View files on asoftware to your files on server media files phone, TV, orphone data projector
  5. 5. Project Details Philippines: Tanzania: Education Text2Teach Through TechnologyLength of Project 8+ Years 1 YearNumber of Schools 358 150Primary School 1,700 1,544Teachers TrainedRural & Urban Over 1 million 40,400Students TaughtVideo & Learner 370 videos 151 videos-Lesson Plans Created 480 lesson plans 151 lesson plans
  6. 6. Philippines: Text2Teach Tanzania: Educ. Through TechNokia NokiaInternational Youth Foundation (IYF) International Youth Foundation (IYF)Ayala FoundationPearson Foundation Pearson FoundationUSAID- Education and Livelihood USAIDSkills Alliance (ELSA) programUnited Nations Development Tanzania Ministry of Education andProgram (UNDP) Vocational Training (MoEVT)Local: Globe, Seameo-Innotech, Local: Forum for African WomenAyala Foundation, Chikka, PMSI Educationalists (FAWE), Nokia Siemens Networks, Vodacom Tanzania
  7. 7. Expected Project Goals Teach it Mobile – Phase ILength of Project 2 YearsNumber of Schools 150ReachedPrimary School Teachers 400TrainedRural & Urban Students 60,000TaughtVideo & Learner -Lesson Utilize Tanzania videosPlans Created Create additional 100 videos 100 lesson plans
  8. 8. Partnerships Program RoleInternational Youth Foundation Provide chief advisor and oversight of project(IYF) Provide teacher trainingUganda Ministry of Education and Provide local and regional government supportSport Select participating regions and schoolsUnited States Agency for Provide funding for projectInternational Development (USAID)Pearson Foundation Manage the creation of videos Work with local educators to develop curriculum- focused lesson plans based on National curriculum Develop professional development model to support teachers who participate in the program
  9. 9. Partnerships Program RoleForum for African Women Creates female-centric roles in videosEducationalists (FAWE) portraying women in professional setting (such as scientists, doctors, leaders)MTN Uganda, Celtel Hosts educational videos on local servers Provides mobile network for projectNokia Supplier of mobile phones Provides Nokia Education Delivery Software on mobile phonesMakerere University Local educational partner Produce local videos and lesson plansUganda Broadcasting Local educational partnerCorporation Produce local videos and lesson plans
  10. 10. Philippines: Text2Teach Tanzania: Education Uganda:– Mobile/ Satellite Through Technology – Teach it MobileHybrid Mobile 2.5G/3G Mobile 2.5G/3GS t an d ar d 3 G p h o n e (8 g b 3 G p h o n e (N o k iah an d s e t m e m or y) N 95 8g b an d N 86 8m p )S M S O r d e r in g N E D (N o k ia N E D (N o k ia E d u c a t io n E d u c a t io nS a t e lit e l D e l e3G ) d o w n l a d 2 .5 G/ r y iv o D e l e3 G ) d o w n l a d 2 .5 G/ r y iv oD o w n l ad o s o f t w ar e s o f t w ar eS e t - t o p b o x / D VR Ph o n e s t o r ag e Ph o n e s t o r ag es t o r ag e (S I M C a r d ) (S I M C a r d )TV TV TV
  11. 11. Satellite Reception Dish Satellite Network Operator Set-top Box Service Provider Cell Phone TV GSM NetworkCourtesy of Kate Place – World Bank: Mobile Innovations in Education, “Improving Quality of Education through Innovative Use of MobileTechnology”
  12. 12. Satellite Satellite Network Operator Reception Dish Set-top Box Mobile Service Provider Cell Phone TV 2.5EDGE/ 3G NetworkCourtesy of Kate Place – World Bank: Mobile Innovations in Education,“Improving Quality of Education through Innovative Use of MobileTechnology”
  13. 13. Project Costs Teach it Mobile – Phase ITotal Cost $2 millionNumber of Schools 150Cost per school* $13,000*costs include (phones, cables, televisions, power strips) for each school, teachertraining, video production and development, and teacher monitoring and evaluationChief Advisor Salary 85,000,000 (shillings annually – approx $35,000 USD)