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Emma re Presentation Transcript

  • 1. BECOME A PUBLISHEREmma Re. Pd.3
  • 2. CHAPTER ONE CATTLE DRIVE In chapter one the main idea isabout Papa leaving for the CattleDrive to get “cash money”.
  • 3. CHAPTER TWO BIG YELLER DOG In chapter two they meet Old Yellerand call him a big yeller dog. The chapteris mainly focused on meeting Old Yeller.
  • 4. CHAPTER THREE AS STILL AS A TREE In chapter three Travis goes hunting an he hasto sit in front of a tree covered with a grape vine andbe really still so that the deer wont notice him.
  • 5. CHAPTER FOUR THAT BULLS TALKING FIGHT In chapter four Travis, Mama, and Little Arlissall watch a bull fight.
  • 6. CHAPTER FIVE OLD YELLER TO THE RESCUE Chapter five is about Arliss getting in a fightwith a Mama bear because he tried to catch her cub.Old Yeller saved Arliss.
  • 7. CHAPTER SIX ITS YOUR BIG YELLER DOG In chapter six Bud Searcy and hisgranddaughter Lisbeth comes to visit and Lisbethtells Travis that his dog is steeling food from people.
  • 8. CHAPTER SEVEN GET HIM YELLER! Chapter seven is about Travis and Old Yellerstaying up all night to keep the coons (raccoons) awayfrom the corn.
  • 9. CHAPTER EIGHT HIS NAME WAS BURN SANDERSON Chapter six is about Burn Sanderson comingto take Old Yeller because its his dog and warningTravis about hydrophobia (rabies). They made a tradeand got to keep Old Yeller.
  • 10. CHAPTER NINEOVERBIT THE RIGHT AND UNDERSLOPE THE LEFT In chapter six Travis goes to mark the hogsand their families mark is an overbit and then anunderslope.
  • 11. CHAPTER TEN A HORRIBLE SIGHT Travis goes to mark more hogs that he missedbut instead of climbing a tree to mark them me climbedup a dirt hill. He fell and got hurt by the hogs and OldYeller got hurt really bad and Travis couldn’t look at thecut on Old Yellers stomach.
  • 12. CHAPTER ELEVEN BUMPY RIDE Mama and Travis go back to help Old Yellerthey carried him back on cow hide attached to Jumperand it wasn’t always a smooth ride.
  • 13. CHAPTER TWELVE A LITTLE HELP They get Old Yeller home and with Travisbeing unable to help Mama with chores Bud Searcytells Lisbeth [his granddaughter] to stay and helpMama.
  • 14. CHAPTER THIRTEEN THAT COWS GONE MAD! Mama and Travis realize that spot [their goodmilking cow] is acting strange and they think she’sgone mad.
  • 15. CHAPTER FOURTEEN SHE DIDN’T LOOK LIKE A COW Travis had to shoot Spot and when he sawhere he said that she was so starved she didn’t evenlook like a cow.
  • 16. CHAPTER FIFTEEN WE CANT TAKE THE CHANCE Old Yeller got into a fight with a Loafer Wolf thathad hydrophobia and it bit his so Mama thinks he gave itto Old Yeller so she needed Travis to shoot Old Yeller.Travis wants to wait but they cant take the chance.
  • 17. CHAPTER SIXTEEN THE START OF SOMETHING NEW Without Old Yeller Travis was really sadand he felt like a part of him was missing. Until hesaw the pup acting like Old Yeller.